tagIncest/TabooMy Mature Mom Ch. 03

My Mature Mom Ch. 03


The party was being held at our friend's Lisa and Mal's house tonight. My wife and mother had bought new dresses to wear to the party. I thought buying the dresses was a waste of money seeing that they wouldn't be wearing them for that long. Both of their dresses were made of a thin material and had a zipper down the front.

Underneath the dress they both wore lace teddies with translucent mesh fabric, held up with thin straps and halter-neck fastenings. Both my wife and mother put on coats to cover what they were wearing in the car in case we had to stop somewhere.

Our friend's house wasn't that far away and on the drive there my mother asked, "Tell me about your friends? How often do you have these sex parties?"

"We are going to Lisa and Mal's house tonight they are a little older than us. The parties are held every month, and we all take a turn at hosting them," answered Debbie.

"How many couples will there be tonight?" my mother asked.

"Tonight there will only be Lisa and Mal. They're usually attended by three couples, the most we have ever had is five couples," Debbie told her.

"What happens at these parties?" my mother asked.

"Mom what do you think happens. We swap partners and have sex with each other. Sometimes a couple will put on a show for the others to watch." I told her.

"Do they know that I'm coming with you tonight?" asked my mother.

Debbie told her, "Yes they know you are coming with us. I have explained everything to them, and they're eager to meet."

"Mom stop asking so many questions we are here," I told my mother as I drove the car up the driveway.

We knocked on the front door and the door was opened by Lisa who said, "Please come inside."

As the door was closed Debbie turned to Lisa and gave her a kiss and said, "Lisa I would like you to meet Jeff's mother, Margaret... Margaret this is Lisa."

Lisa gave my mother a kiss and said, "It's lovely to meet you Margaret."

"Thanks for letting me come tonight Lisa," said my mother.

Lisa removed her dressing gown to reveal very short mini skirt and blouse tied at the front and asked, "Can I take your coats?"

My mother and wife removed their coats and handed them to Lisa who stood staring at them.

"Do you like our new outfits Lisa? We bought them today especially for tonight," asked Debbie.

Lisa licked her lips and said "You both look delicious and I can't wait to eat you."

"Mom, Lisa loves pussy just as much as you do," I told my mother who started to blush.

Lisa took my mother's hand and led her into the lounge and said, "Let me introduce you to my husband."

"Darling this is Mal's mother Margaret. Margaret this is Mal my sex hungry husband."

After saying hello to each other Mal gave my mother a lingering kiss and pulled the zipper on her dress all the way down to expose her lace see thru teddy.

"Wow Jeff you have a very sexy looking mother," said Mal as he removed my mother's dress.

As, my mother stood there being ogled by Mal. Lisa said, "You have to excuse him Margaret. Mal behave yourself and don't scare our guest."

"If you are going to take your dress off Margaret so am I," said Debbie as she removed her dress and showed of her matching lace teddy.

"Now I feel overdressed," said Lisa. As she untied and removed her blouse and mini skirt.

Lisa looked amazing and so sexy. Her breasts were pushed by her red bra that exposed the tops of her areolas. Her red thong just covered her slit and small patch of fur.

"You don't need to wear this anymore," I told Lisa as I unsnapped her bra.

Lisa slipped the bra of her shoulders and threw it onto a chair and said, "Jeff you're just as bad as Mal. All you men are the same you can't get us undressed quick enough."

Mal laughed and said, "I suppose I should remove my clothes too."

I heard my mother gasp as caught sight off Mal's large thick cock. Mal stroked his cock a few times as my mother stared at him. He then stepped closer to her and began removing her teddy. As soon as my mother was naked Mal wrapped his hands around her and pulled her body against his and kissed her. I watched as he held and squeezed the cheeks of her ass and pulled her pussy against his cock.

Lisa and Debbie were now naked and locked in a tight embrace. Their breasts squashed against each other's as their hands held each other's ass cheeks pulling each other closer. I have always loved watching my wife with someone else whether it was a man or woman.

I had removed my clothes and was stroking my cock as I watched Lisa move my wife onto a chair and kneel down between her legs and begin licking her pussy. All of a sudden I heard loud moaning coming from across the other side of the room. I immediately turned to see Mal driving his cock in and out of my mother's pussy as she lay on a table with her legs over his shoulders.

"Hello everybody," said a young girl walking into the lounge.

Lisa lifted her mouth of my wife's pussy and sat up and said, "Hello darling how was work? Debbie and Jeff you remember our daughter Holly?"

I stared at Holly standing there in a short skirt and blouse. The last time we had seen her was as a skinny young girl having her sixteenth birthday party. Now two years later she had the slim body of a gorgeous young woman

"I told you we had a surprise for you both. Now that Holly is eighteen we told her she could join us," said Lisa.

"I'm coming, oh fuck your cock feels so good inside me," yelled my mother.

Holly looked over at her father who had continued to fuck my mother. She turned back to face her mother and asked, "Who is daddy fucking?"

"That's Margaret, Jeff's Mother," answered Lisa.

Holly giggled and looked at me, "You brought your mother with you? That's cool."

I watched as Holly removed her blouse and pink lace bra to reveal her small perky breasts and then unzipped her short skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stood there in a pink thong that was that thin it left nothing hidden. She then lowered her thong to her ankles and stepped out of them. She stood back up and let me stare at her naked body.

Her pussy had small patch of pubic hair neatly trimmed that showed off her outer lips. She looked gorgeous standing there naked in front of me. I gave my throbbing cock a stroke with one hand as I held out my other hand to her. Holly took my hand into hers and I quickly pulled her onto my lap and started to cuddle and kiss her on the neck.

Holly giggled as she felt my hard cock poking against her and said, "Are you going to fuck me? Is that what you're giving me for my eighteenth birthday present?"

"I have a lot of presents to give you," I told her as smiled.

Holly then raised herself up and straddled my legs. I guided my cock into her wet pussy as she lowered herself down till she was sitting on my lap with my cock fully buried inside her

"Oh wow, your cock feels so good inside me," she said.

She sat there with my cock fully impaled inside her and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss pushing her tongue inside my mouth. Then she began to bounce up and down on my cock slowly at first, and then started bouncing faster as if she was in a hurry to make me come. I stared at her face, her eyes were closed, and she was biting her bottom lip. Her breathing had increased and her small breasts were rising and falling with each breath she took.

I heard my mother moaning loudly as Mal continued to fuck her with his large cock. She was really enjoying herself and making up for all the years she hadn't had sex. Mal's cock erupted and started filling her with his cum. At the same time my mother started screaming out that she was having another orgasm. Mal collapsed on top of my mother letting his cock go limp inside her. Mom wrapped her arms around him and held onto him tight. It was as if she hoping his cock to become hard again inside her.

Holly was bouncing on my cock as if she was riding a horse at a gallop. She must have come several times as my cock and balls were drenched in her juices. I was about to come as well, there was no way I could stop myself from coming. Holly's tight pussy was milking my cock it had been ages since I had fucked someone as young and tight as her. Here I was twice her age filling her with my cum.

After Holly had climbed of my lap. I looked over at my wife and Lisa to see how they were going. Only to see that they had changed positions, Debbie was now bent over a chair and Lisa was fucking her with a strap-on cock.

"Mom loves to fuck me and dad with her fake cock," Holly told me.

"It's easy to see how much she loves her fake cock," I told Holly as I watched her mother furiously fucking my wife.

I always knew Lisa was kinky, just never knew that Mal liked having his ass fucked by his wife. Mal was now enjoying having his soft cock sucked by my mother, she definitely wanted to make up for all the years she hadn't had sex. She was sucking and licking and doing everything she could to try and entice Jeff's cock back to full hardness.

Holly looked at me and giggled and said, "I will be back in a minute." I watched her get onto the floor and move over between my mother's legs. Lying on her back she lifted her head upwards and licked my mother's cum filled hole. My mother instantly lowered her pussy onto Holly's face and began rocking back and forth. Knowing how much my mother enjoyed being eaten I wasn't surprised when she stopped licking Mal's cock to let out an almighty loud scream as she had a powerful orgasm. I had never seen a woman come so fast or as hard before as my mother just did.

Hearing the screams Lisa removed the fake cock from Debbie's ass and they both turned around to see who was screaming. My mother was pressing her pussy down hard against Holly's mouth making it difficult for her to breath. Holly was pushing against my mother's ass cheeks trying to lift her up to take a breath. Finally Holly managed to lift her up enough to slip out from under her and gasp for breath. That didn't stop my mother she just returned to work on Mal's cock.

Holly climbed up beside me and shook her head and said, "I'm not going to try that again. Margaret nearly suffocated me."

I laughed and said, "You will be better off staying on top when you're licking her."

As we the four of us sat on the couches watching Mal and Margaret. Lisa asked us, "Would you like something to drink while we all recover?"

"I would love a beer, thanks," I said.

"Bring a beer for me to love," said Mal to his wife.

"I love a red wine mom," said Holly.

Lisa looked at my mother and said, "I bring a bottle of red and three glasses."

In the short time it took Lisa to return with our drinks. My mother had Mal's thick cock hard again and was eagerly deep throating him wanting him to fill her belly with cum. Lisa handed her husband and me a beer. It was quite funny watching Mal having a beer as my mother moved her mouth up and down on his cock. He took a drink then a deep breath as his cock erupted and started squirting.

As my mother released Mal's cock from her mouth and sat up Lisa asked, "Margaret would you like to wash my husband's cum down with a glass of wine?

My mother laughed and said, "Yes please, drinking a glass of wine after swallowing some cum sounds good."

Holly said, "I'm going to have some cum after my wine," and then leaned down and took my cock into her mouth.

Now it was my turn to be drinking beer as my cock was being sucked. I had a funny feeling that Mal and I would need help. With these sex hungry females and it was going to be a very long night.

I looked over at Mal and said, "It's a pity the other couples couldn't come tonight we might need help taking care of these sex addicts,"

Before Mal could answer. Holly lifted her mouth of my cock and said, "Do you want me to phone my boyfriend and tell him to come over?"

"Thanks a great idea sweetheart... He has a lot more stamina than these two old men."

We all laughed as Mal said, "Who the fuck are you calling old?"

"Just finish sucking my cock before you phone him to come join us," I told Holly as I pushed her head back down onto my cock."

"What's Holly's boyfriend like?" asked my mother.

Lisa smiled as she said, "You will all love Jackson... He is actually Holly's half-brother and has a lovely young cock... He is also bisexual so we can all enjoy him."

I couldn't wait for my cock to erupt and fill Holly's mouth so she could go and invite her brother to join us.

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