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My Punk Rock Princess


My friends and I love music and so we try to go to go to as many concerts as we can. We have very elitists views when it comes to our music and so we thought just about everything they play on the radio usually sucks. We had often wanted to find local bands that were good which was hard to do since most local bands formed in high school and therefore decided to totally rip off the sounds of blink 182 and good charlotte, two bands we didn't like. We hated where the rock scene was going so we didn't find a band we liked until one day we got lucky.

Another friend of ours was in a band, one that we thought sounded generic but we didn't say anything about it, and he had a show at a battle of the bands in a decent venue. The show only cost $5 so we thought, "what the hell, we need something to do" and so we headed to the show to support him. As we expected, the bands all sounded the same and the few that had a different sound, lacked the talent to pull it off. We had tried to keep busy by trying to pick-up some girls but it was tough since most seemed to still be in high school or even junior high. We bared it as our friend's band was scheduled to go next to last.

After the overall bad show and the amount of jailbait we had thought to leave immediately after our friends band was finished with their set. At the last minute we decided to at least give the next band 30 seconds after sitting through so many, and good thing we did because the band was incredible. They had a unique sound to them and it was obvious they were influenced by many bands and genres and had the talent to make it work. Then she took the stage. The band was led by one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She had black hair with one part of her left side bleached and it worked for her. She had bright red lipstick and was wearing this tight, black, form fitting dress that showed of her incredible body. Her dress stopped mid way down her luscious thighs and was wearing a sexy pair of red pumps. My god she looked incredible!!

As much as her beauty floored me, she totally blew me away with her singing talent. She had an amazing voice, which made her even sexier to me. We had hit pay dirt. An incredible local band with talent led by a jaw dropping beautiful singer. We all got really into the band and so when they mentioned their website at the end of their set we all made note of it.

I checked out they're website and found out the singer's name was Mayra. They had a guest book so I signed it complementing the entire band but mentioning the Mayra specifically. The next day I get e-mail from Mayra thanking me for the comments and with info on their next show. She wrote if we were interested in going that we could buy tickets off of them cheaper than at the door. She left her number to arrange where we could meet so I could buy the tickets. I called her and did my best not to sound too nervous talking with her and arranged a time and place to meet up.

I purposely picked a time where only I was free and none of my friends were so I can meet her in person on my own. She knew my general description, black hair and very tall. I would recognize her anyways. We met downtown in front of a music shop. I saw her there wearing tight jeans and a tight yellow tip. She was beautiful. The guitarist Scott accompanied her. She saw me approach and spoke first.


"Yeah, Mayra right?"

"Yeah. Wow, you weren't lying about your size. How tall are you?"

"6'7" when I was last measured."

She looked up at me a little longer as Scott comes up to me. "Hey, I'm Scott."

"Hey, I'm Robert." We shook hands.

"So, Robert," says Mayra, "Thanks for supporting us, its always good to have a new fan."

"I should thank you guys for actually being good. My friends and I thought that all local bands sucked, and I thank you for proving us wrong."

"Thanks." I gave her the money and she gave me the tickets. "Thanks again. So how did you hear about us?"

"We didn't, we saw you guys at that show on accident and we were really blown away. You'll be sure to see us at just about all your shows from now on. Going to shows is all we really do."

"You could do worse."

After that we said our good-byes and she even gave me a hug. I drove home just think about how good it felt to have her body so close. I called my friends who I knew would answer and told them I got the tickets and how much they each owed me for the tickets. I also told them that she hugged me and the most common answer to that was something along the lines of, "You lucky son of a bitch." Even Eric who had a serious girlfriend said that.

At the show we waited impatiently for Mayra's band to take the stage. It was another battle of the bands show , but this time it seemed to be an older scene, despite the presence of several younger kids, so the music was not so terrible. The band playing finally finishes and picks up their equipment and then I see Scott bringing his Amp onto the stage. We all head on to the front and Scott greets me and I introduce my friends. He goes off to continue setting up and the rest of the band comes up each carrying something to set up. When the band is close to finishing setting up and Tuning, Mayra comes out of the back and once again her beauty floors me. She was wearing the same outfit as at the last show except the dress was red. God, she was sexy!

She came up and knelt down at the edge of the stage and greets my friends and me. I make the introductions and have a bit of small talk while the band tunes their instruments. Finally it was time for the show to start and I could here people screaming the band's name. I looked around to see who they had for fans and most looked pretty young. We were probably some of their oldest fans and we were all 20 and 21. They put on a hell of a show and we let them know it.

Mayra's performance was incredible. She hit notes I had never heard another singer hit in a live performance. She was no studio artist and had real talent. Hearing was not the only sense that had a lot to be thankful for. The sight of that woman moving and swaying back and forth as she sang was incredible. Her sultry moves had me thinking she had taken lap dances or at least some other form of training to move like that. Her legs flexed as she would do her moves in her performance and I got an eyeful of every single inch of her spectacular body.

We decided to stick around for the rest of the bands since the music was better overall than the next show. I noticed Mayra in the crowd and close to the end of the show between bands so I could actually talk to her.


"Oh hey, enjoy the show?"

"It was great. Got more than my money's worth."

"Thanks, we work hard."

"I guess talent like that does not come easy."

"Not to sound arrogant but no it doesn't. Hey, what are you guys doing after the show?"

"Most likely go out to eat somewhere."

"Want to come and eat with us. We always go out together and eat as a band and we would like you guys to come along."

"I'm sure they like that so yeah."

"Wait around a little after the show and we'll meet you in the parking lot. What did you guys drive here in?"

"We all managed to fit in my truck."

"A truck huh, I love trucks."

"So do I, but I mostly got it because I don't fit all that well in most cars."

"Haha, I guess you wouldn't. So, we'll see you in the parking lot."


She gave me another hug and slipped through the crowd. I feel some one punch me in the back and I turn around to see my friend Eric standing there.

"You lucky son of a bitch!" he says.


"I saw her hug you."

"Jealous. Well not much I got a girl but seriously what'd you guys talk about?"

"She invited us to eat with the band afterwards."

"Cool, I'll tell everybody else if I can find them."

And so we stayed through the last band and we hung around a little as the crowds left. We slowly made our way to my truck and waited there for the band. A van pulls up beside us and Scott yells out to me to follow him. We stop at a Diner and head in. We had fun there talking to the band sharing stories and talking music. I managed to crack a few jokes that made Mayra laugh which was great. And so we finished and said our good-byes and I was the only one to get a hug from Mayra before she left. It was something that did not escape the attention of my friends.

And so if it was few months later and we had gone to every one of their shows and usually ate with them after the show. We had become gone past fans and become friends. I even met some of Mayra and Scott's family who frequented the shows. Of course I wanted more with Mayra. My attraction to her had grown and I had a feeling she was at least a little attracted to me.

One day I was running late to go to a show and I just told my friends to squeeze into Eric's car and I'll meet them there. They did and when I myself was ready and heading out the door I get a call. I expected it to be my friends wondering if I was on my way and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was Mayra.

"Hey, are you at the show yet?" she asked.

"No I was actually heading out the door now."

"Oh good, can you come to my place and give me a ride. I headed back on my own when I realized that we left a few cords we needed at my place and I ran over a nail on the street and have a flat now and no spare."

"Sure, where do you live?"

She gave me directions and she was no more than 10 minutes away from where I lived. I pulled up to her apartment and I saw the car in her spot and sure enough she had a flat tire. I came up to her door and rang the doorbell. She greeted me in a bright yellow dress that somehow worked on her.

"Thanks, a lot, this is an important show and I almost cried when I saw the flat."

"Not to worry, I'll be your knight in shining armor."

"Thanks, you really are. We could get some good exposure with this show."

She was right. She was opening up for a real band. They had lost popularity over the years but they still had a strong following considering the show was sold out. No telling who might be at the show or what kind of word of mouth they might inspire for the band.

"I'll get you there on time and you'll blow the roof off that place, just watch."

"Oh thanks a lot." She gave me a hug and we got into my truck. She laughed and said, "Nice taste in music," when she got in and her demo was playing on my stereo. I changed CDs noting that I was about to hear it live and again she complemented my taste.

We rode in silence for a while just listening to the music. I realized this was the first time we had actually been alone together. Every other time I had been at a show with at least a hundred people around me or we were having dinner with the band and my friends. I had never been truly alone with her where we could have a real private conversation. I looked out of the corner of my eye at the goddess of beauty next to me as she looked out the window and nodded her head to the music. Finally she reached over and turned down the volume slightly to make a conversation possible.

"Why do you like us so much? I really want to know what made you come to each one of our shows."

"You guys are good and I appreciate good music with an original sound. You guys have real talent everyone is great on their instruments and you've got the best voice I have ever heard live. Plus it doesn't hurt that you're really hot."

She laughed at that last comment. "So, that's only icing on the cake?"

"Of course, I really respect you as a musician, but I'm not blind."

"Thanks." I looked to my side and I could see she had blushed slightly. "I really appreciate you as a fan and a friend," damn, only a friend. I was willing to take it but I really wanted more, "but you're pretty hot yourself." My ears twitched at that last comment. I looked over to me and she simply gave me a smile.

"Wow, thanks." I could do nothing to stop a big smile from appearing on my face.

"Since we still got a while until we get there tell me, What ever happened to Clara?"

Clara was a girl I had been seeing since the last show they had. Our first date had actually been to go see Mayra and her band play. The relationship did not last long however.

"Oh, that's old news, we split up about two weeks ago."

"Sorry to hear that."

"Don't be, it wasn't serious. She really began to annoy me to tell you the truth. I couldn't hold a conversation with her."

"Still she doesn't know what she's missing."


"You're welcome."

"You asked me so how about you. When are you going to get a guy? I'm sure all the guys at the show will be interested."

"Well, you're down there, you know most of those guys are jerks."

"I wish I could say something different."

"See. Anyways, I'm too busy. I have a regular day job so I can afford to survive when we don't have many shows. Plus what time I don't spend at work there is always band rehearsal and coming up with new music. I'm just too busy to meet someone."

"I completely understand."

"Do you?"

"Yeah, you deserve the best and it's just a shame you don't have the time to meet someone new."


It wasn't long before we made it to the show. I dropped her off at the door and before she got out thanked me and gave me a peck on the cheek and rushed into the venue carrying the cords. I was left stunned that she had done. I had hugged her many times but this was the first kiss even if it was just a peck on the cheek. I found a parking spot and just sat there for a minute and looked in the mirror and saw the faint lipstick she left on my cheek. It seemed like a shame to rub it off but I still did it and headed for the show with my ticket in hand.

I entered the venue and was immediately spotted by my friends. The show was close to starting so we pushed our way to the front by the stage and awaited the start of the show. We heard the band tuning up and Mayra checking the microphone. Looks like I got her here just in time. The lights dimmed and the curtains opened revealing Mayra in her sexy dress and the rest of the band ready to play.

Their performance was incredible, probably the best I've ever seen them play. Mayra especially sang and moved like never before. Her voice was angelic, her moves sensual and breathtaking. No stripper in the world could come close to moving as erotically as she did. She had often made eye contact with me during shows but this time she seemed to put something else in her stare. I didn't know what it was exactly but I liked it. I jumped, head banged, and screamed like I had always done, but I was sure to pay extra attention to Myra.

They finished their set and the crowd went nuts signifying their satisfaction for their performance. I heard a few catcalls from the guys in the place, which I have to say I resented. We were all in awe of their great performance. We stuck around through the whole show, something we didn't always do when they played first but I convinced my friends to stay. I was in the back by the bar when Scott comes up to me. He screams over the music to be heard.

"You hungry?"

"I will be."

"Meet us out front and we'll see what's open around here."


He nodded at me and was soon lost in the crowd. We stayed through the encore the fans demanded. We waited a while until the crowd dispersed somewhat. We waited outside by the door a while and the entire band soon joins us. They were all greeted by applause."

"Thank you, thank you. So, anybody is else starving?" asked Scott.

"I am. We need to find someplace good to eat." Answered Eric.

"I'm not all that hungry really, but I guess I can order a side order of something." I said.

"I'm not really all that hungry either." Said Myra. "I'm also really tired, I just want to go home and rest."

"Come on, you're a rock star. You're supposed to stay up late and sleep past noon." I said.

"That's a filthy stereotype and you know it," she answered. "Robert, do you mind taking me home since you're not all that hungry either?"

"No, that's fine. I'm kind of tired myself. I guess I'll see you guys later. Wish you luck on finding a decent place to eat this late." We said our goodbyes and led Mayra to my truck and left for home. The silence didn't last that long this time. "That show was probably the best you guys have ever done. You were flawless," I said.

"Thanks, we were really happy with it."

"Yeah, I can see why you would be so tired. You didn't hold anything back."

"I guess I didn't. Thanks again for getting me here on time."

"My pleasure."

She began to fidget and move around seemingly trying to get comfortable but she couldn't really. She finally inched closer, lifted the arm separating us and asked, "Do you mind?" as she rested her head on my shoulder. I instinctively lifted my arm and put it around her. She snuggled up next to me. She lifted her legs onto the seat and her legs looked amazing. My heart must have been racing because she murmured out softly, "Calm down." She eventually fell asleep in my arms as I drove her home.

I pulled up to her apartment and parked my truck. I really didn't want to wake her up, but of course I had to. I shook her slightly and she slowly awakened. "We're here."

"Already?" she yawned and she looked incredible as she stretched. "Want to come in for a while?"

"I thought you were tired."

"I just got some great rest." We headed to her place. The first time I had been in there. She lived with her sister who was not there. She showed me the couch and I sat down. "All I got is some water bottles, is that alright?"

"Yeah, water's fine."

She went to the fridge and came back to the couch and sat down next to me and handed me the water. For some reason I wanted to be hydrated that night. I saw her eyes as she drank from her water bottle staring into me. My god she was beautiful. I drank from mine not taking my gaze off of her. She inched closer to me and she once again put her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her.

"You know, you're very comfortable to sleep on."

"Am I?"

"Yeah, just holding you close is great."

"It can't be nearly as great as holding you."

"Well, that's just your opinion isn't it?" She stretched on the couch next to me, which gave me a great chance to check out her legs. She grabbed her neck and started rubbing.

"A little sore?"

"Yeah, like you said, I went all out."

"Need some help with that?" I was quite surprised I actually asked that.

"Would you, please."


I held my breath and she moved her hair to one side. I put my hand on the back of her neck and gently started massaging. She became tense at first, but then relaxed to my touch. I could feel her neck and shoulder muscles get softer and she moaned as I rubbed her.

"You're great at this."

"I have many skills."

"I bet you do. You are really great at this." She changed position forcing me to stop and put her arms around me and I did the same to her. "Yeah, this is great. You know I always thought you were pretty hot."

"Really, when we first met I remember this weird look on your face. Didn't look like admiration."

"Well, you're so tall. I guess that's what I noticed first, but that's part of what made you attractive. I feel so small and safe in your arms. It's a great feeling."

"I think it goes without saying, I love holding you close to me as well."

She looked up at me and I stared into those dark brown eyes of hers. She leaned closer and closer. I too began to lean closer and closer until we kissed. It was a soft kiss that got harder and more passionate. Her hands began to roam my chest and my hands explored and rubbed her back. The sensation of our lips on one another's was amazing. Her soft warm lips were the best I had ever tasted. Never breaking our kiss she slowly got on my lap and we continued our embrace. She slipped her tongue in my mouth and mine soon entered hers. We explored each other's mouths and if our tongues had lips they would be making out as well. She finally broke our kiss after what seemed like at least ten minutes.

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