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My Promiscuous Wife


I'm not sure how to begin this story. I'm Jay and my wife Elizabeth and I have been together over 10 years and I just found out some things about her that just blew me away.

I guess I should try to give some background first to explain. We both have always been very sexual, when we first got together we had sex on the second date, although when I think about it now I probably could have had her on the first date if I had really tried. On the third date I had her tied to my bed blindfolded and screaming in pleasure as I teased, licked, sucked and fucked her. Our sex momentum kept up for years too, while we were dating we had sex almost everyday and after we were married we still averaged sex at least 3 or 4 times a week for about the first 3 years.

After that things began to drop off some and we started having sex less and less until we got to the point where we were at now where it happened maybe once or twice a month. Over the years we would still try to spice things up some and even though we weren't having sex as frequently as before we still did some fantasy roleplaying from time to time. We have tried several different scenarios but usually go back to Master/Slave night most of all. I'm the Master and she likes to take on the role of the slave. We've tried it reversed a couple of times but we both get the most pleasure when she's the submissive and I'm dominating her.

After a few years of this I started to see a pattern though. Whenever we would do this, even though we both enjoyed it very much, we would end up not having sex for at least 3 or 4 weeks afterwards. One time we even went almost two months. Whenever I would try to question my wife about this she would become very angry and say things like "It was never good enough for me" or "I was never satisfied" and even said I was a "Sex addict" a few times.

I didn't really get this at first, don't get me wrong I love sex and want to get as much as I can but I am by no means a sex addict. An addict will do anything to get their fix no matter what it was or who it hurts, even if it was themselves and I was nothing like that.

Things got so bad that we tried couples counseling for a few sessions but it wasn't really doing any good and anytime the counselor would try to go into my wife's past she would be very vague, evasive, and even get angry sometimes. It was obvious there was something there but she didn't want to talk about it.

Now I knew some things about my wife's past and knew that she had been promiscuous when she was a teenager, some in college, and after her divorce. She never went into great detail but she did tell me a few of the things she did before I met her. I knew that she started having sex during her sophomore year of high school and by the time her senior year came around that she had sex with over 20 different guys. She kept this up in college and had sex with several more guys before she graduated.

After she was divorced (I'm husband number two) she let loose again and had several one night stands and short relationships before we got together. I didn't really care about any of the things she did before I met her, I was curious of course, but it didn't really matter to me that she had sex with so many different guys. I had even told her that several times before so I wasn't sure what else it could be. We finally had it out one night and I told her I had to know what was going on, I knew there was something there that she was not telling me and she should talk to me and get it all out or we were probably through.

She said that if she told me I would probably hate her and we would be through anyway so what's the difference. I said that I loved her and she could tell me anything and I wouldn't hold it against her and she just had to trust me. She paused for a few minutes and said we should probably get a few drinks because she needed one and after she started I would probably need one too. Now I'm really wondering what's going on and what the hell it could be but I get us some drinks and then she starts talking and talking and talking, and holy shit, the things she told me she had done I could hardly believe. She told me about things she had done in her past that you usually only read about or see in porn videos.

I found out basically that before I met her, actually up until just a few months before I met her, my wife was a complete and total slut. Also from the sound of it she may have been a borderline sex addict too because she did it all. I already knew about the guys she had been with in high school, college, and after her divorce, but that wasn't even the half of it.

I found out that she has been in almost every sex combination you can think of. She told me she has had sex with two and three guys at a time lots, she has been the center of numerous gangbangs with anywhere from four to ten guys at a time. One time in college she spent almost the whole weekend naked at a frat house. There were about 20 frat members that passed her around from room to room and took turns fucking her one and two at a time, plus a Saturday night gangbang with them all at once. She was really into bondage for a while and had been a submissive for several different dominants that used her body as they pleased. One time she spent a week at a hunting cabin out in the woods in middle of nowhere with one of the dominants and when his five buddies showed up they all ended up fucking her everyday for the whole week. She has been to fetish clubs and sex parties where she was tied up and used as a sex toy and fucked by an unknown number of strangers. Plus there were just lots of different combinations of all the above. About the only thing she wasn't into were other women. She had tried it of course and said she had sex with several other women a few times and was in threesome with another guy and girl but it just wasn't something she ever really got into. She said it was ok but she preferred having sex with men most of all.

Another thing that blew me away and turned me on at the same time was when she told me that from the beginning she very seldom used protection and most of the guys she had sex with came in her pussy. She had stayed on the pill after she was divorced but when she told me that I couldn't believe that she never got pregnant when she was a teenager or caught an STD later after her divorce. We didn't need birth control now since I'd had a vasectomy but her revelation that so many different guys had cum in her pussy, some who were complete strangers, was exciting but I also couldn't believe how reckless it was either.

She went on to tell me that when she was really horny and we did something kinky like Master/Slave night she would start to get all those old feelings coming back of wanting to go out and get fucked. She didn't want to be unfaithful to me so she would pull back and be withdrawn until they went away.

Now I was really conflicted and had all kind of thoughts running through my head. On the one hand I had to really admire my wife for trying her best to stay faithful even though by pulling away from me it was killing our relationship. On the other hand I was having a hard time believing the things she just told me. I'm sure there are lots of guys who have fantasies about their wives fucking other guys just like I do but I couldn't believe that my sweet little wife had been like that in her past and done those outrageous things. Another thing I couldn't believe was how turned on I was about the whole thing. As I sat there a minute thinking about everything she told me and trying to process it I hear her start to talk again.

As I was thinking about what she said and not saying anything I guess my wife thought the worst and said, "See, I knew you would hate me."

I'm thinking to myself, no way that's the most incredible thing I ever heard. I slide over on the couch next to her, give her a long deep kiss, scooped her up off the couch in my arms and say, "No, I don't hate, I want you. I want you right now!"

With that I carried her back to the bedroom, quickly stripped off her clothes and put her on the bed as I undressed. I stood back for a moment looking at her naked on the bed. I thought to myself that she looks so sweet and innocent, it was hard to believe she had been such a slut and fucked so many other guys. I didn't do the math yet but from everything she told me it had to be at least a 100 guys, probably well over a hundred, that had fucked my wife's pretty little pussy. That turned me on even more just thinking about it and I got on the bed with her, climbed between her legs, and sank my hard cock into her pussy with one hard stroke as she cried out in pleasure.

As I slowly stoked her pussy with my cock she whispered in my ear, "I thought you would hate me."

"No" I said, "I've never been more turned on in my life than I am now. Those things you told me, those are some of my fantasies too. It is a huge turn on to know that you have really done all those sexy slutty things."

I thought to myself that I wanted to see her do it so I figured, what the hell we are getting all of this out in the open so I leaned up on my elbows, held her face in my hands, looked her directly in the eyes and said, "It turns me on so much that I want to see it for myself."

"You what?" she moaned as I continued to stroke her pussy.

As I still looked her directly in the eyes I said, "I want to watch other men fuck you."

"I couldn't, we're married and that would make me an unfaithful slut." She moaned as I continued to stroke her pussy.

"No, it would make you MY slut." I said as I continued pumping her pussy a little faster and harder. "I know you want to, you just said so and I'm willing to let other men fuck you as long as there are some rules."

"You would do that?" she said.

"Yes I would, now close your eyes and imagine this." I said. I began to whisper in her ear "Imagine that right now as I'm fucking you there are four more men standing around the bed watching us. They are very turned on and stroking their hard cocks. They have seen your naked body and they all want you, they want you so bad and they can't wait for their turn to fuck you. As soon as I cum and move out of the way another man takes you and penetrates you with his hard cock, and then another, you will take cock after cock after cock until all five of us have fucked you."

As I'm running her through this scenario my wife is rolling her head back and forth and moaning louder and louder and I begin to pick up the pace and fuck her harder. I continue to whisper in her ear "You would like that wouldn't you?"

"Yesssssss." She moans in reply.

"That's because you're a slut, isn't it?" I said.

"Yesssss." She moans.

"You're nothing but a hot and horny little slut who wants to get fucked, aren't you?" I said.

"Oh yessssss." She said.

I couldn't take it anymore, with her lying there moaning in pleasure and admitting that she was a horny little slut as I fucked her was too much for me and I started to cum. I pumped her hard and fast as I had my orgasm and flooded her pussy with a huge load of cum. My orgasm set off hers and she screamed with it and thrashed on the bed beneath me.

As our orgasms subsided I stayed on top of her for a few minutes as the last few twitches of my orgasm went through my softening cock and then I rolled off of her and lay at her side. She cuddled up to my side and I put my arm around her. We stayed there like that for a while neither one of us wanting to break the silence over what had just happened.

Finally my wife says, "That was some great pillow talk."

I guess she was trying to gauge my reaction with that so I said, "That wasn't just pillow talk honey, I was serious."

"Really? You can't be!" She said.

"I am very serious. Look, we can't go on like we are now and something has to change. When those old feelings come back and you pull away like you do it is hurting our relationship."

"But me going out and having sex with other men could hurt our relationship too." She said.

"Maybe." I said. "But I can't take this anymore. What would you rather have, maybe a divorce later if this doesn't work out or a guaranteed divorce now if we don't do something different?"

"I just don't know about this, it's a pretty extreme solution." She said.

"I think we can do this as long as there are some rules and we keep communication open about it." I said.

"Like what rules? She said.

"For one, I would coordinate everything. You would not be allowed to be reckless like you were before and go out and just fuck anyone you want. You would only have sex with men that I choose for you and it would be done safely and by that I mean condoms or recent blood tests before anything happens. Another rule would be that I want to be present and participate whenever this occurs. I know I won't always be able to be there since I travel for work, but when I'm not there the same rule applies, you would still be limited to having sex only with men I have chosen for you and you would also have to tell me everything that happened in detail when I get back." I said.

"This is crazy." She said. "What if I like it too much and don't want to stop?"

"We'll cross that bridge when it happens. I think right now that I hope you do like it and want to keep doing it. I can't really say anything right now about the liking it too much part, but as long as you stick to the rules and we both know about everything that's going on I think we'll be ok."

"You would really do this for me, you would let your wife have sex with other men?"

"I am doing this for us, as crazy as it sounds I think this might be the only way we will stay together besides it goes along with my fantasies too. I know I've told you before how much it turns me on to imagine you having sex with other men" I said.

"I thought that was just fantasy talk." She said. "I didn't know that you wanted to do it for real."

"Yes." I said. "I have actually thought about trying it for real a few times and was thinking about talking to you about it but there never seemed to be a good time to bring it up. I guess that it solved now isn't it?" I said.

"Yes, I guess it is." She said.

"Are there any other questions you have about this right now? I asked.

Well, I am wondering one thing, would you want to have sex with other women too?" She said.

"No, I'm not doing this just so I have an excuse to have sex with other women or get some pussy on the side when I travel." I said. "Most all of my fantasies revolve around watching other men have sex with you."

"But it could happen." She said.

"I'm sure if we do this long enough the situation could come up where I'll have the opportunity to have sex with another woman. How do you feel about that?" I said.

"To be honest, I don't like the idea of you having sex with other women but I guess it would only be fair since I'm going to be with other men. I guess the same rules would apply about me knowing about it only I don't want details like you do, I just don't want it to happen behind my back either." She said.

"Fair enough." I said.

So began our new lifestyle and I immediately started looking for some men to fuck my wife. Finding men at first turned out to be much more difficult than I thought it would be. I take that back, actually there were lots of guys out there that wanted to fuck my wife but finding suitable ones was the challenge. I put some ads out on the sex personals websites and in some local personals and swingers publications explaining what were looking for. I had lots of responses but most of them were just one-liners like "Hit me up" or "Yeah I'll fuck your wife good and hard" and crap like that. I described the kind of guy we were looking for and wanted some details on looks, occupation, vasectomy or not, a clean recent blood test, and things like that.

A few weeks went by but I kept up with it, determined to make this happen. If things had been different between my wife and I we may have given up on making this happen but we needed this and I wasn't going to give up. My wife and I continued to talk about the scenario of her having sex with other men and we would both get turned on and end up in bed. Over the next couple of weeks I continued going through the responses to my ad, and the requirements to participate. As much as I wanted this to happen I still would not compromise about STD testing or the proper manners the men would be required to adhere to.

I met with several possible candidates over the weeks and found only three who were acceptable. George, Russell, and Brad were similar to me, and what we were looking for. My wife likes big guys, I'm 6'4" 240 pounds, and in good shape. The guys were all older professionals, early 40's, over six feet tall, in good physical shape, and most important, they seemed to be regular guys and not arrogant assholes like a lot of the candidates I met. All of them had participated group sex before, had vasectomy's, and they all produced clean recent blood test results.

Liz and I both had blood tests done to show the guys, even though to this point we had always been monogamous. These extra precautions would be worth it to not have to worry about condoms for the fulfillment of one part of the fantasy for me. I not only wanted to watch other men fuck my wife, but I wanted to see them cum in her pussy too, just like she did before she met me. There was something about that part of the fantasy that really turned me on though I'm not exactly sure why. I wanted to get the scenario right but I also didn't want to compromise our health either to fulfill this part of the fantasy.

It took a week or so to coordinate everything and get a date set that worked for everyone. I rented a nice hotel suite for the event and Liz and I checked in early in the day to get things ready and had a light early dinner to spend some time together before this happened.

"Do you really want to go through with this?" She asked.

"Yes, I do. Not only do I want to, I think we need to." I said.

"Once we do this there is no turning back, fantasy is one thing but once another man puts his cock inside me there is no taking it back." She said.

"I know that." I said. "Are you having second thoughts?"

"To be honest, I'm excited about being with those other men but at the same time I'm a little worried about what it may do to us." She said.

"Don't worry about that." I said. "I know there may be some risks but remember why we're doing this in the first place."

"I know." She said. "But it's just that element of the unknown I guess. We've never done anything like this before and you never know how someone may react to a situation."

"It will be Ok." I said.

Back in the hotel room Liz was finishing up getting ready in the bedroom because the men were scheduled to arrive in about 15 minutes. She turned slowly in front of the mirror, inspecting her body that was covered by a turquoise corset with black accents that I had gotten her from Fredericks. She had on black silk seamed stockings that were held up by garter straps on the corset. She put on the matching G-string over the garter straps, and slipped on black patent leather spike heeled pumps. Her auburn hair was shiny and silky smooth as it flowed down to her shoulders. My heart raced as I watched every gorgeous curve of her body under the soft bedroom lights.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"I think you look absolutely gorgeous and they are going to love you." I said.

She smiled and looked at the floor and then back up at me all coy and very very sexy.

"I have a surprise for you." I said. I reached into my pocket and brought out a leather collar with an O-ring. When I did she smiled and her eyes lit up.

"This is just a little reminder for you to make sure you remember that you belong to me." I said as I fastened the collar around her neck.

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