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My Mum My Cum


Hello. My name is Dan. I masturbate a lot after school, before my mum comes home from work. This is my story…

Well, I knew it had to happen sooner or later (I guess), but I got caught. Sitting with just a shirt on and my hand doing what it does best. Talk about instant 'down' syndrome!! Nothing worse than stroking and having your mother walk in on you.

She left the room, and I got dressed. Shit, but I felt SO humiliated. I went straight up to my room and closed the door. I just wanted to die.

Then the knock on the door. I shuddered….what was I going to say?

She entered, and sat down on my bed. Shit I was not at all comfortable, and I sensed she wasn't, either.

"Son", she said, biting her upper lip. "There's something you need to know."

My mum is a half-decent looking lady, with a still gorgeous face. Ever since dad died I sensed an extreme loneliness in her, something hard to pinpoint.

"Please come down the stairs", she asked nervously. She stood up and I followed her into the computer room. I was scared, and said not a word. I sat in front of the computer, and my mum sat on the chair beside me.

"Son?" It was a question. I didn't answer. I was still feeling ashamed..

"It's okay to masturbate, you know?" My cheeks must have turned as pale as a ghost, and I started to tremble. She chuckled a little…

"Look at the floor, Daniel!" She asked it like it was so obvious, something I had missed. I saw nothing on the hardwood flooring. I was feeling SO uncomfortable.

"Look, silly!" And she bent down and picked up a small handful of pubic hairs. Shit but I just knew I was in trouble. I deleted all my history and cookies and cache, but I didn't realize that my pubic hair was falling out. Guess it sheds.

My mum sensed my fear, and found a way to make it all better. She spread the hairs around on her palm, and made two little piles. One was dark, the other light coloured. I was still feeling like a loser, and very confused as to what she was up to.

"I've known for a long time, Daniel." As she picked up more hairs off the floor.

"I know you jerk off to porn." I wished someone had a gun and would shoot me. My mother was picking up pubic hair from around the computer desk, and putting it in her palm. And separating it!

"Son," she said, picking out the light coloured hair, and putting them on the computer desk. She showed me the darker ones. "These are yours, Daniel. I sweep them up every day. So I know you masturbate." She flung them on the floor. The pile on the computer desk stayed.

"Mum?" I asked, wondering about the pile of hairs. They were so blondish or maybe gray but really fine and short.

"They're mine, Daniel".

Talk about a revelation….Holy shit! My mother masturbates too! The thought of her sitting where I sit, diddling her twat, sticking god knows what up her pussy! I was in total awe. Speechless.

She reached over and grabbed the mouse, and shook it to get the screen up and running. Then she floored me with a question no-one has ever asked.

"Show me what turns you on, Daniel."

I brought up the CNN site, and she laughed.

"You sure, mum?" I was thinking it would disgust her.

"Come on baby…show me." She gently touched my knee.

I put in my password and accessed 'My Shared Folder'. Wow, but I have a lot of disgusting stuff! Gotta love those Germans!

My mum didn't seem surprised, and we spent about an hour watching girls fucking in every position, in every hole. Young ones and old ones, getting slapped around, pissed on and cummed on. I relaxed quite a bit, but never got an erection. My mum kept wanting to see more! I told her she was cool.

"Hey mum?" I eventually asked. "What turns you on?"

That was the turning point of my life. What was to happen next has changed both myself and my mother in so many ways.

She reached over, and took control of the mouse. She started clicking deeper and deeper into a hidden folder. Then she sat back on her chair and told me to be her guest.

Click: a redheared girl, with cum dripping down her nose, cock back in her mouth.

Click: Bukkake style, blonde just drenched in gallons of sperm!

I clicked again and again. Every picture had sperm somewhere in it. Then I clicked on the folder she had named 'Pee'.

I have to confess that by this time I had an erection that I could not control. She had countless pissing pictures and videos. I guess my mother and I weren't that different.

"Wow, Mum!" Was all I could manage.

"I see my the bulge in your sweats that I should be saying a 'wow' as well! Show me, please son? I want to watch you do it."

"I don't know if I can, Mum." But I knew I could. I had to cum more than I felt I had to breathe!

"I don't want you to cum on your shirt. I need you to cum somewhere for me." She kneeled down on the floor beside me. "I need you to put it all over my face. Not in my mouth, just on my skin."

"Okay, Mum." I was SO close just from the thought. I pulled off my sweats. She reached with her hand and touched my erection, sliding her fingers under my boxers. "No, Mum! Better let me do that!" Otherwise I was toast right then!

"Hurry up, son," She pleaded. I replaced her hand with mine, and slowly jerked myself.

"Are you sure, Mum?" But I could see she was, just by her eyes. "Why, Mum?"

As I slowly built up a good load, she told me how dad used to cum on her face, and rub it in with his penis. She wanted cum on her face, 'cause it's good for the skin. Told me that since dad died, she's not had any.

"Son," I looked at her. Shit but I was close!

"Yeah?" Was all I could manage.

"Do me a favour?" She pleaded.

"Cum on my face?"

She pulled my underwear down and off, I started stroking myself fast. "Quick, son. Straddle my chest and do me good." With that she quickly lay on the floor, and I did what she asked. She lay panting like a dog, awaiting the prize, as my fist was just a blur.

"Here it comes, Mum! Close your eyes!!"

I have never in my life seen so much cum spew out from one cock!

I was like a painter! I did zig-zags all over her face, and some in her eye. I spurted out more than I thought was possible. With every strand of cum that landed on her face it made me hornier, and I kept on spurting. Gobs of white cum clung to her cheek, dripped down her nose, puddling along her closed lips. A strand fell nicely into her hair. Her left eyeball was like a tiny pool of my sperm. I finished and let the last trail drip slowly onto her nose, breathing like I had just ran the 100 metres.

"Wow, mum" was all I could say.

"Wow, son!" she said, her voice being muffled by the cum on her lips. She exhaled and sent it splashing back up and over her cheeks.

"Paint me" she said, with eyes closed. I was again at a loss.

"Rub it all into my skin with your cock."

I obliged, and rubbed my cock all over her soaked face. I smeared her ear to ear, spasming like an idiot! I spread it all over her cheeks, moving it away from her eyes so she could open them.

But she wouldn't take it in her mouth. I tried gliding the head over her lips, trying to part them. But no.

That was to come later, I realize now. A whole lot was to come later. My mum is a fiend for anything that comes from a cock. And she had found safety and satisfaction from mine.


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