tagErotic CouplingsMy Sex Life Ch. 15

My Sex Life Ch. 15


Chapter 15: Banishing The Revision Blues

Yes, the exams are upon me again. All I can say is Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

I was meant to be revising on Friday but because it was such a nice day, I really couldn't be be bothered. In my defence, I did spend the entire morning with my nose buried inside a textbook but, by the time midday rolled around, I decided that I couldn't face any more that afternoon. It really would have been criminal to have wasted such a lovely afternoon on something as mundane as studying; so, instead, I decided to spend the first part of it with Stevie.

Stevie is a friend of Katie's boyfriend Dan. He is, it appears, quite keen on me and, if I'm being totally honest, I do have a bit of a soft spot for him too. If I wasn't so completely hopeless at the whole committed relationship thing, he might actually be worth a try but since, from experience, I already know that I am almost definitely the worst girlfriend in the world, it's probably best that I don't inflict that sort of 'punishment' on him...

Anyway, we met up at lunchtime and, after a quick bite to eat, headed back to his place and, almost as soon as we were in his flat, his cock was in my mouth.

I began by licking the end of his shaft then, slowly, I ran my tongue up and down his length. When I had him wet all over and he was as hard as he could be I opened my mouth wide and took him inside. Slowly at first, I slid my mouth up and down his length, each stroke taking more and more of him in until I could fit no more of his thick eight inches inside my mouth. When I reached the top of my stroke I would tease his end with my tongue.

As I slid my lips up and down his cock I started wanking him with my hands; my hands keeping the opposite beat from my mouth.

After about five minutes of this I stopped to kiss him again. Then I lowered the straps that held my top in place and began to fuck him with my tits. As I pressed them into him I'd lick the tip of his cock and squeeze my nipples. I'm almost certain that I was turning myself on as much I was him.

Up and down I rubbed my tits. I continued until Stevie's breath began to get hoarser, coming in rapid gasps.

At that point I stopped fucking him with my tits and concentrated on using my hands. I've always been proud of my hand-jobs. A small drop of pre-cum formed on his end. Stevie was moaning and letting me know that he couldn't take much more.

I felt his cock twitch in my hand. I dropped my head and took him in my mouth just as he reached the point of no return. With a groan of pleasure Stevie unloaded himself into my mouth. I took two spurts of his warm, salty mixture into my mouth, which I greedily swallowed down. Another hit me in the face while two smaller ones landed on my tits.

Stevie smiled appreciatively as I rubbed his cum into my tits while more of his cum dribbled off my chin. When I was done, I lit a cigarette while I waited for him to recover a bit.

As I waited, I put on some music and began to dance. While I danced I continued to rub Stevie's cum into my tits. I slowly began to undress in time to the music. First my blouse fell to the ground, then my skirt. As I let my bra slip off I could see he was beginning to regain interest. I lit another cigarette and blew rings at him as I danced around the room in just my flimsy little G-string.

As Stevie lay back on the couch I straddled him. He buried his face between my tits and teased my nipples with his tongue. He licked my tits; first one then the other making them deliciously wet. As he rubbed his saliva into them I reached down and started to finger myself through the front of my G-string.

I grabbed his cock, which, by now was lovely and hard again, and teased my clit with his end. This soon had me worked up into a frenzy. While Stevie sucked furiously on my left tit I felt myself begin to cum. It was just a small one but by God it was good. As I savoured my climax, Stevie stopped to put on a condom before returning his attention to my tits.

As my orgasm continued to pulse through me, Stevie continued to maul my tits and I began to rub the end of his cock up and down my dripping slit. My cunt felt like it was on fire. Finally, when I couldn't wait any longer, I pushed aside the thread of my G-string and guided his cock to my hole, whispering, "Go ahead and fuck me," in his ear as I slowly slid myself down his length, gripping him with the walls of my pussy as we started to move together.

As I slid up and down on his thick cock he thrust to meet me on each stoke. He grabbed my bum and began to lift me up and down. As he fucked me from below with ever-stronger thrusts he reached up with his mouth to tease my tits as they swung in front of his face.

I got off him briefly and removed my soaking G-string. I leaned against the arm of the couch as Stevie moved round to take me from behind. He grabbed my hips and thrust deep inside me.

As he pounded my cunt from behind I took my weight with one arm and reached down to play with my clit. My hips bucked furiously as he rammed into me with all his force. Every now and then he would pull back until he had almost completely withdrawn. Then without warning he'd plunge back inside me, his balls slapping against me with every thrust. I could hardly breath as I stood there frigging my clit while he fucked my cunt for all that he was worth.

I felt my self beginning to slip over the edge into a huge orgasm when he suddenly pulled his cock out of me. I held my breath hardly daring to think of what was about to happen.

Stevie started rubbing the end of his cock up my crack until he got to my arsehole. His cock was completely lubricated with my juices as he started to push it into my tight rear entrance. My arse was tight and, despite the lubrication, it hurt slightly as he slowly forced his way in.

I forced myself to relax and he began to slowly thrust in and out. I could hardly contain myself as I experienced his cock violating my tender rear entrance. As he thrust his cock backwards and forwards into my arse I frigged my throbbing clit even harder.

Lost in the sensations, I could distantly hear myself screaming "Yes! Yes! Fuck my arse. Oh FUCK! FUCK MY ARSE!!!"

Finally unable to bear any more I let myself go. My orgasm flooded over me like a tidal wave and, shaking violently as I leaned against the arm of the sofa for support, I could hardly keep my knees from buckling; only Stevie's cock, buried deep in my arse prevented me from collapsing.

Suddenly with a grunt Stevie pulled himself free and, seconds later, I felt a warm sticky sensation trickling down my back. Another wad of cum hit me and then a final smaller one.

With our bodies suddenly drained of energy, we both collapsed, exhausted. As I lay there, basking in the afterglow of what had been a tumultuous climax, I lit a well-deserved cigarette and puffed happily as Stevie snuggled up behind me.

We lay there for a while then, as I had a much needed shower, Stevie fixed us some coffees. After that, I decided that I should probably get back to work.

Strangely enough, with my body still tingling as I walked home, I realised that I was still in a highly charged state of arousal and that I couldn't quite get myself back into the right frame of mind for studying. Maybe it was fate or maybe it was coincidence but, whatever it was, I was extremely pleased when, at that moment, Lindz decided to text me asking if I fancied meeting up.

Needless to say, I agreed without a moment's hesitation!

As it was such a nice day that she suggested that we could 'go for a walk' in the Botanic Gardens.

We met at the café and, after stopping off for a coffee, we wandered aimlessly for a while, stopping every now and then for a quick snog and a feel, not caring if anyone was looking.

Eventually we found a nice secluded spot and Lindz laid out the car rug that she'd thoughtfully brought along and we just got down to business.

By some strange coincidence (great minds and all that), both of us had managed to 'forget' our knickers. Well, Lindz had 'forgotten' hers, I'd simply neglected to put mine back on when I'd left Stevie's as I reckoned the string might be a little rough on my ever so slightly tender arsehole. We kissed, fingering each other's pussies until we both came then took it in turns to go down on each other.

As always, I savoured the taste of Lindz's juices as my tongue lapped at her pussy. She squirmed, whimpering softly as I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy while my tongue flicked lightly over her clit. Lindz reached down, twining her fingers in my hair, pulling my face towards her as she ground her pussy against my face. Over and over again she murmured, "Julie, ooooh fuck, Julie!" letting me know how much she was enjoying my attentions.

As Lindz's climax approached, her whimpers turned to soft, gentle moans as her body first stiffened then began to shake. I fed her climax, keeping her at boiling point, her juices flowing over my tongue as her orgasm peaked again and again.

Finally, unable to endure any more, she begged me to stop. I relented and moved up beside her, holding her close, feeling her heart pounding in her chest as we kissed.

As we kissed, Lindz's breathing slowly returned to normal. Her tongue cleaned her juices from my face; her fingers teased the moist folds of my pussy.

Finally, Lindz deemed herself sufficiently recovered to turn her attention fully to the task of eating me out. I was so turned on, both by what Lindz was doing and the fact that, at any second, someone could catch us in the act that I came as soon as her tongue brushed over my clit. I let out a low moan as the walls of my cunt tightened rhythmically around Lindz's fingers.

I quickly let the energies of my climax dissipate and settled back to enjoy Lindz's attentions, letting her know how much I was enjoying it and occasionally giving instructions (not that she really needed them).

At one point, we heard voices coming from the other side of the trees that obscured one side of our chosen spot from view. Knowing that there were other people just metres away from us who were blissfully unaware of what was going on almost right under their noses only added to the excitement.

I think I may have mentioned that I tend to be pretty vocal when I'm in the throes of passion and the need to keep things fairly quiet made me feel, at times, as if I was about to burst.

Finally, I reached the point where I could take no more. With Lindz's fingers in my cunt and her tongue lashing my throbbing clit, I came. My climax was overwhelming; my body shook uncontrollably and, forgetting momentarily about the possibility of being caught, I let out a long, low, pleasure-filled moan. When awareness of our surroundings penetrated my consciousness once more, I bit my lip, trying desperately to silence myself, which served only to further intensify the sensations.

When, at last, feeling both drained and breathless, I begged Lindz to stop, my voice was feeble. Lindz pretended not to hear me and continued, briefly, to torture me with her tongue before finally relenting. She moved up and gathered me into her arms where I lay, exhausted but extremely content.

After that, pausing only to straighten our skirts and fix our tops, we just lay on the rug for a while, enjoying the sun and each other's company.

Once we'd recovered a bit, we kissed and finger fucked each other until we both came again before getting up to have a leisurely stroll around the gardens, making our way back to the café for another drink before kissing each other goodbye.

Lindz presumably went home to get a good seeing to from Grant, and I went home to do some more studying. Strangely enough, my concentration wasn't quite as good as it had been before my afternoon exploits.

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