tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMy Savior: Buffy & Spike Ch. 01

My Savior: Buffy & Spike Ch. 01


Please note that this is eroticism expressed solely on my personal opinion. It in no way expresses the opinion of Joss Whedon or the UPN network, it is meant truly as fiction and is not intended to be expressive of any of the networks shows.

* * * * *

Setting: Buffy's bedroom and kitchen

"You're making an amazing attempt here and I have to give you credit for it, however you know that this will never work."

"We can't be together Spike and you know this."

Buffy knew that deep down in her slayer heart of hearts she had always felt this way and as she practiced her speech in the mirror she noticed that even as she spoke the words that she was meant to deliver to Spike the next time she "bumped" into him, that the word's seemed very difficult for her to utter. Could it be that she knew that the words weren't true? She really didn't feel this way about Spike, she really enjoyed being around him, his company made her feel warm, and comfortable. But he was a vampire for God's sake, the very vermin that she was meant to slay, to rid the earth of on a daily basis. And for that reason, and that reason alone she knew she had to end it.

Willow was in the kitchen making pancakes when Buffy walked in.

"Hey Buff, I'm making chocolate chip pancakes, do you want some? I know that Tara and Dawnie love these so I got up really early today to make them, even though I know I'm not a great cook, we could use some happiness around here. Have you noticed how "dark" this house happens to be lately? I swear the last time...

"Ok Willow you're rambling which means that something is up, that you have to tell me something and you're beating around the bush, so just come out with it." Buffy knew Willow so well in fact that she already KNEW what she was going to say before she even said it. She knew this was about Spike, and how close Buffy and he had gotten lately, Willow notices everything, and I guess that's just the Wicca way.

"Ok Buff, I have to admit that I have noticed that Spike has been coming around A LOT lately. I saw you 2 in the hallway last week and I thought that he was going to bite you and it really scared me and then I saw you well I saw you, oh you know...I saw you ummm I saw HIM kiss you, and that was well... it was strange. Is there something going on that you wanted to talk about? I mean Spike! Spike, Buffy, of all people, of all vampires even..."

"Ok Willow I get it, you're concerned, and you have every right to be, but haven't you ever been attracted to someone, I mean really attracted to someone that you thought you could NEVER have and then one day...you could?" Buffy become easily aroused just thinking about the first time that she and Spike made love, her nipples became very erect and she noticed Willow noticing them too, so she quickly grabbed the newspaper to cover herself. " I just don't know what it is about him Willow but he makes me feel really, really comfortable, it's a feeling that I've not felt since....well... since Angel."

WOW Spike, Willow thought that Buffy must be crazy thinking that it would ever work out between she and him. Her thoughts continued.... he's the purest form of Vampire, he doesn't even have a soul, at least Angel had a soul, I mean I really have to find out exactly what she wants from him and let her know that she HAS to end this, before it gets too deep... Hey I'm glad Tara will never intentionally hurt me, oh crap the pancakes....

"Well Buff, I won't tell the other's so there's no worry there, but just be careful. I mean Spike doesn't even have a soul, yet, and he's potentially dangerous, I mean well.. he IS dangerous, and you just never know when he might be going in for the kill...and then well... then there'd be no more Buffy and well that just makes me sad..."

Willow's rambling again and I'm not even hearing her, because all I can think about is how Spike makes me feel, his hot tongue on my nipples, licking and sucking and making me feel so hot that I just can't stand it anymore. He really knows how to touch me, not even Angel could move his tongue that sensually. Spike makes me hotter than Angel ever did, in ways that Angel will never be able to. I know that sexually I'm supposed to be with Spike, emotionally though, now that's another story. Maybe there's a way I can compromise, even though the rest of the gang will NEVER understand.

"Hey Willow I've got to run, I'm late..."

"Ok Buffy, have a great day. Tara and I are going to work on that spell to get rid of that nasty little demon that showed up last night. But you wouldn't know about him because you missed patrolling AGAIN last night."

"Ok but I have a good excuse, how can I help it, I was getting eaten out by the most awesome vamp in the whole world, so do you blame me?"

"Buffy, that's a BIT more than I need to know...EWWW, with Spike? Sheesh, wait is he really good at that? Maybe he could give me some pointers... ("

"EWWW Willow....YUCK I've got to run, see you tonight. Make sure Dawnie gets to school ok, thanks, have a great day."

Setting: Sunnydale High School Guidance Office

"Thank you for calling Sunnydale High this is Buffy, how can I help you?"

"Well for starters you can tell me what color your underwear are."

"Who is this? This is not funny, tell me who you are..."

"I am who you want me to be, the one that makes you hot just from one single stare. The one that wants to eat your pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the one that longs to be kissed by you, to feel your sweet lips on my cock at the end of a long day fighting demons...."

"Spike? Ok Spike, stop it, you're making me VERY hot and I'm working..."

"So quit working and meet me in an hour at the spot, you know the one, and I'll make you feel like you're the only girl in the world that deserves to be fucked by me, oh and wear those white cotton panties with the little cherries on the front so that I can rip them off of you love. See you then...."

"Spike, not so fast. I think we need to talk about something when we meet today, I have some things I need to discuss with you."

"Sheesh love don't sound so freaking worried, no one's going to find out that you suck my dick better than any other girl in Sunnydale, and no one's going to find out that I fuck your hot little button better than any other vamp you know.....so see you in an hour lover." Click.

Ok now I'm sitting here all soaking wet, right through my panties in my office. And I have to, absolutely have to end this thing with Spike. It's not going to be easy, he truly makes me hotter than anyone ever has, but it's just sex, and in the end, sex can't make it all better. So I have to end it. I will. I have to. Be strong Buffy, you can do it.

An hour later Buffy shows up at "the spot", the deserted dance club that she and Spike normally have their trysts at. She walks in the door to find the disco ball on the ceiling spinning and music coming from the speakers. She stands in the middle of the dance floor and notices that the place has never looked so spectacular. But she's all-alone, Spike must not be here yet. So she sets her bag down on the speaker and begins to dance alone. She will probably die dancing alone; she will never find the right someone. The someone that can handle the fact that for the rest of her life she will be a slayer, fighting evil forces and patrolling at night, who wants to compete with that?

" No one will ever understand me...."

Just then she feels a hand around her waist and one at her neck.

"I understand you love, I understand you better than anyone else ever will."

"Spike? Is that you?"

As Spike runs his right hand up the delicate neck bone of his one true love he notices that she's weeping and it's then that he turns her head ever so delicately and licks away the tears on her cheeks.

She tastes like cotton candy, no other lover he has ever had has ever tasted so sweet. He lifts her head up onto his chest and smoothes her hair back to lay his soft lips upon her neck, as he kisses her neck harder and harder his left hand travels up to her soft breasts, once there he notices that the little rosebuds that he longs to sensually kiss are already erect, awaiting his touch, his caress, his tweaking. He can feel her taut little nipples right through the chiffon blouse she's wearing, he knows she skipped the bra, as she always does when she "meets" him, vampires can't really be burdened with the modern workings of the device.

"Spike you make me feel so completely comfortable, you make me feel like what we're doing isn't going to matter to anyone but us, you make me feel....well.... you make me feel, normal. Like slaying has never been part of my life, like you and I are just 2 normal people meeting each other for a date, how is that possible when you are a vamp, and I am the one that is meant to end your existence?"

Buffy notices that her nipples are as erect as the empire state building and that deep within her is the hottest desire sweeping over her body, from the tip of her head to the bottom of her toes. Spike conjures up dirty little tricks in her mind, dirty little ideas that she wants so badly to act out. As Spike eases his way up her body she thinks the unthinkable. I wish he'd bite me. I wish that he would make me like him, a part of his world; this would be so much easier.

The music in the background grows more intense as Spike sucks harder and more intense on Buffy's neck, wishing, hoping that he doesn't get "that" feeling inside of him. He always hopes that he doesn't get "that" feeling inside of him when he's with her. He would never want to hurt Buffy, he loves her, and he knows she needs to know this or she'll never trust him completely.

"Buffy, I want to fuck you, I want to fill you up so deep that you will desire no other, so that you will know that you belong to me."

As he makes his confession his cock swells with intensity. He grows bigger with every fleeting moment and he knows that she can feel his manhood on the back of her skirt. He grinds into her deeper as he lets it known that she must become a part of him.

He whispers to her as her head slides backward onto him more and her eyes roll in the back of her head...

"I want you Buffy, I want to bend you over this speaker and fuck your brains out, I want to feel my huge cock deep inside of your wet little pussy and fill you up with all that I am as a being. Do you want me?"

"Yes I want you Spike, I want you to fuck me. I want you to make me part of you, I want to be like you, I want to be inside of you, inside of your body thinking your thoughts, feeling what it feels like to be you, to want to fuck me, feeling what it feels like to want to fuck me so hard that you and I become one."

Just then Spike's cock swells so big that he almost spews his load inside his own pants. He can't believe that she would ever say these things to him. She must love him; she has to. Could it be?

Spike spins Buffy around as he gingerly places his hand inside her wrap blouse to fondle her breast, her soft erect breast. In his hand it makes him even harder and that's when she says...

" Spike we need to talk...."

"Talk? We need to talk, now?" Pushing open her blouse he gently coddles her breast as his taut mouth covers it entirely. He begins to suck harder and harder as Buffy's breath slowly but surely turns into moaning. She can feel his cock on her skirt, right through the material, and she pushes deep into him, making sure he can feel the heat coming from her, even though she's still dressed.

"I'm going to bend you over that speaker there in a minute and I'm going to fuck your brains out, will that be ok?"

"Uh huh, yeah that's ok yeah that's going to be fine just keep doing what you're doing cause it's making me very wet..."

Just then Spike turns Buffy around, grabs both wrists behind her back, breasts exposed, and binds them together with a tie he pulls out of his pocket.

"What's this?" Buffy asks. She knows he will not answer her. She is his to do with what he wants, as always when she's with Spike. She adores being his slut. His concubine, his whore, his lover, his love, the whole time fearing, but not completely that she could at any moment, truly become one of his kind.

Spike leads Buffy over to the speaker where the music is pumping loudly, his erection is killing him now and he can't wait to spew his seed into Buffy's sweet warm pussy. He pushes Buffy up against the speaker and shoves her bound hands up onto the top of the speaker; he gently lifts the bottom of her skirt up her long soft legs, exposing the best site of all. The white cotton panties with little cherries on them, his favorite, he loves these the best, as they always remind him of her purity. He pulls them down her long legs, licking his way with his hot tongue, making her moan just a bit louder. She undulates her hips on the speaker and continues to moan, begging to be entered from behind.

Spike steps back and surveys the site he has created. A soft tight ass begging to be fucked, long silky legs with high heels just waiting for his cock to spew all over, and it's all his.

He walks up behind Buffy and softly rubs his hips on her, he grabs her neck and turns it to him, sucking her softly he then rips her blouse off from behind, tearing at it until her precious back is exposed to his ruby red lips.

He licks her spine, up and down until she moans even harder, and she begs him to fuck her. "Fuck me now Spike, I can't wait any longer, I'm going to cum without you and I want to cum with you. I need you, fuck me please."

He notices that her tight little ass is begging for it so he unzips his black pants, exposing his enormous cock and teases her with it a little bit longer, rubbing it up and around her fine little ass. He starts giving himself a hand job. He knows that Buffy can no longer wait so he shoves his huge cock deep inside her sopping wet pussy. He was barely inside when she let out a very loud moan and started panting, undulating her hips with each stroke.


"What's that Buff? You say we need to talk? As soon as...????? As soon as what?????"

Spike keeps fucking her and fucking her, her head is now swaying back and forth with such force that Spike thought he'd lose his load right then...

And then she did something he never suspected, she reached back with bound hands and wrapped herself around his neck, as she fell backwards his cock thrust deeper inside of her then he ever thought possible. Her whole body fell onto him and he caught her with his hands, the feel of her body against his leather coat felt incredible, the fact that she was stark naked and he was still completely dressed made him feel more in control then ever.

She bends over and touches her toes opening up her pussy even more, Spike grabs her hips and thrusts his cock deeper. With every single thrust her moaning gets louder and louder and then she says " Spike I'm .........going to cum.......are ........you......ready?"

Spike then thrusts deep inside of Buffy as deep as he could go, but he had an idea that he just had to try.

"Buffy, can I fuck you in the ass? Do you think that would keep you from cumming?"

"Oh my gosh Spike I thought you'd never ask to fuck me in the ass.....what....took ......you ......so long?"

Buffy stood up and jumped onto Spike kissing him wildly, tongues flailing around, and saliva flying. She pushed his head deep into her bosom and told him to suck her hard, hard enough so that she could see blood; she wanted to be with him always.

Spike sucked her taut little nipple so hard that he drew blood, just enough to suck on, and give him the taste of her. She was as sweet as he thought she'd be, and she was his, but not completely, he'd never take her to that world, never, she was too good for it.

Spike shoved Buffy up against the stairwell of the old club, and bent her over to hold onto the steps. He shoved his cock slowly, gently into her tight little ass; it was as tight as anything he'd ever felt before and he watched himself fuck her ass over and over and over again, pre-cum spilling out from inside.

"Fuck my ass Spike, fuck me harder, harder, harder, fuck my ass and spew your seed deep inside me.....I need you to."

"I'm fucking you Buffy, I'm fucking your ass deeper and deeper, and I'm going to cum inside you, do you want me to cum inside your ass?"

" Yes Spike cum inside my ass and spew all over my ass so I can rub it in with my fingers and taste you.....fuck me harder come on Spike fuuuuuck meeeeeeee..."

The motion got quicker and quicker until Spike couldn't handle it anymore and he spewed the biggest load of his life, all inside Buffy's asshole and all over her tight little ass.

Buffy reaches back and rubs her fingers in it and then licks her fingers dry, she hugs Spike and they both fall to the ground, spent with dizziness and lust. She falls on top of him and notices that he is crying.

Licking his tears she asks him "What's wrong Spike?"

"Nothing Buff, I just have to tell you something....Well I have to tell you something too...."

"You go first...." Spike said

"No it's ok.....having just thought about the best sex she's ever had, Buffy thought, what the hell, it can wait one more day, " it can wait."

Buffy I love you, thought Spike and I wish I could tell you..... " yeah so can mine love, lets catch a few...

"Spike?" Buffy whispered.

"Yes Buff."

"Thank you. Thank you for allowing me into your world, at least just for a little while."

"You're welcome love, you're quite welcome."

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