tagGay MaleMy Secret Dreams Come True Ch. 6

My Secret Dreams Come True Ch. 6


As you recall, I have always been attracted to men. It always bothered me until I went to college. That is where I met Will. He calmed my fears and I fell in love with him. I knew he loved me too. Soon after I returned from Christmas Vacation I worked up the guts to tell my girlfriend and break up with her. She was upset and I felt bad but what else could I do.

Soon the semester was over and it was time to go home for the summer. I was thinking about telling my parents but I was scared. I shared my fears with Will. He shared with me how scared he was to tell his parents. He volunteered to go home with me and support me. I told him it would really help so he called his parents and told them he wouldn't be coming home for a while.

My whole body was shaking when I walked through the front door. I was glad that Will was with me. I asked my parents to sit in the living room with me. With Will sitting right beside me I told them everything. Well, almost everything. I didn't give details but I did tell them that I was in love with Will. My mother was indifferent as usual. My father on the other hand, had a look of shock with a mix of disappointment. He didn't yell like I feared he would. He just sat there and never said a single word to me. Finally after what seemed like an eternity he suggested that we go up to my room and get ourselves settled.

I felt like I had let my parents down. I almost broke down crying in the middle of our unpacking. Will just held me in his strong steady arms and assured me once again that everything would be okay.

When we finished unpacking it was late in the afternoon and it was hot. I suggested that we go swimming. We pulled on our swimsuits and headed out. I lay my towel out on the grass and lay down for a while to enjoy the sun and hopefully get a tan. Will slipped his shorts off and dove straight into the water. He surfaced and looked up at me with a devilish grin. "Take your shorts off," he demanded.

"I would much rather keep them on," I said.

"If you don't take them off I'm sleeping in a separate room tonight."

I smiled and put my hands up to my face in mock horror. I reluctantly stripped and dove in after him. The water was cold against my skin and I got goose bumps. He swam over to me and embraced me. I enjoyed the feel of his naked flesh pressed against mine. He latched onto me and kissed me. My body melted at his touch.

Then for some reason he dragged me into deeper water. We ended up at the opposite end near the diving board. The water there was twelve feet deep. He dragged me away from the sides of the pool. He took a deep breath and pressed his lips hard to mine. Then he wrapped his arms and legs around me and we sank. We dropped down to the bottom and I was standing on the concrete floor under the water! He grabbed my head and kissed me long and deep. There was no way I could get to the surface but I didn't care. I felt that as long as I was in his arms I didn't need air. My lungs were aching and my head was spinning but I made no attempt to move. Then suddenly he broke away and kicked up to the surface. I was too dizzy and disoriented to move. I just stayed there on the bottom. Once he realized that I hadn't come back up with him he dove back down for me. I felt him grab my arm and pull me up. I took a big deep breath when my head was back at the surface.

He lifted me up out of the water and let me sit on the edge. He proceeded to kiss my feet and worked up to my inner thighs. My cock stirred at his touch. I was fully erect when his mouth was just inches away from my balls. He pushed his tongue out and let it slide over my balls and the base of my cock. I fell back and groaned in pleasure. Then he let it slide into his mouth. He ran is tongue along the underside as it slid deeper into his throat. I was in heaven! His fingertips gently rubbed across my chest and sides. I just lay there enjoying these sensations. He continued sucking for what was about ten minutes. I felt I was going to cum soon. I thought about warning him, but amazingly he must have already known because he started sucking even harder. It wasn't hard to tell how much he wanted my cum. It wasn't long before I was shooting hot cream down his throat. He swallowed it all down greedily and continued to clean up after my orgasm had subsided. He reluctantly let my softening meat slip from his mouth and let himself fall back in the water. I dove back in and chased after him. I caught up to him and kissed him yet again, trying to catch a taste of my cum.

Yet again he made me feel more relaxed about touching and loving him. Any guilt I had about disappointing my father melted away. Then for some reason I looked up at the house. At his bedroom window I saw my younger brother, and he was watching us! I made Will aware of it too. He just grinned and told me not to worry about it…

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