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My Neighbor's Secret


In my late teens and early twenties, my best friend and I had some very intimate experiences. We both had trouble finding ladies where we lived, and eventually found release with each other. When he moved away, I found myself still fantasizing about men. I ended up having several more incredible encounters before meeting my wife.

Tina, an on-and-off-again close friend, and I rented a small ranch-style house for about two years. Our schedules were complete opposites, affording us all the privacy we needed. About six weeks after moving in, our next-door neighbor, Will, and his wife Amy became regulars at our house. Poker night, movie night, etc. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when he came over one Sunday in December to watch some football with me.

We settled onto the couch and started watching the 1 o'clock game. As halftime approached, we both had finished about three or four beers. Buzzing pleasantly, I went to the kitchen for a refill. While milling about, I managed to knock a full bottle of beer over and completely soak my jeans. I cursed up a storm, only to find Will in the doorway laughing. I felt the liquid seeping through, and unbuttoned and unzipped just enough to expose my shaved navel. I glanced up to find Will gazing at my smooth tummy and his eyes worked lower...

I realized that I was going commando.

"Shit," I giggled a bit nervously. "Sorry, let me go change."

Will giggled back, and I thought I registered the same excitement in his voice. "Hurry back," he teased.

I went to my room and could not get the image of him staring at me out of my mind. My cock twitched eagerly with the thought, but I did my best to dismiss it. 'You're crazy,' I thought. 'His wife is way to gorgeous for him to need anything outside of their bedroom.' I searched my dresser drawers and could only come up with a very snug pair of blue boxers. Rolling my eyes, I realized that a load of laundry sat undone in the basement, with all of my regular pants in it. "Great," I muttered. I threw them on, then made my way back. I stopped short of the doorway to the living room. "Hey man, I don't have anything decent. Laundry day. Could I borrow something from you?"

Will laughed again. "Hey, we're friends, right? Whatever you have is fine."

I could feel the warmth coursing through my groin. 'Screw it,' I thought. I moved forward and stood exposed in the doorway. "Even these?" I laughed.

Will regarded my lower body for what seemed like minutes. His eyebrows raised and he grinned. "Those are fine, man. Game's back on."

I fetched another beer from the fridge and returned to the couch. I tried to ignore the score of dirty images racing through my head. I glanced sideways at Will as we chatted several times; each time, I caught his eyes darting to the bulge between my legs. Several cigarettes later, my beer was gone. I was drinking nervously. "Refill, be right back."

When I returned, I sat down and felt a breeze caress my cock. The boxers didn't have a button, and were so snug that the flap split open when I sat. I turned and looked at Will, and he was blatantly staring at the portion of my shaft that was exposed. "O-oh, s-sorry..." he stammered.

"No, it's alright," I countered a bit more quickly than I meant to. Will took a long swig of beer, then asked, "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure." I waited impatiently, thinking that this was not happening.

"Have you ever..." He took another gulp. "Have you ever, I don't know, thought about another guy?" He looked openly at me, and I could sense his anxiety. "Because, you know, I read that-"

"Yes, I have actually. I think it's natural," I replied.

"Really?" He seemed to relax and tense up at the same time. "I always wanted to ask you if you have, since I...ahh, nevermind."

My heart thumped heavily in my chest, and my cock spasmed upward, straining against the taut boxers. "What? Go ahead, it's cool," I encouraged.

"I've seen you change through the window a few times," he added. "It was...exciting. Very exciting." His left hand was massaging his left thigh now. I peeked at his groin and noted the stiffness growing in his sweatpants.

"Did you..." I paused. "Did you ever think about it...by yourself?" I hoped he understood where I was going with the question. He did.

"Yeah, just the other night, actually." His eyes roamed my stiff boxers openly. "I've always been curious to, you know, see another man that way." He chugged the last of his beer quickly. My cock screamed for it's release. I was so turned on I couldn't help but ask, as I reached into my boxers: "Would you like to right now, man?"

Before he could reply, I pulled my hard cock out of my boxers. My pink head quested upward and throbbed. Will stared at it hungrily. "Oh yeah, yeah that's so hot. Wow, you have a nice cock, bro." His left hand snuck into his pants and he started to stroke.

"Thanks," I added. "You can too, if you like." He looked quickly up at me, and must have noted the excitement on my face. He pulled his uncut cock out and rubbed the head. I slid my boxers off and kicked them under the coffee table. Will thumbed his sweatpants down below his knees. I watched him work his thick five-incher thoroughly. "How big are you?" he beathed. "Six and a half or so," I breathed back.

Will's pace quickened, and I watched as his foreskin enveloped his head with each stroke. I moaned lightly several times without realizing it. Each time Will whispered, "Yeah, oh yeah." I leaned back and completely got into myself as I adored his cock with my eyes. Sticky and sweet pre-cum slid down under my head and slickened my hot shaft. Will thumbed some pre-cum from his cockhead and massaged it around his balls. I imagined that thick sexy cock filling my mouth and throbbing against my warm, eager tongue. I turned my body slightly towards his to watch him directly. He did the same, and our cocks were about a foot away from each other.

"Oh fuck yeah," I moaned quietly. I could sense hot, thick cum filling my rigid ballsac. Our thighs met as we pumped ourselves, and a minute later Will breathed, "Oh shit I'm gonna cum..."

I stroked my cock faster, feeling my own orgasm build. "Me too, me too," I moaned. The first shot was hard and hot, arcing up from my cockhead and splashing my thigh. Will moaned and his cum exploded from his cock; a warm white shot hit my stomach. Will paused for a split-second, but kept going as he saw me continue. My hot load continued to spill out onto my hands and down to my balls. Will's second shot sprayed my balls, and his third hit my thigh. I arched my hips forward repeatedly as my orgasm played out, sliding his cum from my thigh to my balls. He moaned heartily, pumping the last of his sweet cum onto his tummy. We slowed down, finally stopping and catching our breath. We sat in silence for a few minutes, looking pleasantly at our cocks and their seed. Will grabbed a cigarette from his pack, lit it, then offered me one. We smoked and began talking about what happened. "I've wanted that for awhile, man," he said. After a few minutes, I suggested that we clean ourselves up. We did so together in the bathroom, then returned to the game and dressed. Our conversation remained sexual for several hours afterward, and Will and I had a few other exciting afternoons together. Those, however, are stories for another day.

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