tagGay MaleMy Mistake

My Mistake


That night, I went to see if anyone used the parking lot after dark or not. Sure enough, as I entered it, I noticed a car in the corner, out of the sight of the street. Parking down from it, I studied it for a few minutes and noticed a cigarette tip aglow. Waiting for a few more minutes, I slowly got out of my car, walking aimlessly over in the general direction of the car. As I got closer, I heard voices. Two voices. Now caught between leaving or making an excuse and approaching the car innocently, I chose the latter since I knew I was to close to it to turn around.

I greeted them and asked them an inane question, hoping that a simple answer would get me out of the situation in a hurry. The man sitting on the driver's side answered my question, flicking his cigarette out of his open window at the same time. I nodded and looked down at the passenger. I hesitated, not thinking for a moment, as I paused.

In what little light there was, I could see that the passenger had his cock out, his hand rubbing up and down his length as his eyes found mine. He smiled and moved down in the seat a little, exposing himself more. The driver's hand reached over and started running up and down the passenger's legs, stopping at his cock, which was hardening with every caress.

I looked over at the driver and he was watching me with half closed eyes. Suddenly, he leaned over, his mouth engulfing the hard cock between his friend's legs. The passenger leaned back and groaned as the driver sucked his hard cock. I stood for a moment watching the two of them then reached for my fly, opening it and undoing my pants. My eyes never strayed from the bobbing head in the car. Pulling my hardening cock out of my pants, I started rubbing it while I continued watching.

The passenger looked out the window at me. First he looked up at my face then down at my hand wrapped around my hard cock. Without a word, he lifted his friend's head off his cock and moved to open the door. The driver moved back to his side of the car and waited for me to get into the back seat and his friend to close the door.

I still had my hand wrapped around my cock as they both looked back at me, watching my hand move up and down my length. No one said a word. It was as if we all knew what we were going to do and who was going to do what with who. The driver leaned towards me a little, replacing my hand with his own while his other hand found his friend's cock again. Pumping each of us with the same intensity, his eyes kept moving from me to his friend and back again, searching our faces.

I leaned back and spread my legs a little wider as he kept caressing us. I lifted my hips off the seat and pulled my pants and shorts down to my ankles. When I did, the passenger reached around his seat and I felt his hand exploring my thighs, running up and down them teasingly. I groaned a little and closed my eyes, savoring the feel of the two of them.

I opened my eyes in time to see the two of them check the parking lot then the passenger quickly pulled his seat forward and got into the back with me. As soon as the seat moved back forward again, he took his pants off and pushed me into the corner of the back, pulling my pants off as he did. He moved me until I was half-sitting and half-lying on the seat as he hovered above me. I wasn't sure what he was up to but I played along and soon found my self buried deep inside his ass as he bounced up and down on my thighs.

I quickly looked at the driver and he was smoking a cigarette, watching us and outside to see that no one interrupted us. He saw me look at him and smiled.

"Enjoy because I'm next," he said. "It's your lucky day. You get to fuck two guys."

I looked up at the man impaled on my cock and his head was thrown back, his mouth open and his grunts and groans getting louder and louder with every downward thrust. Soon I felt his ass tense up and he let out a grunt before slowing to a stop, my cock still buried deep inside him. When his breathing returned to a somewhat normal rate, he looked down at me then over at the driver.

"Oh, you're going to enjoy this fuck," he said to the driver. "He hits all the right places."

With that he got off me and started to turn around. I helped him and before he could get back into the front seat, I pulled him towards me, his ass inches from my face. With two fingers, I spread his cheeks apart and the tip of my tongue ran up the length of his crack. He groaned and pushed back against my face, embedding my tongue just inside him. I tried to tongue fuck him but he was moving around too much. I kept licking at him, tasting him as my tongue continued up and down his crack. I could hear him moaning above me until I couldn't breath anymore and pulled back away from him.

He looked over his shoulder at me, a look of satisfaction on his face.

"Fuck you are something else," he said as he moved around to face me.

He got between my legs and his mouth engulfed my cock. His mouth was as hot as his ass. I thrust my hips up towards him and felt my head hit the back of his throat. He gagged a little and spat my cock out again. Then moving up he found my mouth, his tongue slipping between my lips. I moaned softly as he explored my mouth, our tongues occasionally fencing as our lips opened wider and wider. As we continued, I felt the driver's hand touch my cock. It was as if we had forgotten about him and he wanted to be part of the action too. I pushed the passenger away from me and looked at the driver. He grinned and as the passenger moved out of the way, pulling his pants back on as he moved to the front seat again, the driver got into the back with me. Soon his pants were off and his cock was buried in my mouth. His hands wrapped around my head and he fucked my mouth with long, steady thrusts, filling my throat with his head. I just leaned back and let him fuck me, enjoying the taste of him.

Soon he tired of that and moved down between my legs, sucking my cock into his mouth with loud slurps. I didn't move my hips with him. After a few minutes of sucking me, he moved over as far as he could to the other side of the seat and pulled my legs towards him, spreading them as he did. When I was flat on my back across the seat, he lifted my legs over his head and leaned between my cheeks, his hot tongue finding my hole. I groaned. Spreading my cheeks wider, his tongue started up and down my crack, stopping only to push against my opening before continuing on. I groaned several more times as he continued licking my crack because he felt so good.

Suddenly, he moved over me and I felt his head at my opening. He wanted to fuck me. I could see in his eyes, the animal lust that made his cock twitch as it rested against my opening. I didn't even think about it. I just raised my legs a little higher and little wider apart, inviting him to take me.

He knew exactly what I wanted him to do and soon was pounding in and out of my ass with long fast thrusts. His grunts mingled with mine. I quickly looked over at the passenger and he was up across the seat, watching us intently, his eyes sparkling with lust as we fucked. I turned back to the driver. He grunted loudly one more time and I felt his cock explode inside me. He came with a gush, hot liquid spewing up into me, covering his head and filling my canal. He spurted over and over again, each time I felt it hit me I groaned. God he was hot. When he finished, he looked down at me and half smiled, the sweat beaded on his forehead, ready to drip off him.

He got off me, giving me room to move out from under him. I quickly turned him around, pointing his face away from me and got up on the seat behind him. Thrusting my hips forward I found his opening with my hard cock and thrust until I felt his thighs against my own. Fully inside him, I waited. He moved a little, wiggling his ass at me, trying to get me to move inside him but I wanted to enjoy the feeling of him first. I waited for several moments before starting to fuck him.

He groaned as I fucked him. The passenger was practically in the back with us and as I turned my head, his face was inches from mine. I found his mouth and plunged my tongue as deep inside him as I could, searching. As I continued fucking the driver, my tongue played and fenced with the passenger's, both of us moaning into each other's mouth, the driver groaning under me as I fucked him harder and harder. I came more than I ever had before, my hot come filling the driver's canal and running out along my shaft. As I pulled out of him, a big gush of come came with me and ran down his thighs to splash on the seat under him.

After regaining some composure, the three of us just looked at each other for the longest time. Remembering and maybe savoring what we had just done, each of us left to our own thoughts. The smiles on our faces were frozen in place.

After dressing and getting out of the car, the three of us stood together, touching every so slightly.

"You really are something else," the passenger said again. "Fuck, when you walked up to the car before, I thought you would bolt when you saw my cock but little did I know."

We all smiled at that. Yeah, little did we all know.

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