tagMind ControlMy Nine Monsters Ch. 01

My Nine Monsters Ch. 01



She is looking for me. I haven't decided yet if she's hunting me, or just searching for evidence of my existence. The thought that this young, slight woman that looks like she splits her time between the library and the running track could possibly be hunting me makes me laugh softly to myself. I've been hunted before. Fools have come looking for me, and the glory that might come with capturing or killing something like me. They've hunted my brothers as well. Since the Scientific Revolution, we've been tracked more by the curious and seekers of the biologically impossible than by glory hounds. But they all end up just as dead. The other creatures of the world are more careful, and they leave us well alone. But humans are apparently not so bright as that.

Chapter 1

"Good Morning, Chloe." Thomas says a little too loudly for this library, greeting me the same as he has every day for the last two weeks in his musical, lilting Irish voice. It's a voice made for soft words, and whispers over whisky in front of a warm fire in old rooms. In short, all of the things I've denied myself ever since I resigned myself to scholarly spinsterhood upon completion of my undergraduate degree. It isn't as though I've been celibate, I was involved with a man all through my time at a smallish American University pursing my Bachelor's degree, a relationship that ended when I commenced a torrid affair with my Master's thesis advisor, a man almost two decades older than myself. That ended predictably, having forgotten my sister's advice, "Remember Chloe, if he'll cheat on someone else for you, he'll probably cheat on you for someone else."

And it's not that I don't like men. In fact, I adore men. My personal taste being for the biggest, burliest, roughest, most stereotypical man's men I can find. And if such a man can clean up and look good in a suit, my panties get automatically wet. But such men are emotionally messy and complicated, and besides, in my experience a man rarely knows how to really rock my world on his first trip to my bed. To really get the toe-curling satisfying fuck I need usually takes a bit of practice. So usually when I have an itch to scratch I turn to my trusty drawer full of toys, which are uncomplicated, dishwasher safe, and have never yet failed to get me off.

But I haven't needed to did into that drawer too much in the last couple of months, and barely at all since planes and trains brought my to a darkened carrel in The Bodelian, Oxford University's most famous library. I can barely understand what I'm doing here, searching ancient books for a secret so outside of my normal, completely natural historian's existence that it cannot possibly be true. I'm here looking for what can only be monsters. These are monsters that cannot die. Monsters who, carefully concealed, have carved a bloody trail through human history going back at least two millennia.

When the thought first occurred to me that the legendary warriors that served the Khans in the butchery Mongol hordes inflicted across Eurasia were actually the same man, I laughed out loud at the preposterousness of the idea. But the more I read, and the more cultures I looked into the more and more I couldn't deny my own hypothesis. Now I know that their isn't just one. I know there are a least five, if not possibly more.

I found the phrases translated, "he who tames the beast within" in an ancient codex in the Near East, that should have been translated from that long dead Semitic dialect, "He that becomes the beast within." In a dusty bin in Berlin I found a Roman record of Germanic folk tales about the beast that guards the people of the North. And later in Munich a record of a man who held a bridge against an army single handedly. That text was rendered to English, "He fought like a pack of wolves, and destroyed us all." But only because of that professor's lack of knowledge of the Old Latin, or perhaps unwillingness to admit that the text actually should have been read, "He became a pack of wolves, and destroyed us all." I'm still not sure what these things are, or where they come from, but I am convinced that if the same vicious warriors keep showing up again and again across the bloodiest page of human history for centuries then some of them might still be alive.

This is what led me here, to a long table alone in the great room of the oldest and grandest of all the libraries still left in the world. If only the Library of Alexandria hadn't been burned to the ground in antiquity. I'd be at a table there, combing the very earliest records of humanity in my search. But for now this place will do. I've just gotten myself settled, and my pencils (no pens allowed here) and notepad arranged when the cute for a librarian Thomas comes in carefully carrying the manuscript I've asked him for. It's one of the oldest extant copies of the epic poem Beowulf, one of the few works remaining from Old English, composed as early as 700 AD and first written down over as a thousand years ago. Of course I don't think Beowulf himself, the hero of the story, was one of my monsters but I'm looking for clues in his supporting cast.

"What would such a pretty lass as you want such a dark tale for?"

Thomas asks me, in a drippingly patronizing tone. I despise it. But I've been hearing this shit since I entered the University at 16, so I won't punish him too harshly, and I just ignore the comment.

"Thank you, Thomas. Set it here please, and let me get to work." My tone is unmistakably one that suggests I do not wish to be bothered.

"As you wish Dr. Bishop." His reversion to my title rather than first name does not go unnoticed; I had no intention of wounding him. I favor him with my brightest smile and pay him an innocuous compliment and thank him. Having thus gained temporary forbearance from the impending storm of my displeasure he lashes himself to the tiller and sails madly on, "Perhaps after you're done with the death and the darkness you'd like a pint or a whisky to cheer up with, and maybe some company to go with it?"

It does sound nice for a moment, but my typical detachment and single-mindedness when work is present take over, and I only smile slightly and offer a short, "Perhaps" with only the small amount of flirtation necessary to ensure that he will continue to dote on me and obey my every whim as only a sexually frustrated graduate student will tolerate.

For just a moment I watch him go back down the center aisle of the long room that I have to myself, watching him pass through the streaks of sunlight angling in through the enormous gothic windows along the right side of the room. I absorb my scholarly surroundings and think for the millionth time about what a truly wonderful, safe, studious place this is. All this passes through my mind as I place the aged book gently in the cradle that protects its fragile pages from the touches of too many hands and remove my page turning tools and gloves from my kit, where they live free of rust and acids and anything else that could damage such a priceless tome.

In mere moments I am lost in the world of ancient Sweden, following Beowulf and Hrothgar through their adventures, chasing the monsters I'm sure will appear in the background. I don't know how long I had been sitting there translating, very much enjoying the art of unraveling words not heard spoken aloud on this planet in a thousand years, when what feels like the warmest breeze to ever blow across the humid delta of the American South ripples softly across the back of my neck. I instantly whirl around in my chair, looking for the source of such a current, having not felt anything remotely like that here in autumnal Britain since my arrival in this cold and damp place. But, I was still alone here. I looked all the way into the darkness at the back of the hall, and no, there was no one here but me.

"I must have imagined it," I thought to myself, too much time spent inside manuscripts on the dark and the occult. I turned back to my work and my books, and nearly screamed when I saw what was now sitting across the table from me. It had the shape and form of a man, a very attractive man at that. It looked like a man, smelled like a man, and casually crossed its right leg over its left as though just sitting down in the manner of a man. But something primal in my mind screamed, "NOT. HUMAN." He, it may not have been human, but it was definitively male, was dressed in a standard black suit, blue shirt, nice tie. His eyes were dark blue, almost purple even, and his hair was a dark honey colored blond. He was exceptionally beautiful. Even though the monsters I was looking for were generally described in old-fashioned versions of good looking, whatever this was, he wasn't one of them. My monsters didn't' look like this, they were all huge men, roughened and scarred by thousands of battles. This being was tall and broad shouldered, but built more like a swimmer or accomplished gymnast that a warrior.

"Hello, Chloe."

It spoke in a chocolate baritone with an accent I'd certainly never heard before. My face flushed instantly red.

"Hi." I squeaked.

I squeaked. I am a grown woman with three degrees and a research fellowship, and two words and a look from whatever this thing was and I have apparently lost all power of speech. And now it's not just my face that's flushing, my entire skin is starting to heat; I'm burning up all over. It was only then that I noticed I'd put my hands on the edge of my worktable and was holding on to it like a strap connecting me to reality.

"What is it that you are looking for in this place, Chloe?"

The man-angel-thing asks me. I don't know what to say. I'm not entirely sure I can force myself to respond. It is doing something to me. I'm not just flushing now, or my skin heating, I am rapidly becoming thoroughly aroused. I can feel my breasts starting to swell as my skin flushes from my neck down through my cleavage. It feels like I've turned red from neck to navel.

It knows what it's doing. It smiles. No it doesn't, it smirks. Only half it's mouth goes up. Its eyes do not smile at all but remain firmly fixed on mine.

"Never mind." He says, I can't tell if he means his previous question or what's happening to me. My knees instinctively want to open to let in all of the pleasures this thing's voice seem to promise but I don't seem to be able to move my legs. The soles of my shoes feel riveted to the floor, my hands still gripping the table, my vision is starting to blur.

"Chloe, the things you are seeking do not wish to be found. If you do happen to glimpse one, it will probably be the last thing you see during your time on this Earth."

After he says my name again it becomes a struggle to focus at all on the rest of his words. I'm only dimly perceiving the sound of his voice in my ears. I can feel my sex swelling and beginning to dampen. Blood is rushing to my ears and down through my mound, I can feel individual threads of my wool sweater scratching across the tops of my breasts. He speaks again, but now it is truly just a sound. A sound that drips in my ears and down my spine and settles in the last two vertebrae of my back; it travels to the tendons between my shoulder blades and begins to pull them together, pushing my breasts out, preparing me to arch upward and howl my onrushing climax to sky.

I look across the table at this thing that tortures me like this, peering out of half open eyes through a haze of lust that borders on pain. He only watches me as I instinctively writhe in my hard wooden chair trying to rub my aching clitoris on something, anything that will bring me relief. But whatever it is that he is doing to me that brings on this insatiable need for sex, at the same time wont' allow me to come yet. I don't know how I know this, but I know it as surely as I know if I don't come soon I will fall off a cliff of madness and will never be quite sane ever again. Another part of me knows that my polished nails are dug into that old wooden surface now only to resist shoving them into my panties to give me the release I want more than air or food or water. I hate him for this. I would grovel at his perfect feet for a thousand years if he would just let me come.

"Say please, Chloe. And I will stop this." He whispers to me. I don't know how I can hear this now, when before I could barely make out sounds, but I know what he wants. He's going to make me beg. A wave of hatred crashes over me, but I do not pretend for even a millisecond that I am not going to do exactly that. A noise that is an enraged growl and a sob of frustration claw their way up my throat and out of my mouth. My pussy is on fire and will consume me at any moment. Inexplicably, my arousal deepens even more, I don't know what is happening or what he's doing to me, but I am no longer able to care.

"Say please, darling."

Tears are rolling down my cheeks now, just as arousal flows hot from my aching slit, I have never needed anything as much as I need this now. Of course I haven't, I haven't died of thirst, I haven't been burned alive, I have nothing to compare this to.

"Please, Please, Please." I sob into the table.

"Please, what?" it says, with its sardonic smile.

"Please let me come now!" I howl, full voice, equal parts despair and anguish and desperate hope.

The instant the "c" in "come" passes my lips he vanishes. He disintegrates into a cloud of golden vapor that sweeps toward me. I can hear a soft laugh coming from where he used to be. The cloud rushes to me. I feel the warmth of its breeze sweep down my sweater and over the tops of my breasts, flowing over my nipples. It sweeps up my skirt, and my knees are suddenly snapping open on their own to receive it into my desperate sex.

And then my body comes apart as I am somehow made fuller than any man has ever made me feel.

I come without ceasing. I come for hours, maybe for several days. My chair shakes, I rake deep gouges in the oak of my table. The sinew and muscle that holds my body together beings to melt and I am steadily turning to liquid and flowing down over the seat of my chair into a puddle on the hardwood floors. Golden light creeps at the edge of my vision as orgasmic shocks rip through my body. I hover very near the far edge of consciousness.

Some time later I come back to myself, still sitting in my chair; albeit slumped in it, arms and legs draped languorously about. I take a deep breath and try to recall what exactly it was that just happened to me. I feel wondrously relaxed and satisfied at this moment. Then a creaking door hinge jars me back to reality. I can't let Thomas see me like this; I can't ever let anyone see me like this.

"Chloe?" He calls out from somewhere at the far end of the long room. "Chloe are you all right? I heard... noises?"

The only thing I can do now is to run. I sweep my tools, my notes, my other belongings unceremoniously into my bag and sprint for the door at the opposite end of the room. I'm running full tilt for the door as tears break onto my face as Thomas calls out my name. And then I'm at the door and I fling myself through it, flying headlong down the corridor that leads back to my small, safe rooms in an adjacent building.

To be continued...

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