My Nurse


After she rolled me side to side another slipped a pad under me my nurse and her assistant lifted my hospital gown up to my chest. "I am going to shave your pubic and scrotum area now.," she said as she began to lather some shaving gel in her hands. "Don't worry sweetie, I won't cut ya."

The gel was cool on my skin as she worked it in. Her assistant held my penis up so my nurse could thoroughly lather my entire private area. It had been five months since the crash, and one week without that dam urine catheter. Sensation and feelings had returned to my pelvis area, and the gentle but firm hold the young nurse's assistant had on me was arousing. Before I knew it, I had a painfully hard erection in a beautiful Latina woman's hand and she was not taking care of it.

My nurse noticed my erection and smiled. "I see you have feeling again." With that said she went to work removing my overgrown pubic hair. It took her less than five minutes to clean me and I remained hard and ready the entire time. The aide finally released my penis and it stood there bouncing with each heartbeat. My nurse, who was about 40 and built with at least a 38 DD chest, and a subtle hint of a sexy cleavage under her scrubs, asked me if I was OK.

Apparently my face was beet red and so was my cockhead. I nodded yes and tried to smile. She asked if I would be able to handle it if she rubbed some baby oil on the area she just shaved. I told I should be fine and I apologized for my erection.

My nurse told me it was no problem and not to worry. She had Maria, her assistant hold my throbbing cock still while she put on a fresh pair of gloves. In my mind I was begging for Maria to stroke me and help me to release. My nurse, Maureen, rubbed the oil between her hands and then massaged it in.

Oh my God! I never had a woman massage my scrotum, much less a hairless scrotum. I silently moaned and then flinched as her fingers brushed my anus.

"Relax sweetie, almost done", said Maureen. One more pass and she took off her gloves and Maria released her grip. They pulled my gown down, and the sheet over me. There I lay with a painfully hard erection and no way to take care of it. Maureen was about to leave when she looked back and saw a tear in my eye.

She asked Maria to leave and take a ten-minute break. When she left the room Maureen came over to me and asked what's wrong. I was embarrassed at first then I told her. I told her how good it felt to have her sweet hands of mercy touching me in a way I never felt before. I even said that I was actually in pain.

Maureen frowned and asked what could she do to make me feel better. She had a sincere I'll do anything look in her eyes. I stuttered and mumbled, my face must have been red as an apple. Maureen walked to the door, said something to a passer by in the hallway, and closed the door. She then grabbed another pair of gloves grabbed the baby oil and walked back toward me. "I don't normally do this.", she said," but I don't want you to be I pain."

She looked me in the eye and winked. Maureen told me to relax and that she would take care of everything. In a flash the sheet was down and the hospital was pushed aside. My semi-hard cock looked so pitiful when she took it in her hand. A streaming of the slippery oil was applied up and down my shaft. Maureen squeezed some more oil on her gloved hands and went to work.

The sensation of her tight slippery grip stroking my cock was heaven. She was moving kind of fast and I could not hold it much longer. When she asked me to cum for her, I think I surprised her. I started to cum and sent white goo everywhere. My stomach, the bed sheets, her arm, even her shirt, I released five months of stored orgasm.

"Feel better hun?", she said still milking my tool. I let out a huge sigh and sported a grin from ear to ear. Maureen release her hold of me and grabbed a nearby basin. She filled it with warm soapy water and cleaned me up. I told her about the spot on her shirt. She said she was going to wear it like a medal pinned to her chest.

Maureen leaned over and kissed my lips. She whispered in my ear that she had fun, and it was just the beginning of her personal care. We kissed again, then she ran her fingers down my eyes, closing them. She covered me and left my room.

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