tagErotic CouplingsMy Second Piece of Ass Ch. 23

My Second Piece of Ass Ch. 23


It was 6:30 A.M on a Sunday morning in November and we had the day ahead of us. Laura had changed from her madam's dress to the loose fitting pants and shirt she so often wore. In twenty-five minutes I would have her undressed and we would be in her bed. She took her seat on the passenger's side but when I started to close the car door she grabbed me by my jacket lapels and pulled me to her.

"You smell like a whorehouse," she said accusingly. I thought she was joking. We had just come out of the brothel. I kissed her but she pulled back. "And you taste like sausage." I still thought she was kidding. I had had two helpings of everything on the breakfast table.

As I closed the door it was evident that she was serious. A few minutes before she had grinned back at me from across the table. Now, her jaw was set and her eyes told me she was angry about something. Was it Rosita's smell? That would be easy to explain.

I wanted to talk about something else on the way home. I wanted to tell her about the meeting with Mr. Waite and being awarded the contract to dismantle one of the houses he had bought. Instead I had to tell about Sylvia being there when the telephone rang. Before I knew it I was not telling, I was explaining about how Jimmy and I had secured the front of a business with plywood where thieves had knocked out the glass. I was explaining how upset Rosita had been, how I had massaged her shoulders and neck and how she had gone to sleep beside me. Laura sat silently, staring straight ahead as I explained how I had gone to sleep and been awakened by a barking dog.

"Where was your girlfriend?" Laura wanted to know, looking my way for the first time.

"She's not my girlfriend. I mean, she's mad at me. I think we're breaking up. She's gone away for the weekend." I had put my foot in my mouth. There was no way I was going to tell Laura why Huley was mad at me, even if I had to lie. She was not to know that I had stood Huley up twice because of her.

"And her father?" She wasn't interested in why Huley and I were breaking up. That was a relief.

"They're together. Huley went with him."

"What's their name? You talk about Huley and Rosita but what's their name?" This was not like Laura. She had never asked me probing questions before. Was she jealous? Did she not trust me?

"There's something I left out," I said, trying to change the subject. I told her about waking when the dog barked and discovering my hand on Rosita's tit with her hand covering mine. I told of my thinking, this woman is 17 years older than me and told of my feet being asleep and how I had crawled to the kitchen before I could raise myself up.

Laura snickered at my shock of discovering my hand on Rosita's tit but she soon recovered.

"What's the family name?" She was being persistent about the name. I was going to have to tell her it was Ollie Pettersen, the man who had bought the Corvette from her and later, when she wouldn't give him what he wanted, had burned her butt with a cigarette.

"Do you remember when I said there was one thing I couldn't tell you?" I was trying one last thing.

"What's that got to do with the family name?" She asked. I had never seen Laura in a hostile mood before. It scared me.

"That's what I can't tell you. I mean I can, if you insist I will," I said, crumbling.

Laura was pensive. I drove and watched her out of the corner of my eye. She was biting her lip, and then she nodded. She had it. "It's him isn't it? Does he have a Mexican wife?"

"Her father's Mexican American. Her mother's Swedish I think. Remember I told you Huley has blond hair? She's one quarter Mexican."

"You've been screwing Ollie Pettersen's daughter?" Laura was screaming at me. Tears were welling in her eyes. I had not seen her that upset for a long time.

"Only once," I said defensively.

"You've been with her at school and the party you told me about. You've been to their house. How could you? He's an animal and you've been hob-knobbing with him."

We were pulling into our driveway. I pressed the breaks and reached for her. "Let me explain." She fought me off.

"I'm not touching you until you wash that whore smell off," she said, getting out of the car and running toward the back door.

She ran through the new room ahead of me without stopping to see the new paint and the way the floor glistened. I rang the new doorbell but Laura pretended she didn't notice.

To make matters worse I had not put clean sheets on her bed. It had been stripped since the day we played restraint. It must have been the bare bed that brought her to her senses. She may have realized that I had been busy. She turned to give me an appraising look.

"Take your shower. I'll make the bed," she said, sounding almost sympathetic.

But the sympathy she may have felt did not last. While in the shower I heard water running. Laura was scrubbing her makeup off. When I closed the bedroom door behind me the room was dark. All I could see was the light on the answering machine which reminded me I had vowed not to let a ringing phone disturb us.

"What are you doing?" Laura said from her side of the bed.

"I'm unplugging the phone," I said. There was no response.

By feel, I discovered that she was wearing the long night gown. Not a good sign, I thought. But she didn't object when I put my arm around her. She covered my hand on her stomach with hers.

"Anything else you want to know?" While showering I had decided to tell all.

"Later," she said, patting my hand. She sounded tired.

Keeping secrets from her had been hard. I was glad she had found out the identity of Huley's father. I wanted to tell her everything but she had said later. Feeling her hand slip from mine I knew she had gone to sleep.

I was tired too but I could not sleep. I was letting Laura's bad disposition bother me and the large breakfast I had eaten didn't help. Getting out of bed I tiptoed out of the room and walked from room to room. On the kitchen table were three glasses. The one Sylvia had used was empty but mine had not been touched. The straight scotch smelled strong. Lifting the glass to my lips I took several sips and chased them with the water I had poured earlier for Sylvia.

When I returned to the bed Laura reached for me. "Hold me," she murmured in the dark. With her in my arms everything seemed better. When I awoke Laura was not in the bed.

"There was nothing to eat in the refrigerator so I found your car keys and went to the store," Laura said when I found her in the kitchen. She came to me for a kiss. Her hands felt warm on my bare back and her cheek was soft against mine.

"That's something else I haven't had time to do," I lamented. Sylvia often brought groceries when we had dinner together but I had not told her Laura was going to be home for the day. I hadn't had a haircut for a month and had not cleaned or done housekeeping chores for weeks.

"Can you find time for a shave?" she laughed, brushing her hand across my chin.

We had a sandwich and a glass of milk. There was a bowl of fruit in the center of the table. Laura gazed across the table at me like she was seeing me for the first time.

"When were you going to tell me?" Her voice was calm and mellow, quite a change from the early morning when she had first discovered that I had been, 'hob knobbing,' as she put it, with Ollie Pettersen.

"As long as I could, I guess. But now I'm glad you found out," I answered, being very careful to make eye contact. She watched me speak, casually peeling a banana.

"Did I hear you're breaking up with Huley? Why?"

I nodded and took a banana from the bowl. "She's breaking up with me because I've broken two dates in as many weeks," I said, wishing immediately that I had explained the reason for the breakup differently. There was any number of other causes that made the breakup inevitable.

Laura was pensive. Cautiously, she asked, "did you break the dates because of me?"

I had sworn to myself never to let her know but in a way I was glad she had made the discovery. "The first one was the Wednesday afternoon when we went to lunch and then shopping. The second was Friday night when I went with Wanda to pick up the new girls."

"Oh my, oh my, it was me. Honey, I'm so sorry. Why didn't you say something?"

I laughed at her, thinking that she would see my lack of concern over loosing Huley. When she didn't respond I told her about Huley being a self-absorbed spoiled girl who let her temper rule her behavior. "She has a lot of Ollie in her."

"If she's that bad why did you get involved with her?"

Since I was revealing the one secret I had been keeping I decided to answer honestly. "Two reasons. She's a very attractive girl. She drives your car. By getting to her I was getting to Ollie."

"NO!" Laura's mouth flew open and she was out of her seat, flying toward me. "NO! I won't have it. He's a dangerous man." Her arms were around my neck and she was kissing my face. I felt her damp cheek next to mine.

I pulled her into my lap. She sat there but she was on edge. With her left arm around my neck she alternated telling me to end my plan to get even with Ollie and hitting me on the shoulder with her free hand. The third time she banged my shoulder it was beginning to hurt. When she did it again I slapped her ass a few times and the next time she did it I slapped her ass harder. Her state of agitation was dwindling. The next time I slapped her ass she giggled. It became apparent that she was hitting my shoulder so I would slap her on the butt.

Suddenly she jumped up and shed her pants and shirt. She took her seat on my lap wearing only panties and a bra. My cock was beginning to stir in my shorts.

We talked for an hour. I told her about seeing the blue vein in Ollie's forehead when Huley wanted to take me to her room and again when we had gotten home late from the party. I told her about Ollie striking his daughter and how Rosita had settled him down. I even told her that I had given Huley the nickname and gotten Ollie's attention when I had called his daughter Tess.

"I don't like it. You don't know what he's capable of."

"Don't you see? He knows that I know. The night he hit Huley I told him he may as well have burned her on the butt with a cigarette."

"You didn't!" She exclaimed, hitting my shoulder again which escalated into another round of trading shoulder hits for ass slaps. I soon had her giggling again. She was beginning to take notice that my cock was expanding beneath her.

"As of last night I've slept with his wife and both daughters."

"I thought you said nothing happened," Laura said, pushing herself away to look at me.

"Nothing did happen. We fell asleep together on the same couch, that's all," I said.

"I'm glad nothing happened," she said, rubbing her bra against my chest.

"Ollie doesn't know that. And now he's indebted to me. I've got him where I want him," I boasted.

"Stop talking that way. Let's forget the whole thing. My ass has been repaired like new."

She stood and turned her back to me. "Want to see?"

There was so much more I wanted her to know. I had not told her how Sylvia had been dressed and how she had acted the night before when we were interrupted by the telephone call from Rosita. I had not told her about the meeting with Mr. Waite and Sid Parker, the property manager. I was still excited about getting the contract to dismantle the old house. But her offer was too attractive to turn down. I followed her into the bedroom.

We left the door open to partially light the darkened room. Laura turned and came to me. We kissed and I rubbed her back between the bra strap and her panties. I would have been content to remain in the embrace but she had other ideas.

"If you want to see my butt you'll have to pull my panties down," she whispered in my ear.

I went to my knees and looked up at her. She turned her back to me and I lowered her panties. In the soft light from the hallway I could see both cheeks of her ass, smooth and curved. "They're both perfect. I can't tell which one was repaired," I said, kissing her left cheek.

"That's not the one," she said.

"I know. But it's the one I was smacking in the kitchen," I said, giving the left cheek another kiss.

"No it isn't," she corrected me. She was looking over her shoulder at me, having kicked off the panties.

"I know," I said, slapping the left cheek and then kissing it. She giggled. I did it again.

"Do the other one," she said, pleading and giggling in the same breath.

I kissed her right cheek where it had been repaired, making Laura shiver. I slapped the cheek and kissed it again.

"Let me do you now," she said as I gave her right cheek another slap followed by a kiss.

Obediently, I rose to my feet and turned my back to her. Laura lowered herself to her knees behind me and took hold of my shorts. She pulled them down slowly.

"Kick them off and spread your legs," she coaxed. I complied.

"More," she said, "I want to see your balls dangle while I play with your butt."

I felt her lips touch my left cheek, followed by a loud slap. She squeezed the cheeks of my ass, slapped them and kissed them, alternating from one side to the other. The sequence of the kisses, slaps and squeezing became random until I didn't know what to expect next. I felt her small hand lift my balls and felt her lips suck the sack into her mouth. Kisses, slaps, squeezes and sucking were coming in on particular order. She was making me crazy and very hard.

"What would you like? I'll do anything you want," she said as she rose to her feet and turned me around to face her. She looked down at my cock, appraising the results of her efforts. "And I mean any.....thing, ennie....thingie," her voice low and gruff.

"I would like to take off you bra for starters."

She turned her back to me. I found two little clips and undid them. Pushing the shoulder straps down I let go and watched Laura lower her arms to let the bra drop to the floor. She turned her head when I cupped both breasts in my hands, standing well in back of her because my cock was standing straight out between us.

"Does Rosita have big tits? Mine must seem small. Is this how you slept with her?" She teased.

"I don't know how big her tits are. It wasn't like this at all," I said, rolling her tits in my hands.

"You said you woke up with your hand on her tit and she was holding it there," Laura said, placing her hands on top of mine.

"I didn't say that. I didn't squeeze her tit the way I'm doing yours. I didn't roll her nipples the way I'm rolling yours," I said, playing along with her teasing.

She turned to me. "You didn't say what you want to do. Did you hear me say I would do anything you want?"

She moved from side to side, bumping my cock with her stomach each time she moved. I had an idea.

"Let's do C. C. Stone."

"What's that?" Laura asked, curious.

"You said your husband was self conscious about the size of his cock and you told him he was huge to build up his self esteem. Let's do C. C. Stone."

"With that?" She asked, looking down at my cock.

"We'll only use part of it."

"Are you sure that's what you want to do? Did you hear my offer to do anything you want?"

I was sure. Once Laura heard that I wanted to do C. C. Stone she took over.

"Do you have one of those rubbers left?" she asked, referring to the package of prophylactics I had bought when I was dating Lacy.

"Don't tell me C. C. Stone wouldn't do it without a rubber," I said, ready to do something else if I was going to have to wear a rubber to do C. C. Stone.

Laura wanted to use only part of the rubber as a marker. Cutting off the balloon, she rolled the band from the rubber down my cock to simulate the length of C. C. Stone's cock. I congratulated her for her inventiveness but had to stop her when she could not decide where to place the marker. She kept rolling the band back and forth, teasing me unmercifully. Satisfied with the placement of the band she jumped into the center of the bed.

"Now C. C., you know you can't put that giant thing in me until I'm ready," she said, spreading her legs wide and watching me approach from the end of the bed. "You'll have to do something to get my little pussy to open for you."

"What would you suggest?" I asked, seeing that her cunt was moist.

"Oh, C. C., I don't know. I'm just a little Alabama girl. What do the sailors talk about doing for girls when you're out at sea?"

"Well, the guys talk about licking a girl and finding her clit and sucking on it but I don't know if it would work on a little Alabama girl. I've never heard them talk about Alabama girls. They only talk about girls they find in sea ports. They say it works real well on sea port girls."

"C. C., we could try it on this Alabama girl. It might work," Laura said demurely.

She sucked in air as my tongue touched her labia. She tucked both legs back, folded at the knees. I kissed her ass cheeks and licked her slit with robust abandon.

"Oh, C.C., I think its working."

She was teasing me but I didn't care. She made grunting sounds and squealed when I made the slightest contact with her clit. She praised me saying, "C.C. you're doing it. You're making me a sea port girl."

But when she slipped and said, "Randy, fuck me," I laughed to myself. I would remind her later.

When I moved up to comply with her demand I saw that she had let go of one leg and placed her hand on her mouth, aware of her slip up.

"Careful C.C. Remember, I'm just a little Alabama girl."

She took my cock and eased it into her, feigning a look of shock on her face as I went in. I watched for the marker where I would stop.

"Oh, C.C., don't move. Let me get used to you. You're so big."

"Does it hurt?"

"A little," she said, grinning. "Kiss me; kiss your little Alabama girl."

I thought she was playing a trick, wanting me to push the rest of the way in but she just wanted to kiss. With her mouth open she probed deeply with her tongue.

"Thank you," she said when she released me.

"Thank you," I answered, smiling down at her.

"Thank you for saving yourself for me. That's what I meant." Her eyes were moist and there was a maudlin look on her face.

Then she was back in character. "C.C. you're filling me up. It's so good the way you bang me with that bat between your legs."

I was being careful to not go deeper than the marker and Laura was careful too, only meeting my trusts half way. I picked up speed and she picked up speed with her praise, saying C.C. over and over.

Then I noticed two things. She had released her legs and had a hand between us. I felt her fingers on my cock. She was adjusting the marker. When I looked down I could see that she had moved it about an inch, an ingenuous look on her face.

"Oh, C.C., you're getting bigger. You're growing right before our eyes," she said gleefully, fully matching my thrusts.

I abandoned keeping a watchful eye on the marker, disregarding my role as C.C. Stone and Laura was no longer saying his name. She had wrapped her legs around mine and was breathlessly urging me on with grunts and squeals. We had forgotten C.C. Stone. The marker was pushed back as far as it would go. I felt her legs give mine a tremendous squeeze and go limp. I pushed into her deep and waited for my seed to eject. Her fingers were entwined in my long hair. Neither of us said anything, we were too exhausted to talk.

After a shower the pillow talk was fun but serious. Laura thanked me again for saving myself for her, admitting that thinking of me with another woman made her jealous.

"Was that what was bothering you this morning?" I asked.

"I smelled her on you and let my mind run wild. I'm sorry I was suspicious," she said.

"I didn't tell you about Sylvia. I think she was up to something and I have to say I don't honestly know what I would have done if she had come on to me."

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