tagGroup SexMy Sex Life Ch. 09

My Sex Life Ch. 09


Chapter 10: Turning Defeat Into Victory

Well, after all the hype and expectation, the end result, although probably the right one, was still a huge disappointment. It was yet another in a long line of glorious failures. Yes, I'm talking about Scotland crashing out of Euro 2008 at the hands of Italy, aided and abetted by some dubious decisions on the part of the match officials.

But all was not lost thanks to Colin and Danny, who kept Katie and I company during and after the match.

We stopped for a couple of drinks on the way back to their flat and Katie and I got quite a few offers in the pub but the boys had already staked their claim on us and, having done some discreet preliminary explorations during the game, Katie and I were both eager to see and get our hands (and other parts of us) on certain parts of them.

When we got back to their flat, we started off, me with Danny and Katie with Colin, kissing, fondling, and generally just getting naked. There was no real consideration as to how we paired off; Katie and I both knew that by the end of the evening we would both have had both of them so we just went with the flow.

It didn't take Katie and I long to start getting down to business. Almost as soon as we were all out of our clothes, Katie and I were on our knees, each in front of our selected guy, with their cocks in our mouths.

Danny's cock was a good eight inches long and pretty thick. He sighed as I stretched my lips around it and began to work my mouth back and forth along its length. From what I could hear and what I could see out of the corner of my eye, Colin was just as appreciative of Katie's efforts as Danny was of mine.

As we feasted on their cocks, Katie and I swapped back and forth a few times, giving them the benefit of both of our mouths. Colin's cock wasn't quite as long as Danny's but it was just as thick and I knew that I was going to enjoy having both his and Danny's inside me. I was also sure that Katie would enjoy them every bit as much as me. That was still in the future though and, for the present, Katie and I just concentrated on giving the guys the blow-jobs of their lives.

With Katie and I swapping swapping between them, sucking them both for all that we were worth, it wasn't long until Danny and Colin were close to bursting point. We got back into our original pairs and concentrated on finishing them off.

Pre-cum was oozing out of Danny's cock as I sucked it deep into my mouth. As I sucked, I stroked his cock with one hand and used my other to play with his balls.

Danny was groaning. His cock was twitching in my mouth and I could feel the tension building inside him. Without warning, he grabbed my head and began forcing his cock deep into my mouth. He was quite rough and I almost choked a couple of times as the head of his cock lodged in the back of my throat.

He came, suddenly and copiously, flooding my mouth with his hot, salty cum. I had to swallow hard not to lose any but, somehow, I managed.

His eruption quickly subsided and, as I sucked the last drops of cum from his flagging cock, I heard Colin cry out, announcing that he was shooting his load into my best friend's mouth.

I watched as Katie skillfully and hungrily took all that Colin fed her. Once she'd cleaned him off, and while the boys watched on, spent, I moved over to sit next to Katie and gave her a long, tender, lingering kiss that had us both melting into each other's arms.

We were both so turned on by what had happened; we both desperately needed to cum. As we kissed, we began to finger each other's pussies. The effect was almost immediate. I clung to Katie as spasms shook my body. Katie gently fingered my clit, feeding my orgasm until it completely consumed me. Somehow, I managed to continue to work my fingers on Katie's pussy and, suddenly, she was cumming too.

As we held on to each other, letting the energies of our climaxes dissipate, Danny and Colin joined us and, before long, we were back in our original pairings again.

No sooner had he got me to himself, Danny was between my outstretched legs, giving my pussy a bloody good seeing to with his tongue and, from what I could hear, the noises coming from the other side of the room seemed to indicate that Colin was paying Katie the same type of attention.

A good tongue on my pussy always gets me going quickly and Danny had a very good tongue. He quickly licked me into a frenzy, re-igniting my orgasm, causing me to cry out as the sensations surged through me. Powerful contractions gripped my womb, fire pulsed through my veins as his tongue lashed my throbbing clit.

As I came, he gave me no respite. He began to fuck my pussy with his fingers, thrusting them deep inside me and twisting them around as his tongue beat relentlessly on my clit.

Suddenly he was gone, leaving me trembling on the floor. Moments later, he was replaced by Colin. Colin's technique was slower and gentler than Danny's but it was no less effective for that. Almost at once, I felt a warm glow spread over me combined with a familiar tingling sensation in my breasts.

Colin took his time, exploring every fold and crevice of my pussy with his tongue as I moaned and writhed with pleasure. My pussy was on fire and very soon I was hovering at the brink again.

I held back for as long as I could, letting the pressure build, savouring every painful second as I denied my body the release it craved.

I was distantly aware of Katie's moans as she enjoyed the attentions of Danny's tongue. The sounds of my friend's pleasure served only to further increase my already heightened state of arousal. The awareness of Katie's impending climax was hastening the arrival of my own.

Finally, it was too much, the explosive impulses became too strong to resist and I surrendered myself to my orgasm. As my back arched off the ground, I clutched at Colin's head, pressing his mouth even more firmly against my burning pussy. My body flinched and shook every time his tongue grazed my aching clit and I cried out as I rode the waves of my climax as they broke over me.

By the time Colin finally stopped, my body was spent. The absence of direct stimulation was almost a relief in itself. That relief was to be short lived, however. Just as a measure of control returned to me, the guys traded places again and Danny had his head between my thighs and was feasting on my pussy once more.

Danny, gave me one more climax with his mouth; it took him no more than a couple of minutes to bring me off again. Although intense, this orgasm was nowhere near as all-consuming as the previous ones had been and this time, as I came, he had me begging him to fuck me.

Having been given his invitation, Danny didn't hesitate to accept. Pausing only long enough for me to give his cock the quickest of sucks before rolling a condom on to its lovely thick length, Danny quickly positioned himself above me and I guided his cock into my waiting pussy.

It felt wonderful having him inside me. The walls of my pussy stretched around him, making me feel deliciously full. He began to slide in and out and I gripped his tight buttocks as I urged him on. There was no tenderness involved, it was simply raw, hard fucking and it was just what I needed. Danny pounded my cunt with hard, powerful thrusts of his cock and I cried out, urging him to fuck me harder.

I got an occasional look at Katie and Colin and from Katie's cries of pleasure and her increasingly vocal urgings, I could tell she was enjoying herself as much as I was.

After a few minutes we rolled over. I rode Danny's thick rod with increasing abandon, impaling myself on its length as he sucked and squeezed my breasts. It wasn't long before I was cumming again, screaming obscenities as I lost myself in the overwhelming sensations.

Eventually, Danny let me know he was about to cum. His words finally penetrated my consciousness. As I have a tendency towards doing, rather than letting his cum go to waste inside a condom, I got off, removed it and took him in my mouth to finish him off. Within seconds, Danny was emptying a second load of hot, thick cum into my mouth and I was wolfing it down just as eagerly as I had his first.

When the boys had finished, we had another couple of drinks then Katie and I put on a bit of a show for them. We began by simply kissing and caressing before moving on to eat each other's well fucked pussies.

Katie is exceptionally good with her tongue and, as she always does, she soon had me cumming again. When I was unable to take any more, I repaid the compliment, licking her into a screaming frenzy before, as our grand finalé, we got into a 69 and, cumming again and again, we stayed there until we were both ready to be fucked again.

The boys' had clearly enjoyed the show that we had put on for them and their cocks were showing signs of returning to life so, once again, Katie and I employed our mouths to get them ready.

This time I was with Colin. It didn't really take me that long to get him fully hard again but, even then, with the 'work' it had already done that evening, by the time I had him ready, my mouth was beginning to ache.

I rolled a condom on to his cock then lay back, my legs spread wide, waiting for him to take me. Colin quickly got on top of me and was inside me with a single thrust. We started off quite slowly, just grinding our bodies together as his cock slid in and out, making me feel deliciously full.

As the warm, well fucked sensations spread through me, I encouraged him to increase his pace. Soon, Colin's cock was hammering my pussy, his body slamming into mine as he pinned me to the ground.

Almost without warning, I found myself cumming again. The walls of my pussy tightened around his shaft and I clung to him as my body shook.

Colin continued to fuck me hard. With each thrust of his cock, my orgasm deepened, sending ever stronger contractions pulsing through my pussy and womb.

Somehow, lost in the throes of my climax, I found myself on all fours, being taken hard and fast from behind. Colin gripped my hips, pulling me back on to him as he thrust deep inside. As he fucked me, I had my fingers between my legs, franticly rubbing my throbbing clit, feeding my orgasm as it peaked, subsided and peaked again, over and over.

At one point, as Colin was doing me from behind, I noticed that Katie was taking Danny up the arse and decided that I wanted some of that too. Colin was only too happy to oblige.

I almost wished I hadn't at first. Much as I like anal, Colin's cock was a little thicker than most of the ones I've allowed there and it hurt a little as my tight rear hole stretched around him. Once his cock was buried deep inside my back passage and Colin found his rhythm, I got really into it.

With his cock trapped in the tight confines of my arse, it wasn't long before Colin was ready to cum again. With a groan, he slammed against me and I could feel his cock twitch inside me as he emptied his load into the condom.

After we'd recovered a bit, the guys ordered in some Chinese which was just what the doctor ordered. After that, we fooled around a bit more, this time Katie and I took it in turns to take both Colin and Danny at the same time. While I was being done at both ends, Katie was underneath me playing with my tits and licking my pussy. When it was Katie's turn to be fucked, I did the same to her.

All in all, it felt wonderfully dirty being double ended by the guys as Katie pleasured me with her mouth and hands. That whole final session was just a blur of hands, tongues, and cocks mixed in with large helpings of Katie's tits and pussy. Katie and I came several more times as we fucked the guys and ate each other's pussies. By the time we could take no more, we were both worn out.

Colin and Danny hadn't come during all that so in the end, once Katie and I had summoned up some strength, we decided to finish the boys off with our mouths.

As Colin had shot his load into the condom when he was fucking my arse, I decided I would finish him off. Katie didn't complain and seemed more than happy to attend to Danny.

It took a while to finish them off but, in the end, with our mouths aching, Katie and I were rewarded for our efforts with a mouthful of sperm each. Instead of swallowing immediately, Katie and I shared a long, drawn out kiss where, to the amazement of Colin and Danny, we passed their cum back and forth between our mouths.

After we'd finished, Katie and I got showered and dressed and the guys, bless them, got us a taxi to the station where we just managed to catch the last train back to Edinburgh.

As planned, I stayed over at Katie's last night and we had a lot more fun, just the two of us, before we got to sleep in the early hours of this morning.

I got home just after lunchtime on Sunday. My mum asked me if I'd had a good time. I think I managed to keep a straight face and not blush when I said that Katie and I had had a nice, quiet evening. My mum also said I looked a bit tired. Not so sure I managed not to blush that time.

Anyway, so that was how I consoled myself to Scotland being knocked out of Euro 2008. I guess you could say it started with a whimper but it definitely ended with bang.

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