My Neighbor's Shenanigans


Really god? Are you that bored?

I shake my head and drive past. I decide to go eat a steak dinner since it might be my last meal as a free man.

I go to a nearby Texas Roadhouse and order myself the biggest rib eye they have with a loaded baked potato and an ice cold Blue Moon. The waitress is cute and bubbly, with light brown hair and a cheery smile. She looks like she's barely old enough to drink herself, but she fills out her jeans rather nicely and her shirt is tight enough that I have to wonder how she put it on. Her ample chest is doing its best to push through the flimsy material and it's obvious she's not wearing a bra. She takes my order with cheery efficiency and quickly leaves and comes back with my drink order. I nurse my beer while I wait for my food to arrive. The noise of the restaurant fades to a mindless droning as I sit there contemplating the stupidity of my recent actions.

My steak finally arrives and I cut into it to make sure it's medium rare. Hot juice flows out of the meat as I cut off a slice and slowly chew. I smile at the waitress and she leaves to tend to her other customers. I add a touch of salt and proceed to enjoy myself to the best of my ability. My waitress comes by a couple of times to check on me but there's nothing else I need. I finish and leave enough cash on the table to cover my bill with a generous tip. I sigh as I walk back to my SUV. As enjoyable as the meal was it was time to go face the music. I drive home and park in my driveway. The lights are out and it's getting dark but there is still enough light to see. Everything is quiet, no broken windows or scowling neighbors waiting for me. I get out and go to the door, as I'm unlocking it I realize I hadn't gotten my regular mail. I go to my mailbox and grab the mail and then hurry inside. As I flick the lights on and drop my keys and wallet on the counter I look through my mail. On top is a small notecard. I open it and see four words.

'Love the pictures.'


The next few days are pretty routine but for some reason I can't keep a smile off my face. I'm constantly thinking of Sarah and wondering what will happen next. Every day I get home and look out the window constantly. My normal routine consisted of a workout, then a run, then to make myself dinner, throughout each phase I looked for a sign of the Sarah. One day I was getting my mail after coming home and I found a package wrapped in my mailbox. It felt like clothes. I know I hadn't ordered anything lately so I was a little surprised. I checked for a mailing label and found nothing. Shrugging I walked inside, I open the package and find a pair of black running shorts that look like they'd reach mid-thigh on me and a dark red sleeveless muscle shirt, both are the Under Armour style material. This was a little weird, I had a pair of sweats that I wore for my runs and workouts. They were old, beaten grey sweats that I had cut up for use in the gym. They looked like hell but they were comfortable as fuck. I had no idea where these had come from. I looked through the rest of my mail and found another notecard like Sarah left the other day. I quickly opened it wondering if she had anything to do with the new clothes.

'I hate those sweats and if I see them again I'm going to hit you with my car.'

'Love your arms.'

Well damn, that explained things. I couldn't help smiling as I read the note. This girl really was crazy.

I shrugged as I walked in my room and changed into the new athletic clothes. I looked in the mirror, not bad. My body was well defined from all my workouts and running. The shirt left my arms open, I admit, I was very prideful of my arms. I worked them out hard to get good definition and Sarah wasn't the first to compliment me on them. The clothes were form fitting without being too tight, I hated constricting workout clothes. She actually chose really well for me. I had black hair with a military style haircut that made the red shirt stand out. At 28-years-old with pale blue eyes and a neatly cropped goatee I'd been told that I looked like I belonged in an action movie.

I started to work out and then went for a run like I normally do. I've never seen her watching me but she must pay attention enough to know my routine so I hope she enjoys the fact that I'm wearing her chosen clothes. I run four miles and then cool down by walking the last half-mile back home. I keep an 8-minute pace and with the walk the whole trip takes me just under 40 minutes. I walked into my house and grabbed a water from the fridge. As I passed my back window I glance outside and my heart skips a beat. I see a small fire in her firepit, I realize that she must be planning to go outside! I wait a few minutes but she never appears. A little disappointed I walk into my bedroom. As I cross my bedroom door I catch a quick scent of lavender. Pausing I sniff the air but can't catch the scent again. That's strange because I have nothing in my house that should smell like lavender. Shrugging I continue into my bedroom and look over to my bed. It's dark wood, with a panel back and drawers under the foot, it also has post at each corner that stand about a foot above the mattress. My comforter is light grey and is highlighted by my navy blue sheets. I keep my bed well-made throughout the day so the item in the center of it stands out like a light bulb in a dark room.

My jaw drops as I walk toward my bed. As I get closer its unmistakable, a pair of purple panties are laying in the middle of my bed.

My mind races as I quickly understand the implications of the situation. I look around and pause to listen. I don't hear anything for a minute or two, so apparently Sarah came and left. That explained the lavender scent. I run through a quick list of scenarios. Was it Sarah? It had to be, I don't know anybody else that would do this. Would Sarah do this? Hmmmm, not sure, this appears to be a step farther than I would imagine but she does have a wild streak. Why did Sarah do this? Just to give me her panties? That made no sense. I picked up the underwear to inspect them. They're plain purple cotton string bikini panties, they looked just like the ones she wore the other night. Looking around I make sure nobody is watching and bring them to my nose for a small sniff. I realize it's a stupid precaution but I feel a little perverted sniffing a pair of strange panties. I detect a small hint of chlorine which reinforces the thought they belonged to Sarah. But why was she here? I look around the room and then start walking around the house. I almost ignore the bathroom but decide to check it anyway. That's when I see the notecard on my dirty clothes hamper.

'I'm burning your sweats. Left you payment in the bedroom!'

I started laughing as I read the note. Unreal! I needed to change my thoughts of her to crazy Sarah instead of just Sarah. I can't believe it, she really broke into my house just to steal my sweats.

Wait!? Burn them?!

I race to my back window to look out at her firepit. The fire had died down but sure enough, now that I was looking closer I could see some charred edges of clothing and burnt fabric. Holy shit, she really broke into my house to steal my sweats and burn them. I found myself torn between laughter and concern. My crazy neighbor may just be crazy. I keep watching the back for a few more minutes but she never comes out. Eventually I decide to continue with my day. I check the rest of the house and don't find anything unusual till I pass my computer. My mouse is upside down. I'm a little bit obsessive compulsive so I know how I leave everything and I've never left my equipment like that. I flip it over and jiggle it to make my screen come alive. I keep three folders on my computer desktop, School, Work, and Private. My Private folder is where I keep all my files of a personal nature, we'll just say that I wouldn't want my mom opening it. A quick glance showed my Private folder was renamed 'I like.'

I groaned, that was not good, most of the pictures in that folder were of public nudity, exhibitionism and girls tied up. I opened the folder to check it, I scrolled through the list and noticed a file was renamed. Since the rest were all numbered the files named 'Sexy' & 'Love this' stood out like a sore thumb. I clicked the first image and a picture of two nude girls in a pool kissing popped up, the second had a girl tied spread eagle to a bed. I blew out a breath and shook my head, I was starting to think this girl was insane. I looked through the rest of the folder but didn't find anything unusual. I renamed my folder Private and went to the back window. Her backyard was dark and silent and even though I waited a while she never came out.

Over the next few days my routine was normal. I stopped by the athletic store and bought a couple more pairs of running shorts and sleeveless shirts. I kept the shorts all black and got a few different color shirts; navy, dayglow yellow, and black. I looked out back but never saw her again and received no further notes.

I was beginning to realize that she played the game on her own terms.

The next Friday I could barely contain my excitement during the day. I was hoping for a repeat of last week but when I got home I was disappointed. I looked out back throughout the night but her backyard remained dark and empty the whole night.

I had just started making lunch on Saturday afternoon when I heard the distant sound of music from her backyard. I'd actually given up hope and hadn't looked in her backyard all morning. I walked to the window and gazed outside.

There was my crazy neighbor girl. She was wearing a black bikini and laying in one of her lounge chairs, she had good ones, the kind made of red wood. She was lying face down on a blue towel and her top was undone. She had pulled her bikini into a wedgie to give her cheeks more of a tan. Next to her on a small redwood table was an iPod, a book, and a glass with ice cubes and a yellow drink. Headphones went from the iPod to her ears as she relaxed. I spent a few minutes watching her but nothing happened, I cracked the window so that I'd hear if she started to swim. As I started to turn around and leave her in peace she lifted her head and waved. For a split second I thought she was waving to me then I noticed somebody coming out her back door.

Her friend was a female blonde wearing small black shorts and sandals with a white sleeveless crop top and sunglasses. They started chatting and I could see her gesture to another lounge chair and a blue towel folded neatly underneath the small table. The friend laughed and nodded and went to get the lounger and move it next to her. As she grabbed the towel and started to lay it out, I saw Sarah look up at my window. Knowing what she was looking for I flicked my light on and off real quick. She smiled and looked back at her friend just as she finished. I watched as the blonde girl sat down and chatted with my neighbor, after a few minutes Sarah reached out and put her hand on blonde's knee. I heard a small laugh and then blondie looked around the backyard and saw my backyard. I saw her ask something and Sarah just waved a hand dismissively toward my yard. After a second blondie shrugged and started to tug off her shorts, she had on a pink and white striped thong panty. She reached up and brought her crop top over her head and quickly tossed it next to her shorts. Unlike her bottoms, she wasn't wearing anything underneath her top. Her tits were beautiful, they were firm without any sag with light golden skin and small pink nipples, from what I could tell she was a C size. She lay down on her stomach in the lounge chair and I got to admire her smooth tight ass, I don't know why but with her blonde hair, light skin and small tight butt she reminded me of a peach. She looked the definition of the word summer.

She must have a real thing for blondes because after she lay down, Sarah got up and started putting oil on her back. Sarah didn't bother putting her top back on, and my mouth was dry as I finally saw my neighbor's tits in the light. This was the first time I'd seen her in well-lit circumstances. With her light brown skin glistening with oil the sunlight made her body gleam. Her breasts are proud and firm and even at this distance I can see her nipples are hard. Her legs and arms are toned with muscles that ripple as she moves, her long dark hair was tied in a ponytail behind her and she was wearing dark sunglasses. Without taking my eyes off of them I grabbed a chair and took a seat. I'd taken to leaving my camera on the counter next to the back window so I grabbed it to get a better view. It wasn't the huge lens that would put me right next to them but it did magnify the scene considerably.

Sarah rubbed oil into blondie's back, languidly rubbing her shoulders and lower back. I saw her smirk and ask a question and blondie shrug. Sarah grinned and looked at my window as she moved down her friend's legs. Since blondie had her face down I knew she couldn't see anything so I flicked my light on and off again to let her know I was still watching. She gave a small nod of her head as she saw the lights flicker, the went back to concentrating on her friend. She rubbed her thumbs into her legs, gripping her skin to work the oil in. Even from here I could hear the moan from blondie. Sarah spread her legs to get better angles as she massaged her, after a few minutes she had massaged blondie all the way to her ass and without hesitation she started on her butt, kneading her fingers and rubbing the oil deep into her skin. Blondie moaned and shifted her ass back and forth.

It was fascinating to watch as blondie was seduced. I had no idea if either girl had done this before but it was easy to see the progression from my neighbor to blondie. Even without hearing all the words I could see the interplay between them. I could hear the giggles and moans as they talked. Sarah spent a lot of time rubbing oil into blondie who didn't mind. Much too soon for me, Sarah finished and playfully slapped her ass, she squealed and laughed and then Sarah seemed to ask her a question. I saw blondie cock her head and act hesitant, but Sarah took control and grabbed her arm and slowly tugged her over. Blondie let herself be pulled to her back so that she was facing Sarah. For a few seconds they both stared at each other and then Sarah said something. Blondie nodded and then Sarah started to work oil into her front. She started with her legs, taking her time like she did on her back. I could see blondie tense at the beginning but within seconds her body began to relax. I watched as she worked the oil deep into her legs, once again I heard a small moan. In no time I saw blondie's ass shift back and forth and her legs spread apart. Sarah gave a wide grin and shook her head but kept rubbing. She worked up to her stomach and I saw her trace around her panties. Blondie shifted again but kept her legs spread, finally she started rubbing oil on her breasts and caressing her nipples. I could see blondie's lips part as she tilted her head to the side and she gave a small moan. I looked through the camera, her nipples were rock hard and she was breathing fast. Sarah had a smirk on her face as she got blondie worked up, she was straddling her legs and it was easy to see from the constant shifting of blondie's legs and hips how turned on she was. After a couple of minutes Sarah stopped and stood up. Blondie brought her legs together and shifted her ass and I heard a sharp, "You're done?"

Blondie immediately put her hands to her mouth, I don't think she meant to be so loud or sound so upset about Sarah stopping. I laughed, Sarah was very good at seduction. She just smiled and held out her hand and nodded her head at the pool. Sheepishly blondie nodded and took her hand as she stood up and they walked to the pool. They walked down the steps into the water together and started to swim. For the next half hour I watched them play and splash in the water together. They were carefree in their play and Sarah wasn't pushing her seduction anymore. She laughed and splashed and they chased each other in the water.

As I guy I could appreciate the moves Sarah was displaying, under the guise of helping she'd gotten blondie all worked up, now she was pretending it was just a normal thing. I could literally see the change in the pool when she decided to start teasing again.

She came up behind blondie and grabbed her boobs, blondie squealed and laughed and tried to pull away but Sarah held her tight. Blondie grabbed her hands and tugged them off and waded away as Sarah laughed. She started to chase blondie around the pool and every time she caught her she would grab her butt or boobs. Blondie always laughed and pulled away but I noticed each time she waited longer and struggled less. Once Sarah caught her in the deep end and blonde tried to hop out off the side of the pool. Sarah grabbed her hips and bit her butt, I watched as blondie gasped and closed her eyes. She didn't move as she was held and Sarah kept her mouth latched onto her left cheek. Soon she let go and pushed away into the water and blondie opened her eyes and looked back at her. Sarah was grinning and blondie's hand flew to the red mark on her ass. Blondie pulled herself the rest of the way out of the water and stuck her tongue out at her. Sarah narrowed her eyes and started swimming back toward her. Blondie yelped and started running around the pool. Sarah got out of the pool and chased her and blondie jumped back in trying to get away, in seconds Sarah was behind her and blondie tried to escape out of the side again. Sarah caught her and grabbed her hips again and bit her on the opposite cheek. Once again blondie froze as Sarah bit her ass. She closed her eyes and whimpered as Sarah held her butt tight. This time Sarah hooked her thumbs into her wet panties and pulled them down while she bit her. Blondie didn't offer any resistance or protest as her panties slid down her legs. When she pulled them off Sarah let go and pushed off the side away from her into deeper water. Blondie looked over her back and down at the matching mark on her other butt cheek. Sarah just grinned and held up her panties and twirled them on her finger. Blondie swallowed as she pulled herself out of the water and stood to face her at the side of the pool, her body glistening from the dripping water.

She didn't move as Sarah watched her. Her pussy was hairless, her lips pink from arousal. Sarah never took her eyes off as she moved to the center of the pool and stood in water that came to her stomach. She lifted one finger and beckoned blondie toward her. Without a word blondie moved to the steps and entered the water moving toward her. Sarah put her hands under the water for a few seconds and I saw her bend down a little, she came back up and had her swimsuit bottoms in one hand. She tossed both of their bottoms to the side of the pool. Blondie paused as she watched this, she licked her lips and looked back at Sarah. I could see the slight indecision on her face, she knew she was about to cross a line. If she kept moving forward there'd be no coming back. She was in the water to mid leg and the reflection of light put her entire body on display, no shadows protected her. A few strands of her blonde hair clung to her chest, her nipples were erect and pushed out, her lips were slightly parted and her body tensed with nervous anticipation. Drops of water like tiny diamonds slid down her body to between her thighs as the water highlighted her glistening sex. Almost without thought I snapped a picture of her. Sarah moved forward and closed the distance, she got to an arms distance and held out her hand. It was an unspoken simultaneous invitation and commitment. Blondie looked down at the hand and then up in her face, slowly, tentatively she reached out her hand and placed it in Sarah's. Gently Sarah pulled blondie toward her and kissed her. Their breasts pressed together as they kissed. At first, blondie didn't know what to do with her hands as Sarah kissed her. Sarah cupped her ass and used her tongue as they kissed, she kept their bodies pressed together. They had moved up in the water so I finally had a clear view of Sarah's ass, it was tight with perfects curves and I could see the lighter traces of skin that had been covered by her bikini. After a minute blondie's passion took over and she wrapped her arms around Sarah. She ran her fingers through her hair as they continued to kiss. They broke apart as Sarah started trailing kisses down blondies neck. Blondie threw her head back as Sarah went lower and lower. She reached her tits and brought one hand up to massage a nipple as she took the other one into her mouth. Blondie let out a moan and bucked as Sarah teased and licked her tits. Soon I saw my neighbor slide a hand under the water, blondie stiffened and her fingers suddenly gripped Sarah hard, I could see her knuckles turn white. Sarah leaned away as she continued to work her fingers underwater. She had to be fingering her the way blondie started squirming and moaning. In no time at all blondie cried out and hugged Sarah, her hips bucked as she wrapped her arms and held tight to the dark haired girl. She slumped her head into Sarah's shoulder and Sarah finally brought her hand back above water. She wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into deeper water. She stopped when it got to chest level and they held each other for a few minutes.

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