tagGroup SexMy Sex Life Ch. 08

My Sex Life Ch. 08


Chapter 8: Threesome Fun

Jen and Richie are a couple in their early twenties that I met through the adult dating site that I'm a member of. On the day in question, I met them at lunchtime in the café at the botanic gardens in Edinburgh. I had my school uniform in my rucksack as they'd asked me to bring it with me (my mum might have been suspicious if I left the house wearing it at the weekend). We chatted for about an hour over some teas and coffees and it was clear that we got on and that our meeting was going to be a 'live' one.

Then came the shock, albeit a very pleasant and convenient one, they only live two streets away from me.

At first, Richie just watched as Jen and I played with each other. He sat there engrossed as his girlfriend and I seduced each other, slowly undressing each other before exploring each other's bodies with our hands and mouths.

Jen ate my pussy first. Her soft tongue gently lapped between my moist, tender folds and a warm glow instantly began to spread over me. I played with my tits as she gently kissed and sucked on my clit. She began to finger my pussy and, as she pumped her fingers in and out, twisting them around inside me, I felt myself slip over the edge.

I tugged at my nipples as I came. My body shook and I tossed my head from side to side as my climax gripped me. The walls of my pussy gripped Jen's fingers as she worked them inside me. Spasms of pleasure gripped my womb and spread throughout my body.

Time and time again, Jen drove me on; never relenting. I had a series of shattering climaxes one after the other as her tongue gave my clit a gentle but thorough lashing and her fingers stretched and fucked my quivering pussy.

After that, we changed over and I got to taste her. Her pussy was hot and her juices sweet and rich. They coated my face as I explored every fold and crevice of her sensitive flesh.

When she came, Jen was extremely vocal; telling me what to do, ordering me not to stop. Every touch of my tongue on her throbbing clit made her body shudder as her orgasm peaked again and again.

Like me, Jen came several times before we ended our 'show' by putting on a slow and sensuous 69 as a finalé for Richie's benefit who, by this time, had stripped off and had his cock in his hand.

Jen moved over to begin licking and sucking his cock. Then she invited me over to join her. We took it in turns to pleasure him with our mouths. When one of our mouths wasn't on his cock, it was exploring the other's body. We were kneeling side-by-side and fingering each other's pussies as we used our mouths to bring Richie to boiling point.

Our two hot and hungry mouths, coupled with the display he'd been subjected to quickly brought Richie to boiling point. He struggled valiantly to hold back; his knuckles turning white as he gripped the edge of the sofa, desperate to prolong his pleasure as much as possible.

As Jen kissed and sucked on Richie's balls, I felt his cock begin to twitch; his knob seemed to swell in my mouth. Jen and I pulled away. We knelt side by side in front of him as Richie wanked himself to a climax; his cock just inches from our faces; our mouths open, waiting for his load.

When he came, he sprayed his cum over both Jen and me. I caught some of it in my mouth and swallowed it down. As his eruption subsided, Jen took him into her mouth and sucked the last of his cum from his now spent cock. Once she had drained him, Jen turned to me and we took turns licking Richie's cum off each other's bodies.

After we'd cleared up his cum, Richie got me to lie down and got between my legs. Soon his tongue was lapping at my cunt and I squirmed and cried out with delight as my pussy was treated to another tongue lashing.

Richie's tongue was rougher than Jen's but his attentions were every bit as enjoyable. As his tongue flicked over my clit and dipped into my pussy a familiar tingling sensation began to spread through me. I closed my eyes and suddenly I was cumming again. When I opened my eyes, Jen had moved to kneel over me and was pushing her pussy into my face. I got to eat her while her boyfriend was eating me. Yummy!!!

Jen and I swapped places and we just kept on licking and cumming, with Richie alternating between my pussy and Jen's. By the time our tongues, not to mention Jen's and my pussies, could take no more, I was completely drained. I can't remember ever having come as hard or as often as I did during that time

We lounged around for a while before Jen decided it was time to start again. She began to suck Richie's cock back into life as I watched. Once she had him hard, she suggested that he might like to fuck me. I was only to happy to oblige and he didn't hesitate. Pausing only to put on a condom, he was between my legs and inside my pussy and, before I could even say 'Fuck Me!', he was doing just that.

Richie's cock was about 8½ inches long and quite thick. It felt so good as he slid into me, slowly filling me up, my pussy stretching around him. As he thrust in and out, pinning me to the floor with his powerful, surging strokes, Jen started kissing me all over. I was in heaven.

The sensations were overwhelming as Jen kissed and sucked on my tits as her boyfriend's cock pounded me. I surrendered myself to them and the only thing I was aware of was how good they were making me feel.

I was so wrapped up in what they were doing to me that I got a shock, and a hugely empty feeling when Richie suddenly pulled out. I opened my eyes and was about to complain but Jen kissed me and smiled then told me to get on all fours.

I quickly complied then braced myself as Richie's hands gripped my hips and he entered me again with a single thrust. As he fucked me doggie style, Jen lay down in front of me and I began to lick her pussy again. The force of Richie's thrusts pushed my face hard against Jen's cunt and she moaned and wriggled as my tongue lapped up her juices.

Jen quickly came again and then, once she'd recovered a bit, she crawled away only to reposition herself underneath me in a 69.

Eating her pussy while she ate mine, with Richie's cock pounding me hard tipped me over the edge pretty quickly. I screamed and shook as I came. Every touch of Jen's tongue made my body flinch, every thrust of Richie's cock drove my climax higher and higher. Between them, they fucked and licked me until my orgasm wracked body could take no more and I lay, spent and trembling on the floor.

Jen quickly took my place. Richie discarded the condom he'd used when fucking me and sank his thick cock into her pussy. I watched, entranced, as they fucked. Jen seemed to lose herself as Richie battered her cunt with his cock. When I'd recovered slightly, I rejoined them, moving into a 69 beneath Jen.

As I licked on her pussy, Richie's cock slid into her just millimetres above my face. Occasionally I let the tip of my tongue run along the underside of his cock as it stroked in and out.

Richie eventually came again, pumping his seed deep inside Jen. When he pulled his cock out of her pussy, he slipped his knob into my mouth and I proceeded to suck him clean. As I sucked and licked him, I savoured the taste of his and Jen's mixed juices. At the same time, his cum started to dribble from Jen's pussy and trickle over my face.

When I'd finished with Richie's cock, I turned my attention to Jen's pussy. I lapped at it hungrily, swallowing down her juices and Richie's cum as the mixture flooded my mouth. Jen came hard as I cleaned her. She ground her pussy against my face, writhing against my tongue until she could take no more.

We cuddled up together, luxuriating in what we'd just shared but not before Jen had licked my face clean.

A little later, once we'd all regained a little energy, Jen and I got down to it again. Richie joined in after he'd watched us for a bit and fucked us both as Jen and I continued to play with each other.

This time, as a special 'present' to me, I was allowed to finish Richie off with my mouth. When he came, instead of swallowing straight away, I kept his cum in my mouth, letting it pool on my tongue and savouring its rich flavour. With his cum in my mouth, I turned to kiss Jen. Richie watched on, spellbound, as his girlfriend and I shared his load, passing it back and forth between us until, at last, it was gone.

After that, we were, quite literally, all shagged out and, after a shower and something to eat, it was time for me to go home.

That's when Richie suggested that I could become their 'babysitter' to give me a cover story for when I was with them. I agreed straight away, especially when you consider that they don't have kids!!!

I've spent quite a bit of time 'babysitting' for them since then.

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