My Niece



all character are 18 years and above of age. Remember this is a work of fiction. This story if just for your entertainment. ................

Hello readers. Today I am going to tell you an incident in my life which made an everlasting impact on my sex life. I am 28 years old married man. I have a young baby of 7 months. My name is Ajay and I live in Delhi. I married 2 years back to my childhood sweetheart. And we had a baby. We were all that people called a happy and small family. I have a well built body. I am 6'2 with muscular body which I keep in shape by working out regularly.

So on one usual office day my wife called me up and told me that she will be leaving tonight for her friend's party. She would be staying overnight and she had asked her niece Lisa to baby sit. I replied to her that it would be OK. I had never met Lisa. But had heard a lot about her from my wife. She was 20 years old and a college dropout.

"Damn!! There goes my plan." I cursed keeping down the phone. I had bought a negligee for my wife and so that she could wear it and we can have some good fucking session afterwards. I admit that I am little horny. I have been blessed with 7 inches long cock. That thick monster always wants my wife's pussy at night.

"Well tonight I will have to jack off." I thought.

My wife had told me she would be leaving for the part around 5 pm. So I had to get home early.

I went to parking lot got my car and drove home. On the way home I was cursing her friend who had thrown the party. I had hidden that negligee in my office briefcase.

"Well I will give her tomorrow" I thought.

I rang the bell of my home. I was surprised. The door was not answered by my wife. There was a drop dead gorgeous girl standing on the door and smiling towards me. Before I can understand anything she ran towards me and hugged me. Her touch sent shock waves into my whole body.

"You Lisa?" that was all I could manage to ask her.

"Yes uncle Ajay." She smiled.

"At least let him come in Lisa!" My wife's voice came from the kitchen. We went inside. I had to hide my hard on by my briefcase.

"Its gonna be a good night." I thought and chuckled.

"Meet Lisa. I told you about her." My wife made some formal introductions. "Yes I very well know her. Have heard so much about you but never knew that you are so beautiful" I told her.

She blushed a little. "Even I never thought you would be this handsome uncle" she replied.

"Well when you both have stopped complimenting each other Lisa I want you to come over here in kitchen ." My wife said to us.

"I am coming aunt." Lisa's sweet voice floated. And she ran away towards kitchen. I was just standing there and admiring her beautiful ass.

Let me tell you about her. She is around 5'7 with long hairs large breasts which I guessed to be at least 34DD and round ass. She was wearing a black jeans which clung to her ass giving them perfect shape. And to make her more stunning she had that sweet mouth with a killer smile.

"You nuts she is your niece" That was the first thought that came to my mind. "But so what still I can enjoy seeing her. I don't want to do anything else." I replied to myself.

Still that thought kept poking me. My wife and niece came back to the living room unaware of the argument taking place inside my mind.

"well sweetheart I am all set to leave." My wife said.

She left shortly taking my car.

"Well Lisa so now we are alone. Want to watch some movies?" I asked her.

"Yes that would be lovely uncle" she replied. Just then the baby started crying.

"Well I will see to the baby first." saying that she ran upstairs.

After and hour she came back. She was looking stunning in her white T shirt that showed her perfect breasts. I was admiring them.

She caught me looking towards her breasts. And blushed. I just switched on the TV to cover up the things but the damage had been done. She had seen me gazing.

I asked her to be comfortable.

She sat down on the sofa next to me. We watched the move for the next 2 hours but in reality I kept sneaking glances towards her breasts and her thighs. She was watching the movie and never gave attention towards me.

The movie finished around 8.30 pm.

"You want dinner uncle?" she asked me trying to getup.

"No wait we can have dinner later. Lets talk." I said to her.

She sat down and we started talking the usual family stuff. But my eyes wandering towards her top. Breasts always fascinated me.

Suddenly the baby again started to cry and she went to the bedroom to see to the baby. At this point I was at the bursting point. My cock was rock hard and I was damn bursting to fuck this hot girl. I had always hated rapists but I thought "Screw the law screw the rules I will fuck her." saying this to myself I got up and went to the bedroom.

I saw Lisa was coming out of the bedroom.

"Hey Lisa wait there!" I asked her. She looked towards me surprised.

I came to her and pinned her to the wall.

"What the heck are you doing uncle. Leave me now!" she screamed.

"Now you shut up and listen to me. I am gonna fuck you and if you try to resist I swear I am going to strangle you." I threatened her. Seeing my built she just shivered and knew that I was well capable to do that.

I ripped open her T shirt . Her breasts were covered with white bra.

I ripped open her bra and those marvelous tits fell out. I sucked her nipples. She was sobbing and asking me not do anything.

"Shut up bitch . I will have you tonight. Just wait and see" I said to her. I was enjoying the r sensation when I am in control and the girl is pleading.

I pushed open the bedroom door and threw her on the bed. She was crying. But I didn't care. I asked her to take off her jeans.

"Do it now you slut or I am going to hit you hard." I said to her.

Fearing my anger she pulled down her jeans.

"My god!!!. You are not wearing panties???" I asked her.

She didn't replied. She had that perfect pussy which every guy wants to fuck. She had no hairs just thin line of hairs. Her cunt appeared to be tight.

I sat upon her. "One word and I will kill you." I threatened her again in case she wanted to shout.

I kept the head of my dick on her lips. She understood my intention. She opened her mouth and that was all I needed. I pushed my dick in her mouth and she started sucking it. Slowly I pushed my whole 7 inches to her mouth. And she was sucking it good.

I took out my cock from her mouth and asked her to suck my balls. "Yeah!! Come on suck me off you bitch" I encouraged her.

Now I again pushed my dick in her mouth and started fucking her mouth. She was gagging. Her eyes were pleading to me to stop that fucking but I was beyond any mercy. I was pounding her mouth.

She felt my balls swelling up. I was ready to cum. She moved her head so that she can take my cock out.

"Drink my cum bitch" I said to her. I continued pumping her mouth for some more time..

"here I come sweetheart drink my cum" I shouted and pumped my load into her mouth. One two three shots. She was forced to swallow whole of the cum.

After I was spent I took out my cock. Cum was oozing from her mouth.

"Now the fun time" I said to her.

I pushed my finger down her cunt.

"Stop it uncle its enough. I will tell my mom." She said to me crying.

"No you won't otherwise I am going to come to your house and kill both you and your mom." I threatened her. She saw the devil in my eyes and believed me.

"You are not virgin. Whom have you fucked you slut?" I asked her fingering her cunt.

"My boyfriend. I have had sex only twice." She replied.

"Fucking devils..." I shouted. This means she never had a real cock.

But first I must give her sum pleasure. I started finger fucking her. One finger then afterwards I inserted two and then three.. I was fucking her hard with my fingers.

"Uncle please Don't do this. Please I beg." she was shouting. But I was not listening to her. Though she was resisting but her body gave her away.

Suddenly she shivered. "Bitch you are cumming" I said.

"My body can give me away uncle but I hate you. You are a monster." She said to me.

"That I am baby. Wait till you see more." I replied to her giving her a devilish grin.

I put my cock head at her pussy's entrance.

"No way I am going to take that thing inside me uncle. That's too big. Please I will suck you off but please don't fuck me with that monster" She pleaded to me.

"Shut up" I just said to her.

I slowly started pushing my cock up her pussy.

"oh my God. You are killing me uncle. Take that thing out." She shouted.

But I kept on pushing my cock never listening to her shouting.

Finally with one massive shove I filled my whole 7 inches in her pussy.

"Ohh god!! dammit. You are killing me." She shouted.

I started pumping her fast. Slowly I increased my rhythm. Her pussy felt heaven and I was going to enjoy every part of it.

I was pumping her hard.

After some 10 minutes of intense fucking I withdrew my cock and asked her to get into doggy position.

I started fucking her from behind using her tits as support. She was just crying and I was pumping her from behind.

"Gosh your pussy is so sweet." I said to her.

"I am gonna cum inside you dear." I told her.

"Don't cum inside me uncle. I am not on pills. Please don't do this." she pleaded me but I didn't stop.

"Take my cum bitch. I am going to give you a baby. I am going to knock you up." Saying this I pumped my load inside her pussy.

After I finished pumping inside her I withdrew my cock and asked her to lick it clean. She did it reluctantly.

I fucked her that night two more times. And finally I went to sleep.

My wife came next day. And I took Lisa to drop her home on my way to office.

"Remember one word and I will kill you." I threatened her again.

After some months my wife told me that Lisa was pregnant.

I tried looking innocent and asked her uninterestedly "Who is the father?".

"Don't know Lisa is not telling. Maybe its her boyfriend" she replied.

I fucked Lisa with that pregnant belly. But that's another story for another time. Do continue to support me with your comments. So that I can write part two.


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