tagRomanceMy Number Ch. 07

My Number Ch. 07


After making love this morning, and our showers and stuff, I was just ravenously hungry, and we didn't have much to eat in the apartment. I still had my dorm meal card, which I could use at the Student Center cafeteria, so Dave and I headed out a bit earlier than usual. When we stepped out of the building, I looked over to my right, and then I saw her, the girl who had watched us through the kitchen window last night. I smiled at her and waved, and even from thirty yards away, I could see her turn bright red. Dave spotted her, too, but he didn't wave or anything, and he led us, maybe a bit more quickly than usual, the other way on the sidewalk, then up Rose Street headed for campus.

"You know, we could have turned the other way, toward Stone Avenue, to get to the cafeteria," I teased him, but Dave was having none of that. "So, you don't want me to invite her over?" I egged him on some more. I wasn't any more interested in a threesome with another girl than he was, but I certainly was interested in pushing his buttons, and I was doing that, big time.

At least, I didn't think that he was interested in a threesome with another girl. I finally pulled some of his secret fantasies out of him over the weekend, and he never mentioned that, but you know how guys are. Heck, we girls certainly fantasize about threesomes with two guys, but I'm not going to go there; Dave had already said that he didn't fantasize about sharing with another guy, and I wasn't about to fuck up this relationship by being that stupid. I had gotten stupid drunk one time when I was a freshman, and pulled a train at the Sigma Chi house, and it really wasn't that much fun anyway, at least as much as I can even remember of it. That was one episode from my past I really didn't want Dave to find out about.

We were walking up Rose Street, hand-in-hand, and that was when it finally hit me: I was committing myself to a life-long exclusive relationship, to one man until I kick the bucket. The Old Marcy would have said that's nuts, but now, now I realized, that's all I'll ever want, that's all I'll ever need. The other girl? It occurred to me that, with my past, I couldn't really complain if Dave screwed another girl, but, you know what, I realized just how special what I had with Dave was, and that him screwing another girl would really hurt that.

My concern about how he'd react if he found out that I'd fucked 54 other guys had sort of slipped into the background. By now, I was certain that even if he did find out my "number" that he wouldn't just kick me to the curb. And since I was moving into what was technically his apartment, he really could kick me to the curb, but I knew that even if we did break up, he'd never just throw me out in the cold.

But, deep down, I knew that since his number was just one, me, that was really special to me, in a way that I'd never have guessed would be the case a couple weeks ago. I could survive sharing him, but that would be a reversion back to the old, slut Marcy, and she needed to be gone for good. Dave's sexual fantasies, as much as I knew about them - he could still be keeping a secret or two, who knows? - didn't seem to move in the direction of sharing. What he seemed to like was getting caught, getting watched, and girls who dress kind of carelessly.

Me? I never dressed carelessly, 'cause I always knew exactly what I was doing, and just how much I was going to show off! Not that I was dressed to show off now; October was moving apace, and showing a lot of skin was just plain too cold. I was wearing a nice sweater, but it fit kind of loosely, not showing off my small tits, and a pair of jeans, jeans that weren't quite skinnies, but still fit me very well, and I was wearing a pair of Fuggs - fake Uggs - for shoes. My brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and I had on some kind of show-off earrings, but I skipped make-up again, as I had ever since I met Dave. All in all, I looked 100% effortlessly cute coed.

And Dave liked it, I could tell. There isn't a full-length mirror in the apartment, so I couldn't check out the whole look, but I knew that it was good. I did take a good look at my face this morning, and if I wasn't exactly a 10, I wasn't ugly either, definitely cute, and some guys would say pretty. My teeth were straight and white, thanks to mom spending money she really couldn't afford on orthodontia when I was younger. Still, there was something slightly different about my looks these days, and I finally realized what it was: I looked happy! I was smiling for no reason at all, and I guess that was the real reason that I was getting more attention-from-a-distance from guys than I used to, and I used to get a lot. I knew that Dave was proud to be seen with me, proud for other people to know that he had a nice girlfriend. Heck, every guy wants to show off like that. Walking up Rose Street, I took Dave's hand, which always makes him happy.

And it makes me happy, too.

We were actually pretty busy, because our professors just loved to pile on the homework, and we had a lot of reading and papers to push out. By the end of the week, I had all of my stuff out of Blanding, and it was a job just keeping that tiny apartment from sliding into chaos. Since my meal card was good for two meals a day, I'd use it at the Student Center cafeteria, and then Dave would take it, go around, and get lunch himself. I think he still saw that as cheating somehow, but I didn't: we couldn't use it for more than the meals I had already bought.

Dinner tended to be simple stuff. Neither one of us was a good cook, though Dave's stuff tended to turn out better than mine. I got really good at boiling spaghetti and using the prebottled spaghetti sauces! We did the dishes every night, with Dave washing and me drying and putting them up. It was a simple thing, but it kept us working, side-by-side, and that made doing the dishes a not-so-bad chore. Plus, it kept the apartment clean, and it was so small that letting the dishes get out of hand for even a day would make the place look like crap. We fell into a routine, but it was a good routine, one which had us making love most nights.

October was the time of fall foliage, and Dave took me on that promised-but-missed camping trip in the Red River Gorge. He was smart enough to check out the hunting season times before we went, because he said he knew too many guys who were "Ready, fire, aim!" when it came to deer season! It was cold at night, but Dave was pretty good at building a fire, had everything as safe as an outdoor fire can be, and the two sleeping bags we had zipped together were just snuggly-warm. We made love slowly Saturday night, me on top, in the tent, with the flap open and the campfire in sight, and it was just amazing. It wasn't the most intense time we'd ever had, but it might have been the most satisfying.

Sunday, on the other hand, wasn't slow making love at all! We'd already collapsed and packed up the camping gear, since we'd have to drive back to Lexington this evening, and then we went on another hike. Some of the leaves were still green, but most were a riot of gold and brown and red. It was so beautiful out, sunny and slightly warmer than normal, and there was just nothing better in the world. Dave had a pretty good Olympus digital camera, and he was taking picture after picture of the leaves and the gorge, and not a few of me, too. At one point, with his back to me, taking a picture of Sky Bridge, when I quietly unbuttoned my shirt, and said, "Want a picture of me, bad boy?" Dave turned around, saw my open shirt, and got a big smile on his face. He took a couple of pictures, and then he set the camera down on a fallen tree.

Oh, I was hot and ready for this! Dave kissed me, kind of roughly, and then dropped to his knees to unbutton my jeans. It was kind of awkward, as I couldn't pull them all the way off while I still had my boots on, but he sat me down on a different downed tree, and buried his face in my pussy. I was absolutely seeing stars, he was giving me such a great tongue lashing, and I started coming in maybe a minute. "Now it's my turn," I announced, and I was not trying to look coy about it at all. My jeans were still around my ankles when I got up on my knees and pulled down Dave's pants, taking him slowly in my mouth.

I knew that Dave wouldn't be cumming anytime soon, since we'd made love last night, and I was giving him a slow, slow trip like this. Somehow, I managed to untie my boots while I was still on my knees blowing him, and that was important, because I was in a mood to get just plain fucked silly.

And my boyfriend was certainly in a mood to oblige! I had him hard as a rock, when I released him from my mouth, stood up, and pulled off my boots and jeans. I put my jeans over the downed tree, to protect my bare knees, knelt down, looked behind me and just told him, "Fuck me hard."

Dave didn't need any further encouragement, as he stepped behind me - a bit difficult, with his pants still around his ankles! - and pushed himself into me with one motion. There was no slow build-up, no softness, just plain fucking, as he as slamming into me hard right from the start. I was so, so ready, and a huge orgasm was building up in me within seconds, maybe as fast as one ever has, and I had my release, my first release anyway, almost immediately. A second wave, and then a third built up in me, not quite as powerful as that first one, but still really strong, when Dave finally approached his own orgasm. He let go of my hips with his right hand, and actually grabbed my hair, pulling it as he just plain bulled into me with his release; we were both screaming at that point.

"Holy fuck, Marcy, that was awesome," Dave said, surprising me a bit, since he almost never used the "f" word.

"Yeah, that was awesome. Would you like to give us the same treatment?" What? We looked around and there were two girls, standing there watching us. One of them had a rifle over her shoulder.

"Oh, my God, ladies, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you!" That was Dave, scrambling down to pull up his pants, while they just smiled and laughed.

"You don't have to do that, honey," the one with the rifle said, "'cause we sure don't mind. Have you got any of that left to give to me?" She walked over, looking like she was going to put her arms around his neck, but Dave backed away.

"Look, sorry, but we're engaged," Dave demurred. In a way, it was kind of funny, he looked so flustered and embarrassed. Yeah, he did have fantasies of being watched or caught, but apparently he didn't have too many fantasies about extra girls joining in, and that didn't bother me one bit. By this time, I had my jeans back up, even after taking time to clean up the mess a bit with a bandana, and was sitting on the tree trunk, putting my hiking boots back on. Getting caught like this didn't bother me at all, and I wanted to defuse any situation that might develop.

"Hi, I'm Marcy," I smiled, "Glad that y'all enjoyed the show. We just didn't know you guys were around."

"No, I guess that you didn't," said the girl without the rifle, a huge smile on her face. "Shame you guys are engaged, because I'd sure like some of what he just gave you. That was pretty fucking awesome."

I looked down, and saw that she had a camera around her neck, and she noticed me looking at it. "Don't worry, honey, I was so busy staring at you two that I didn't think about getting any pictures, not in time, anyway. I wish that I had, though." She laughed at that. "You sure I couldn't borrow him, just this once?"

Dave answered for me, "I'm sure." Dave had gone into super-serious mode, maybe because the one girl had that rifle, with enough wear on the stock that it wasn't just there for show. Me, I still thought the whole thing was funny, and for some reason, I wasn't worried about the girl with the rifle. I might have actually talked with them for a while, but Dave was being too much of a sourpuss for that to go on for long.

Well, I couldn't resist teasing him some. "So, getting watched might not be one of your favoritest fantasies anymore?"

"Look, Marcy, that girl had a 30.06 over her shoulder, and that's a serious weapon. Literally, she was loaded for bear! And you never know just what some people might do, especially if they had been smoked up or something. There aren't many killings around here, but we do have a lot of drug problems, and it ain't just pot."

That kind of put a damper on the rest of the day; Dave just wanted to gather our stuff and head back home, and I went along with that. He was in no mood to argue the point with me.

"So, how close are we to your folk's place from here? I'm sure that they'd love to see you, if we've got the time."

"Not that far, but you know that we'll get stuck there until after dark, don't you?"

"Will I get the same treatment on the ride home that you gave me on the ride back the last time?" More teasing.

"I thought that I just did that."

"You did, you really did," and I put my hand on his over the center console as we started out Nada Tunnel Road.

About twenty minutes later, we were turning onto the stone driveway on the Parker's farm. Dave's dad was in the barn, working on some beat up truck when we got there, and his mom was out, hanging up laundry. I knew that they had a dryer, but I guess that she hung out laundry to save money.

Dave went into the barn, to talk to his father, while I hung around chatting with Mrs Parker. Had one of his sisters been there, I might have laughed about the gorge incident with her, but I wasn't going to discuss that with his mom.

Dave had already told his mom that I'd moved in with him, and she was really nice and supportive of that with me, asking if there was anything that we needed. Heavens, no, I told her, because with my stuff there, the place was really crammed full. She did tell me not to let Dave slack off on the housework just because he had a woman there now, and I admitted that it was Dave who had to push me on that stuff; he was just naturally neater than I am.

The Parkers hadn't been expecting us, so there was no huge feast this time, but what anyone would call an old fashioned country dinner, fried chicken that would put Colonel Sanders to shame, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans. The Parkers had a chicken coop on their farm, so I wondered if I had met tonight's dinner the last time we were here! I knew that the potatoes and green beans were from their own garden. About the only thing on the table that they couldn't have grown here was the big pitcher of lemonade on the table.

I was constantly amazed at this place. Dave's parents weren't wealthy by any means, but they had made a good, self-supporting lifestyle for themselves on a small farm. His father did have an insurance business, a small one I gathered, and I'm sure that helped, but Mrs Parker didn't work away from home, and this was a poor area all around.

It was October, and there was a small stand labelled 'Parker's Perfect Pumpkins' next to the road, and they made some money off of that. They grew a lot of their own food, plus had corn to sell as well. Mr Parker was apparently pretty good at fixing machinery, and made money on the side working on other people's farm equipment. The farm itself had been in the family for at least another generation, so there were no payments being made on the farm itself.

Mrs Parker had a way of asking probing questions, and wanted to know what I planned to do after graduation; she already knew that I was in business school, just like her son.

"Well, I'll have to get a job, and I think I can find a decent one; I just hope that I can get a good one in Lexington now. I mean, I never figured that I'd be, uhh, with the right guy when I was graduated, so I never realized that I'd be tied locally." Oh, my God, I almost said 'I never figured I'd be married' and there was a slight hesitation in my voice before I caught myself.

And Mrs Parker caught it, too! Damn, you just can't get anything past these people. "Marcy, did you almost say 'married' just then?" It wasn't really a question.

I guess that I had a dumb look on my face for a few seconds, but there was nothing left to hide. "Yes, ma'am. Dave asked me and I said 'yes.' And I know that it sounds so stupid, 'cause we've really only known each other for a little while, but I knew he was going to ask me before he did, and I knew I was going to say yes. Actually, it was just last weekend, on your dock down there. That's kind of why we fell into the river."

"So, then, when are you planning on getting married? I mean, y'all have rushed everything else so fast, I half-way expect it by Christmas!"

"We haven't talked about a date yet, and I haven't put one minute of thought into a wedding. I know that my mom can't pay for one, and I'm sure my father doesn't have much money, either. Heck, wedding dresses cost thousands these days, and I'm practical enough to know that's just wasted money."

"Well, what about here? I don't know what faith you are, but I can get Reverend Paisley to do the ceremony right here, on the farm. You've seen the farm in the fall, but come springtime, this is the lushest, greenest place around. I know that we can get tables and chairs from the church, and we can come up with plenty of food, no problem. Y'all can save your money, and we can do this cheaply. A spring wedding, here on the farm?"

"Oh, my God, that would be wonderful!" I know that I was just beaming at the thought; this would all be perfect. More, the Parkers were already taking me into their family, and that felt really good. It was easy to see where Dave got his heart from, it was from his whole family, they were just so kind and accepting and loving.

And then it hit me: all of a sudden my number, that hideous past of mine, didn't matter, didn't matter at all. Dave knew that I hadn't been a virgin, and while he never said anything, I'm pretty sure he had figured out that I'd screwed around a lot. Mrs Parker had already proved that she was just uncannily perceptive, and I'm guessing she had figured that out as well, and it didn't seem to matter to her, either. It was as though Dave, and his whole family, had just washed my past completely away, as though everything was new again.

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