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My Roommate's Girlfriend


My college roommate Artie was a basketball star, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at him. He was so small, frail, but there was no doubt he was a magician on the court.

He’d find seams in the defense, rocket fire passes with pinpoint accuracy, and dazzle the fans with his tantalizing dribbling.

Other than that we were normal college kids, students at times, partiers at other, and in our first two years as roommates I had seen and heard him bed numerous college girls, a professor and the wife of a local businessman. Oh, I mean, I wasn’t at the front door watching them go into his bedroom, but it happened.

Over the summer heading into our junior year Artie met and started dating Stephanie, a cute blonde who was vice-captain of the cheerleading squad. The two hit it off and were sleeping together by the time I got to the small, cozy apartment we’d rented off campus.

The apartment had a bedroom, Artie’s, a small living room that was my bedroom, a small kitchen and little workroom. Small, but cost effective and on the top floor of a three-story building near campus.

When I arrived Stephanie and Artie were an item, which struck me odd because he loved bedding different women, so I thought it a phase. But after a few weeks he seemed true to her.

I was dating a nice girl, Kelly, and to say the new living arrangements worked out was an understatement. In prior years we’d have to schedule are sexual liaisons as to ensure one of us didn’t enter at an intimate time. There were a few close calls, but it was all fine in the end. Now, though, with own rooms, it wasn’t an issue.

Once the year began it was evident that Artie’s prowess with women was, as usual, great. More than once I had to bail him out of potential trouble when seeing Stephanie on her way to the house when I knew Artie was entertaining some girl. Hey, that’s what roommates are for.

One thing about the rooms in our apartment was the thin walls. Many a night I spent trying to drift off to sleep while Artie was making love to some lucky lady. Or better stated, banging her like a drum as while their was lovemaking it was the incessant slapping of body parts and moans and groans that kept me awake. It was a bit embarrassing in the morning, waking up and having to wait for the bathroom as Stephanie made herself presentable.

Mostly, though, she went back to the dorm after her dalliances with my roommate. He was such a cad that me didn’t walk her home. And the other women? Treated them the same. Bang them and they’d leave.

“Did we keep you up last night,” asked Stephanie one morning after an evening that featured some real heavy head banging or spring bouncing. Of course I acted as if I had been totally asleep, but if the truth were told I’d taken care of my hard on listening to their lovemaking on the other side of the wall.

From all I heard the two were perfect in bed together. They surely were a great couple outside the bedroom, as they were always together, studying, playing, and partying. All of which meant that Saturday night in early October was an eye-opener.

Monday nights generally meant dinner at Homer’s, a local family owned restaurant that offered great portions on home cooked means. Then over to Branigans for drinks and darts. While he was in training, Monday was an off night, so Artie could have a little fun and still remain true to the team.

We left the bar at 10 as Artie had an 11 p.m. curfew, and he stuck to it. Back at the apartment we played some cards before I slipped off to my room. Soon I heard Artie and Stephanie in the next room, and they weren’t playing cards. I think Stephanie was playing Artie’s skin flute from what I could hear.

After a bit the two advanced to the old in-out, in-out, as their bed was rocking and I could hear moans escaping her mouth. “Yes, Artie, Yes, give it to me” and “Oh lord” were just some of the comments. They didn’t last long, but soon I heard Artie say he was cuming and I wanted to clap at their performance but thought better of it.

For whatever reason I couldn’t sleep. Their activities made the fact that Kelly was hitting the books extra hard and not available for any nookie drained my brain. I read some before wandering into the kitchen for a warm milk to put me to sleep. Sitting at the table I was startled when I saw Stephanie in her tee shirt and not much else enter the room.

“Hey Rob, what are you doing up,” said the pretty red head, sipping an adult beverage she pulled out of the fridge.

“Just catching up on some reading, you know, nothing really.”

We spoke for a little bit and along the way I started looking at those wonderful legs. My eyes went higher until I could see the pretty pink panties under her tee shirt.

“Rob, what are you doing?”

I was busted. “Sorry, just admiring the view.”

She luckily laughed. I know I shouldn’t be ogling my roommate’s girl, but I am a guy and she was so damn pretty. I think I deserved a pass on that one. Along the way she noticed a tenting in my pants.

She smiled, drained the brew, then pulled out another. After her third beer we traded shots of tequila and soon we were feeling no pain.

“So did we get you hot,” asked the girl in a somewhat slurred voice. It was at that point I realized that she had been drinking and was a little unsteady. Still, she wasn’t totally drunk or anything like that. “We were a little noisy tonight.”

Laughing, I said I hoped it was enjoyable. I was fine; it was nice listening to them.

Then came the shocker. “I wish he’d take his time….he cums too fast,” said the girl.

I must have looked incredulous, or confused, or something.

Out of the blue Stephanie started talking about intimacies with my roommate. “He’s a good lover, but he always finishes before I do. Damn, I am so horny now, I was coming in here to see if you guys had a banana or something I could borrow,” she admitted.

Once again I laughed, thinking that she was kidding.

“I’m serious,” said the girl. “I was going to do myself.”

I said something about not having a banana. Laughing I said she could borrow my meat! And she didn’t hit me. She smiled and said that was a great idea, but that I would shoot off my mouth and nothing good would come from that.

It is hard to believe, but after talking for another few minutes Stephanie slurred that if I could keep a secret, and if I followed the rules, then maybe we could solve her problem.


“You have to be real quiet. I don’t want to get caught. You can fuck me, but really, I will be doing you. And one more thing. You can’t cum in me. That’s for Artie. But I have to cum, I am burning down there. I need to cum.”

In a flash of the eye I agreed to anything and everything. Sure I could keep quiet. Sure I could hold back until she came. And sure I would wait until out of her to orgasm. Of course, I am a gentleman!

The girl was obviously more inebriated than I had thought and not possessing all of her senses, but what did I care. I wanted some of that pussy, no matter what I had to agree to as a way to get it. Oh yea!

Stephanie slipped back to ensure Artie was sound asleep, and then returned holding the wall as a sort of crutch. She was indeed drunk, but that made no difference to me.

We slipped into my room, throwing a couple pillows on the floor. She directed me to lie down and soon my pajama bottoms were off and she was stroking my cock, purring sweet nothings as she did it.

“Oh you have a nice dick,” said the girl, quietly. “It’s so hard for me. I think he likes me!”

With that she bent over and licked by cock from stem to stern for a few seconds, holding my balls in her hand. “You ever say a word about his and there will be some cracked nuts down here,” she said authoritatively. She licked a little more as I noticed she was slipping off her pretty pink panties.

Reaching around her backside and under, I slid my fingers up and down her soaking wet pussy. I was in heaven. It was hot, wet and she was enthusiastically willing.

“That feels so good,” she said, looking up at me while continuing to stroke my dick. “I have to have you.”

With that she moved around, but not before I slipped over and slid my tongue up and down her snatch. It wasn’t a long licking session as after just a minute or so she pushed me back and mounted me right there on the floor.

“Keep it quiet,” moaned the girl as she started to slowly bounce up and down on my dick. She controlled the action, as I was a mere instrument at this point. She used my dick, moving faster as she let our little gasps at the action.

For my part, I slipped my hands around her ass to help guide the action, but in reality she was banging me. It was awesome. Her pussy was so very hot and wet and seemed to cling to my dick as she rose away from me. Soon, her eyes clinched shut and she held her breath as she began to come.

“Oh my god that’s awesome, you’re getting me off, oh yes, yes,” said the girl holding it to a whisper but grunting it out. “Cumming!”

Damn, I wanted to shoot in her slot, I was close, but she sat on my dick without moving, luxuriating in the feeling of her orgasm. She remained there for about a minute before slipping off and kissing me on the cheek.

“That was awesome, wonderful,” said the now well-fucked girl, re-gripping my dick. “Your cock really had me going.”

“You felt wonderful,” was all I could muster, moving my midsection in time to her stroking.

She watched me savor the hand job, putty in her hands. Then she startled me by bending over and licking my dick again.

“Tell me when you are going to cum,” was all she said, then bent over and took my dick in her mouth.

Damn, that girl could suck. Of course, I was so hot that I couldn’t last, and while I tried to hold off I knew it was fruitless. She couldn’t have sucked me for more than a minute before I exclaimed that I was going to shoot.

With that she lifted off my dick but continued to stroke it like a true champion. Soon I shot several volleys of cum out my cannon as the girl continued to jerk me off.

The entire session couldn’t have taken 15 minutes, but both of us were satisfied. I couldn’t believe my luck, but have to admit she reminded me that I’d have broken balls if even a word were spoken about our little escapade.

Stephanie went back to Artie’s bed, and me to mine, and this was one of those nights where she spent the evening. I was dead to the world until hearing rustling in the kitchen and smelling coffee brewing.

I slipped into my pajama bottoms ---- somehow I fell asleep with them on the floor --- and made my way into to the kitchen and sat down. Artie poured me some coffee and soon Stephanie emerged from the bathroom dressed in jeans and a tee top.

Staring down at my coffee, I looked up when she asked how my night had been. A sly smile told me she remembered everything, but Artie was oblivious to the world. Stephanie kissed my roommate, not a goodbye kiss but a real lip-locker, and then said she was heading to the library to study.

There was an uncomfortable silence after she left, and I worried Artie knew what had happened. But soon it was evident he was none the wiser. Surprisingly he mentioned how hot Stephanie was.

“Damn, she was hot this morning,” said my roommate. “We did it last night and I woke up this morning to her playing on my flute. She was hot as a pistol. We did it again this morning. I’m a lucky guy.”

With that he headed toward the shower and I back to my bedroom. Shutting the door, I felt my hardening dick, thinking about my roommate’s girlfriend. I have to admit I licked my fingers tasting her still on me from our toe curling rendezvous.

The next few times we saw each other I blushed. I mean, it was so very naughty what we had done. I wanted to say something but thought better of it. Stephanie, for her part, didn’t mention a word.

Then, about a month after our inaugural meshing of body parts, my dream once again came true.

The basketball team had won a big game and the team partied for a while before Artie, Stephanie and I went back to the apartment with a buzz. Once again the two of them went to his bedroom and soon I heard those familiar moans and groans. This was a particularly hot and heavy session that went on longer than their normal good old in-out quick affairs.

I was going to take care of my own business, but the buzz from drinking and the lateness of hour sent me to sleep instead.

At some point I heard some rustling at my door.

“Jon, are you awake?” cooed Stephanie.

Of course I wasn’t but mumbled something. I saw from the clock it was a little after three.

“Uh, I have this little problem,” said the girl. “Like the problem I had last month. Want to help me out.”

Are you kidding me? I slipped out of my bed and she immediately pushed me to the floor. “Remember, keep very quiet!”

Of course I would. Lying down on the floor, pillow guarding my head, Stephanie once again stroked me hard. This time, she didn’t lick; she simply stroked my dick to full attention. Like before, she mounted me and rubbed my dick up and down her hot wet pussy before centering herself over and sitting down on my dick.

The girl had a way with fucking my dick, what else can I say. She grinded against me, working at her own rhythm, bouncing along until. She fucked me, first at a steady pace and then increasing to a grind that brought my blood to a boil. Damn, she had a hot pussy.

Soon she orgasmed without me doing much of anything other than being there. It was a super feeling. Coming down from her high she kissed me on the cheek and actually thanked me. “Oh, I needed that,” said the girl.

We lay side by side, holding each other, for a couple minutes before she mentioned that I was still hard as a rock. “Well, Stephanie, I could use a little help with that.”

She said something like I bet you could.

This girl was something else. I couldn’t believe she could make love to my roommate and then writhing a couple hours use me as a fucking board to take care of her nocturnal needs, but I surely wasn’t going to complain. Nor was I going to say a word of it to anyone.

Stephanie kissed me again on the cheek and I thought she was going back to the other room. She knelt though, and then bent over. This time the fascinating girl not only licked my dick but also actually started sucking on it. Up and down her head went, masterfully teasing my cock.

I was soon rocking in and out of her mouth and told her I was going to cum. She kept sucking and I couldn’t help myself. Holding her head in my hands I began shooting off in her pretty mouth. All the while she kept sucking me off, taking every drop of my sauce into her mouth.

She stayed sucking on me for a bit before moving up, smiling, and then swallowing my copious load. With that she bent over, kissed me on the mouth, and slipped up and out of the room.

Oh, what an interesting semester.

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