tagBDSMMy New Boss Ch. 12

My New Boss Ch. 12


This chapter is part of a continuing story. Although some chapters may stand on their own, for proper character development and story line intensity, this series is a continuous story and should be read as such.

* * * * *

My fuck toy was lying on the floor, her chest heaving as she caught her breath. I sank into the chair, relaxed and satisfied. Still on a high from their Domme experience, Lucy and Rita were hyper and ready to continue.

Lucy wanted to continue, because she knew the slut hadn't taken me completely, unassisted. She walked over to her and started back into the drill sergeant thing, again. "You think you got off easy, I bet. You think just because you swallowed his cum that nobody noticed you didn't swallow his cock. Well, don't fool yourself, bitch. I was watching."

Rita leaned down and gave the slut a swat on the ass. "Just let me get at that remote. She'll be swallowing with no problems in no time," she laughed.

Concerned the girls would start some vigilante thing on the slut, I urged enough strength into my bones to pull myself upright. I looked over to see both Rita and Lucy standing over the slut, poking and prodding her, like dogs in heat. It was only a matter of time.

I looked over at James. He saw what was happening and took charge of the situation. "OK, OK, let her be for a while. She won't be any good to us if she doesn't have a little time to recover. Let her catch her breath, then, we'll continue from there."

Both girls backed off. They retreated, like boxers going back to their corners. They were loaded bombs, ready to explode at any time. Each was on a mission to punish the slut for her mistakes. After a minute or two, Rita walked over and grabbed for the remote. I thought she might try something like that.

I snatched it away from her before she could get her hands on it. "No, Rita. Let her rest. Let me rest. Take a chill pill. If she's worn out, what good is she to us? The night is still young. We need to pace ourselves and so does the slut."

She wasn't happy, but I didn't want to see my new toy's ass sizzle just because Rita was in overload. "But she didn't do as she was told. She didn't swallow you. You told her the rules. She knew what would happen if she didn't. She needs to be..."

"Wait a minute, Rita. Don't jump the gun, here. I know what she did and didn't do. Nobody's letting her get away with anything."

"But, she didn't swallow..."

"I know she didn't. You know she didn't. She knows she didn't. Everybody here knows she didn't. OK? But, she will. Trust me."


I looked at James and handed him the remote. "Here, man, you take a turn. I need recovery time. Give the slut another hard cock to think about." James took the remote. I looked over at Lucy. She was pacing around the room. "And, keep these two super Dommes under control."

James surveyed the situation for a bit, then went into action. "Rita, you two get her up on her knees and take the subbie zapper off. I have other plans for her ass."

The look on Rita's face was complete disappointment. "Take if off? Why?"

Lucy joined in with her own disappointment. "Why stop now? She didn't swallow his..."

"I know," James said. "I think we're all in agreement that she didn't swallow his cock. But, now it's my turn. We'll get back to that, later."

The girls acted like spoiled brats, but they did as they were told. Lucy loosened the strap around the slut's waist and started inching the plug from her ass. The slut protested from behind her gag as Lucy deliberately pulled on it. With a pop, it came out, leaving the slut whimpering on the floor.

Rita started to untie the slut's ankles, but James stopped her. "No, for what I've got in mind, we want her ankles tied. And, keep her hands cuffed, too. The gag stays, for now."

James positioned one chair in the center of the room. He rounded up some rope and tied it to the back legs of the chair. There was enough length left over to come up under the chair to the front. He found another length and handed it to Rita. "Tie this around her waist and secure her cuffed wrists to the small of her back. I want her easy to control. But, she is going to do most of the work."

Rita smiled. She didn't know what he had in mind, but she knew James was planning something. She took the rope and looped it through her cuffed wrists and then around the slut's waist, and tied it in the front. The slut was on her knees, ankles still tied and wrists secured to her back.

James looked the situation over. "Lucy, go get another drink of water for the slut. She's been busy. She's probably dehydrated. I want her ready to ride. Let's replenish her fluids."

Lucy did as she was told. She went to the bathroom and filled the glass with water. Returning, she took out the gag and helped the slut drink. Domme mode was getting the best of Lucy. She tilted the glass too far, and the slut choked. "You gag on everything, don't you, slut," Lucy laughed.

James sure had his hands full. Rita seemed to be calmed down, but Lucy was still hyped up. He had to watch her at every turn. "Hey, don't force it down her. Let her drink at her own pace. Be nice, or maybe you'll be taking her place."

"Yes, Sir. I'm sorry." She let the slut drink the rest of the water. "Do you want more, slut?"

"Yes, please."

Lucy rolled her eyes. With a sigh, she got up and stomped into the bathroom to refill the glass.

James had to show her he was in charge, again. He pointed his finger at her. "Lucy!"

Lucy knew what James meant when he pointed his finger. The next step would be painful for her. "Yes, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir."

"Don't make me say it, again. I've put her in your care. When she's in your care, treat her as you would like to be treated."

"Yes, Sir."

Lucy came back with the second glass of water and kneeled down beside the slut. She helped her drink as much as she wanted from the second glass. James watched, to be sure Lucy didn't try anything else. The slut drank nearly all of it.

"Wow, you were thirsty, weren't you? Do you want more?"

"No, thank you."

Lucy quickly put the glass down. "Oh, then now it's time to put the gag back in." She held it up to the slut's mouth. "Open wide." She had a big grin on her face while she waited for the slut to accept the gag into her mouth. Slowly, her mouth opened. Lucy shoved that ball into her mouth and tightened it behind her head.

"Not too tight, Lucy," James instructed. "Just tight enough."

Lucy glanced at James but continued what she was doing. She knew how to insert a gag. She didn't need to be told how. "I make it nice and tight, just loose enough that you don't gag. Isn't that right, bitch?" Of course, the slut didn't answer, and Lucy didn't expect her to.

James was sitting in the chair, waiting for Lucy to finish with the gag. The gag in place, he instructed the girls to help the slut to her feet. He wanted them to get her over to the chair, so he could explain what he had in mind.

I was in the other chair, still recovering. There was no need for me to move, as I had a front row seat. The action would be right in front of me.

Lucy and Rita helped the slut stand, but she couldn't walk because her ankles were bound. So, they had to literally drag her over to where James was sitting. They stood her up, facing James. Letting her go, they watched her sway back and forth on her bound feet.

"No, she should be facing away from me, girls. Turn her around," James instructed. Quickly, Rita and Lucy took an arm and turned the slut 180 degrees.

James smiled when he saw the slut's naked ass in front of him. "OK, now here's the plan. I want her ankles tied with the rope that's coming from beneath the chair. Then, I want her ass lubed for me. I want to be sure it's lubed well.

Rita already seemed to know some of what was going to happen, but Lucy had been hyped with her own Domme thing and wasn't really following what James was planning. But, she perked right up when she heard the word lube. That was one of her favorite words.

James sat there, in the chair, stroking his cock. He watched the slut's ass cheeks twitch as she tried to keep her balance. His gaze centered on the crack of her ass, as she struggled. Her beauty was intoxicating. Ankles bound, and wrists bound to the small of her back, her body completely available for his taking. But, he had one hole in mind. Her smallest and most private hole. He knew she had asked for it, and that made it much more inviting.

Rita leaned down and tied the rope to her bound ankles, so she couldn't scoot herself away from James. She was tied to the chair. Lucy handed James the lube, but he wouldn't take it. "You do it, Lucy. Rita, you bend her over and hold her steady, so Lucy can lube her ass. Do a good job, Lucy. Make her little hole nice and slippery."

"Oh, yes, Sir. I'll do a good job. She won't be able to resist you in the slightest, Sir. Your cock will slide right in."

Rita put her hand at the back of the slut's head and pushed down, forcing the bound woman to bend over. She stood there, holding her head with both hands, as Lucy grabbed her around her waist with one arm to control her. She oozed the lube into the crack of her ass then dropped the tube onto the floor. Spreading her ass cheeks, Lucy smeared the lube liberally around the slut's ass hole. Running her fingers up into her ass, the slut wiggled from her touch. Lucy smiled at James.

"You want her for your own, don't you, Lucy. Just you and her bound body, you would have all sorts of fun, wouldn't you."

Lucy giggled. "Oh, yes, Sir. But, I don't want to be selfish. I can wait my turn. It's your turn now, Sir. She's ready."

Rita helped the slut stand back up. As she did, she looked into her eyes. Her eyes were distant, as if she was in another place. "Lucy, she looks like you, when you get all hot. She has that look in her eyes, like lust has taken over. See?"

Lucy looked into the slut's eyes. Yeah, I see what you mean. I can relate to that look. She's in a happy place."

James cleared his throat. "Hey, remember me? I'm in a happy place, too."

"Yes, I can tell, Sir. That cock of yours is very hard," Lucy laughed.

"Yes, Lucy, it is. But, you two have a part in what I have planned. I want you two to get on her sides and control her body. I want you to bend her down onto my cock. You two will actually fuck her for me. I'll control her hips when I want, but other than that, you will lift her up and lower her down however you want.

Rita liked that idea. "Oh, yeah. I think I'm gonna get into this."

Yeah, me too," added Lucy. "She's gonna get a hard cock up her ass."

James smiled at their eager reactions. "You know, there will be a time when her legs will give out. That's when you're control will be needed most. I'm sure she will try to control how hard I fuck her, but make her be the submissive she is. OK?"

"You can count on that," said Rita. She took her place at the slut's left side. She grabbed her arm, just above the elbow. Lucy was on the right side, and grabbed her right arm, in the same way. They both looked at James, then at each other. Slowly, they forced the slut down and James took hold of her hips, guiding his cock toward her lubed ass hole. The slut whimpered as they forced her down onto James' cock. Her body in position, James moaned as his cock slid up into her ass and the slut groaned as her back hole was being invaded once again. Soon she was sitting in his lap, his cock completely inside her.

"OK, now fuck her," James commanded.

The girls pulled her up a little then let her drop back down. Both James and the slut groaned as her ass slapped against his lap. Rita and Lucy smiled at each other, and repeated the same action over and over. Every time, James' smile got wider. He just sat there, watching the whole thing. The slut tried to control things, but Rita made sure that didn't happen. She told the slut to submit to her position, because there was nothing else she could do.

I watched as this all continued and even though my cock was tired, it started twitching back to life. It was quite a sexy sight, watching the team of Rita and Lucy in action. They worked so well together. It seemed they only needed to look at each other and they knew.

They started altering the distance they pulled the slut up, and sometimes they pulled her up so far, James' cock popped out. But, when they let her drop back down, James made sure his cock went right up her ass again. His groans got deeper as the fun continued. He resisted the urge to grab the slut's hips and ram into her, allowing the girls to control things instead. He knew he could take charge any time he wanted.

Lucy had her face to the slut's ear, telling her what a big cock James had. I think the slut knew how big his cock was, but maybe hearing it from Lucy made it seem bigger. Lucy sure gave a good description. "The circumcised head is large and purple, and it's shiny with lube from your ass. James likes your ass, slut. His cock likes it, too."

Rita had her hand on the slut's clit, tormenting her that way. Rita always seemed to know what to do, in any situation. The slut was whimpering a lot, but until I noticed Rita's hand, I thought it was all from her ass getting fucked.

James looked as if he was in heaven. Actually, I think he was in the slut's ass, but that wasn't far from heaven. And, the slut wasn't the only one making noises. James let out a groan every time the slut's ass bottomed out on his cock.

He didn't let Rita and Lucy always control the rhythm. There were times when he grabbed the slut around the waist just when her ass cheeks slapped against his lap. He'd grab her and hold her there, thrusting hard into her ass, grinding his cock into her, twisting and turning, making the slut groan some of her own. Then, he would signal to the girls to lift her up and start their thing again.

Rita's hand was pretty rough on the slut's clit. But, she could tell it was working. The slut's eyes were even more distant than before, and drool was dripping from around the gag. The slut sure seemed to like something that was happening to her. I think it was a combination of Rita's hand and James' cock.

Lucy looked at Rita. There was some sort of signal, and they both changed positions on the slut's body. They moved down closer to her hips. Each grabbed the rope that was cinching her waist and started ramming her body up and down. They each had a firm hold on her upper arm, to keep her still, but the main movement changed from her whole body to just her hips moving up and down.

James seemed to really like this new rhythm. The girls had the slut's ass moving quite a bit faster. James' cock was sliding into her to the point her ass was slapping loudly against his thighs. Loud gasps could be heard from behind the slut's gag. Her ass was getting a good workout, but James could have told you that. His cock was, too.

Once the girls pushed hard on the down stroke and held her there. James nearly came right then. It was unexpected, but quite enjoyable having the slut's ass cheeks mashed against his lap, his cock deep within her bowels. And, her whimpers were icing on the cake. Lucy and Rita were actually Domming James a little, and I think he liked it. They were controlling the sub's body, and controlling his pleasure in the process. If it were me sitting in that chair, I would have been controlling the movement, but that's just me.

Just then, James started moaning and grabbing at the slut's body. I don't know what triggered it, but he was taking back control. He grabbed the rope that bound her hands behind her back, and pulled her body down into his lap with a quick motion. He pulled her so hard, she kind of bounced off his lap.

This seemed to work well, as he just continued to pull her back down, and she continued to bounce. Rita and Lucy just stood by and watched, in case the slut couldn't keep her balance. But the control James had on her, her only movements were up and down, his cock riding deep into her ass.

Deep guttural groans were being shared by James and the slut. They both seemed to enjoy their position to the extreme. The gag could only partially silence the slut's cries of pain and pleasure, rivaled only by James' own sexual groans.

Each time the slut's ass slapped against James, she let out a high pitched noise of some sort. It didn't really sound like a cry, but it sure sounded like she was about to cum. As this went on, the sound became continuous, and only punctuated when her body came down, his cock hitting a spot deep within her ass.

James couldn't hold it any more. He pulled her body down and let out a deep satisfying groan that we all envied. The slut matched his groan, as she arched her back, and screamed her own climax from behind the gag. James held her there as he pumped his cum deep into her ass. She did nothing but sit there and whimper her appreciation.

It was quite a sight. I could see the slut's face quite well from where I was. A long stream of drool was dripping down both sides of her mouth, and her tits were wet and glistening. This had been going on for so long, even her thighs and stomach were splashed with drool. It was clear to me this woman was enjoying herself.

James let go of the rope and moved his hands up to her wet tits. The slut groaned loudly as he twisted her nipples between his fingers. She leaned back against him, and he moved one hand down to her pussy. I can't say for sure, but I think she came again, when his hand touched her clit. What can I say other than she's my new fuck toy, and I'm keeping her!


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