tagIncest/TabooMy Mom Becomes a Nudist

My Mom Becomes a Nudist


Author's note: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious and are eighteen years of age or older. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This is my entry for the 2018 Lit Nude Day Contest. Please vote and leave comments, if you have the time

My Mom Becomes a Nudist

A son is forced to adapt to his mother's new lifestyle.

When I got home from work, I made a sandwich, grabbed a can of Coke from the fridge, and joined my mother who was sitting on the couch in the family room watching TV.

"How was work?" she asked.

"Boring. We only had one customer the last two hours and she didn't even buy anything. I don't know why the store stays open until nine. Who buys stationary at nine o'clock at night?"

"Maybe the mall makes them do it."

"Yeah, maybe. How was your day?" I asked. "How was the beach?"

"I didn't go to the beach."

"Oh, I thought the way you were dressed this morning that that was where you were you going?"

"No, I decided to try something different, so I went to a park."

"Oh, yeah. Which one?"

"Liberty Park."

"Liberty Park? Never heard of it."

"Yeah, well it's . . . it's sort of a private park."

"Is it nice?" I asked.

"It's beautiful," my mother said. "They have a big swimming pool, beach volleyball courts, and a large grassy area where you can sunbathe."

"Why is it private?"

"Um . . . Well . . . because people do things there that . . . that you can't do in public parks."

"Oh yeah? Like what?"

"Like take off their clothes. Liberty Park is a nudist park. I went to a nudist park, Jason. Does that shock you?"

I was shocked, though I probably shouldn't have been. My mother had always been a free spirit and into all sorts of unusual things like meditation, new age music, and burning incense. She even had a collection of homeopathic crystals that she believed had mystic healing powers.

"Did you take off . . ." I stammered. I couldn't bring myself to finishing my question.

"My clothes? Yes," my mother said, "but not all of them―well, not at first. You don't have to if you don't want to. It's optional, not required or anything. Some women only go topless. Once I got comfortable, that's what I did. I took off my bikini top.

"You went topless?" I asked, not believing what I was hearing.

"Yes, I was really nervous at first and thought everyone would be staring at me, at my breasts, but they didn't. No one seemed to notice or care, and eventually I started to relax and enjoy the experience. There were all kinds of people there: young, old, thin, fat, all shapes and sizes. I guess I thought you had to have a great body to do something like this, but I was wrong. It wasn't like that, not at all. It was more about the freedom, about shedding your clothes and your inhibitions.

"Eventually, I decided 'what the hell' and took off my bikini bottoms, and laid down on my stomach so that no one could see my face. It felt like everyone was watching me, staring at my big, pale-white bottom, but I peeked around and they weren't. Once again, no one seemed to notice or care.

"As the day went on, I started getting hot, so I worked up my courage and took a dip in the pool to cool off. It felt so wonderful to swim completely naked; it felt so natural. I'd only skinny dipped once, and that was way back when I was in college, and I forgotten how incredible it felt.

"Walking back to my towel, the cool breeze blowing across my nude body felt amazing, like nature was somehow approving and enhancing my experience. I was having such a lovely time; I didn't want to leave, but I also didn't want to spend too much time in the sun since . . . well, since some of my parts had never seen the sun before." My mother laughed. "And I was afraid they might get sunburnt, so I left after that.

"It was so much fun, I'm going to go back again. It feels so wonderful, so liberating, not having to wear your clothes. I wish I could be that way all the time, but of course I know that's not possible, but it made me think about . . ."

"Think about what?" I asked.

"Being nude around the house. What do you think? Would you be okay with that?"

I had just stuffed the last bit of my PBJ sandwich into my mouth when I heard those words―hearing them made me cough and choke on my food.

"Are you okay?" my mother asked.

I took a swig of my Coke to wash the food down. "Yes, I'm okay."

"Good, I'm glad you're okay with this. I was afraid me being nude in front of you might make you uncomfortable."

My mother obviously misinterpreted my reply. When I said I was okay, I meant that I wasn't choking to death, not that I was comfortable with her being nude around me. I was about to clarify what I meant when she said, "I want you to let me know if it ever bothers you. Okay? Will you do that for me?"

I didn't know what to say or what to think. This was all so shocking to me. I was half-expecting her to take her clothes off right there, right in front of me, but she didn't. "Okay," I said, not exactly sure why.

The worst part of this awkward conversation was, when I looked back over at her, I started to wonder what her naked body looked like. I knew it was wrong to have those kind of thoughts, but I couldn't help it. I had never looked at her that way before, never really noticed my mother's body at all.

* * * * * * * * *
The next afternoon, after I finished my ride, I stowed my bike in the garage and entered the house through the door to the kitchen. My mother was standing by the stove wearing an apron. "Are you hungry?" she asked me.

I had never seen my mother wear an apron before, never even knew that she owned one. Maybe this was her way of easing me into the whole nudity thing, I thought. "Starving," I replied.

"Good. I'm making spaghetti. It's almost ready. Can you set the table?"

"Sure," I answered. After placing the plates, cutlery and napkins on the kitchen table, I poured myself a big glass of gatorade to help me rehydrate from my ride, then sat down at the table.

The apron my mom was wearing narrowed toward the top, narrow enough that I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra, narrow enough that her large breasts were barely covered. I knew I shouldn't, but I couldn't stop staring at them, at her, and wondering if she was wearing any panties.

Mom drained the pasta, stirred it into the marinara sauce, and poured the spaghetti into a large, ceramic serving bowl, which she set in the middle of our kitchen table. I was so anxious and nervous I didn't know what to do, what to say. "Go on, Jason, don't be shy; I know you're hungry."

I was hungry, of course I was hungry, but my hunger wasn't for the pasta. It was for her, seeing more of my mother's forbidden body. I didn't have the nerve to tell her that, so I piled a huge helping of spaghetti onto my plate and tried to focus on the food, and not on my mother and my insatiable curiosity about her naked body.

"How was your ride? How far did you go?" she asked as we ate.

"About thirty miles roundtrip," I said.

"Wow, that's a long way. Was it hard?"

"Yes," I replied. The ride was hard but not as hard as my dick was now. What was wrong with me? I wondered. Thankfully my mother couldn't see the growing bulge in my biking shorts that was hidden from her view beneath the table. "There were a lot hills on the route."

"Well, you know what they say, 'Good things often come from hard things'" my mother said, "and when it's finally over and you finally finish, it's totally worth it."

"Uh, yeah," I replied weakly.

We finished eating, and my mother started to clear the table. Panic set in. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't stand up and have her see my embarrassing erection, and there was no indication my current state of arousal would go away anytime soon.

Fortunately a window of opportunity arose. My mother turned her back to me, bent over, and started loading the dishwasher, exposing her big, sexy, bare ass to me. I bolted from the table and headed to my room.

After quickly closing the door, I peeled off my biking shorts and freed my aching cock, then fell back onto my bed and started stroking my raging hardon. The vision of my mother, bent over and exposing herself totally to me, begging me to take her and fuck her hard from behind, filled my head.

I had never been this horny; I knew that it was wrong, wrong to have sexual thoughts about my mother and her body, but I couldn't help it. Thinking about my mother that way, the forbidden nature of it, made it even more incredibly arousing. It didn't take long before I felt a massive orgasm building inside me and huge load of cum came rocketing out of my cock, landing, in my mind, on my fantasy mother's beautiful bottom.

When it was over, I felt guilty about what I had done, and worried that my mother would somehow discover my deep, dark secret. Here she was, exploring a side of herself which she considered to be completely normal and natural; and here I was, discovering a side of myself that was completely abnormal and unnatural. Was it always going to be like this, I wondered. Was I always going to get hard around her, would I ever be able to see her body again and not think sexual thoughts. Would I ever get used to it? I wondered about all these things through a sleepless night.

* * * * * * * * *
The next day, I tried my hardest to avoid her, worried about what might happen, and how she would react. During the day, I hung out with some friends―playing Over the Line on the baseball field at the park. Then I spent the night at Kenny's house playing video games until nine o'clock, hoping that when I got home my mom would be in bed reading, which was her normal routine. She wasn't.

When I got home, much to my astonishment and dismay, my mother was completely naked, sitting on the family room couch, drinking wine, and watching a movie on Showtime. I wanted to head straight to my room, but another part of me wanted to see her body again, and that part of me was now in control and making the decisions. I sat down on the couch next to her. The lights were off―that's how my mother liked to watch movies. The light from the television was only partially illuminated the room. I was grateful for that, grateful that she wouldn't be able to see me getting hard again, hard for her.

The movie she was watching was called Emmanuelle. It was R-Rated and contained lots of nudity and sex scenes, and not much else really. Watching it together with her only made the situation worse.

When it was over my mother got up, turned off the TV and turned on the lights. This was the first time I was able to see her entire naked body in full light, and it was amazing. Her breasts were large, her waist thin, and her sexy hips, curvy and wide. I crossed my arms across my lap and tried to hide my erection from her as I snuck glances at her hairy pussy.

She sat back down on the couch next to me. "I'm going to Liberty Park tomorrow, Jason. You can come if you want to?" she asked.

"I . . . Um . . . No, no thanks."

"Come on. It'll be fun. I think you would like it if you try it."

"I don't think . . ."

"Think what?"

"When you were at the park, did any of the men . . ."

"Do what?"

I hesitated before finally blurting out, "Get erections."

"No, not that I noticed," my mother said. "Though, I really wasn't checking out other people's bodies and stuff. Is that what you are afraid of?"

I nodded.

"Oh, I see. It's not like that, Jason. It's not a sexual thing, not at all. I think if you were to try it, you would see, and be comfortable with it like I am. But I understand your concern. That . . . what you described could be quite embarrassing for someone, if it happened in public. I understand," my mother told me. "Tell you what, why don't we do a test run and see what happens."

I gulped. "Test run?"

"Yes, let's take off your clothes and see what happens," she said as she pulled my T-shirt over my head. I wanted to tell her no, to tell her to stop, but the words stuck in my throat and never came out. "Lift up your hips," she next said, then pulled off my shorts and my underwear. There we were, for the first time ever, completely naked in front of one another. Her eyes widened when she saw my hard cock.

I was so embarrassed I wanted to die. "I'm sorry, Mom," I apologized. "I didn't mean to. Sometimes it just happens. I . . . I can't control it."

"It's okay. I understand. Was it the movie that made you feel this way?" she asked.

I turned and looked away from her and shook my head.

"So it was seeing me naked that made this happen?"

I nodded.

"Hmm . . . I see," my mother said considering me and my embarrassing state of arousal. "Well, maybe this whole thing wasn't such a good idea. I never imagined that you would react this way. I never wanted to make you feel . . . feel uncomfortable like this. Maybe I should just stop and keep my clothes on from now on when I'm around you. Is that what you want?"

I didn't know what to say to her. I was so embarrassed, ashamed and confused by what I felt and how I had behaved in front of her. I shook my head again. Then I turned to look her directly in the face. "Are you mad at me?" I asked.

My mother thought for a minute before she answered. "No, it's okay, honey. It's normal for a young man to get erections."

"Normal to get them from looking at their naked mothers?"

She thought again before answering. "I don't think that there is anything wrong with it; a woman's body is a woman's body, even if it is your mother's."

"You don't?"

"No, in fact I think it's quite flattering that an old gal like me can still make a young man feel this way. I know it sounds weird, but it makes me feel kinda sexy again."

"You are sexy, Mom, very sexy," I told her.

"Aah, that's very sweet of you to say that," she said. "Look, I'm okay with it, if you are. Are you?"


"Good. Now, I think there is something you need to take care of," she said looking down at my erection. "Do you want me to leave the room and give you some privacy?"

I desperately wanted her to stay, but I had trouble verbalizing it to her. "You can stay if you want," I finally blurted out then immediately regretted it and looked away from her.

"Is that what you want, Jason?"

I nodded.

"Go on, then. It's okay. It will make you feel better."

I couldn't believe this was happening, couldn't believe that I was masturbating in front of my naked mother. I was so incredibly nervous and so incredibly aroused. I tried not to look at her body, but I kept trying to steal glances of it."

"You can look at me if you want," my mom said to me, obviously noticing my curiosity. "I don't mind."

I looked over at my mother and her beautiful sexy body. My arousal and lust for my mother was more powerful than anything I had ever experienced before.

I knew I wasn't going to be able last very long, and when my mother spread her legs apart to give a better view of her hairy, pink pussy, I went off.

My mother stared at my exploding cock until I had finished. "Feel better now?" she asked when it was finally over.

"Yes, much better."

"Good, I'm glad. I want you to know it's okay―whenever you get the urge to take care of yourself―it's okay if you want to pull it out and do it in front of me."

"You don't mind?"

"No, of course not, so don't be shy about it next time. Okay?"

Next time? The words resonated in my brain. "Okay," I replied.

"Well, it's getting late. I think I'm going to turn in. Goodnight, sweetie."

"Goodnight, Mom."

I sat there on the couch stunned by what had just happened. I had never come that hard in my life, and I was starting to get hard again just thinking about it when the phone rang. It was a call for my mother. I walked to her bedroom and stood outside the closed door. "Mom?"

"Yes, Jason, come in."

I opened the door and walked in the room. My mother was still naked. The lights were on. Her right hand was resting on her upper thigh next to her pussy. "What is it?" she asked.

"Its . . . um . . . a phone call for you."

"Who is it?"

"Aunt Sandy."

"What does she want?"

"I don't know; she didn't say."

"Why don't you go ask her, and if it's nothing important tell her that I'm . . . uh . . . busy, and I'll call her back in the morning."

"Okay," I said, and as I turned to walk away from her, I could see out of the corner of my eye my mother slowly stroking her pussy.

When I returned a minute later, my mother was still masturbating, unashamed and aware that I was watching her. She noticed me staring at her, but didn't stop. "What did Sandy say?" she asked.

"She said she hadn't talked to you for a while and just wanted to catch up."

I started to turn and leave the room. "You don't have to leave if you don't want to, Jason. You can stay if you want. I like it when you look at me. I like it when you watch me," she said. "It make me feel good, gets me excited. How does it make you feel? Do you like watching me? Watching me play with my horny wet cunt?"

I nodded.

"I thought so. Come over here closer, so you can have a better look," my mother said. "Watch me come, Jason. You came for me. Now, I want to come for you."

I moved to the end of the bed and watched her plunging her fingers deep into her pussy, then pulling them out and massaging the top part of her pussy with her juices. "Go on, Jason. Play with yourself again. I know you want to."

I started stroking my rock hard cock. "That's it. Wank that big hard cock for your horny mommy." We both increased the pace of our pleasure. I was getting close; watching her, hearing her moaning, I knew I wasn't going to last much longer.

"I want to see you come again," she said to me. "I want us to come together. Are you ready?"


My mother started rapidly rubbing the top of her pussy with the fingers of her left hand, while her right hand furiously finger fucked it. Her body began to stiffen and her legs started trembling. "I'm coming, Jason!" she yelled out to me.

"Me too. I'm coming, Mom!" I responded and went off again, shooting a huge load of cum onto her pussy and stomach.

* * * * * * * * *
The next morning I awoke to the sound of her voice. My mother was standing in the doorway of my bedroom, wearing a white terry-cloth robe. "I'm going to take a shower. Care to join me?"

"Really? Is that okay?"

"Of course it's okay. We're still in this drought and we need to conserve water, don't we?" I leapt from my bed and followed my mother into her bedroom and into the master bathroom.

My mother turned on the shower to let the water warm up, then turned to face me, squatted down in front of me, and peeled of my underwear. My hard cock sprang out from the tight confines of my briefs and pointed directly at her face, meer inches from her mouth. She stared at it for a long moment, then licked her luscious lips. "Are you ready?" she asked.

Ready for what?" I wondered. "Yes," I replied, desperately trying to hide my excitement.

My mother took off her robe and we entered the shower. I watched as she shampooed her long, dirty-blonde hair and admired her beautiful body from behind. "Your turn," she said when she finished. "Put your head under the shower head."

We switched positions; my mother squirted some shampoo into her palm and started to massage my scalp. I could feel her soft, lovely, curvy body pressing against me. "Okay, now rinse," she said and I ducked my head again into the flow of the water.

"Now, we'll do you back," she said after my hair was rinsed clean. I could feel her sudsy hands on my shoulder, massaging the tension built up in my neck. Slowly, my mother washed her way down my back and waist, then squatted down and worked her way up my legs until her soapy hands were massaging my ass. "Okay, now the front," she said. "Turn around."

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