tagGroup SexMy Neighbor Megan’s Coworker

My Neighbor Megan’s Coworker

byIrish Moss©

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn't be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don't expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

Note: If you haven't already, read My Neighbor Megan, which is the prequel to this story.

Megan and I had been screwing each other for several weeks while still being discreet so as not to initiate any neighborhood gossip. We didn't hide the fact that we were friendly but, since we weren't really any more than friends with benefits, we figured we'd just keep our private life private. I was perfectly content with our arrangement and it didn't seem like either of us was looking for anything more out of our relationship. When Megan introduced her coworker, Shelly, into the mix, I got an even better sense that her feelings for me were not of a possessive nature.

Shelly sometimes rode the same train that we did, both in the morning and after work, so she and Megan would chat, though I didn't think she was aware that Megan and I knew each other. This became much more apparent based on a conversation she and Megan had one morning. Megan and I had been sitting across from each other when Shelly boarded, so she'd sat next to Megan, who didn't acknowledge that we were acquainted. As they were walking to their office after getting off the train, Shelly made a comment about me and Megan never let on that she was talking about someone that Megan was intimately familiar with.

"That guy sitting across from us," Shelly said, "every time I sit next to him, I just want to swing my leg over and straddle him. Stick my tongue in his mouth."

"He lives in my neighborhood," Megan revealed, "He walks by my house every day."

"How do you not just drag him into your bedroom and fuck his brains out?" Shelly asked.

"Well, I never really thought about it," Megan lied.

"You should start," Shelly replied.

"Or maybe you should just come over and I'll let you borrow my bedroom," Megan suggested.

"Don't tempt me," Shelly responded, "I just might."

That was as far as the conversation had gone but, as Megan shared it with me later, she confessed that she had been thinking about it. Not about dragging me into her bedroom, but about encouraging Shelly to jump me, if it was all right with me. My first reaction was surprise that Shelly felt that way about me because she had never given even the slightest indication of any interest. The idea of getting the chance to fuck her, though, was absolutely appealing. She was auburn-haired and, like Megan, had just the right amount of curves. In fact, their figures were quite similar, though Megan was just a bit taller.

"I'd be up for it," I told her, "literally."

As we continued to discuss how exactly to make it happen, I wasn't sure if Megan was just planning for Shelly to fuck me and potentially watching or if she would be joining us. I didn't really have a preference, though, because each scenario was equally appealing to me. We decided that the best thing to do would be for Megan to conspire with Shelly to seduce me without ever revealing the true nature of our relationship. We agreed that the best way to go about it would be for Megan to invite Shelly over, for them to be on her porch drinking cocktails as I walked by, perfectly timed, of course. They would invite me to join them and Megan would get us all into the house then leave Shelly and me alone together so that she could seduce me. With all of it planned out, Megan just worked through the plan with Shelly while making it seem like Shelly was coming up with a lot of it on her own.

When the big day finally arrived, they planned to leave work earlier than usual so that they could be out on the porch by the time I walked by. Megan had let Shelly know that we were at least on a first name basis so it wouldn't be a surprise when she called me over. I didn't pretend not to notice them and was giving them a wave when Megan suggested that I join them. We made small talk on the porch for a minute or two before Megan offered me a drink. When I accepted, she suggested we all head inside so they could also top off their drinks.

"Let me just hit the bathroom real quick," Megan said, once we were in her kitchen.

"You know," Shelly started, once we'd heard the bathroom door close, "there's something I've wanted to do for a long time."

"Oh yeah," I replied, "and what's that?"

She stepped right up to me so that her body was pressed against mine, threw her arms around my neck and pressed her lips against mine. My hands went right to her nice, round ass as I slipped my tongue into her mouth so I could pull her against my growing cock. I wondered if her nipples were hard and her pussy wet and knew that it was pretty certain that I'd be finding out momentarily. After making out passionately for a few minutes, I kissed my way down to her neck.

"You know," I said between kisses, taking her initial tone, "there's something I want to do."

"Oh yeah," she replied, "and what's that?"

"I'd like to lift up your skirt," I told her, "slide your panties off and eat your pussy."

"Oh, God," she moaned, "I want that, too."

I led her over to Megan's couch then knelt before her and raised the hem of her skirt. I had her hold it as I caressed the front of her panties with my fingertips before taking the sides of them and starting to slowly slide them down. Her panties were very sexy, which didn't surprise me since I assumed she'd dressed to impress, and her brown bush (which didn't match her otherwise auburn hair) was nicely groomed. I ran my hands over the smooth flesh of her ass before taking her panties all the way down so that she could step out of them. I then had her sit on the couch and spread her legs for me as I kissed my way along her smooth inner thighs, from her knees all the way to her pussy. I gave her pussy another once over before running my tongue up her slit and tasting the juices that were accumulating there while causing her to moan. Her hands went right to my head, holding me in place, as though I'd really want to go somewhere else.

I slurped up her juices while she humped against my face then slipped a finger into her hot, wet pussy, pumping it in and out a few times before starting to lick her clit. She was moaning loud enough that, if Megan hadn't been aware of what was going to happen in her absence, she'd have easily figured it out. I wasn't sure what Megan had decided to do, but it wouldn't have surprised me if she was watching from the shadows with her hand inside her panties. Shelly's pussy was so wet and hot that I was glad it was pretty much a sure thing that I'd be fucking her momentarily. I wasn't expecting it to take much to make her cum then, depending on whether Megan showed up, I was planning to fuck her right there on the couch, after getting her fully naked, of course.

Since she was responding well to how I was eating her pussy, I didn't vary much in my technique. I just kept focused on providing her with a high level of pleasure, in part to improve my chances of finding myself in this position again. I was obviously happy for the opportunity to fuck Megan, and eat her pussy, on a regular basis but, if she was okay with me also fucking her coworker, I wasn't going to blow an opportunity like that. The longer I ate her, the wetter and more engorged her pussy was becoming. She also seemed to be tensing up more and not humping her pussy against my face as much. She was pulling my head toward her pussy the more she was tensing up, but not so much that I couldn't continue licking and sucking her clit or pumping my finger in and out of her.

Finally, at a point where she'd gone almost completely rigid, arched up off the couch and everything, she suddenly went limp and her body started to shake. Her pussy was flooded with even more of her slippery secretions and I knew that it was going to feel absolutely outrageous to slip my cock into her. Her orgasm appeared to be very intense and I continued eating her pussy as she rode it out, only raising my head once she'd gone still and had let out a long, content-sounding sigh. I sat back on my heels and admired her trim bush and pussy as she was recovering. When she finally sat up, she took my face in her hands and kissed me hard as I caressed her tits through her blouse. We were making out passionately as I started pulling her blouse up and, when I got it up above her tits, we parted so I could pull it up over her head. As I tossed it aside, I admired the sexy bra that matched the panties she'd been wearing that now lay somewhere nearby.

I caressed her tits, feeling her hard nipples through the bra before reaching behind her to unfasten it. My eyes were on her tits as they were revealed. They were about the same size as Megan's but her areolas and nipples were bigger. After tossing her bra aside, I caressed the soft, smooth flesh of her tits briefly before lowering my head to lick and suck her hard nipples. She sucked in her breath then let out a moan while running her fingers through my hair. When my hands slipped down to her waist, I realized that she was naked except for her skirt, so I reached behind her to unfasten it. Rather than just having her raise her ass off the couch so that I could slip it off, I raised my head from her tits and asked her to stand up. When she did, her skirt fell to her ankles and she stood over me completely naked.

I reached around to caress her ass while leaning in to kiss her hips and abdomen before standing myself. We kissed again while I caressed her tits and she started working my polo shirt up. We parted so she could raise it over my head and I felt another pair of hands on my abs and chest which I knew could not be Shelly's.

"Did you check to see how hard his cock is, Shelly?" Megan asked from behind me.

Shelly reached down to caress the bulge in my slacks then reached for my belt.

"Let's get him into the bedroom first," Megan suggested.

Megan took my arm and started leading me toward her bedroom, so I reached for Shelly's hand and pulled her along with us. I couldn't take my eyes off of her and was watching her titties bouncing as she walked, probably with a goofy smile on my face. Once we were in the bedroom, Shelly reached for my belt again and this time Megan let her go ahead and get it unbuckled. She sat on the edge of the bed, still fully dressed, and watched as Shelly got my slacks open and let them drop to my ankles. Shelly caressed the bulging front of my briefs before starting to take them down, as well. She pumped my throbbing cock in her fist as my briefs hit my ankles and I stepped out of them.

"I assume you'll be joining us and not just watching," I said to Megan, "so you'd better get undressed, as well."

I kind of felt like I was giving her the short shrift by not volunteering to undress her, but we'd undressed each other plenty and she didn't seem put off by it. We both knew that this was more about Shelly, so I just crawled onto the bed and lay on my back, then watched Shelly's tits swinging as she crawled on after me and straddled my hips. My attention was fully on her, and my hands fully on her tits, as she guided my throbbing tool to her pussy and lowered herself onto it. We both moaned and she began to slowly ride me. I tore my gaze away and looked over at Megan whose attention was on Shelly moving up and down on my cock.

"Megan, I can't lick your pussy if you don't take off your panties," I finally said.

"Oh, God, Megan," Shelly moaned, "You don't want to miss out on having him eat your pussy. It's mindblowing."

As Shelly continued riding me, we both watched as Megan raised her blouse over her head, tossed it aside, then slipped out of her skirt. She'd also worn a matching bra and panty set, which I barely got to admire before she was also slipping them off as well. I'd seen her naked many times by this point but it wasn't something I ever expected to get tired of so my attention remained on her as she climbed up onto the bed. She straddled my head with her back to Shelly and my hands went from Shelly's tits to Megan's ass. I quickly had my tongue out and was lapping at her dripping pussy. Megan moaned and grasped the headboard as a shiver passed through her. Looking up, I could see her tits swinging overhead, her hard nipples begging to be sucked.

I brought one hand down and slipped a finger up into Megan's pussy, finding it incredibly hot and slippery. Between the anticipation and, presumably, watching me going down on Shelly, it was readily apparent that Megan was extremely worked up. I hadn't known her that long but had experienced enough of her orgasms to know that she was already pretty close when I slipped that finger into her and started to slide it in and out. I was perfectly okay with her cumming quickly and figure that, if Shelly wasn't there yet, I'd just keep slurping at her pussy until they were ready to make a change. Of course Shelly's pussy was feeling incredible as she was humping my cock harder and faster the longer she rode me. Obviously I didn't know her well enough to judge how close she was to cumming but, based on my sexual experiences in general, I got a good sense that she was well on her way to another orgasm; I just wasn't sure how close she was.

As we'd been planning this ménage a trois, I had never asked Megan whether she was bi or whether she anticipated anything happening between her and Shelly; I just figured I'd find out soon enough. Of course, I'd been hopeful that I'd have the opportunity to see the two of them going at it up close and was certain that it would help with my recovery time after I'd cum. When I noticed Shelly's hands reaching around to cup Megan's breasts, I'm sure that I was smiling and I know that my cock grew even harder. I assume it was due to Shelly's attention that Megan's pussy suddenly seemed even wetter and more engorged. I kept up what I was doing, knowing that she was on the verge of cumming and, sure enough, it was just a few minutes later that she let out a cry and her body began to tremble.

I continued to lick and suck her clit while fingering her pussy and Shelly continued to ride me and fondle Megan's tits as Megan was cumming. Once she'd apparently finished riding out a long and intense orgasm, she moved off of me so I slipped the finger that had been inside her pussy into my mouth while reaching up for Shelly's bouncing tits with my free hand. Megan moved around behind Shelly, who had continued riding my cock without even so much as changing her pace. She brushed Shelly's hair aside and started to kiss her neck while one hand went to the tit I wasn't already fondling and the other went down to caress her clit. Shelly started moaning even louder and humping my cock even harder while I relished the feeling of her pussy becoming even hotter and more slippery.

Not surprisingly, it wasn't much longer before Shelly started to shake as her orgasm coursed through her. Megan and I never let up on our stimulation so her orgasm seemed to really go on and on. When she finally seemed to finish cumming, she about collapsed on top of me. I stopped pushing my cock up into her as I waited to see what was going to happen next. Megan certainly didn't disappoint.

"Would you mind if I ate your pussy," she asked Shelly.

"Of course not," Shelly replied.

I assumed there would be some kind of repositioning so, as Shelly climbed off of me, I went ahead and got up onto my knees, as well. After they made out and felt each other up for a moment, Megan had Shelly sit up against the headboard then got on all-fours and lowered her face between Shelly's thighs. I watched as she started to lap at Shelly's pussy before I moved around behind her and ran my hands over her ass. As I guided my still rigid cock into Megan's hot, slippery pussy, my attention went from Megan's ass up to Shelly's tits. She was caressing them with one hand while the other rested on the back of Megan's head. I could still look around and see Megan eating Shelly's pussy, though her hair blocked my view a little, but I focused instead on the pleasure of sliding my cock in and out of Megan's pussy. I started out holding her hips but, once I got a good rhythm going, I slid my hands forward to cup her swinging titties.

Shelly had her eyes closed and a big smile on her face which put a smile on my face, too. I knew that, if she was having a good time and Megan was having a good time, the odds were favorable that this wouldn't be a one-time-only occurrence. The night was just beginning and I was already thinking about the next time we might get together. Of course my mind wasn't wandering so much that I was not appreciating what I was in the middle of experiencing. Megan's pussy continued to feel even hotter and wetter the longer I fucked her and I could feel my own orgasm slowly beginning to build up within me.

It occurred to me that Megan's clit was unattended and unstimulated, so I slipped one hand down from her tit to stroke it as I continued to fuck her. The moan she let out into Shelly's pussy let me know that the stimulation was appreciated. I could see that Shelly was humping her pussy toward Megan's face and she was letting out louder and longer moans as Megan continued to devour her pussy. Since my face had also been buried in Shelly's pussy, I knew exactly how enjoyable it was and was already looking forward to an opportunity to taste her again. I could feel Megan's pussy becoming more slippery and more engorged around my thrusting tool so I was certain that Shelly's pussy was becoming likewise as she also approached another orgasm. My suspicions were confirmed moments later when Shelly let out a cry and started to visibly shake.

Megan didn't raise her head, continuing to eat Shelly's pussy while Shelly was cumming, which may have been why Shelly came so long and so hard. When she finally let out a long, ragged sigh, Megan raised her head and started pushing back harder against my thrusting. I straightened up and took her by the hips again, noting that she slipped a hand down between her legs to replace mine on her clit. My hips were smacking against her ass, making it jiggle each time I thrust hard into her. There was no question that she was right on the verge of cumming again and that it wouldn't be much longer before she was there. I just kept thrusting into her, savoring the pleasure that her hot, wet pussy was providing. Shelly had adjusted her position so that she could fondle Megan's swinging tits as she got closer and closer to cumming. I don't know if this was helping Megan along or not, but I'm sure it wasn't hurting the pursuit.

With a solid shove backwards, Megan started to tremble so I just held onto her hips with my cock buried deep inside her. Shelly also appeared to go still as Megan rode out her orgasm and we exchanged a smile over her quaking body. When she finally went still and let out a sigh, I slipped out of her because, once again, I was sure that a change was in order. Megan straightened up onto her knees and Shelly got up on hers, as well.

"Time to suck some cock?" Shelly asked, looking at Megan.

"That sounds like a fine idea to me," Megan replied, so they both turned to me.

I ended up lying down with my head propped up on some pillows so I could watch them while they knelt on either side of me. Their asses were aimed in my direction so I had a hand on each one, caressing the soft, smooth flesh. The two of them started out caressing my balls and pumping my cock before Shelly lowered her head and engulfed it in her hot mouth. I moaned as she bobbed her head up and down briefly before letting Megan have a turn. Even though my cock had been in Megan's mouth a number of times, I didn't savor the pleasure I was feeling any less. I was in Heaven having my cock passed back and forth between to lovely women, each with significant oral skills. It was no surprise that my orgasm continued to quickly build, though the two of them were skilled enough that they were able to draw out the pleasure I was experiencing considerably longer than I would have expected to be able to last.

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