tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 19

My Only Talent Ch. 19


I had enjoyed the Thanksgiving visit with my parents, but I was looking forward to the drive back to Austin, as Nora and I were under the afghan in the back seat of the Suburban, and she coyly brushed my cock with her left hand, but then seemed to settle into deep sleep. What a tease. I watched her carefully, and with her eyes still closed, she languidly ran her tongue over her lips and smiled. She was a natural prick teaser, even in her sleep! I decided to send her one of my Suzie blasts, and it wasn't hard to anticipate what was on my little monkey mind. I hadn't ejaculated since that "nice big one" that Lara had commented on after she had intercepted it on its way towards Millie last Tuesday night, and it felt like my reservoir was at least a quart high, if not more so. I sent an image to Nora of her touching me as she just had a moment ago, and thus triggering a massive wad that shot all over her face and platinum hair. She drew in a big breath, pushed against my right leg with her left hip, and licked her lips again and sighed contentedly. That just made it worse for me!

I tried to console myself by reading the record in her Suzie event data recorder from last night at Babe's Club, and was pleased to learn that I really had been much more important to her than the rest of the audience combined, and in fact, most of her excitement had come from the idea of titillating me, not them. I also discovered some linked signals that proved to be fantasies of some future event wherein she provided me with a private show in a much smaller and more intimate venue, and received a lot more than applause from me. It was beginning to look like Nora was very much my kind of girl. I just had to figure out how to get from here to there, hopefully immediately after she returned from England over Christmas, if not sooner.

The rest of the trip was pretty much a non-event. There was plenty of traffic on the interstate heading south to Austin, but Alley wove her way through it as quickly as she could. We dropped Jay at the Phi Iota Gamma house, and then she drove Nora and I to the dorm, getting out for full body hugs for both of us. Nora and I agreed to meet for early dinner after heading upstairs to drop our stuff off. We went through the serving line together, finding the fare much less well prepared than Grandma's, but certainly available in sufficient quantity. I was already very hungry, and not just for supper.

As we ate, we began a surprisingly superficial conversation about the final academic work to be done before the Christmas break: how profs often tried to catch up by cramming six weeks' worth of as yet uncovered material into the barely three weeks before final exams. Nora certainly had it worse than I did, as she was carrying 21 semester hours plus a TA job, but since we both had kept up almost daily with things during the semester, we were confident we could persevere. By this safe topic of conversation we studiously avoided another obvious subject: I was going to spend the rest of the night with Lara and Suzanne, not Nora, and I was painfully aware that I had recently 'Suzie sent' to her my completely unexpurgated feelings of passion and tenderness for both of the other girls. At least I had also let her know I felt the same way about her, or certainly wanted to. I introduced the subject via Suzanne's impending arrival from San Antonio, trying to suggest that we greet her warmly together, but she begged off, saying she had a lot of work to do to prepare for the first meeting of the Econ 101 class that she and Suzanne both were TA's for, and then she headed upstairs to get to work, without any further warmth for me, or Suzanne. I went back up to the room alone and lonely, brushed my teeth, and then had an hour or so to kill before heading over to Lara's place.

My roommate Kevin, if he ran true to form, would not arrive until late tonight, and he would attend his first class tomorrow with a massive hangover. So I had the room to myself for a while. I turned on my laptop and decided to catch up with the email traffic I had blissfully ignored while at my parent's house. Most of it was routine stuff, but there were two unexpected missives: one from the TA for Bob the Knob's spring semester ultra conditioning PE class that Suzanne had gotten me into; and one from Barry T. Fermy, the aggressive VP of Sales at Lara's dad's insurance company.

The email from the PE class seemed like a set of military orders: you will complete the following actions by the indicated dates or you will be dropped from the class roll before the spring semester even begins, and by the way, there are 3 people on the waiting list for every position in the class, and they are ready to add the class as soon as you are dropped. It all made sense, in a certain way. I was to submit to one of the most complete physical assessments I had ever even read about: every part of me was to be weighed, measured, skin pinched, photographed, palpated, and written up for my 'before' document. I was to be dipped in a giant vat of water to accurately determine my density, muscle weight, and body fat. I would do an extensive set of lung function tests and treadmill tests complete with a full motion ultrasound of my heart while I exercised. They would do range of motion measurements and strength tests on every skeletal muscle I had, and all this had to be completed well before finals for this semester. Another set of things to cram into my already full schedule. About the only choice I got to make was whether all these very intimate examinations and assessments were to be done by a male or a female graduate student, both of which were PhD candidates in physiology supervised by Bob the Knob. All of this was in addition to my previous commitment to Suzanne to complete a full marathon run before Christmas break!

Barry T. Fermy was planning to put me to work closing a deal to underwrite insurance for projects done by Abelard Peter's giant multinational construction company. He would respect my school schedule and not require me to travel until I had completed my final exams, but he considered me available to schmooze Abelard Peters via conference calls or emails anytime and that every day between my last exam and the night before the spring semester began was his to schedule and use, including travel as he required. Barry was happy to pay me my potentially large commission under the plan if we closed a deal, since he got an override, but he wanted to make doubly sure that I did what was needed to make it happen. Well, at least I wouldn't get bored over Christmas break, and my mom would get to enjoy thinking how smart she had been to insist on buying me two decent suits to replace my old J.C. Penney specials. He gave me an accelerated schedule to get a passport, but thanks to some recent family vacations, mine was up to date and ready to go. Barry said he would take care of visas if they were required for any specific destinations. That sounded mysterious.

Suddenly it was time to walk over to Lara's place, and my dick was suddenly awake and throbbing in anticipation of getting some long delayed attention. Suzanne should arrive about two hours after Lara, and I was ready, willing and hopefully able to be sorely taxed by both of them, in any order or combination. I practically floated over to Lara's apartment tower, enjoying the cool breeze and anticipating a warm welcome. My timing was almost perfect, as I rounded the corner just as I saw Lara's little Mini Cooper turn into the multi-level parking garage, and I jogged to meet her at her assigned space.

Just as I arrived at the parking space, she unfolded her long legs from the Mini and my breath caught in my throat. Had it really been a week since I had seen this wonderful vision? She was wearing dark brown leather boots with skin tight black stretch pants that perfectly outlined her incredible backside with an equally tight white turtleneck that made it clear her nipples were responding very well to the cold outside air. Her blonde hair was up on top of her head in a tight bun, secured with what looked and smelled like sandalwood chopsticks wrapped with the end of a small brown bullwhip that amazingly matched the leather in her boots. I was hit with an olfactory wave of her perfume, the sandalwood, and the leather, arriving at my nose just after my eyes took in that black, white and blond look and her tight little smile on that incredible face. And then a clarion Suzie signal burst from her and drilled right into me, saying "This is my man and he is going to take me any way he wants". She was so my kind of girl, and I wanted her in every way I could think of.

Although she had only been visiting her Dad and Grandma for a week, she had three suitcases and a cardboard box completely filling the back of the Mini (which she referred to as her 'Baby Beamer'), and I put the big roller on the ground and stacked the other stuff atop it, then rolled everything over to the elevator. That freed my arms for hugging while kissing on the way up, and once we were inside her door the suitcases were destined to remain stacked up for a while. Lara plastered herself to me, and I did my best to put my hands on every smidgeon of her perfect butt. The smell of the sandalwood and leather in her hair evoked images of her sweet submission to me, and I immediately pictured my hand on that hair bun handle, directing her lovely head as I desired. She quickly shed all her clothes, but when she reached for the hair bun, I stopped her, putting my hand on it and pulling her head back and her lips up for a deep kiss. It was even better than I thought.

I carried her into the bedroom, and laid her out spread-eagled across the bed, spreading out her hands so they gripped the bedposts, telling her, "Your arms are bound with invisible magic rope, Lara. You cannot take them loose from the bedposts unless I tell you to. They also make you more sensitive to my touch, and they hypnotize you such that you have to tell me everything you think and feel while I touch you. You may not come until I give permission!" She moaned way down low. I turned on all the lights in the room, and for a moment just marveled at how great she looked. I began to touch and tease her strictly for my own amusement, tuning into her Suzie to discover what resonated best with her. She wanted uncertainly and surprise, experiencing delicious anticipation and knowing that she could not begin to forecast what I might do to her. I began lightly touching her legs, beginning at her knees and trending down. I wondered what she would say in her 'hypnotized' state, and I did not have to wait long to find out.

"I want you to fuck me like an animal, Robbie! Screw me to the wall like you did in that laundry room. Fuck me hard, long, and deep, and spank my ass while you do it!" My wonderful primal female animal was back in town, and I was determined to be there for her.

But for the time being, I responded with only more tenderness and teasing, gently caressing her legs in swirls and flourishes, listening to her Suzie scream out for more direct and hopefully almost brutal contact. Her legs began to get red, and her breathing became ragged. I watched her nipples crinkle and began to smell her perfect pussy smell. I hadn't realized how much I craved that aroma. I began to move my hands just above her knees, gripping the inside edge of her thighs briefly and then releasing to a gentle caress. She pushed her crotch up in to the air. "Grab my pussy Robbie! Stick your fingers in me!"

This was a lot of fun. I teased but not quite pleased, letting her Suzie guide me to increased excitement, but always stopping well short of what she really craved. Inspiration struck me, and I moved toward the foot of the bed, and began to gently kiss her feet. I had never been that much into feet, but hers were as nice as any, and I discovered a surprising Suzie signal waxing with my ministrations. Lara was apparently into feet a little bit, at least she was into having her feet kissed and tickled. She spread her legs and rolled her hips out, and another wave of wonderful smell wafted up to my nose. It taxed my self control to forestall just diving in and wallowing in that beautiful box of hers. I ran my tongue in between her toes, working one foot and then the other and she shivered with both anticipation and frustration. I worked my way up her legs, spending a good deal of time licking the back of her knees, which seemed to modulate her Suzie signal most effectively.

I continued up to that wonderful little area where leg became buttock, lifting her legs up by placing my hands under her knees. Her pussy was wet and dribbling, her beautiful blonde pubic curls glistened, and her smell was absolutely intoxicating. I circled the humid oasis like a cautious nomad, anticipating how sweet the water would taste, but not yet dipping in. It was driving her crazy. She used her hands to grip the bedpost and thrust her pussy up toward my face, but I pulled back teasingly before she could make full and potentially satisfying contact with my mouth. She growled. I loved it.

I approached her labia with little scurries forward and quick retreats, and delighted as she tried to push herself toward me with each advance. I gripped her legs tightly to immobilize them and my tongue began to circle her hot and humid hair pie with clear direction and purpose. She began to mumble. I smiled at her unseen, and became more systematic in my navigation. Each run around the perimeter brought me closer, and I began to flick her swollen outer lips lightly and repeatedly, and noted her jumpy motions in response. I moved on to that wonderful valley between inner and outer lips, occasionally blowing hot air across them. Her gurgling sounded almost painful. I then retreated back to her outer lips and began to gently gum and chew them. Her Suzie signal now filled my consciousness, and I realized I enjoyed it so much that I could do this for a very long time before letting her come. When she did come, I would probably enjoy that even more. I could not have multiple orgasms as rapidly and easily as she could, but my only talent could let me tune into and enjoy them almost as much as she did.

Soon her inner lips were filling my happy mouth and I was sucking on them until they were wonderfully red and swollen too. I put my chin up against the bottom of her pussy and began to tentatively stick my tongue inside, gently stimulating her but studiously avoiding her clit. She drew in a huge breath and took so long before exhaling that I began to worry about her. I used my protruding chin and neck muscles to strongly massage that wonderful territory between anus and pussy, while my tongue continued its increasing penetration of her vagina. Her mumbles became a single word, spoken clearly "Please, please, please!" She might have heard me laugh, but she definitely felt my head move as I chuckled. I began to move my tongue in and out of her like a dog lapping up water, pushing more strongly against the walls of her opening and enjoying myself immensely.

I began to just barely graze her clitoris with my tongue at the end of each exploratory stroke, and felt her legs tense in response. So much humid heat was emerging from her pussy that I was reminded of a gently steaming teapot, although her brew was much more fragrant and satisfying than Earl Grey's. She continued her chant of "please" even more loudly, and I took mercy on her.

"You may let yourself come now, Lara!"

I began a direct advance on her previously neglected clit, feeling it stiffen responsively beneath my tongue. Her legs pushed up and in with increasing isometric tension. I played her like the Theremin we used have in the music room in high school, using her Suzie as my guide, and in this context, I was an accomplished musician. The tension in her legs grew and her Suzie signal pulsed like a slightly out of round rotating buzz saw. Her legs threatened to clamp down on my head, and it took all my strength to hold them apart. Her Suzie signal rose and suddenly blasted right through my head from side to side like electroshock therapy, and a fragrant jet of fluid burst forth from her snatch, her growl morphing into a long "Ah" sound.

I never thought that I would enjoy electroshock therapy, but this variant I liked a lot. I decided to give myself another jolt, and bent immediately to the task. Lara cooperated beautifully, with another tasty squirt and delicious Suzie signal crescendo for my listening pleasure. I marveled at my connection to her. I had heard the phrase 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' but I didn't realize it would also strengthen my Suzie abilities so. I brought her off once more, and then felt a very strong personal need for penetration, almost in concert with a similar Suzie from Lara, signaling the same need, but from another direction.

We were a perfect match. I found my target immediately, and placed all my weight on my thighs plastered to hers, which bore me easily. I tucked my chin beside her lovely neck, and whispered that I loved her, but then discarded all pretense of tenderness and proceeded to fuck her like I was beating a rented mule, because I know that's what she needed, not to mention what I wanted. Once again I felt that blurring of the boundaries between our bodies, feeling myself merge with her, almost feeling that I was penetrating myself. My cock went from wood to stone to obsidian, and my motions were all a concerted yet frantic effort to get as much penetration and friction as I could. She groaned in an almost continuous exhalation, modulated by my frantic motions.

With no warning from her Suzie, she suddenly burst into a massive orgasm, biting my neck more strongly than she ever had before. I barely noticed it, and continued to plunge into her like nothing had happened. But something had, and it soon happened again. I felt her orgasm pound through me via our Suzie connection, and it sent acceptance and contentment, but it spurred me on not to satiety but to increased desire. My monkey brain was fucking her monkey brain, and both doing exactly what they were meant to do. I increased my pace and force, and would have plunged even deeper into her if I could have. A third thrilling climax ran through her, and me, and suddenly my previously obsidian cock was filled with liquid, and about to overflow.

I now remembered vividly that erotic and fragrant new wood and leather hairdo handle atop her lovely head, and leapt to grab it, slipping my cock into her wonderful warm mouth and glorying in her acceptance and suction. I exploded into her, and she sucked on me so strongly and beautifully that time almost stopped. I certainly could have lived in that moment forever, and it seemed to take forever for me to empty myself into her, and every squirt and subsequent suck was a transcendent feeling. Finally empty, my lust was spent as well, and I lay down next to her, taking her hands symbolically from the bedposts and wrapping them around my neck. I pulled her to me as tightly and seamlessly as I could: calling it a hug would stain it, as I wanted to merge and meld with her. She sobbed, I sobbed, and I kissed her frantically, while we both worked hard to return to a normal breathing rhythm.

She spoke first. "Thank you Master! I suppose I could have skipped my entrée at supper, as I just got at least my Recommended Daily Allowance of protein from you!" She snuggled in and kissed me some more. "That was a huge one, Robbie. I suppose you have been building that one up for several days?" She smiled and began to gently tease my nipples with her lips and tongue. Talkin' 'bout my girl. Was she the greatest or what?

We engaged in a little small talk about our family visits at home. She was just as dismayed by her grandmother's accelerating signs of age as I was of mine, and the Thomas Wolfe 'you can't go home' stuff from Rhetoric and Composition was quick to my mind. She was feeling just as slammed by the prospect of the next few weeks crammed chock full with schoolwork and deadlines, but she was still very happy to be back at school. I felt a little pang of sadness and must have put on a hangdog look as she removed her new little hairpiece, and she smiled at me. "I thought you would like this one, Robbie. I found it in Salado when we were there. Whenever I wear it, it means I want you to think about your cock in my mouth! I know that turns you on so. Let's go take a shower."

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