tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 06

My Only Talent Ch. 06


Chapter 06

Houston, We Have a Problem!

I'm not sure when I went to sleep, but I do remember that I woke up, with Melanie, in Janet's room! At least, that's the way it seemed. The fact that it was also Melanie's room escaped me at first. Then the memories flooded back. As memorable as my going down on Melanie was, with her honey smooth skin and incredible tasting pussy that I had never before even dreamed of, her ability to fellate me knew no equal! She teased me, she took me up, she kept me on the edge, she let me drift back, and then she engulfed and devoured me! I felt like I was spewing my entire being out into her mouth, and she was sucking it out of me and keeping it, like savages believed that cameras captured their souls! And she did transform me into a savage, at least of the heart. She was a natural, a better cocksucker her very first time than thirty year old Mrs. Douglass, who I previously thought was the best in the world!

Melanie was watching me wake up. My waking memories already made me hard, and she leaned over and took me in her mouth again. She was not shy. She took my whole length down and sucked so strongly that I seemed to grow even bigger and longer in her mouth. She took my dick out and sucked my balls, then licked me all over, then took my length again. I just surrendered to her. She kept me on the edge for a long time, then hopped out of bed and got on her knees next to me. She reached around and spread my butt cheeks and began to stimulate my ass. Just as I was about to lose all control, she pushed her middle finger about an inch inside me, and sucked me so hard I knew that resistance was futile. It felt like I shot quite a bit, considering that she had completely sucked me dry just a few hours before. I was just thinking how wonderful she was and how I would do anything to please her when her pussy landed hot and heavy on my face!

She tasted even funkier and better than last night, and I soon lost myself in her. I locked into her Suzie signal and tuned for maximum juice, hoping to give her so many orgasms that she would have to ask me to slow down. But her appetites were amazing. I reached up and squeezed her ass cheeks hard, and she loved it. I bit her outer lips; she loved it and came hard. I spanked her ass while I tongued her pussy, and she came. She moved up a little bit and pushed her ass onto my tongue, and I cheerfully devoured it. She was insatiable! I don't know how many times she came, but I loved them all. I was hard again and still crazed with lust. No Suzie signal could reach me; I was in the monkey zone. I threw her over against the cushions mounted on the wall above the dorm bed, spread her cheeks with my hands, and entered her pussy with a single hard thrust. I fucked her as hard as I could, not even thinking about her, just feeling her around my dick. She came, I barely noticed. I moved my legs up and got a different angle for even more penetration, and pounded her again. She came again. She was now breathing in gurgling gulps.

I changed position again, and penetrated her ass for the first time! She screamed a little yelp, and even in my crazed state, I noticed that her Suzie signal stopped! Then it came back, slowly, then building, then louder than ever. "Yes." she said. "Yes". I listened for her signal, and started fucking her ass. She loved it, and so did I. Slow and steady wins the race! She was keening and sighing when each slow thrust made it all the way home. I increased my pace. I was in my zone, and my dick was calloused and insensitive, and my orgasm was far in the future, but hers was not. Like Janet, she could come from direct anal stimulation, and she did. My balls were slapping her ass at less than one second intervals now, and I leaned over to get more force behind my thrusts. She took it all with ease, coming about every 20 strokes or so. Her Suzie screamed so loud that even I could not ignore it, and Suzie wanted it rougher, faster, and deeper. I pushed her down and slammed myself into her with maximum effort. I spanked her ass as hard as I could without losing my balance and falling off the bed. She was just about to come and I let loose at the same time, shooting up in her ass just as far as I could. She growled like a dog, and I felt a contentment signal from her. I stayed in her and began kissing her neck and shoulders.

I was learning a lot more about reading Suzie signals each time I was with a woman. I was getting better and better as a receiver, and I had also formed the theory that the immediate post coital period was the most revealing of a woman's true nature. Janet and Suzanne sent strong contentment signals that would last as long as you continued to caress them or until they went to sleep. Lara would be content for a while, but then her crafty nature began to think about how she could get back on 'top' instead of submitting, but if I showed her I was determined to stay on top, she was secure and content again. Melanie was content for less than three seconds, wiggling her ass against me, and then suddenly I was surprised to sense graphic and urgent images of all the other guys she wanted to fuck! I was so shocked I was paralyzed into silence and inaction. I was like a passive sonar buoy, listening silently as my shock grew. She was sending images of having two guys, three guys, a dozen guys waiting in line to fuck her! She wanted cocks in her pussy, ass, and mouth and she wanted it hard and she wanted them to come quarts, and she wanted another guy to step in as each one in the first bunch finished. It was like a porn movie that was so far over the top that even the horniest guy wanted to look away! I know I did. The signals were pulsing, weird, and distorted like the Suzie signal equivalent of a drastically overexposed film or an Impressionist painting.

There was a pause in her signal, and I almost tuned out, but then I began sensing vignettes of Janet! First Melanie was gently kissing her, then kissing her breasts, then going down on her, and then they were doing a 69. Then Melanie was riding Janet's face, and then binding her, whipping her, and pissing on her! The more extreme the scene, the more distorted and overexposed Melanie's signals seemed to be! These signals were disturbing and disorienting. I shivered, and tried my best to shut them out. This was definitely 'the dark side of the force' and I did not want to go there.

Then the signals stopped completely. "Time for you to go home, Romeo!" Melanie said, as she hopped up from the bed and headed for the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind her. I put my clothes on, yelled goodbye through the bathroom door, and headed out the hallway door, funky and stinky but very glad to be on my way! I looked at the clock in the lounge on Janet's floor as I headed for the elevator, and it said 9 AM. I hoped nobody got into the elevator with me, because I did not smell good, nor was I feeling very sociable.

I made it back to my room without getting too close to anyone, or seeing anyone I knew well. I took two long hot almost scalding showers, and scrubbed myself obsessively for a long time. My body was red all over from the heat and the abrasion of the shower. I turned off the water, and just leaned against the tile wall. Normally I would be ravenously hungry at this time of day, but the last thing I wanted right now was food. I wanted to pull the covers over my head, play that old Eddie Arnold classic, and make the world go away. But I knew I could not sleep. Suzanne was still gone, so even through it was Monday we would not be running today. I pulled on my running clothes and went to the track like a robot. I did my stretching from muscle memory, and started around the track. Perhaps a runner's high would clear my head. Maybe running to total exhaustion would let me sleep. I trudged on mechanically with as little thought as possible.

At nine miles I was still numb. At ten, my erstwhile goal, I was flagging but still almost insensate. But by eleven I was about to drop dead! I forced myself to do the a sprint lap and a two laps of cool down jogging before collapsing on one the bleacher seats around the field. My breath came in gasps, and it took a long time for me to even get close to a normal breathing pattern. But still no runner's high, but rather an even deeper despairing low! I thought of Lara, her need for kink but simple honesty about it, the peace of her purity of spirit by comparison to Melanie but the accompanying threat to that peace that I felt from her Lara's accommodation and her possible need for steadily increasing kink. Should I tell her the truth about my fears, or should I continue my project plan to see if we could reach a balance that would work for us both? I realized that when I saw her this afternoon, I wanted to be held and comforted; I needed to be taken care of. I was not sure I could be as cruel as she needed me to be. But if I really loved her, I would find a way to please her, I should prioritize her happiness over mine. Suddenly my runner's high kicked in like a ton of bricks!

I walked back to the room shaking from the endorphins and in considerably better spirits, and took yet another shower. My appetite had returned and I joined the lunch line as soon as my hair was dry. There were only a few other customers and there was a skeleton crew serving fewer choices than normal for the holiday, but there was enough to sate me for a while. I went back upstairs and brushed my teeth, and then started walked toward Lara's place, and I realized I had not done my homework. I had not given her instructions; I had not even looked at the project plan again all weekend. I hooked a left turn and headed for the giant chain drugstore just across the interstate east of the campus, as I racked my brain to visualize the Gantt chart in the project plan, and pull up some ideas from my notes. I would have to improvise!

I walked down the aisle scanning the shelves for kink supplies and I found: wooden clothespins, some wrist sweat bands for improvised restraints, and a ten dollar ping pong paddle with little embossed studs sticking up from the rubber face. Maybe I can make this work. I have to do the unexpected. My previous pattern was to hit her hard and fast, get her high from the spanking and humiliation, get her excited, then get her off once, then go 'easy' on her and make her have several orgasms from 'regular' fucking to try and shape her to enjoy normal just as much as kinky. Today I would reverse that, starting sweet and loving, gradually increasing the stimulation to try to get her to come the first time 'nice' then getting kinky and rough and hopefully making her come several times. Or maybe I would just improvise the whole thing once I got there.

I walked west back toward her apartment building, taking in a view of the Capitol at the same time, thinking there was probably a lot more debauchery under that dome than I could ever generate with Lara. Just south of me was the house one of the most infamous fraternities on campus, Alpha Gamma! The AGs were infamous for the most sadistic and disturbing initiation and hazing rights known to any college fraternity anywhere, not just at ESU. Their more benign rites were rapid alcohol consumption, ritualized 'buddy puking' and swimming through pools of excrement, urine, and semen. The darkest practices were said to include flogging, animal mutilation, bestiality, group masturbation, and some brutal homoerotic play. It was said that the only people who go AGs were legacies, and their ranks were constantly shrinking because of suicides and a trend toward failure to produce children. They were also reported to be incredibly narcissistic, exaggerating their own importance and thinking that everyone respected them and wanted to join their exclusive frat. They were the butt of thousands of jokes told by everyone else on campus. As I walked by their house I realized that one of their members, armed with a telescope, might be able to see into Lara's windows. I would have to come up with a new strategy for her humiliation, because these guys were just too big a risk.

A few blocks further west, I knocked on Lara's door and had an instant, uncontrolled erection! I was suddenly so hard that it hurt. Lara opened the door in a tight white tee shirt tied up like a halter, and red short shorts with her blond hair up in two pigtails with red bows, and if anything I got even harder. She had apparently just finished carrying her suitcases up from the garage and she was 'glowing' rather than frankly sweating, and her skin was flushed and beautiful! She yelled "Master, I love you!" and enveloped me in a hug that pressed her magnificent breasts firmly against my chest and put her long arms around me so that each hand grabbed a buttock and squeezed it. I nuzzled my mouth under her neck and gave her a little hickey, then said "I missed you, Lara!" and she quivered in my arms. She kissed me full on the mouth and jumped up on me, putting her arms around my neck and locking her lags around my waist like the sexiest Indian wrestling move ever. Our tongues explored each other's mouths for several minutes, and liked what they discovered. I carried her over to the couch and realized it was the first time I had picked her up like that, and her Suzie signal soared.

I gently caressed her breasts and tweaked her nipples, all the while alternating between asking about her weekend travel and kissing her. Her contentment Suzie kicked in, with a little note of rising excitement, but no hint of humiliation yet. The clarity and purity of her signals was in such sharp contrast to Melanie's. I held her arms captive and bit her nipples sharply, and her excitement signal awoke like sounding morning reveille at a summer camp. I untied her halter top and returned to gently stimulating her breasts while she told me about her trip. Her father was delighted with her grades, which were the highest ever, and she was delighted that she never missed any classes because she was always looking forward to the next day and week. Her father asked her what was different from her freshman year and she said she told him that she now had a boyfriend she respected and who could make her feel good instead of bad. She said her father was looking forward to meeting me this coming weekend. She said he thought most of her boyfriends in high school were 'spoiled wimps' and she mostly agreed. And freshman year, most of them seemed want to suck up to her father's money, which is why she started to see if she could dominate them, and discovered that she could make them her 'spanky bitches' and then she just abused them but never respected them. Just as her excitement signal began to fade a little I twisted a nipple hard. She drew in her breath sharply and I smelled a little of her perfect pussy scent in the air.

I resumed gently caressing her and talking. "I am so happy to see you. I thought about you first thing this morning." She smiled and cooed, but then her little crafty Susie peaked up a little bit, wondering if she could away with something. I led her on for one more second. "I really like those pigtails and bows in your hair, they look perfect!" She smiled but then the challenging Suzie started up, thinking she could twist me around her little finger.

Then I dropped my pants, revealing my rock hard cock, grabbed one pig tail in each hand, and said "Perfect that is, for fucking your little slut mouth!" and rammed my cock down her throat! Her face turned red, her eyes got wide and her breath began to whistle through her nostrils. Oh man that felt good! I just fucked her gorgeous face, moving her head to get maximum contact with her throat and lips, and her blasting Suzie signal hit me right between the eyes. I looked in her eyes and saw panic, excitement, and most of all, lust. I know she saw lust in mine. "Oh yeah, take that cock you little slut! Your pretty face looks even better with my dick in it!" She began to slobber out of the side of her mouth. Beautiful! She could barely breathe through her nose, and then I took one hand off her pigtails and put it around her neck. I choked her and her Suzie peaked even higher. She was right on the edge of unconsciousness when I let go of her neck and she took a massive breath in through her nostrils and her Suze spiked like she almost came! Her throat quivered and grabbed my dick as she fought for breath. It felt fantastic.

I put my hands back on her pig tails and pulled back a little, letting her suck only the tip of my cock, and spoke to her sweetly. "That's good girl. Suck and lick, suck a little harder. Good girl!" She groaned way down in her throat. Her excitement and humiliation signals harmonized beautifully. I looked into her eyes and tried to tell her with my eyes that I loved her. Her eyes got wide for a second, and then she sucked me even harder and I came in her mouth. I shot several times, she never broke eye contact and swallowed each time I shot. That's my girl! I just luxuriated in the feeling of her hot mouth around me, and she sucked even harder until I knew it was all gone. I leaned over her and kissed her, then undid her little shorts, delighted to discover she was not wearing panties. I lifted her legs up and spanked her ass very hard, until her butt cheeks were bright red, and then I said "You can come now" and buried my face in her pussy. I tuned into her Suzie and gobbled her nether lips, and she came. I waited out a little gap, and then sucked on her clit, and she came. I stuck my tongue into her as far as I could, and she came. I put two fingers in her, then three, and frigged her hard, and she came again. I picked her up again, held her sideways like a little baby, and carried her into the bedroom. Her contentment signal predominated, with some residual excitement. I retrieved my bag from the chain store, and carried it in and put it on the bed. I climbed up next to her and stroked her face, and kissed her, and held her and told her how wonderful she was.

Then I had her get up on her knees on the bed and bound her hands behind her with the sweat bands. "You make me so horny sometimes, you little slut!" I pinched her nipples hard and her Suzie signal popped and sizzled like an old hot camera flashbulb. I took the clothespins out and began clipping them to her nipples. With each one that I added, a whole new section of her Suzie signal orchestra began to play. There were 12 clothespins in the package. I put one on each nipple, and three more clipped to bunches of skin on each breast. She was frantic with excitement. "Look at you, slut! You are getting red and your nipples are hard and now you are starting to drip from that slut pussy!" I swatted the sides of her breasts where they had no clothespins on them, and they swayed and she bucked and whimpered as the attached pins twisted and pinched her. I slapped the front of her pussy hard and her Suzie screamed out for more.

I grabbed her face and said "You are about to be punished for being such a slut! And don't you dare come until I tell you that you can!"

I spread her legs apart and began roughly pulled and twisting her pussy lips, both sets, until they were red and distended and hanging down away from her entrance. I pulled her outer lips way out and put one clothespin on each one, left and right, and then did the same to the inner ones. She made little noises like a ventriloquist and I could not even see her mouth moving. I slapped her breasts again and watched the clothespins move and pinch, then looked into her eyes and saw fear and lust, in equal proportions. Her Suzie signal said the same. I stepped back and circled around the bed, looking at her from all angles. She looked like the hottest raunchiest pinup girl ever! Her breasts were heaving as she took in big sobbing breaths. Her eyes were wide, and her pussy lips were like a bright red V handing down, supporting the light wood clothespins that swung with each breath. Her eyes followed me as I walked slowly around the bed, making her snap them around to track me as I did three complete circles around her. I could almost hear her wondering what would happen next. I had achieved surprise and excitement, now I should add slow anticipation, and let us both savor these feelings before the inevitable climax. I picked up the bag from the chain store, and looked into it like I could see something she couldn't. I shifted my gaze back and forth methodically between her ass and what was in the bag like a ham actor. She looked fearful, wondering what I was planning. She looked so hot!

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