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My Neighbor


Lanie was my next door neighbor. I was enamored of her since she moved in as a brand-new bride.I had known her since I was a teenager and had a crush on her since I first met her. Tall, blonde, with B cup breasts, and a beautiful set of blue eyes. I thought that she was the sexiest woman I had ever seen. Many nights were spent masturbating, and dreaming of her. Now she was 25 and I was 18 not much had changed. Then her husband left her.

She came in to see my mother, and you could see that she had been crying. She told mom that she was pregnant. She then told her that Jay (her husband), had told her to get rid of the baby. When she refused, he left. She then asked my mom about helping with the La Maz classes. Mom said she couldn't but that I could, and it would be a good experience for me. Elaine told mom that some of the things that might happen in the class might be things that would only be shared by husband and wife or two females. MY mom said it would be good for me to learn the responsibilities of a man before I became sexually active. Elaine (her real name) then agreed.

The very next day Elaine had to go shopping, she didn't drive so I was detailed to take her. We went to the mall and she took me shopping to all the women's shops. She modeled everything as if I were her husband. She even held up a sheer nightgown for me to approve. She held my arm as I carried her things back to the car. I felt mature and the envy of all those at the mall who must have thought she was my wife.

On the way home we stopped at the drugstore and picked up her prescription for prenatal vitamins. The lady at the counter wished us good luck on our coming child. Elaine smiled at her and said thank you. As we left, she said, that if it were my child we wouldn't have to worry about birth control for the next few months. She said that she was horny and wished I was her husband. I just blushed, and stammered that I had never been with a woman. She said that I would make some woman a wonderful husband, and many women a great lover. We then went home. As we went inside the apartment, she asked me to put the things in her bedroom.

As I was leaving, she called me over. And asked me to stay and talk to her for a while. She explained that as we went to the prenatal classes we would at times be in intimate contact and sometimes have to discuss or do very private things for each other.

"Don't be embarrassed about it"

"You might learn a lot about women."

"During the delivery you will get to see my vagina."

"You might get to see it during some of our home practice sessions."

With this I immediately became erect, I think she noticed and was trying not to laugh. She then took my hand and led me to the door. Looking in my eyes, telling me that I was a perfect date, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me goodnight. Her tongue entered my mouth, and her breasts pressed against my chest. Her hips ground slowly against my hips and I became hard. Elaine moved away from me, and said. " Goodnight."

I went home horny, and confused. The next morning, mom told me not to try and take advantage of Lanie since she was very vulnerable right now. She told me that, with what was happening, Lanie needed a friend and I should be that to her. I told mom I would try to be her friend I guess mom never thought I had a chance with Elaine because I was seven years younger than her. She felt that a 27-year-old woman would want a man, not a boy.

Elaine called later that day, and asked mom if I could help her move some of her husband's stuff into the attic. When I arrived, Lanie was sweating up a storm in a wet grimy tee shirt as she tried to get a box into the attic. I told her I would get it in the attic and that she should pack the next box. In very little time, I was back in her bedroom. As I walked through the open door, she was changing her top to a clean one. Lanie hadn't been wearing a bra and I saw the breasts I had fantasized about for so long. She quickly covered up, as she blushed she apologized and said.

"When you live with your husband alone you don't close the doors."

"Besides you are going to see me naked or almost naked if you are going to be my La Maz coach."

"Now let's get back to work."

After a few hours I was exhausted and sweaty. Then she said.

"Let's rest for a while. Would you like a drink?"


As she left to get the drink, I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes. I must have fallen asleep for a few hours. I woke with Elaine cuddled next to me asleep. She opened her eyes and giggling said.

" You finally slept with a woman, huh?"

"I really enjoyed it." She laughed.

Then she kissed me, the long lingering intimate kiss that comes after lovemaking. I had never been kissed like that and didn't know it for what it was until later on. My arms went around her and my hands caressed her back. My arousal must have been evident to her, because she was pressed so tightly against my groin. Then she got up, and began to pack the boxes again. As she packed, she talked. She had to go to dinner at her sisters and would have to take two buses to get there. Would I drive her? I could stay and be her date, and who knows after we got home maybe an after date make out session. I told her, she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to. I was her friend, and would do it for her if she promised me nothing. She told me that she would never do that, but that we got along so well together, that she was evaluating me as a possible boyfriend, even though I was so young. And she wasn't even promising that we were going to make out. I got up from the bed and took the next case that was packed up to the attic. After a short while we finished. Elaine kissed me at the door as she had the night before and told me to pick her up at noon.

That night I could not sleep. I was so horny, that I masturbated three times before falling asleep. I woke, showered, and shaved. I dressed in what I thought was my best looking outfit and left to pick up Lanie. I went to her front door and knocked. Elaine was still in her robe when she opened the door. After telling me shed be ready in a bit she went upstairs.

"Michael please come up here honey."

" I need some help"

Up the stairs I went. As I entered her bedroom, I could see her bare back between the shoulders of the unzipped dress. She wasn't wearing a bra.

"Please zip me up."

I did.

"Can you get the clasp of the necklace for me?"

I did that. Then she took my arm and we left. As we walked to the car, I could feel her soft warm breasts pressing against my arm. We got to the car too soon for me. As I opened the door and helped her in she smiled at me. The drive to her sister's place was over an hour and we talked like two friends. At that time there were no seatbelts in cars and no seatbelt laws. Elaine sat right next to me leaned on me, and rested her head on my shoulder, just as if she were my date. Her hand rested on my thigh, and we talked about everything but us.

"Breasts are sore, so I didn't wear a bra today."

"I don't want you to take it as a signal that you can take liberties with them."

"Elaine, I want to touch them, but I was raised to be a gentleman if you say no, I won't but that doesn't mean I won't try."

We drove a little farther and soon turned onto a shaded country road. After about a mile we came to a light. As we stopped for the light Elaine kissed me on the lips and thanked me for being so nice. About 10 minutes later we arrived at her sister's house. After the introductions we sat in the living room and had some drinks and snacks. Her sister, who was a little intoxicated said that I was handsome and asked Elaine if I was a good lover. Elaine said that we were just friends now but that might change. Her sister's husband changed the subject and laughed at the way I was blushing. Elaine kissed me hard and whispered a thank you for putting up with this.

Elaine's mother arrived. She immediately made it clear that Elaine should not be dating until the divo4rce was final, and that she considered me too young for her daughter. Elaine told her we were just friends and I was helping her out with a ride. The old bitch told her the only thing I would want to help a pregnant separated woman out with was sex and that I was probably helping her out of her pants already. I stood up and walked over her and began to speak. To her.

"Mrs. Salter it is not only insulting to me and to your daughter, but also to yourself making such accusations. Your daughter and I might one day become intimate. But she is too smart and has better morals than to let me take advantage of her. Nor is she about to jump into bed with anyone just because she is separated and lonely or unsure of herself. You have raised her to be better than that, You owe both of us an apology."

And I'll be damned, she did apologize to the both of us. She then told us that if her daughter did decide to bed me it would be because of the fine man I was and she would never again frown upon our relationship. It was nice to watch Elaine look at me like her man and protector.

Dinner was very pleasant. The food and conversation were wonderful. The time to go came too soon. We left at about 10 P.M.. That would get us home about eleven. The drive home was quiet. Elaine slept with her head on my shoulder most of the trip I felt like I was her boyfriend, and then I felt like I was not going to be able to impress her enough for a second date.

I woke her as we pulled into her driveway. Since her husband had left, I parked my car there and walked next door. This made ir easier for me to find parking and she didn't mind. Then we walked to the front door and I took her keys and opened it.

"Would you like to come in for a drink?"

"Yes." My heart pounding.

"Sit down while I get us something to drink."

She brought us both some wine and sat next to me, We drank the wine and as she leaned back on the couch I put my arm around her and kissed her. I opened my mouth and her tongue slipped into my mouth and slithered against my tongue, then it withdrew. I didn't know what to do. She then whispered in my ear.

"Try it put your tongue in my mouth, if we are going to date you are going to have to learn how to kiss." My tongue entered her mouth, and my hands began to caress her back. Elaine moaned and pressed herself closer to me. My hands slid up her sides and caressed her unfettered breasts. She kissed me harder and I reached for the zipper at the back of her dress. Elaine stiffened and said.

"No, please don't"

I continued to kiss her and caress her breasts. Her hand dropped to my lap, and she masturbated me in my pants until I came. Then we made out some more and she sent me home.

We had been dating or whatever it was for several weeks when Elaine began to bulge. She asked my mom if I could take her shopping for maternity clothes. My mom said yes. And then said that I might be more of a husband then her husband was. Elaine looked at her and said.

"If he keeps being this good I just might grant him some husbandly privileges"

My mom looked at her and said.

"If you do just don't hurt Michael, he is a nice boy."

"You are wrong your son is very much a man, he acts like one in every way and one day I might take him into my bed."

I heard this as I was coming down the stairs. I stopped and continued to listen. The women talked about me. Elaine admitted kissing me and a little petting. She had not decided how far this would go, but she liked me and one night might decide to have me sleep over. But if she did, she doubted that I would get much sleep. My mother said that she liked Elaine and of she decided to be my lover I couldn't have one nicer than Elaine. Then I entered the room and Elaine kissed me on the lips and asked me to take her shopping for maternity clothes. I of course agreed.

At the mall this now obviously pregnant woman clung to me. Everyone thought we were husband and wife shopping for maternity clothes. This time the trip was punctuated by kisses and hugs. She asked me into the dressing room several times to model her new maternity /nursing bras. One time even unsnapping a cup and showing me a nipple to show me how it worked. By the time we finished shopping I was so horny I could hardly walk. My obvious hard-on got a quick furtive caress and a whispered promise of some relief. But first dinner at a small restaurant in the mall. Almost showing off like she wanted to let everyone know we were dating. I felt like king of the hill. Then we left for home. We pulled into the driveway, and I walked to the door with her. Elaine handed me a key to the door, told me it was mine and to keep it. Then she asked me to come in.

After we entered the house, she said that I should get the wine, and she would change into something more comfortable. In a little while she came out in a new sheer night gown with one of her new maternity bras and sexy lace panties underneath it. She then said to save the wine for later. And kissed me deeply. We practiced our kissing lessons and our passion grew. I began to caress her breasts through the gown. She didn't stop me when I slipped the shoulder straps off and drew her gown down to the waist. I unhooked her bra and she allowed me to fondle her bare breasts. Then she guided my mouth to her stiff pink nipples. She told me lick, and suck them then to nibble them. She guided my hand into her panties and taught me how to finger her to orgasm. Then she began to caress me. Her hands went to my belt and opened them. Then the zipper, my pants were pulled down, next she undressed me. Lanie's head went to my lap. She breathed on my cock head as she held it, then she kissed it. As she licked under the head. I moaned in never before felt pleasure. Her mouth opened and she swallowed me. Taking me into her throat in one slow smooth stroke.


Her head bobbed up and down, her hands caressed my balls, and she sucked harder and harder. Her fingers found my anus and penetrated.



Her head bobbed harder and faster and then it happened. I erupted squirting wad after wad into her hot, wet, sucking swallowing, mouth. She let nothing go to waste. She drained me and licked me clean.

"Did you like it?" She asked.

"What do you think?"

"Can I pleasure with my mouth too?" I asked her.

"In the morning I'll teach you." She said.

Then she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. There we slept the night in each others arms. I awoke with my cock in her mouth. I watched her face as she brought me to a wonderful climax. The first time I had ever woken up to a blow job.

"Do you want to learn how to pleasure me with your mouth?"

"Do you really want me to teach you how to eat pussy?" . "Yes I want to give you as much pleasure as you give me."

She lay on the bed with her legs spread and showed me her vagina. Explained to me the function of each part. Then guided my head as she talked.

"Kiss the labia honey, kiss those lips like they were my mouth no tongue yet."

"Lick the left lip just up and down it yes that's it uummmmmm>"

"Now the right so good."

"Lick the slit between them now. Can you taste my juices now?"

"Keep licking, it feels so good." "Put your lips on my pussy lips."

"Kiss it like you kiss my mouth"

"Put your tongue in soul kiss my pussy."

"YES that's it."

"So good."

"Don't stop."

"Lick higher now, lick my clit."

"Yes that's the place"



"Now suck my clit and lick it. "

"I'm gonna cum."

"Oh Honey NOW"

She screamed and clenched my head between her thighs as she continued to drown me in her juices. I drank all I could as the rest coated my face. Then we kissed and shared a long lingering period of satisfied after play. Then we shared a shower and I got to see her nude for the first time. There is nothing like sliding slippery, wet hands over the body of your lover. Or someone you are intimate with.

"Tonight is the first prenatal class. You are going with me aren't you, Michael?"

"I told you I would be your coach. You don't think I'd disappoint you."

We kissed, and caressed each other in the shower for a while, then went down and ate breakfast in our robes. The phone rang. Lanie answered it and then talked to my mother.

"Yes he spent the night."

"No, we haven't not yet."

"I was tempted, but I just taught him about oral last night."

"Yes, he did that quite well."

She hung up the phone.

" Your mother wanted to know if I was making love to you. I had told her I might."

" I think she likes me and she wants her little boy to be happy."

"She also doesn't want me to take another lover and lead you on."

" I won't. If I take another lover, I will not be seeing you."

"If we keep this up, you will be my lover before long."

We went up to the bedroom to dress. It was the first time that I had seen a woman dress. It was also the first time that I realized intimacy was doing those everyday things with=out shyness or embarrassment. We both casually dropped our robes and got into our clothes without giving it a thought.

"You fit into my husband's robe quite well."

"We might have to find out if you can fill his other things as well."

"You fit really comfortably on his side of the bed."

"Try on his shorts and shirt. I don't want you wearing yesterday's clothes. And I don't want you going home to change."

She handed me some underwear, shorts, and a shirt. Then a pair of socks. The clothes fit quite well. When I finished dressing, Elaine sat on my lap and kissed me passionately, then whispered into my ear, she told me how much she enjoyed waking up with me in the morning. I offered to mow the lawn as she cleaned the house. By noon we had finished our chores. We were both hot and sweaty. As we walked into the bedroom she undressed and went to shower. She seemed to think nothing of my presence as she undressed. Nor did she seem to notice my nude body as she began to dress while I went in to take my shower. When I got out of the shower some more clothes were laid out for me and she was nowhere in sight. Then as I went downstairs I could see her preparing lunch. We sat and ate lunch quietly. Then I took her to the supermarket to shop. After dinner it was time to go to our prenatal class.

At the class everyone assumed that we were husband and wife. Elaine seemed to encourage this thought by kissing and caressing me as the other expectant mothers did to their husbands. Breathing exercise, with me coaching and helping her were the first thing we learned. Then we talked about the changes in her body, and what to expect. The women were asked if the expected to nurse the babies. The husbands were told how to get their wife's breast ready for nursing. By rubbing and sucking the nipples every night. Lanie then whispered to me.

"Aren't you glad I want to breast feed my baby?" "You now have something else to do every night."

Then she took my hand and pressed it firmly onto her breasts. Grinning at me she snuck her hand into my lap to see if I were hard. Smiled and winked at me. The class ended and some of the other husbands and wives began to talk about the changes in their lives, especially their sex lives. They asked us and Elaine asked me to answer grinning. I told them that it was better than it had ever been in my life but then I had never gotten laid. They all laughed, thinking I was joking since my wife was pregnant. They all thought that she was my wife. Elaine slapped my arm and said she would remedy that tonight. Everyone laughed except me. I looked at her and hoped she wasn't joking. She then kissed my neck and nibbled on it giving me a tremendous hardon.

The drive home seemed to take forever. We entered the house and sat on the couch. She took off her blouse and bra. Before anything we had to do our homework. I squeezed and pinched her nipples for an hour. Then I kissed sucked and nibble them for about another half hour. She had just begun to lactate so I got some thin milky substance from them not a lot. This turned me on.

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