My Only Talent Ch. 14


I offered my hand. "Hello, I'm Robbie Roberts." She was in her 40's, short, compact, and pretty, with flashing green eyes and short blond hair. She was at first skillful at deflecting my inquiries, so I rambled on about myself until she felt a duty to reciprocate. Bonnie was the scheduler for the Lieutenant governor, which in Texas meant she was in almost complete control of the day to day activities of the politician most able to influence legislation in the state. She sent no Suzie for me, but she was becoming so genuinely friendly that I felt a bond to her. We ended up exchanging contact information and she invited me to come on a tour of the capital. I talked to several other women, and genuinely enjoyed myself for the next hour or so. I had circled back around to say a final goodbye to Bonnie when Winifred came up to say hello to her, too, and formally introduced us.

The election returns from the east began to come in, and the true political handicappers began to gather and dicker like commodity market traders. I heard discussions about polling before and after cell phones, the Dinkins effect, question shaping, and design for results. Most of it went over my head, but I gathered that polling was becoming more and more difficult to use to accurately predict elections, but much easier to use to try to influence them. Millie was fascinated with everything, and wanted to stay until the cows came home, but Suzanne and I did not. The two girls put their heads together and I caught a few words here and there like 'devotion' and 'service' in trade for us letting her stay all night. I spoke to Winifred again, and asked her to watch over Millie, and she agreed. Millie jumped up and down.

I took Millie's head in my hands and made eye contact. "You may not have sex with anyone when we are not with you, slut! You may flirt and tease them, but you may not squirt nor please them. Do you understand me?"

She sighed. "Yes Master. I will obey!"

I smiled at her. "Good girls now get lots of attention later, including hard spankings, followed by time on their fuck rugs!"

She beamed. "Yes, Master! I am looking forward to Saturday night."

As Suzanne and I walked back toward campus, I texted Kevin and discovered he was spending most of the night at the ZZZ house election party, which turned out to be an extended drinking game keyed into red states, blue states, and the electoral college numbers. He would be there until at least 3 AM, which gave me a rare window of opportunity with Suzanne. I increased my pace toward the dorm.


Dwight was suddenly back out on the street following Suzanne and Robbie, torn away from the safe and certain location of the hotel. They headed north toward campus, and he retrieved his car from the lot and tried to stay parallel to them and a street over to reduce his chance of being spotted. He guessed wrong on a one way street and ended up three streets over, but he felt pretty sure they were head back to campus, either to call it a night or get Suzanne's car to go somewhere else.


We got back to the dorm and I saw the familiar dazed looks as the denizens of the semi-permanent dorm lobby and lounge crew feasted their eyes on the totally amazing Suzanne walking in with the really unremarkable Robbie. Then I was embarrassed as we headed up to my floor and walked past garbage cans full of pizza boxes and discarded beer cans, both contributing to a pervasive smell of yeast, the real opiate of the masses. The panoply of pot smoke and other smells and erratic sounds leaking through the open and closed doors in the hallway assaulted our senses, and I realized I wanted something better than this. I was suddenly uncertain and self conscious and embarrassed by my surroundings. We paused while I unlocked my door, and Suzanne laughed and hugged my shoulder, saying "Was I the idiot that said I wanted more wild college days?"

I wanted to tell her I just wanted more of her. I sent her a Suzie blast of admiration, desire, and warmth. I tuned the Suzie band carefully for a clue to her emotions. I could sense that she was horny, and comfortable with me, but I had not yet found a Suzie wavelength upon which to listen for love. For all my sense of trust and openness with her, saying that I would have fallen for her did not exactly mean that I had told her I loved her. For all my extra information gleaned from her Suzie signals, I still was on the longhorns of the eternal dilemma: does she love me and should I tell her I love her? For all my supposed romantic information advantages there was still that seemingly impenetrable risk of intimacy and revelation staring me right in the face.


Dwight was relieved when he spotted them entering the dorm. He couldn't cover all the exits, but he was pretty sure they would be in Robbie's room until they headed for Suzanne's car, and he could cover all the routes between those two locations. Monitoring them in the dorm was not as easy as some people might think. There were all sorts of devices to co-opt, but there were so many of them they interfered with each other. Wi-Fi everywhere was more than just a catchphrase at a giant college dorm, and there were open and easily force paired Bluetooth devices in abundance, plus poorly shielded microwave ovens by the dozens. Every room had several battery charger wall warts, and many of them were little transmitters interfering with other signals, and this particular dorm had a full complement of compact fluorescent lights supplied by the lowest bidder, which meant their radio emissions were off the chart. There were also dozens of radios, stereos, and iPod docks blaring music up and down the hall, adding to the clutter in the microphones. Dwight's software suite could quickly recognize most radio programs and recorded music and subtract their signals from what he heard, but there often were so many indie bands with limited release music and even people playing recordings of their brother's garage band that sometimes the software could not filter them all out.

Suzanne had been a bad influence on Robbie, from Dwight's point of view, anyway, as she had made him install an NAT firewall in front of his previously loosey-goosey Windows laptop, and since the Russian business, his UDT buddies had completely wiped the hard drive and installed a very robust Linux setup with freeware apps and a white hat hacker security program that logged all the router activity and eliminated all the easily exploitable normal Windows vulnerabilities. Dwight could still break in, of course, but there was a non-zero chance that a trace would be left behind, and that made it hard to be the no such agent that his employer demanded. Kevin's laptop, on the other hand, was an open access playground. Kevin spent so much time on offshore movie file sharing sites, porn sites, and gambling sites that his best defense was merely that the already installed zombie malware form all over the world often stepped on the surveillance stuff Dwight tried to install. But tonight he was able to activate Kevin's laptop webcam and microphone remotely with a single click. He kept the screen and LED's on the machine dark, and even jiggered the ESU network QOS to give him stutter free HD snooping. He saw Robbie's bed, with the ESU logo blanket, just as he heard the door being unlocked.


As soon as I locked the door, Suzanne turned and gave me a sweet, lingering kiss like a high school girl on her first date. For some reason it made me angry, even as it turned me on. I kissed her savagely, turned her around, and lifted up her dress, knowing there were no panties under it. I pushed her onto her knees on the bed and grabbed her ass, roughly spreading her butt cheeks apart. It was a good thing she was wet, because I plunged myself into her pussy as deeply as I could on the first stroke and then tried to get even deeper, paying no attention to her Suzie signals or even to her breathing. Her head was trapped against the little wall mounted backstop cushion, and I pounded her like she was a mare tied out to a hitching post. I just rocked back and forth like a crazed stud horse, staying in my own little horny rhythm. Suddenly she made a little grunt and then sneezed twice in rapid succession. It just made me try to go harder and faster. I grabbed her hair with one hand and pulled her head back and she turned to look at me wild eyed and with nostrils flaring. I just fucked her even harder. She sneezed again. I let go of her hair and used the free hand to spank her ass, hard, in time to my quickening strokes into her. After a few more minutes, she sneezed again.

Suddenly my fog lifted and I realized that her Suzie signals were pounding into me like I was leaning against a big juke box with the volume all the way up. It was like the buzzing bass notes were connected directly to my bones and also pushing the air out of my lungs. When she sneezed again I also sensed her pulsing orgasm through her Suzie signal. It seemed to flow right from my brain down through my body like an electric shock in an old cartoon, and I shot my seed into her like someone had hit me with a Taser stuck to my behind. I kept pumping into her long after there was nothing left to shoot, and then my legs buckled and I fell to my knees. Suzanne fell down on the bed, sobbing. I tumbled into bed next to her, dripping sweat and tears. I would have to check for blood.


Dwight was paralyzed, trapped like a fly in amber by the images on his screen and the sounds in his headphones. Another promising MIT grad turned into a professional voyeur by the agency. His mouth stayed open so long he finally began to notice how dry it was and closed it.


Suzanne was still laboring to breathe, and I knew it was certainly not due to a lack of cardiovascular conditioning. I was gradually regaining my wind and thus the ability to talk. Then I realized the real problem: what the hell was I going to say to her?

But as usual, Suzanne filled in all the gaps, and in fact I might not have to speak for some time. "I never had sex in a dorm room before! I never went all the way as a freshman when I lived in the dorm. Does the smell of stale beer and pizza always do that to you? Maybe you were born to be frat rat! Good grief, Robbie. I must have come ten times! You weren't exactly tender, were you? You just fucked me like a damn animal! I may feed you pizza and beer at my place next time you visit. It must have taken me three minutes to begin breathing normally after that. I couldn't even talk for goodness sake! When you started to spank me I almost understood how Millie comes from the pain. It was all sort of mingled together there!"

She drew a ragged breath. Her Suzie signal suddenly bathed the room in warm contentment, louder than I had ever experienced. It melted right into my bones and I felt it, too. I wasn't sending the signal, but I was sure resonating with it.

Suzanne continued to babble, pausing every once and a while to breathe or kiss me. "Maybe it was the reception. Does politics fire you up like it did Millie? Maybe it's the sequence of politics and then pizza smell? Maybe it was just the fact that it was election night? This is the first election night since you lost your virginity, isn't it? Maybe you liked the little scene in the bathroom? Do white tiles or brass rails always turn you on?"

I just lay there like a whale washed up on the beach, and just let her inevitable seas break against me. It was only Tuesday, it was already way past my bed time, and the next 14 days until Thanksgiving break were going to be the busiest I had ever seen in my life. What starts here changes my world!

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