tagFetishMy Sensitive Breasts

My Sensitive Breasts


I was a slow developer as far as my breasts were concerned. All my friends at school seemed to have them months before me. But at last mine were beginning to form. I would inspect myself daily if not hourly. I was so keen for them to develop. This day I stood naked in front of the mirror in my bedroom admiring them. I lifted my hands to them and held them. I liked the way they felt. I rubbed a finger over the nipples and immediately they hardened. This I liked even more.

The more I rubbed them the harder and larger they became. I adored the feeling I was getting. I felt strange in between my legs. I became damp and had a lovely feeling spreading all over that part of my body. At that age I had no idea what was happening. I carried on rubbing and playing with my nipples. It felt even nicer down below.

Suddenly I had this wonderful feeling rushing through my body. I didn't know at the time but I had just had my first orgasm. I was so wet that I thought I had peed myself. My legs were wet as my juices poured out of me. I was a little worried at what had happened but that was overcome by the wonderful feeling I had experienced. I made this a daily occurrence, often twice and sometimes three times a day. I started chatting to girl friends and none of them had experienced what I had but they thought it was something called an orgasm. I couldn't talk to my parents as we never spoke about anything like that. In the meantime I continued to play with my nipples.

The harder and rougher I was with them, the better it felt, and each time I would have an orgasm. I found that the best ones were when I had my legs wide open and this liquid that I now know to be my pussy juices sprayed out of me. I also found that I liked the smell of these juices when I cleaned myself. After a few times I started to lick my fingers afterwards and found that not only did I like the smell but that I also liked the taste. One Saturday at the library I found a book on sex education. I was too ashamed to borrow the book so I slipped it into my bag and stole it.

I rushed home, went straight to my room and read the book. I found out that I had been having orgasms. I also found out that although breasts and nipples were sensitive it was unusual to have an orgasm by playing just with your breasts. I felt honoured that I could have an orgasm this way. I also read that the easiest way to have an orgasm was by playing with your clitoris. I had to look at the diagram in the book to find out where mine was. But when I did I wasted no time in playing with it. As one hand tweaked a nipple the other played with my clit.

My orgasm was mindblowing and soaked my bedcovers. It appeared it was also rare for women to ejaculate when they orgasmed and that most times their pussy juices tend to flow and not ejaculate. I was also very interested to read about how boys had orgasms and wanted to see it in real life. I didn't really have much opportunity to meet boys so I knew that would have to wait. I continued my masturbating on a regular basis and never a day went by when I didn't have an orgasm. I always played with my nipples as well as my clit and always ejaculated. I had to make sure I had a towel on the bed. My favourite place was in the shower. I would direct the jet of water direct onto my clit. Both of my hands played with my nipples and as I stood with my legs apart I would cum with enormous force and ejaculate my pussy juices all over the floor of the shower.

I would then turn the shower off and put my fingers inside my pussy and lick them and taste my pussy juices. I loved the taste so much that it turned me on again and I would play with one of my nipples as I sucked and licked my pussy juices off my other fingers and would give myself another orgasm. I loved the taste so much of my cunt juices that I was getting really naughty. I placed a plastic measuring jug underneath my cunt so that when I came I would ejaculate my cunt juices direct into it. Then when I was alone at night I would delight in drinking my own cunt juices. I loved filling my mouth with them and playing with my cunt and nipples and making myself cum while I had my cunt juices swishing around in my mouth. I was beginning to worry that I was getting addicted to playing with myself and giving myself orgasms and behaving in this depraved way.

But I couldn't help it. I loved the feeling. I loved to cum. I learnt other words for everything. I called my pussy my cunt. When I orgasmed I cum. I finger fucked my cunt. My nipples were getting larger all the time and more sensitive. I only had to stroke them and I needed to cum. Even on the bus home from school I would secretly put my hand inside my coat and play with a nipple through my blouse and bra and make myself cum. I started using panty liners to protect my panties. I didn't want my mother seeing how soiled my panties were becoming. The more I played with my nipples the larger they became.

I realised how fortunate I was being able to cum by playing with my nipples as well as my clit. All my friends could only cum by masturbating their clit. The trouble was that whenever my nipples hardened for whatever reason I would have an orgasm, even if it was only a small one. A few times it almost got me in trouble when I was swimming with my parents and I got cold and my nipples hardened and I orgasmed in front of them. I told them I just felt a little unwell. As I got older boys started asking me out on dates. I was happy to let them play with my tits and cunt but didn't want them to fuck me yet. They would always start off by playing with my tits and of course I would cum and then they would play with my cunt and I would cum again.

The first time a boy wanted we to wank him off I wasn't sure what to do so I made him do it and I put my hand over his and learnt that way. It was always night time when I was with a boy and I desperately wanted to watch him cum. I wanted to watch him ejaculate. I arranged for a boy to come round to my house one Saturday afternoon when Mum and Dad were shopping. We went to my room and he wanted to fuck me, but I wouldn't let him. I wanted to watch him cum. We undressed and lay on the bed. For the first time I saw a naked erect cock. I thought it looked great. He started playing with my nipples and I grabbed his cock and started rubbing my hand up and down it like he showed me. After a few minutes I was about to cum even though he was still only playing with my nipples. I rubbed his cock faster and sat up so I could watch it. I opened my legs and ejaculated my cunt juice as he bought me to my first orgasm. Almost at the same time.

I felt his cock twitching and I was amazed as he shot his cum about 2 feet into the air and it landed on my chest. I kept rubbing until he had emptied his balls. I decided there and then that I loved watching cocks shoot their spunk out. I dipped my fingers into his cum and tasted it. Although it didn't smell as nice as my own cunt juices I admit I did like the taste and decided that at some stage I would want him to cum in my mouth. My sex life continued like this for a number of months. There was a lot of playing with each other. Any opportunity we got to spend in bed or be alone we would play with each other and then cum. He wanted to lick and suck my cunt and I was more than happy to let him as long as I could suck him off and let him cum in my mouth.

This time it was at his house. We undressed and I told him not to play with my nipples as I wanted him to suck my cunt and make me cum. I spread my legs and he lay between them and his tongue soon found my clit. I was in heaven. I couldn't stop myself as I started playing with my nipples. In a matter of minutes I was on the verge of cumming. The combination of his tongue and lips on my clit and my fingers on my nipples pushed me over the edge and I ejaculated all over his face. He was shocked as his face got soaked with my cunt juices. Then it was his turn. I lay beside him. His cock was already hard. I put it in my mouth and could smell the taste of his cum.

Although I loved to watch him shoot his cum out, this time I wanted to feel it in my mouth. I sucked and wanked his cock and gripped it tight with my lips. He reached out and pinched one of my nipples. I wanked him faster. Soon his balls and cock were twitching. I kept my lips glued tight around him as he shot his spunk deep into my mouth. The first burst shocked me as it hit the back of my throat. It felt so hot as the second, third and fourth shot hit the inside of my mouth. Soon my mouth was full of his spunk. I took his cock out of my mouth and rolled my tongue around and got the full taste of his spunk. As he continued playing with my nipple I put his other hand on my other tit and in a matter of seconds I was cumming again with my mouth still full of his spunk. As I came this time he quickly put his face down to my cunt and clamped his mouth over my cunt and this time I ejaculated deep into his mouth. We parted and kissed each other, transferring each others cum juices into each others mouth.

I wasn't ready to be fucked. I was getting as much pleasure as I needed with my boyfriend and with my own fingers. Even after I had been with him, when I went to bed my hands would wander to my nipples and an orgasm would soon follow. I was still ejaculating my cum and had to be careful not to make too much mess. After a long hot summer and lots of sucking and wanking I was ready to have my first fuck. Although I enjoyed having a cock in my cunt, disaster struck and I became pregnant.

Eventually I realised I would have to tell my parents. They went mad at first, but then we sat down and decided what to do. Although I didn't want a baby I didn't agree with abortion and eventually my family and I decided that I should have the baby and then get it adopted. Everything was fine for the first five months. I was still playing with my myself and making myself cum every day in between sucking and now fucking my boyfriend. However, my tits were getting larger and my nipples even more so. Before I became pregnant they were almost one inch long when erect but now measured almost 2 inches.

They were also even more sensitive and it only needed a cool breeze to make them erect and I would cum. I decided to speak to my doctor. I made an appointment to see a lady doctor. I felt very uneasy as I walked into the surgery. I told her what the problem was and how my nipples had always been very sensitive and what effect they were having on me. She said she could probably prescribe some desensitising cream. She asked me take my blouse and bra off. My nipples were beginning to harden. The doctor looked at them and then slowly rubbed them.

This was the first time a female had touched me and I was concerned because I enjoyed the way she was examining them. They hardened even more and I told her she had better stop but she said she needed to find out how sensitive they were. In a few minutes I was standing there and there was this female doctor making me cum. I looked at her face and could clearly see that she was enjoying what she was doing to me. I am sorry to admit it but I was also enjoying it. I was soon cumming into my panties. The doctor then put her hands inside my panties and felt how wet I was. She said she had to do this to confirm that what I had told her was correct, but I suspect she did it for her own pleasure.

She prescribed me some desensitising cream and I went to the pharmacy to collect it. When I got home I undressed and started rubbing the cream into my nipples but it had no effect on them and I ended up massaging the cream into my nipples and giving myself another orgasm. As my pregnancy progressed my tits and nipples continued to grow as my milk started forming. My nipples started leaking milk and I had to buy a special bra. My boyfriend loved it though because he could fuck me without using any contraception and he loved sucking my nipples and sucking my milk out. Also I loved it when he went down on me and licked my cunt as I would play with my nipples and as I came I would spray milk out of my tits. It was if I was cumming from my cunt and my tits at the same time.

He loved sucking my milk and I admit I loved it too. I wanted to suck my own tits and taste my own milk but as hard as I tried I couldn't quite manage it. But I would squirt my milk into a jug and then drink it later while I played with myself. My pregnancy continued until one day I got a letter from my doctor asking me to see her again. I called in the next day and she asked me how the desensitising cream was working. I told that it wasn't. She asked me to take my blouse and bra off. As I did so I saw the same look on her face as before. My nipples were starting to leak milk.

She said she needed to test my milk supply. She found two plastic suction pumps and put one on my nipple and started to pump the rubber bulb. My nipple almost exploded. It grew instantly to over 2 inches in length and my milk shot out into the plastic suction cup. At the same time I had an enormous orgasm and almost fell over with the force. The feelings were wonderful. The look on the doctors face told me she was enjoying what she was doing to me. She asked me if I wanted the other tit done. I told her I did. She suggested that I sat on the couch this time. She stood very close to me and took her time fitting the suction cup over my nipple making sure she touched my tit at every opportunity. She saw that my legs were quite wide apart and made sure she was leaning against me.

I could see in her eyes that she was very turned on, but I didn't care, I was getting too much pleasure to worry about that. She asked me if I was ready. I told her I was. Suddenly I felt her hand in between my legs. It wasn't doing anything but was just pressed hard against my cunt. Then she started squeezing the rubber pump and again my tit almost exploded as my milk shot out into it and filled the plastic cup. I came instantly and I felt the doctors hand press against my cunt as I came. She kept her hand there and started rubbing me as she felt the wetness of my cunt juices through my panties. She asked me if I liked what she was doing. I told her I did. She leant down and took one of my nipples into her mouth and sucked it hard between her lips. I felt my milk spurt out into her mouth and as I looked down I saw my doctor sucking on my enlarged nipple clearly enjoying what she was doing.

Meanwhile her other hand had eased inside my panties and was stroking my clit. My orgasm was only a few seconds away and I saw that the doctors other hand was inside her white coat and she was obviously playing with herself at the same time she was making me cum. I came with a huge force as the doctors fingers plunged deep inside my cunt. The look on her face told me that she had cum as well. We made ourselves respectable and reverted back to a doctor and patient situation. I asked her if I could have 2 of the plastic suction pumps in case I needed them again. She said she was quite happy to do so but suggested that I made a regular appointment with her so that she could do it herself and thereby make sure it was done correctly. She suggested that I made it her last appointment of the day so that she wouldn't have to rush it.

I knew that what she really meant was that she wanted to take as much time as necessary and without being disturbed. Although I thought I didn't have any lesbian tendencies I was more than happy to get involved with my female doctor. I visited her every week and she didn't bother with the suction pumps but would suck my milk out of my tits herself while playing with herself at the same time. I would have two orgasms as she sucked each tit and she would always cum once as she played with herself. She would wear her white coat but had nothing on underneath. As she sucked my tits I would play with her tits and squeeze her nipples. She told me that once the baby was born she hoped I would keep visiting her and that she wanted to suck and lick my cunt and for me to ejaculate my cunt juices into her mouth.

My active sex life continued until the last week of my pregnancy and I gave birth eventually to a little girl. I cuddled her for a short while until she was handed over to her new parents who would give her what I couldn't.

My doctor called in to see me about a week after the birth to see if I was alright. She told me I needed some pills to dry up my milk supply or alternatively she would be happy to use the suction pumps on me to drain me of my milk. She suggested that the best way would be to pump it out as that was the most natural and that I could either call round to her surgery or she was happy to visit me. She said she would prefer to visit me and I knew why. I was also happy for this. I loved the thought of her licking my clit and me cumming in her mouth and it would also give me the opportunity to return the compliment to her and get my first taste of another cunt.

I soon recovered from the birth and although my boyfriend had by now disappeared I was soon back to my old ways and playing with my nipples and clit. My doctor phoned and asked if she could call round later that day. My parents would be out and I was more than happy to see her. I was excited at the prospect of being with her and looked forward to a taste of cunt and played with my nipples and made myself cum as I squeezed my milk from my tits.

The doctor arrived early afternoon and came in wearing her white coat. As soon as she realised we were alone she undid her coat and slipped it off her shoulders and stood there totally naked in her high heel shoes. We went into my bedroom and I quickly undressed. She immediately took one of my tits into her mouth and sucked heavily on my nipple and taking my milk into her mouth where she was happy to swallow it. In the meantime I was playing with one of her tits, and although not as large as mine her nipples responded to my massaging and were soon very erect. My other hand was busy between her wide open legs playing with her clit and finger fucking her.

She said she wanted me to ejaculate over her face so she wanted to cum first. I moved in between her legs and tasted her cunt for the first time. I loved the smell of her cunt juices and as I sucked her clit her orgasm cascaded through her body and I got the full effect of her cunt on my mouth. Now we changed places, but I sat up against the headboard as I wanted to watch her suck my cunt. I played with my nipples and squeezed my milk out in a fine spray all over her back. With her sucking and licking my clit and my own nipple playing I was soon cumming. I told her I was almost there and she clamped her mouth tightly against my cunt opening as I ejaculated my cunt juices deep into her mouth. When I eventually stopped cumming. She sat up and kissed me transferring my cunt juices into my own mouth. We continued this for another couple of hours with my doctor sucking on my tits and draining me of this weeks supply of milk.

This relationship and experience continued for a number of months with both us enjoying each others bodies and bodily fluids. Eventually I met other boys and had relationships with both males and females. My nipples are still as sensitive as ever and I still cum as easily as ever. When I eventually had another baby my husband would suck my milk out of my tits and I would always cum at the same time.

Yes I have very sensitive nipples which have given me and continue to give me much sexual satisfaction.

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Everyone has a fetish

Those could be almost anything, but the truth is, everyone has some form of sexuality, some form of illicit desire. Seeing people everywhere, dressed, society pretends that none of them ever do anythingmore...

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Titty Freak

All of my life I have wanted my nipples sucked even before I developed breasts.
I had two girl cousins my age and when I was with one or the other we suckled until I was six or seven.
I need my tits suckedmore...

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