tagFirst TimeMy Renaissance Ch. 13

My Renaissance Ch. 13


Chapter 13. Jenny's back... with me.

It was the second Tuesday night after Thanksgiving when I went out to meet a few of our friends for snacks, drinks and conversation at Perkins. My housemate Brian was prepping for a trial and said he was going to stay home so I headed out alone.

It was packed. There were over twenty-five guys present and the restaurant staff put us off in our own little section.

It was a big turnout as they had heard about the exciting night at Brian's house a little over a week before and wanted the first-person account of what happened.

I had sent out an email offered a Reader's Digest condensed version of what happened to my closest friends and let them know we were all okay. I'm sure it got forwarded as well.

This was the first time I'd really gone out since that night except for work and the gym.

I began by telling them about my cousin stopping by with a black eyes and a bag full of money and drugs and all the details from there.

Of course, they all laughed heartily when I told them about the police dog taking a bite out of crime - or in this case, some bad guy's ass.

They had lots of questions and I answered as many of the questions as I could.

Since the attack, Nicole had avoided her apartment, staying with friends. We loaned her a .38 Special revolver - an old police trade-in gun, with some petite grips and gave her the crash course on how to use it just in case. Thankfully, though, there had been no more excitement.

We were there for about an hour and we had moved onto other topics when someone tapped on my shoulder.

I turned around and nobody was there. I turned the other direction and saw Jennifer, the girl my house-mate Brian brought home all of two days after I moved in.

She was giggling at me, fooling me with the oldest trick in the world.

"Hi Joe. Remember me?"

"Jenn! It's so good to see you!"

I stood up and gave her a hug and held it. She felt nice and smelled good too.

"You're looking good and as always, that scent is a perfect match for you."

I let go from our hug and noticed she was with another girl, a blonde who was fairly cute as well.

"Thanks, you're such a sweetie and you're looking pretty handsome as well. How's my favorite home bartender anyway?" Jenn asked with a sparkle in her eye. She flicked her hair and looked me up and down.

"Pretty good. Even better now that you're here." I smiled. It was obvious that despite her casual appearance, she had put some effort into making herself look nice. Jenn stood about 5' 7" and weighed probably 115 pounds or so. Her curly, dark brown hair was a few inches longer than shoulder-length, with just a hint of red. She was wearing business casual - a pair of nice-fitting slacks with some 2" or so heels dressing things up a little.

"And, who's this pretty friend of yours?"

"This is Melissa, my room-mate."

Her friend was wearing jeans and some sort of turtleneck sweater of sorts, and with her freshly done make-up looked pretty sharp.

I took a second glance at Melissa and she was pretty. She was in her mid-twenties like Jenn, about 5' 5" tall and probably weighed about 160 pounds or so - a little heavier than I generally prefer, but that standard had changed a bit lately for me personally.

Melissa had a wickedly cute smile and some gorgeous blue eyes that contrasted nicely with her long, curly blonde hair. She had nice boobs, too.

I kissed her hand.

"Melissa, those blue eyes of yours are so beautiful! It's such a pleasure to make your acquaintance," I said.

Melissa looked back at Jennifer and smiled.

"It's nice to meet you as well," Melissa said. "Are you like this with all the women you meet?"

"No, just the prettiest ones, of course," I said, winking and smiling. Melissa just shook her head grinning. She was probably thinking I was full of crap, but I didn't mind.

I turned and introduced my friends at the tables arrayed around us. They were very charming and kind, complimenting the girls on their attractiveness. There was even some good-natured teasing at my expense. Jenn stood quite close to my side the whole time. I couldn't help but wonder if it was Jenn standing by "her" man.

She made a comment to the guys to not take it personally if she didn't remember everyone's name.

I asked her if she'd like to sit with us and she smiled. "Of course!"

I suggested everyone scoot over and we'd bring up more chairs, but a couple of my friends to my left offered their seats as they were done eating. They pulled up chairs at another table and Melissa and Jenn sat down. Melissa began chatting with a few of the guys down to her left about something or another.

"So, Joe, how have you been?" Jenn asked me, moving in still closer, our bodies almost touching as we sat. I put my arm around her shoulders and she leaned towards me.

"I've been okay. Busy, of course, but I've been okay. I was looking forward to seeing you again, but figured you must have found yourself seduced by the pool boy and ran off with him for warmer climates or something when I didn't see or hear from you again."

Jenn laughed. "No. No pool boys."

"Well, his loss. So what brings you here?"

"Melissa and I are just out to get out of the house for a while. Thought we'd see what was going on downtown after getting a snack - and by pure chance I saw you in here through the window when we walked around from the parking lot."

"I'm glad you're so observant!" I said, gently pulling her against me as I smiled at her then taking my arm away. "Really, I thought I might not ever see you again."

"Well, Brian never called me back. To make matters worse, I lost his number so I guess it was my fault as well."

"Oh well. The important thing is that you're here. So, can I buy you both something to eat?"


They ordered and I was admiring Jenn's pretty face as she talked with some of the others there. I found myself smitten, thinking how she could be so elegant and pretty out in public and such a sultry vixen in the bedroom. What a perfect woman!

She looked over at me. Her eyes were as beautiful as her smile. Thankfully, she wasn't talking to me because I wasn't paying attention.

She gave me a little wink and a smile.

I winked back. "So, Jennifer, what do you do for a living? Anything exciting?"

"I work for an insurance company as a claims representative. It's far from exciting. How about you?"

"I'm a physician's assistant over at the local hospital. Good days aren't exciting. Exciting usually means someone else is having a really bad day."

She chuckled a little and we talked a little more about our jobs and co-workers for a bit.

Melissa turned back towards us. "So, you're Brian's room-mate, huh?"

"Domestic servant, actually," I said. That brought a smile and a laugh.

"And cook, bartender and dragon slayer." More laughter.

"Jenn said you were sexy cute and sweet," Melissa said. "She didn't say anything about dragon slayer though." She was smiling warmly and winked. Then she flicked her hair.

"She's flirting hard," I thought. "And Jenn's probably blushing." I glanced at Jenn's face and she was blushing, looking down at her blueberry muffin.

"Well, thanks. I am really just an average guy. Now, if sexy cute is a receding hairline, then I've got that going for me." I ran my hand through my hair to emphasize the point.

They smiled and laughed a bit.

"As far as the sweetness goes, it must be the sugar I put on my Frosted Flakes." Jenn grinned and Melissa rolled her eyes.

The girls talked with the group for a while longer as they ate their muffins. I commented to Jenn about what a nice muffin she had and she told me to behave, smiling and taking the opportunity to touch my inner thigh, caressing it for a few moments.

I took the opportunity to switch topics once she finished eating.

"So, Jenn, to change gears, I'm curious. What's your idea of a romantic evening?"

Melissa's ears perked up as she turned and looked at Jenn and I.

"Why?" Jenn asked.

"Oh, I'm just curious and making interesting conversation with two pretty girls," I answered.

She paused for a few moments to think and Melissa leaned into the conversation.

Jenn said a romantic evening is best spent with a handsome, old-fashioned gentleman who will hold the door for her and treat her like a princess. Taking her to a nice dinner is a must, along with showing her a great time afterwards and taking care of everything.

"So, what's the most romantic date you've ever been on? What was it like?"

She paused and thought about it for a second or three and smiled just a bit. She seemed to enjoy the recollection of those memories.

Jenn described getting picked up by a sexy guy with some flowers and taken to dinner at a nice, dimly-lit restaurant. There was a live pianist playing background music in the next room and she thought that was very nice. She described the food as amazing and the companionship as lively and light. From there, they drove a while to a state park out in the country. They parked and took a walk holding hands under the stars.

She paused for a few seconds and then described how they found a spot with a pretty view overlooking a lake in the moonlight. Jenn said her date put down a blanket and they laid down and looked up at all the stars. "There must have been tens of thousands of stars visible. It was beautiful."

Melissa giggled a little.

"What?" Jenn asked.

"And then what happened?" Melissa asked pointedly.

Jenn grinned. "Let's just say we fooled around a little," she added, coyly.

"Did you fuck him, you little slut you?" Melissa quipped, laughing at her friend.

"Don't be a hater!" Jenn rebutted, smiling. "It was the perfect end to a perfect night!"

The two girls squabbled back and forth in a friendly banter and finally called a truce.

I didn't want Melissa to feel left out, so I asked her about her most romantic date.

She looked down into her glass and smiled. She shook her head and looked at Jenn with a big grin before she started to talk.

I listened as Melissa described a date she had with a slightly older man when she was nineteen.

Jenn cleared her throat and grinned.

"Okay, he was two years younger than my dad!" she admitted, grinning sheepishly. "But he looked like he was about 30."

Melissa said that the she had a major crush on this guy, who was in senior management at the office during a paid internship over the summer.

He showed up at her apartment with a single orange rose for her. From there, he took her to dinner and after that, they went out on his cabin cruiser on a nearby lake.

"Wow, fancy!" I said.

Jennifer piped up this time. "So, what did you do on that boat?" She poked at Melissa and giggled.

"We looked up at the stars and talked about baseball," Melissa quipped.

"Huh?" Jenn asked.

"What do you think we did? We fucked like bunnies!" Melissa said, chuckling. Some of the guys heard that and they were now looking over, listening in and licking their chops or shaking their heads.

Jenn and I laughed.

The girls were having a good time.

"Okay, turnabout is fair play," Melissa said. "Let's hear about your most romantic date, Mr. Flirtatious, and don't you dare leave anything out."

"Well, guys have a different perspective on things than ladies," I began. "The short version is that I was at my place with a pretty young lady a couple of years before I got married. It was one of our first dates and I wanted to impress her. I was cooking dinner for her and we had planned on going to the theater after we ate."

I paused for a couple of seconds.

"Well, things were going great as I'd poured her a glass of wine and dinner was coming along nicely. It was snowing pretty heavily outside, but I didn't think much of it at the time."

I took a drink of my water.

"All the sudden, the power went off about halfway through my meal prep. I was like 'damn!' but I stayed calm. When the power didn't come back on in a few minutes, I went out to the garage and broke out the camping cookstove and finished working on dinner. I also lit a fire in the fireplace and some candles for light. It was very romantic."

Both girls were listening carefully despite the other conversations going on around us.

"My date was supremely impressed that I didn't let the power failure get in the way of cooking her dinner. Anyway, we shared a real candlelight dinner, with lots of big, fluffy snowflakes gently falling outside the big front window. It was so quiet outside and inside as well. Really, the only sound was the soft crackling of the wood burning in the fireplace and the warm glow of light it created. After dinner, it was starting to get a little cool, so we cuddled under a blanket in front of the fireplace after I tossed on a couple of logs, relating stories from our childhood while I held her in my arms."

I had barely paused then both girls were just looking at me, leaning in.

"Go on," Jennifer said with eager anticipation and a warm smile. "No holding out on us."

"It was beautiful watching the snow fall outside, almost hypnotizing actually, and it was really accumulating pretty quickly. Of course we were nice and cozy in front of the fire with her in my arms. It was so romantic." I was stalling and playing dumb.

"I know there's some romance in here somewhere," Melissa said. She motioned for me to continue. "C'mon already..."

I looked at Jennifer and she was waiting for more as well.

"Well, yeah, after a while, we began cuddling and kissing." I was going to play very hard to get.

"So, did you get lucky?" Jenn asked with a wink, touching my hand.

"Well, one thing led to another and we had a torrid little roll in the hay in front of the fireplace. It was the first time for her and I together."

Both girls were smiling.

"Sounds like that could be a fire hazard," Melissa quipped. The girls laughed and I cracked a smile of my own.

"You could say there was plenty of combustion going on."

I had them laughing and even blushing a little.

They excused themselves for a trip to the restroom.

I turned back to my friends.

"So, who are the girls?" Frank asked.

"The brunette is a cute little thing I met a few weeks ago and have been dying to see again. The blonde is her room-mate."

"Dibs on the blonde girl Melissa," Matt called. "She's hawt!" He held his hands up like he was groping her nice boobs.

"Matt!" I said, wagging my finger at him. "Let's be a gentleman."

"Hey man, she's got nice tits and a sexy butt," he said.

Matt was estranged from his wife. He had told us last summer that his wife wanted him to get a vasectomy so they could resume having sex more regularly and she wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant again. He underwent the procedure and we teased him unmercifully after he told us about how he used bags of frozen peas on his nuts as the local was wearing off. That day will forever be known among our group of friends as "frozen pea day". Well over a year later, he told us that she'd had sex with him exactly once since that fateful day.

"As for dibs, that's between you and her," I said.

A few minutes later, Dan, another of the older guys in our group who was an old Marine from way back who later worked as an accountant for the Comptroller of the Currency before retiring, pointed back towards the front door, chuckling. "I think your girl is getting hit on."

Two guys were over smiling broadly while taking a pass at the girls - at a restaurant!

"I'm sure they'll be back here in a minute," I said.

A couple of minutes later, they indeed returned.

Matt began flirting with Melissa when the two girls sat down.

"Jenn, I don't want to let you get away again. I'd be honored if you would accompany me to dinner this weekend."

"Absolutely!" she answered, hugging my arm.

We agreed on Saturday night.

We all visited for a while longer as the group easily accommodated the newest and easily the prettiest new attendees this night. Of course, they were popular guests.

Later, while Matt had Melissa thoroughly distracted, Jenn leaned over to me and whispered into my ear.

"If you can show me a fun time like last time I was at your place, I'm yours right now."

I just smiled. "What about Melissa?" I asked quietly.

"I'll take care of her," Jenn said.

We all talked for a while longer. Matt was practically glued to Melissa. She didn't seem nearly as interested in him. Of course, Matt's wedding ring probably didn't help his cause.

Jenn asked Melissa if she was about ready to go. Melissa said "sure" and with that, the girls put on their coats.

I put on my own jacket and offered to walk the girls out to their car. Matt was shot down, but he got a hug. It was his consolation prize, I suppose.

Jenn and Melissa said their good-byes to everyone and I walked with them out to the car.

Jenn and I were holding hands from the moment we walked out. It wasn't long before Melissa took my other hand and brought it up to her mouth and kissed it. She winked and smiled at me when I looked at her.

They were parked way back behind the restaurant. When we arrived at their car, Jenn asked Melissa if she was okay going home by herself.

Melissa's sad face told the tale. She figured out pretty quickly that Jenn was going to be sleeping with me tonight.

She smiled meekly and looked right at me.

"Joe, it was nice meeting you. When can I see you again?" Melissa asked me.

"Oh, I think you'll see me soon enough. I enjoyed meeting you tonight and look forward to the next time we see one another."

"I hope so." Melissa gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I felt her boobs press into my chest through our coats. I also felt her hand slide into my back pocket as she held the hug.

We waited for her to take off. My car was in the adjacent hotel's parking lot. Jennifer and I walked at a fairly brisk pace. I wasn't sure if it was the cold weather or anticipation, but I was shivering almost uncontrollably.

To make matters worse, the car was almost as cold a well-digger's ass. A few minutes later, some lukewarm air was blowing out. We were both cold and shivering.

"I want your number," Jenn said.

"Here, call yourself from my phone," I said, handing her my phone. She called herself and handed me back my phone. I saved the number in my phone as I drove along, managing to avoid running over any pedestrians, stray cats or random, late-night bicyclists while fiddling with the phone.

The trip home only took a little more than ten minutes and I felt butterflies in my stomach.

"Jenn, I don't know about you, but I've got butterflies in my stomach like I'm in high school or something." I just smiled as I glanced at her.

She laughed. "Me too. I think it's because I really like you."

"You're such a sweetheart," I said. I reached over and put my hand on her thigh and she wrapped her cold hands around mine. I was surprised she didn't have any gloves with her.

We got home and I walked around the car to let Jenn out, but she was already getting out. I took her by the hand and closed her door and we walked together into the house.

I noticed the light was still on in the study as we walked hand-in-hand through the house to my bedroom. Jenn was leading the way. I had to appreciate a girl who knows what she wants.

Once in my bedroom, I closed my door behind me and Jenn put her purse down in my desk chair and took off her shoes and climbed onto my bed.

"Are you coming?" she asked as she noticed me just standing there behind her.

"You have a sexy butt," I told her, winking.

"Thanks. Now get over here."

I took my socks off and got on the bed with her. We began kissing and petting. Her kisses were almost electric.

I began to give a hands-on inspection of that little body I'd fantasized about. Her ass was pretty firm. I went to reach under her shirt and she began to take it off. I helped her off with her shirt and she had a cute little pink bra trimmed with lace. I unclasped the front hook and looked down as I uncovered her little boobs.

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