My Mother, Wow


Ten minutes later we were all sitting around with stronger drinks in our hands. I made Harvey-wall-bangers for the girls while Bob and I had whiskey. The music was playing in the back ground and Bob was freely playing with Mom's big tits.

Sally said "Maine you know what I would like to see? "

"No dear what is that?" Mother asked.

"I think it would be real turn on for me if I could see you suck Daddy's cock." Sally said meaning very word of it. I had not seen this either so I agreed with a nod and smile lifting my glass.

Bob said "Why don't we all get comfortable and relax to the music and see what happens after that."

Cloths dropped and fell where they may. Mom sat on the floor in front of Bob grabbing his raising cock. Sally moved to with in inches sitting cross legged so she could get a close look. I moved to a stool on the other side of Mom.

Mother smiled lovingly up at Bob teased him with a lick or two and them Sally watched as Bob's thick cock disappeared inch by inch. "Yes it thought so." Sally said looking closely at mother tightly wrapped mouth around Bob's well endowed cock. "See the mouth when puckered tight around a fucking cock looks just like an ass hole. That is way you guys love to fuck us in the ass. It is just like getting a blow job." Sally said almost laughing.

I laughed and said "Come on Bob is that the reason you want to marry mother. You want a girl that sucks and fucks but mostly you want a girl that can take your big old cock up her beautiful ass." Mother seemed to smile even with his cock in her mouth.

Bob said "Well young man I see you're ready for action. Why don't you give my daughter something to remember?" Bob said and then rolled his eyes back and started to really enjoy my mother loving.

"I got a better idea I think Sally should get more time to study the similarities between cocksucking and ass fucking. So with this in mind I do believe I should fuck Mother in the ass so Sally can get a good look at both the mouth and ass around a cock at he same time." I said as I moved to get behind Mother as she quickly got up on all fours indicating her willingness to take my cock up her beautiful ass as she continued to suck Bob's cock.

Sally found the tube of K-Y jelly and applied some to my cock and a generous amount to and in my mother ass. Sally seemed to take pleasure at forcing the jelly into my mother ass. Sally ran her finger in deep and wiggled it around. Sally was getting a feeling of some kind out of having her finger up my mother's ass. Sally worked her finger in and out slowly as far as she could. Mom started to respond by pushing back and forth. I was most intrigued by the manner in which Sally was fingering dear mother's fine ass.

Mother let Bob's cock slip from her mouth. She let her head droop. Mother seemed to get into some rhythm as she moved her ass in time with Sally's finger. Bob saw it and he was also thrilled to just watch. Sally was working her finger faster in and twisting her finger once it was deeply embedded. I had my cock in hand slowly keeping the thrill alive in me as well.

Then I saw Sally work three fingers into mother pussy, then the whole hand rolled into a pointed tool and Sally shoved it inside my mother cunt. Sally was fist fucking mother as she finger fucked her ass. Never in my life had I ever seen anything like this. Mother was gasping and arching her back Sally pushed three fingers in her ass. My cock was throbbing I had to let go of it before I shot cum all over everyone. Bob was also jerking his cock.

Mother screamed and let out a blood curdling yell and fell forward on her face right into Bob crotch. Sally hand came free of her cunt with a loud sucking noise. Sally pulled back as if she just realized what she had been doing. Wow what a show that was. For several minutes we all stood still waiting for someone else to move. Mother moved first by straitening up and looking at everyone else. She gave me the first sign of ever being embarrassed as she slipped from our group and danced off toward the shower. We all followed one by one as we showered dressed and regrouped in the kitchen. Coffee all around and we were a happy family with smiles and coy grins. We all knew that for tonight we were done and what ever was not finished would wait till another day...

KayEaster : More later for my many friends...

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