tagIncest/TabooMy Other Mother Ch. 03

My Other Mother Ch. 03


Part 1

I looked for work. I spoke to people. I took notes. But I soon ended up in the middle of one of the uptown area's well maintained squares, this one behind an office building with a lot of shrubbery and secluded benches, old gravestones and monuments here and there. I found a nice spot in the center, sat on a bench and drew my legs up, hugging my knees and closing my eyes in the warm sunlight.

Around a nervous stomach cramp, I employed a technique that Mum had taught me to help with my studies, tests and stuff. Relaxing as well as I could in that position, I breathed slowly in through my nose, out through my mouth while I tried to empty my mind of all the tumbling, chaotic thoughts and conflicting emotions. After a few minutes, I slowly opened my eyes and began to mumble out loud.

"This is fucked," I murmured."

After a short pause, I answered, "Nothing is the same anymore. You're proceeding as though things are, but they're not. You have to adapt, like she said."

"Adapt? How do I adapt to this? If it was just the financial situation, I could. Fuck, I have, but Mum... she... throws everything into question. Doesn't she?"

" ... Yes, she does."

"No, it's our other mother. She's the one who throws everything into question."

"Yes. Yes, but your real mother isn't exactly your real mother anymore, at least not how you remember her. She said that herself and you saw it on the train all the way across the country, sooo..."

After a pause, "Maybe she just needs time to recover, to come back to what she was."

"Yeah. Maybe. But not yet. See, that's the thing. We need her the way she is."

I then fell into deep, silent thought for a minute. It probably seems odd, but talking to myself was something I always did when I was upset and needed to work things out, probably for the same reasons some people feel better after writing their problems in a diary or whatever. I've always done it and always assumed every 'only child' did. In any case, it usually helped me to at least find an objective standpoint from which to view my problems for what they really were, sometimes even to find a solution.

"The problem... is that Mum is crazy. There, I said it. I'm making the mistake of thinking of her as two people because that seems to be the easy way to understand her and that seems to be how she sees it too, but she's not. My other mother is as much my mother as the person I always knew.

"Sooo... what? What does this mean? She seemed pretty sane all these years, at least when we weren't being punished, but now things are desperate and she drinks, which brings on what would seem like another personality. We just deal with that, right? She deals with our financial circumstances, then we deal with her."

"Wrong, not that simple. You know it isn't. She's crazy whether she's sober or not, the booze only brings it out. And she knew that. She practically told us she was crazy a couple days ago, told us that things would change, tried to warn us. She knew herself what would happen when she started drinking. But... when did she get the booze?"

" ... Oh, shit! She was always asking how long we'd be every time we went out on a trip to get stuff. Once we were gone a little over an hour and that would have been plenty of time."

"Right... we thought she was afraid to be alone."

"Hm. And I'll bet that's why we never saw her with a drink in our life until all this shit with Dad came down on us. She did know, enough to stay away from it. She even told us that we were the stable one. Fuck, did you hear her refer to herself in the third person?"

"Yeah... She also made it clear that things like what's wrong with her... runs in families. Oh, fuck. That explains a few things, doesn't it?"

"Don't be stupid. ... I think... I think... She's depending on that, this stability she sees in us. More than she let on... Now that I think of it, it's almost like... I don't know. Can't quite see it."


"The longer she has to be like this, the worse she'll get. She said that crazy people only ever get worse. ... I think she ran a bit wild a long time ago, probably after she got out on her own after all that shit with her family. She experienced a side of herself that scared her and she managed to straighten up. Now that side, my other mother as we call her... she's like the nuclear genie of her own life. Effective, but once deployed..."


"And she's been deployed."

"And she's relying on us to not let her alter ego destroy her. But... if she had anything left to compare to what that alter ego can accomplish, my other mother never would have seen the light of day. She said she was battling some tough personal decisions, didn't she? Oh yes indeed, she did."

"It may be possible that it's our turn to take the reins, to be the 'man of the house' after our other mother is gone. After all, that personality is a fucking force of nature, but she expects us to shut it down once it does what it's supposed to, even told us that we could."

"And here's where things get sticky. She'd also expect us to not let her go too far. Like letting us see her in bra and panties because we asked her to show us. Sssshit!"

" ... Yeah, you're somethin' else, aren't ya?"

" ... Fuck off."

" ... You're falling for her."

" ... Fuck off."

"You need to see this for what it is."

"(siiiiigh!) I have no idea what this is. How the fuck should I know? I took Business Prep, not Psychology. How in the fuck do I deal with Psycho Mum?"

"Don't say that about her, it's not nice. And don't be stupid. Adapt, like she said. Learn more, learn what you need to know. Get your shit together! You owe her for everything and, no matter how you love her, your love for her as your mother, your 'real' mother if you will, comes first."

"Yeah... time to get my shit together."

A half hour later I was at the Library. In a nutshell, here's what I found:

Dissociative Identity Disorder: This is a mental affliction that is often brought on by repeated, usually severe childhood trauma, physical, sexual and/or emotional. (her mother) People who have this disorder show at least two distinct personalities which are in control of that person's actions at different times and often abuse alcohol.

This, as near as I can tell, is what's happening with Mum. At least when she drinks.

Sociopath: A person who displays antisocial behaviour and has a tendency to become aggressive, threatening and even violent when a situation isn't to their liking. (the slumlady) They also display a lack of remorse for others, irresponsible and impulsive behaviour and tend to abuse alcohol and other drugs. This is another condition that is formed and starts during childhood, usually at about age fifteen and, again, this disorder is believed to be caused by early abuse and even exposure to another such personality. (Sheila and Marie)

That would be the personality of my 'other mother'. Apparently, during my frighteningly ironic conversation with myself in the square, I was wrong about not thinking of her as two separate people.

Walking back towards streets closer to home, my worries still gnawed at me. As you can imagine, my recent education didn't make me feel any better.

"Holy fuck," I murmured to myself. "So, Mum's got a split personality which comes out when she drinks and... that personality is a sociopath?"

" ... Oh, shhhit. This can't be. No way," myself frightfully replied.

Part 2

"Steve!" somebody shouted.

I looked around, jarred from my thoughts and guilt concerning Mum, and spied Pitbull on the sidewalk a ways behind me. I waved and backtracked until we met.

"What's happenin', man?" he greeted.

"Not much, just looking for work and stuff. How 'bout you?"

"Comin from a friends place," he replied, taking a cigarette out of the package Mum gave him the day before. "How's your Mum?"

"Good. Your grammie?"

"Oh, she's happy in her new place and everything. Can't thank you guys enough."

"It's no prob. Actually, it was kinda fun."

"Yeah!" he laughed, "Especially when your Mum slapped Grace in the head. She hits hard, doesn't she?"

"She's... spirited. Hey, I just remembered I gotta go down to the recycling bins and grab some big pieces of cardboard. Wanna come if you're not busy?"


I was lucky enough to find a box that had held a large, flat screen television, flattened and not cut into pieces. I was wondering if I should hit the dollar store for something to stick it up with when Pitbull nodded subtly towards the street and spoke.

"Don't stare, but you see that guy goin' in the black Crown Vic?"

I glanced in the direction of his nod, spied the sedan in question and kept it in my peripheral, confirming, "Yes, I see him."

"He's one of those people I told you about that you want to avoid. His name's Merle Cunningham, an RCMP agent."

"A cop?" I queried, taking a casually glancing, but closer look.

"No. A rat. The cops gave him that car and he's on their payroll."

"Everybody knows?"

"Yeah, everyone in the South end does. He used to run here a while back. We all avoid him, but he's a big wheel now, anyway. He deals in large amounts."

"You mean... Wait, you said he worked for the cops."

"He does, but he still deals."

"The cops don't know?"

"Sure they know. They don't touch him, otherwise he wouldn't be much of an agent, so he gets away with almost anything. That guy is practically above the law and that's why you just don't go near him. It's a sure thing the fucker has a gun and he wouldn't hesitate to use it."

"Holy shit. But how does he operate if people know he's a rat?"

"I don't know. Like I say, he deals at a higher level than most people in the South end, probably with out of towners, but still... people talk, y'know?"


Part 3

Now, Preacher?

You may say your peace now.

You're now looking, for the last time, at the mortal body of Frances Elroy Duffy, born to John and Edna Duffy, good, God-fearing folk. Who raised me up to be a good man and a good Christian, a good husband to my beloved wife, good father to my children, who I leave behind, hoping that they, and all of you, will learn this here lesson which I leave you with. When you take the devil into your mouth, you're doomed! For he is lying there in wait for you inside that bottle of whiskey. Waiting for you to take him into your mouth. Waiting to get down into your guts where he can do his devil's work. Liquor is the most foul, evil thing in this here world. It destroyed good men like myself. It'll destroy you too. Beer is not much better -- it's slower, cheaper. So take these words of advice. And remember, you heard them from a poor sinner, got no more cause to lie, 'cause he's going to meet his maker. Now he's ready. Well that's all I've got to say.

"What's this?" Mum asked upon coming through the door with a white plastic bag from the supermarket in one hand, purse strap over her shoulder and separating her boobs.

"Hang 'em High," I replied from the bed, lowering the volume with the remote.

"Great movie. Hey! You fixed the wall!"

"Yup," I confirmed, my pulse quickened by her presence, that youthful vitality that made it so easy to forget who and what I was dealing with.

"Looks good, how'd you get it to stay up there?"

"Some two way tape and long thumbtacks from the Dollar Store."

"Great job, honey! Here, give Mummy a kiss."

She removed her purse, put it and the plastic bag down on the table and came over, leaning in with her globes hanging, me looking right down her shirt at her loaded, white lace bra before we smooched for a few seconds. She gave me a slightly wild look as she straightened and I started to get hard despite myself.

"How was your day?" I asked as Francis Elroy Duffy silently dropped to his death at the Gallows.

"Not that great, but not all bad. It's kinda like fishing."

I smiled again, knowing what she was talking about after having seen her in action.

"How was your day, hon?"

"Still no work. Met up with Pitbull earlier."

"Oh? How's he and Agnes?"

"Doing good."

"Did you talk to any other new people, possibly interesting and informative ones?"

"Not really. Want my notes?"


I turned up the TV a little, but I was no longer really watching, rather stressing about having a hardon for a sociopathic version of my own mother, the one my attraction started with, not my real mother. And what did that mean? It meant that I was taking advantage, didn't it?

And as much as I trusted her where our mutual situation was concerned, I suddenly didn't where she and I were personally concerned. I'd noticed her subtly contradict herself the night before concerning the idea of not keeping my promise. She even came out and told me in so many words that I didn't have to keep it. Of course, this wasn't an option because my other mother is unstable, no matter how different my real Mum might have been at that point, or how she might feel about what was happening between us. The most confusing thing was the mixed sexual messages I was getting, further evidence there really were two different personalities at work within her.

So, the right course of action was to dodge her advances, my own sex drive and my new feelings for her, try to at least keep things playful until I could keep my promise. Too bad I had to take that stupid dare and push things to the next level. That wouldn't help my hard-

"This Merle Cunningham..." Mum voiced, all business with her black hole eyes suddenly on me. "What else can you tell me about him?"

I went through everything Pitbull told me.

"Huh..." she remarked after a thoughtful pause. "Describe him."

"Short dark hair, buzz cut. Kind of a bushy mustache, but not too bushy, bit of a big nose."

"Eye colour?"

"Too far away and he was wearing shades anyway."

"License plate?"

"Sorry, never thought."

Her hands came together, palms flat against one another with her forefingers touching her lips as she looked right through me with those odd, bright eyes of darkness for about fifteen increasingly unnerving seconds before she spoke again.

"Describe him. What was your impression of the man himself?"


"Relax, close your eyes and empty your mind. ... Breathe and relax..."

I closed my eyes and did as instructed, although having trouble relaxing, emptying my mind of terms like 'sociopath' and 'Dissociative Identity Disorder'.

"Bring him up to memory, the first split second you laid eyes on him and freeze frame how he comes across."

" ... Arrogant. Self assured, cocky. One of those high feeling guys."

"Did he look around as he drove?"

" ... No."

"Are you sure?"

"Not while I had eyes on him."

"You'd recognize him if you saw him again," she assumed.

"Yes, especially now."

"Thank you, hon. Open your eyes."

She was smiling at me with a curious expression and said, "You did very well."

"Mum, you remember the part where Pitbull said this guy should be avoided... right?"

"Yup. You coming down to practice tonight?"


"The band. They'll be here in a few hours, you coming down with Mummy to check them out?"

" ... Yeah, maybe. I might want some alone time, though. No offense, I do love your company."

"Yes," she smiled. You let me know this morning how much you love my company. Brazen."

"I shouldn't have asked you to do that, Mum. I'm sorry, I don't know what came over-"

"Sweetie pie, I... I liked it. It made me feel good about myself and it's not like you really saw anything, so... it's alright. And when Mummy says it's alright..."

"It- it's alright," I had to lamely conclude. 'Mummy' (especially this Mummy) wasn't to be defied.

"That's right, and no, I don't take it personally; we all need alone time every now and then. Come here, help me get an early supper under way, I got some good stuff on sale."

Of course, this meant having to get up with what was bound to be a very visible erection in my pants. I couldn't think of an excuse to stay where I was that wouldn't sound idiotic and Mum always expected me to jump when she said, so all I could do was hesitate as my mind scrambled and my face turned beet red again. We weren't even in bed together this time.

"Hon, come on."

I got slowly off the bed, standing just as she looked.

"Steven, stop dawdling, I have... to... Oh, Steven..." she said as though this were too much.

Well, wasn't it?

"I... Oh, god! I'm sorry, it just..."

" ... Sweetie pie... When's the last time you came?"

"(sigh) Vancouver."

" ... Uh huh. ... When I go downstairs, I want you to get your big cock out and... and play with it. Make... make yourself cum all over your nice, hard belly, alright? You'll feel better and maybe this won't happen to you so much."

"Oh my god," I expressed in a low, mortified tone.

"Don't feel bad, I understand. You need it. Now, come help me with this, okay?"

After we'd finished eating, we watched a little TV from the bed. I managed to mostly get over my embarrassment by then, thanks to how she just dropped the subject, and we talked of superficial things, both of us in a contented mood that only felt a little forced.

See, there was no denying that my other mother was fun. I had a good time with her, even outside her sexuality and my attraction, and as long as I handled her freakier moments just right, the situation wasn't overall bad. Of course, a hardon can influence my thinking.

There was a brisk knock at the door.

"I'll get it," I said, getting to the edge of the bed before she stopped me.

"With that raging hardon in your pants? Stay here, it's just Jamie anyway," she said, moving forward and off the bed. "Although, they're pretty early. You coming down after... after you come down? Heh."

"Mum," I complained with a smile, silently cursing the fact that I couldn't get the image of her in her bra and panties out of my mind.

"Don't be upset. We'll talk at bedtime," she promised.

(Oh, boy)

She opened the door and her expression changed to one of minor surprise.

"Oh... Mr. Blanchard."

"Rent day."

"Yes, of course, I'll just get my purse."

She turned and left the doorway to return to the table, giving me a little smirk. Joe stepped into the threshold and took a look around, seeing me and giving me a little smirk of his own. I ignored him.

Mum was returning to the doorway with her purse when he spoke up, looking at her chest as he did. "Yeah, uh, there was a mistake the day you moved in. I didn't realize you'd both be living here, I thought it would just be the boy."

"Meaning?" she asked, standing frozen with her hand in her purse.

"Well, it means it's two people, two hundred bucks a week."

" ... What?"

This was total bullshit. I got off the bed and stood just behind Mum, saying, "That works out to eight hundred Dollars per month. We can get one hell of a nice apartment for that."

"And you're welcome to go do that but, as it stands, you owe me another fifty bucks for the half week you've been here and two hundred bucks for next week."

"But... Mr. Blanchard, that's about all the money we have and neither of us are employed yet." Mum told him.

"I'm sorry, but that's not my problem. You can either pay up tonight, or move tonight."

"But... Can we at least have a few days to-"

"Nope. You pay on rent day. Sorry, I don't make the rules."

"Why do I get the feeling you're making this one?" I asked.

As his eyes silently met the challenge in mine, Mum turned around to give me a look that said very clearly, "Shut -- up."

I looked away from her, compressing my lips and jutting my lower jaw in anger as I inspected the doorframe.

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