tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Roommate's Massage

My Roommate's Massage


I share a two bedroom apartment with another guy in his mid-twenties named River. The son of hippie parents, River grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, a place where his unique name was more of a blessing than in other parts of the country. River's attitude generally fits his nature based name, although he is far more moderate than his parents. He does get tired of having to say "Yes, River, like the actor River Phoenix."

We are almost ideal roommates. We get along, but we're not close friends. River is a borderline workaholic who is often sleep deprived. He runs marathons, and has a toned, slim body to show for it. He's of average height for a man, and I've heard multiple women compliment his blue eyes and mischievous smile.

Between River's work habits and long runs he doesn't have a lot of time for dating. When we moved in together he was in the process of disentangling himself from a long term relationship and didn't seem too eager to dive back into the dating pool.

He surprised me the night after his tenth marathon by informing me he was having a girl come over. "I met her at a Burning Man party. Kacie is a professional massage therapist and she offered to give me a massage to help ease my leg pain from the race."

I hadn't met Kacie before, but figured if she went to Burning Man she was likely River's type, and probably not terribly shy. Burning Man is a festival held in the desert of Northern California every summer which has a reputation of having a casual attitude about sex, nudity and recreational substances.

"That's fine," I told him. Ordinarily I might have left the apartment to give him some privacy to encourage possible nookie, but I had work I needed to do on my computer. I figured I'd close my bedroom door and leave them well enough alone.

Kacie came over just after nine o'clock. She was a pretty brunette in her early twenties, with a couple piercings in her ear cartilage. From my experience with some of River's other "Burner" friends I actually expected someone a bit more "alternative" in appearance. Kacie looked like an average recent college grad. She was dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, underneath which her body seemed typical for a woman her age. Feminine, with curves in the right places, and not extreme in any way.

"I'm James," I said introducing myself. She shook my hand and I was rewarded with a beautiful, genuine smile.

"I've got a lot of work to do, so I'll leave you two alone." I fetched myself a glass of water from the kitchen in preparation for a long work session at my desk.

"Where do you want me to set my table up?" Kacie asked River.

"There probably is more room in my bedroom." River was right, our living room is somewhat crowded and the bedrooms in our apartment are quite large. I shut my door as Kacie set up her massage table in River's room.

I worked for over an hour before I had the urge to pee. I hadn't heard much through my door and stepped out into the short hallway between our bedrooms.

I had expected River's door to be closed, but it was partially open. The pleasant aroma of incense filled my nostrils, and I heard soft music coming from his bedroom. I did my business in the restroom and intended on returning to my own room, but a sound stopped me in my tracks.

It was the unmistakable sound of male sexual pleasure. Not the grunt from deep kneading or the contented murmur from a gentle massage; I was certain it was the sort of moan a man makes when aroused. It was followed by River softly saying "That's nice."

I couldn't resist peeking into his room from the hallway, trying to remain mostly hidden. Dozens of candles lit his room, the dancing flames casting flickering light into the hall. Even from the doorway I could tell they were heating up his bedroom.

River was on his back on top of the massage table with his eyes tightly closed. He was fully naked with no towel covering any part of him. Kacie was facing away from the door. She had removed her t-shirt and sweats and was standing next to the massage table in only a pair of black lace thong panties. Her ass was nicer than I had originally given it credit for; it was rather toned with smooth flawless skin. Kacie's eyes were focused on River's groin, where her hand was slowly massaging his erect cock.

I'd never seen my roommate fully naked, much less in the middle of a sexual act. It didn't surprise me too much that River's legitimate sports massage had turned sexual; I had suspected there was an attraction between him and Kacie and the massage seemed like a convenient ice breaker. Still, it was shocking to witness my roommate receiving a hand job a mere dozen feet away.

Once more I considered giving them some privacy, yet I couldn't tear my eyes away from the pornographic act occurring in front of me. Kacie moved her hand with the practice of a woman who uses her hands for a living, and it was having the intended effect on River. She watched his reaction closely, and slowed down when he appeared too close to the edge of climax.

My own cock had swollen to erection inside my jeans. I fought the urge to whip it out and start beating off in the hallway. I was more afraid of getting caught than practicing any sort of decency.

Kacie swung her leg up over the table and easily mounted River's hips, her panty-clad pussy pressing against his cock. Her grace and lack of hesitation suggested to me she'd done this at least once before; she obviously wasn't concerned about the massage table being able to support their combined weight. Kacie's breasts were a pleasant sight, slightly pendulous and topped by small pink nipples.

Kacie offered said nipple to River's mouth, and he sucked upon it hungrily. It was River's turn to massage Kacie's buttocks as his mouth alternated between her tits. I had lost any sense of shame at my voyeurism, hypnotized by the scene in front of me. I was very temped to initiate my own stimulation. I did brush my palm across my jeans, stimulating myself but stopping short of actually unzipping in the hallway.

River and Kacie kissed, and she ground her hips frantically against him, as if to try to force his cock into her through her panties. The table started creaking from her enthusiasm, and she whispered something into River's ear. He nodded, and she gingerly dismounted from the table, with River following suit. He reached out and grabbed her thong, yanking it down from her legs. She giggled and stepped out of them. She kicked the bit of lace aside, now fully nude. I caught a glimpse of pubic hair, only enough to know her bush was somewhere between completely natural and fully bare.

River and Kacie stepped out of view, presumably to River's bed which was less exposed to the hallway than the massage table. I threw caution to the wind and silently crept forward, peeking my head just into River's room.

Kacie started moaning loudly, and I saw that she was on her back, with River on top of her, thrusting between her legs. Unfortunately my angle gave me a good view of River's ass and little more. I have nothing against men's asses, but don't find them very arousing and would have definitely preferred a view of the lovely Kacie. A hastily ripped open condom wrapper sat on the floor next to the bed.

Still, she was making some very sexy moans as my roommate penetrated her. I inched back into the hallway and freed my erection from my pants. Listening to her cries of pleasure, I began stroking myself, pumping my shaft with pent up arousal.

The creaking noises from the bed paused, and I heard a rustling of River's sheets. I peered back into the room and saw they had switched positions, with Kacie now on top and riding River's cock. The view of her backside was much more appealing than my roommate's and I continued stroking myself. Kacie's body sat perfectly to block River's view of me, although I had to imagine his attention was focused on his new lover.

My angle of their sex act was far more obscured than the average porn film, yet thrilling because it was so real and happening so close to me. The smell of their sex was even beginning to penetrate that of the incense.

I sucked in my breath a bit too loudly, and realized my mistake. Cursing myself, I ducked back into the hallway, my heart racing. I was certainly caught, and there was no escape. I tried to think of some excuse, any reason for me to be in the hallway with my pants around my ankles, my cock sticking out from my hips fully enlarged and ready.

The sounds of their fucking had stopped the instant I made my noise, and I heard them whisper something I couldn't make out. I waited for my roommate to come into the hallway, to catch me. He never did. Instead they quickly resumed their act of intercourse. I considered quietly retreating to my room. But I was too curious, too hungry to witness the climax of their endeavor. I snuck my head just past his doorframe once more.

"Like that... more," Kacie cooed. Kacie was still on top of my roommate, riding him. Each time she lifted her hips I caught a glimpse of River's cock buried inside her, penetrating her pussy. Watching them fuck might have been odd were I able to see River's face, but I suppressed thoughts about him as being connected to the cock penetrating Kacie. To me it was just an anonymous man and woman, fucking away right before my eyes.

River's gasps and moans became louder. "Yes, oh yeah!" he spoke. With a deep guttural moan he lifted his hips and thrust deeply within Kacie. I surmised he was coming within her and she cooed appreciatively, continuing to slide her pussy up and down his dick.

When he recovered, he lifted her off his cock and flipped her over onto her back. I ducked back into the hallway, hoping I hadn't been spotted in the moments River had an unobscured view of my position. I didn't hear any disturbance, and when I dared to peek back in River had Kacie on her back, his head between her thighs. Kacie's eyes were tightly closed. With such a perfect view of her face and tits I began pumping my shaft furiously, listening to Kacie's encouragement.

"Yes... that's so good. More, don't stop. Right there. Right there!" she cried out.

The situation was getting to me; the vision of sex, my hand on my cock, and her feminine cries of pleasure. I realized I was close to exploding all over the hallway carpet. With one last look at Kacie's tits I darted back into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me as silently as I could. I grabbed a fistful of tissues and pumped my shaft furiously, my eyes closed remembering what I had just witnessed. Within mere seconds streams of white semen were jutting from my cock into the crumpled ball of tissues in my hand. While the wall between us muffled the majority of the sound, I could just make the unmistakable cry of Kacie's orgasm a split second after mine began, which only served to heighten my pleasure.

Slightly short of breath, I looked down at my red swollen cock and the results of my climax. I flushed the tissues down the toilet and redressed, wondering how to explain my flushed cheeks if I bumped into one of them in the hall. I opened the door and saw that it was clear. I went back into my room as quickly as I could without actually running and shut the door behind me.

I tried to refocus on my work, and later heard River and Kacie talking in the hallway.

"Thanks, I feel a lot better," I heard River say to her, only slightly muffled by my door.

"You're very welcome. I found giving you a massage relaxed me as well," Kacie replied.

"I'll have to call you the next time I'm feeling tense."

"You do that," she responded. Their words became indistinct as they walked away from my bedroom door.

I ventured out a little later, feeling calmer and more composed. River was lying on the couch watching television.

"How was your massage?" I asked, trying to sound only moderately interested.

"Good. She definitely knows what she's doing." River didn't offer any other details.

"Cool," I said in typical male fashion, sitting down in another chair. I wondered if River suspected I'd heard anything. Kacie had made a lot of noise while fucking, and they'd left the door open. What little guilt I had from playing the peeping tom dissipated. In my mind, people who fuck loudly with their door open don't get to complain about violated privacy.

Still, I have to question if River wanted to be heard and possibly seen. He may have even suspected or hoped I was watching. When Kacie comes by to give him another massage, I wonder if the door will be closed, or remain open.

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