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My Lucky Night


My best friend and neighbor since childhood dates this girl that we went to high school with. She's damn sexy, all of our friends agree. She's one of those girls who seems like an all around good girl, low maintenance, a good time and down for whatever. She's always smiling, harmlessly flirting, and is real funny. Besides that she's got such a sick body. She doesn't dress very slutty or revealingly at all but certain things she wears really gives you a glimpse of how stacked she is. She was a runner and swimmer in high school and she's got the long legs and bubbly ass to prove it. I used to think her tits were small, but that's probably because she usually wears baggy hippy type shirts. Now that I've seen them and squeezed them and bit them I can tell you they aren't small, probably a large B cup, and though they aren't overly large either, they are firm and bouncy and gorgeous.

She's got these small puffy pink nipples that are super sensitive and stand tall getting hard enough to cut diamonds. The fact that her tits stand at attention above her tiny waist only makes them look even bigger. She's always been very petite, the kind of girl you could easily throw around, and based on what I saw I think my man probably gets to do a lot of that.

Her and my friend, we'll call him "Tony" and her "Nicki", hardly leave each other's side, and though that makes her sound like a clinger she's really not. No one minds having her around because she's been around for the four years since my lucky bastard of a best friend somehow bagged her the year after high school. Besides that, Nicki can hang with all of us and likes to party, or when she doesn't want to she doesn't throw a bitch fit for being left out or being left at home.

The particular day in question Tony had tickets to a hockey game and she stayed at home to study and get homework done. When we got back though she was finished and had already started in on the half finished handle of Wild Turkey that we'd mixed into coke bottles to drink in the parking lot at the arena. The two other friends that were with us left once we got back because they had to work the next day, but Tony and I were down to drink some more and I wanted to use his bong.

It seemed like a normal chill night, we were watching a movie and winding down and drinking, and we were all super lit. I realized how lit when Nicki started rubbing Tony's dick through his pants. I was contemplating leaving so they could get it on like they obviously wanted to when she just out of nowhere stood up and took her top off. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath.

From what I've heard from Tony about their sex life I knew she wasn't shy. I remember calling him pussy whipped one time when he volunteered out of the blue to go shopping with her instead of two-stroking with us. But after he told me she liked to give him little shows then fuck him silly in the dressing rooms because it was semi-public I couldn't blame him. He told me they actually got caught one time in some store in the mall and were asked to leave. Apparently she had just laughed it off and jumped him once they got to the car to finish what they started.

It seemed like this was sort of the same thing, she wanted an audience, but what surprised me was that Tony didn't seem to care it was me. He was pretty drunk and he just went with it, fed into it too it looked like.

He was looking up at her bare torso from where he sat on the couch eyes narrowed. "If you're going to be a dirty little whore bitch you better take off those shorts too. Right now." Tony told her harshly. When she glanced over at me and my utterly astonished expression, Tony turned to look too and smirked. "Why don't you let Charlie see what a tight little body you have before you show him how those pretty pink lips look wrapped around daddy's shaft." He rumbled, grabbing Nicki's hand as she stepped out of her shorts and thong, pulling her in front of him to face me. He ran his hands up either side of her body from behind, putting her on display. She was just as sexy naked as I'd always thought and I got the feeling he was almost proud to let me see her.

I really had no idea what I was supposed to do and I didn't want to cross any lines so I just sat their and watched what they let me. My dick was as hard as a rock straining painfully against the zipper of my pants so I adjusted myself while letting my eyes drink in the sight before me. She was tan and lithe and completely bare of hair. I could see a slickness forming in the folds between her legs and Tony must've peeked out from behind her and noticed where I was staring because his hand came down and started rubbing on her clit.

The breathy moan she let out had my dick twitching in my pant and my eyes trained on her face. Her lips were parted slightly as her chest heaved beautifully, but then she began chewing on her bottom lip, her green eyes boring holes into me. I stared unable to look away just as Tony yanked on her hair and jerked her head back so she was forced to look at the ceiling while his rubbing stopped and he pinched her clit instead. She was writhing in his grip but clearly enjoyed the roughness as indicated by her breathily exhaled "Please."

In response Tony just yanked on her hair harder making her yelp and arch her back more. "Please what bitch? Please use my dick to fuck that gorgeous slut mouth while Charlie watches? It that what you want you filthy little cunt?" He yanked again.

She yelped but it was part husky sigh. When she finally managed to murmur "Yes Daddy, please Daddy." Tony stood up abruptly and spun her around to face him while forcing her to her knees. He made quick work of his belt and pants and once his dick sprung free he was thrusting it into her mouth with no preamble, holding her head flush against his pubic bone while she choked and sputtered around his cock. When he finally used her silky brown hair as a hold to bring her off of him, strings of saliva fell to the floor between them as he used his dick to slap her in the face a couple of times. "Go on then." He told her resting himself on her outstretched tongue. "Show Charlie how much a nasty little slut like you loves sucking cock."

She did what she was told like a good little girl and the fact that she was devouring my man Tony's cock like it was a damn popsicle, acting like a submissive little slave, had me squirming in desperation to fist my own cock. Somehow it was still in the back of my mind that it could come across as creepy so I dealt with the throbbing and kept it in my pants.

The noises coming out of her mouth and the enthusiasm with which she shameless let spit drip down onto her was unreal. What was more unreal was the way she took it when Tony thrust into her mouth looking like he was trying to bruise her throat.

"You want me to come all over you don't you?" Tony asked her. She moaned out in the affirmative around his cock and he threw his head back at the feel of the vibrations. "You like feeling a huge load dripping down your neck between your tits don't you? The more the better, huh slut?" He gripped her hair again and she moaned, but then he stopped and pulled her off of him. "You want to rub Charlie's come all over your skin too don't you?" He growled at her.

She hesitated for a moment and looked over at me before she nodded her head. Tony smirked and then glanced at me briefly before turning back to Nicki. "Best you get started on him then." He told his girlfriend before using the grip he still had on her hair to fling her at my feet.

I was in shock that this was even happening, not to mention the degrading dirty talk that they both seemed to enjoy, but I didn't stop her as she crawled up and reached for my belt, pulling out my hard dick. When her mouth descended on me I threw my head back and closed my eyes glad to experience what I had just seen first hand. When I heard choking though and felt her sputtering around my dick I looked back down to find Tony holding her head down on my cock, his fist in her hair.

"He's closing his eyes babe. I think we need to give him a show so that he can't forget it's my whore girlfriend I'm making suck his dick. Don't you think you perfect little slut?" He didn't wait for a response, just started to pulled her head up and force it back down on my cock with the hold he had on her hair. I watched enthralled at the filthiness of it all unable to believe what was happening but enjoying it nonetheless. He only stopped to pull her up from a kneeling position on the ground in front of me to guide her, her mouth still working my shaft, onto the couch beside me on her hands and knees. There he got behind her and started fucking her hard.

I watched as each thrust forward shoved her head down on my cock and enjoyed the feel of her lips sliding across my head. Every time Tony drove himself into her I could see her tits bounce in time and feel her hardened nipples scrape across my thigh. I felt paralyzed to do anything, still in disbelief that Tony was in control and letting his girlfriend fuck me with her mouth.

I was enjoying the sights and the feel of Nicki's lips moving up and down my shaft, bringing me closer to the edge as I watched Tony fuck her mouth onto me. Pretty soon his thrusting became more erratic and then he pulled out completely fisting his dick over and over again. "Charlie throw her on her back and fuck her while I give her the come she wants." He ordered.

I was acting accordingly before I even knew it. I grabbed her by her tiny waist and flipped her over, throwing her down on her back between the two of us before lining myself up and plunging inside of her. I didn't think about anything, just the need to get off, and immediately I had my hands on her hips, starting a punishing pace while loving the sight of Nicki on my dick moaning and squeezing her pussy every time I went to pull out like she was trying to keep me in or some shit. Tony liked it too apparently.

"I'm going to come." He told us in strained voice as he scooted closer, his knees straddling her head as he aimed for her stomach. She reached up with her tongue and ran it along his balls causing him to groan more though he was still able to talk, "Charlie slap then pinch her clit." He told me as he twisted one of her nipples, his other hand moving on his cock double time.

I did as was told and brought my hand down on her clit sharply before pinching her nub just as Tony twisted her nipple. Her back arched up, her breasts thrust in the air as Tony spurted his load over her stomach and she writhed and cried out, her cunt clamping down and convulsing around me as she came in time with her boyfriend, rubbing his come into her skin greedily as she did.

As Tony sat back on the armrest of the couch panting and spent, I bent down unable to control myself. I smothered my face in Nicki's tits and bit and sucked on her nipples roughly. The show that they had given me had me close so I redoubled my thrusting, scooting her ass closer to get an angle to go deeper as my balls slapped obscenely against her ass.

"Little whore wants you to add your come to mine, don't you bitch?" Tony continued with the dirty talk, breathing loudly as he watched me fuck his girlfriend.

Nicki nodded frantically. "I want to rub his come all over my tits and lick you both off my fingers." She told us, though it was me she was looking at.

It was the completely shameless and wanton look in her shocking green eyes that caused my balls to draw up and I quickly pulled out of her, just in time as my cock pulsed tick hot ropes of come onto her tits, gorgeous things that they were.

I watched in awe as she rubbed my seed all over her nipples, biting her lip and giving me eyes enough to make my dick hard again though I had just blown a load bigger than any I could remember. When she brought her fingers to her lips and began sucking the viscous fluid off one by one I sat back on my ass with a huff. Before I knew it she was on her knees and kissing me, shoving her tongue in my mouth so I could taste myself, and probably Tony now that I think about it. When she pulled away she gave me a devilish little smirk before thanking me softly and getting up off the couch, grabbing Tony's hand to help him up, ready to go to bed.

I watched as they sauntered off together, though Tony stopped at the doorway and looked back at me. "Stay here tonight. You're too drunk to drive. We'll go get breakfast or something in the morning."

I didn't need to be told twice, hoping that the 'something' he was referring to was similar to what had just taken place. I would fuck his girlfriend anyway he told me to as long as I was allowed to feel her on my dick one more time.

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