tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Sex Life Ch. 14

My Sex Life Ch. 14


Chapter 14: 'School Dinners'

One of the things a good slut learns is never to pass up any opportunity to be bad and the school lunch break offers any number of chances for me to engage my naughty side, especially when you have a willing accomplice like George. Today, for example, I had one of my impromptu 'school dinners' with George. He picked me up just a few minutes away from the school gates and we went for a quick drive to one of our favourite secluded spots.

The car park was empty and I wasted no time getting down to business, freeing his cock from its confines and wrapping my lips around it.

As is always the case when we meet at lunchtime, we didn't have a lot of time to spare so I sucked hungrily and hard, stroking his shaft with my fingers and squeezing his balls as George thrust his hips, driving his cock into my mouth. "Oh fuck, Julie, that's so good!" he moaned as my lips slid up and down his shaft.

It only took a few minutes to have George squirming in his seat, breathing heavily I sucked harder, rubbing his cock with evermore urgency. George couldn't take very much of this and it didn't take very long and I was soon being rewarded with a thick load of cum, which I swallowed down eagerly. I kept sucking and licking until I had drained the last drops from him. Once I'd finished, I licked my lips then settled back on my seat, dug out a cigarette and lit up.

As I puffed away happily, George slid his hand up my skirt and worked his fingers inside my knickers. I was already extremely turned on and very wet and George had no problem slipping two fingers into my pussy.

Very soon, I was squirming in my seat as George pumped his fingers in and out, twisting them around inside me as his thumb pressed against my throbbing clit.

Every now and then, George would pull his fingers from my cunt and suck my juices from them. Occasionally he would feed his fingers to me, making me taste myself on him, turning me on even more.

It wasn't long before I was cumming hard. My clit pulsed under George's thumb, my pussy tightened around his fingers, my womb contracted and I was moaning loudly as I squeezed my tits through my blouse.

George skilfully kept me at boiling point, feeding my climax until I was desperate to have him inside me. I reached out with one hand and found his cock. I began to rub it and it responded, stiffening as I worked my fingers up and down its length.

Finally, unable to wait any longer and aware that we had very little time, I manoeuvred myself on to his lap.

Bunching up my skirt, I reached back and, pulling the rather wet gusset of my knickers aside and lowered myself on to his cock. It felt so good to have him inside me again and I quickly got into my stride, bouncing up and down, impaling myself on him. George had my blouse unbuttoned and was licking and sucking on my tits as I rode his cock with increasing abandon.

It was at this point that another car pulled into the car park and I almost died but, fortunately, it pulled over to the other end and the driver seemed to ignore us as he led his dog away.

Breathing a quick sigh of relief, I got going again. George's cock filled me and, despite my shock, I felt myself getting close as I ground against him while he licked and sucked on my nipples.

I came and I could sense George getting closer too. I had intended to hop off at the last moment and finish him with my mouth but, stuck between him and the steering wheel, I didn't really have room to manoeuvre, so I just kept on going until he came, shooting his load up inside me.

When he was done, I wriggled off and spent a few minutes cleaning him up with my mouth before settling back in my seat and attempting to straighten myself out a bit. Once I was a decent as I could manage, I had another cigarette and, having worked up a totally different type of hunger, decided I should probably eat my sandwiches.

We had another close shave as a police car pulled in just as we were pulling out. Had it been just a couple of minutes earlier, it would have spotted me with my bum in the air and George's cock in my mouth and that would very likely have been that. As it was, it just drove past us and I breathed another sigh of relief.

I got back to school just as the bell was going and just, after popping into the loo to check my decorum in the mirror, I made it to my class on time. Apparently, Katie said she could smell George on me (oops).

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