tagGroup SexMy Sex Life Ch. 21

My Sex Life Ch. 21


Chapter 21: A Very Dirty Weekend

I didn't originally have any plans for Saturday other than heading up town to do a little shopping (I am female after all) so I was pleasantly surprised when I got a text from George asking me how I was. I replied to say that I wasn't too bad and that I was indulging in some retail therapy. He texted back to say he was on his own and did I fancy coming over to his. I thought about it for a bit, trying to find a reason to refuse but totally failed to come up with one so I replied to say, 'Fine I would be there around 3pm,' which he said was great.

After this, I decided to treat myself to some nice undies which I could then model for George later. I ended up buying two very nice bra and thong sets; one navy and one black. Both were soft and lacy and with just a hint of 'lift'. I also got a couple of nice tops and a very nice mid length skirt.

I arrived at George's just after three, giving me time to be fashionably late.

He was very pleased to see me and, without wasting any time on smalltalk, we were in his bedroom. I wanted to repay him for having been so nice to me on Wednesday evening, when I'd been upset after having a particularly bad day. I hadn't been in the mood for our usual after-judo fun so he'd treated me to a coffee and a very nice neck, shoulder and back rub while I'd got what had been upsetting me off my chest. George, I'm sure, would have liked me to have got a few other things of my chest too but, in the end, he had to settle for some kisses and cuddles, listening patiently as I unburdened my troubles.

As well as being a pretty damned fantastic lover, George is also a very good friend and so, this time, in an attempt to display my gratitude for his kindness and understanding on Wednesday, once we'd had an almighty snog, I decided to give him a 'special treat'.

I pushed him on to the bed, got between his legs, freed his straining cock from its confinement and took him into my mouth. I wasn't in any hurry and I really wanted George to enjoy it to the full so I took my time; sometimes licking, sometimes sucking, sometimes just stroking and flicking the tip with my tongue. George made all the right appreciative noises and I was concentrating on very little other than making sure he knew how appreciative I had been for Wednesday (it's amazing how much meaning you can convey without words and with only your lips wrapped around someone's cock).

Occasionally, I'd stop and say things like, "I love sucking your cock," or, "I love it when you fuck my mouth." I know George is fully aware of these things but I like to remind him occasionally and he likes to be told.

I used all my talents to keep George simmering without letting him boil over for as long as he could take. Every now and then, when I sensed he was getting a bit too close, I'd stop sucking and use my tongue to tease the insides of his thighs or lick his balls. Once he'd calmed down sufficiently, I'd run my tongue up his shaft before taking him into my mouth again.

I undid the buttons of my top and slid his cock between my tits. Pressing my soft mounds together, I stroked his cock along my cleavage, flicking the head with my tongue. "Shit, Julie, that's just so good," he moaned. I smiled sweetly and continued with what I was doing.

Eventually, it was too much for him. George was breathing hard, his hips beginning to buck as he fought to hold on.

"Cum for me, George," I purred, "Fill my mouth with your cum."

I took his cock into my mouth once more. George groaned. "F... Fuck, J... Julie, I... I... can't hold on. I... I'm c... cumming, Julie! I'm cumming!" he cried as he reached the point of no return.

"Urgh... F... Fuck!" he groaned as he began emptying a nice big load of hot cum into my mouth. As always, I happily swallowed it down. As George pumped his load into my mouth, I sucked hard, stroking his cock with my fingers. His initial eruption subsided to a slow trickle and I let his cum collect on my tongue, savouring its rich, salty flavour. I let his cock slip from my mouth. Sticking out my tongue, I displayed the remains of his load before making a show of sending it on its way.

As he recovered, I slipped out of my top and skirt to model the navy undies that I had bought. George seemed to like them but, I'm not sure why I bothered as he didn't let me keep them on for very long!!

What is it with guys that they seem to think the best place for a girl's underwear is on the floor (or hanging from the nearest light fitting)?

Once he had me naked, he was soon kissing me all over and getting me VERY turned on. Having paused briefly at my tits to make them deliciously wet all over, it didn't take him long before his face was buried in my pussy and his tongue was slipping between my moist lower lips, flicking in and out of my hot, wet hole and circling my throbbing clit.

Occasionally as he lapped my juices from my cunt and flicked his tongue over my clit, he'd finger me then reach up to spread my juices over my nipples. "Fuck! I love that! It feels so dirty," I moaned, making sure he knew how much I enjoyed it as his tongue lashed my pussy. George responded by rubbing even more of my juices into my skin.

It didn't take me long to cum and I was gagging to be fucked good and hard but I knew it would be a while before George's cock was ready for that so I just let him carry on licking and I enjoyed every orgasmic second of it.

With every stroke of George's tongue, my body heaved. Fire pulsed along my nerves as powerful contractions gripped and shook my body. I moaned incoherently as my body convulsed violently. Grabbing his head, I forced his mouth against my pussy, increasing the pressure of his tongue on my clit.

I don't know how many times I came before George's tongue couldn't take any more; I wasn't counting; I was too busy enjoying it.

Fortunately, by the time his tongue had given up, his cock was beginning to come back to life so, once I'd regained a semblance of control over my body, I decided to give his cock a helping hand (well, mouth actually, if you want to be picky about such details).

I moved into position and, holding his cock gently, I licked and kissed it all over before taking it into my mouth. As always, I felt a thrill of excitement as his cock stiffened in my mouth. Knowing that I'm making a guy hard is a huge turn-on for me.

Once I had him fully hard, I just lay back, opened my legs and told him in no uncertain terms where I wanted his cock. "Stick it in me, George," I purred, "I want to feel you inside me." George didn't hesitate. "Ohhhhh, mmmmmm," I sighed as he entered me with a single powerful thrust.

As always, it felt so good to have him moving inside me, filling me up as he fucked me, taking me hard and deep. As his cock plunged into my moist depths, I ran my hands over his body. Moaning softly, I let him know just how much I enjoyed having him inside me.

Every so often we'd change positions; me on top, him on top, me with my legs over his shoulders, him behind me playing with my tits as I fingered my clit, me facing away, riding his cock, giving him a great view of it disappearing up inside me. George was fucking me for all he was worth and I was being fucked hard and loving every moment. It was as hard and rough as it was varied and, as a result, it was just what I needed.

Eventually, as George's climax approached, we moved round so that I was beneath him again, moaning as he pinned me to the bed, fucking me with long, hard, forceful thrusts. "Oh yessss!" I cried, "Fuck me, George! Fuck me hard!" Sweat glistened on George's brow as he slammed his body against mine, driving his cock deep inside my cunt.

I dug my fingers into his arse cheeks. "Harder!" I demanded, "Oh George, fuck me harder! It feels sooo good!"

I was enjoying it so much, having come several times that I was slightly disappointed when, eventually, I felt his body stiffen as he came, moaning my name; which was a huge turn-on (try and remember that one guys). "Julie!" he gasped, "Oh fuck! Oh Julie!"

My cunt gripped his cock tightly as he emptied himself into me. Jets of hot cum splashed against my cervix; fire burned in my veins. "George! Oh George! Oh, mmmmmm," I moaned as I came, my body shaking beneath his. George collapsed on to me, his hips still moving of their own volition. With our hearts pounding in our chests, we held each other tight as we savoured our moment of shared release.

After that, we just lay in each other's arms for a while as we recovered.

After some coffee and a couple of cigarettes, we got showered (together, which was nice), got dressed then went out and got an Indian takeaway, some wine and a couple of DVDs (in the unlikely event that we might have time to watch them).

After we'd eaten and several glasses (well the better part of two bottles actually) of wine had been drunk, I put on some music, turned the lights down and treated George to a striptease, bumping and grinding and slowly peeling myself out of my clothes (almost) in time to the music. I'm not really sure how co-ordinated I was given the amount of wine I'd had but he certainly enjoyed it, as was evidenced when the striptease descended into a lap dance and I could feel his cock straining to be released from his jeans.

Not wanting to cause him too much discomfort, I soon had his cock free and, before he could say 'Stick it in your mouth and suck it,' I had it in my mouth and was sucking it again.

This time, even though he was enjoying the attentions of my mouth, George didn't let me go on for very long. With almost no warning, he stood up, bent me over the arm of the sofa and drove his cock into my extremely wet pussy and began fucking me from behind.

This time, I was really in the mood for being taken hard and rough. As George speared me with his cock, I thrust my hips back, meeting him at the deepest point of his stroke. "Fuck!" I moaned as his cock filled me and I prepared myself for a seriously hard pussy-pummelling.

George, however, had other ideas. Once he had his cock well coated with my juices, his attention moved to my arse and, before I knew it, he was out of my pussy and the head of his cock was pressing against my tight rear hole.

"Oh yessss! Stick it up my arse!" I moaned as George began to push his cock into me. I made myself relax as my arsehole stretched to accommodate him. Gripping my hips and taking his time, George slowly worked his cock, inch by inch, into my back passage. The sensations as he filled my 'forbidden' rear entrance threatened to overwhelm me. Finally, with a last push, he was all the way in, buried up to the root, his shortly trimmed pubic hair tickling my stretched and tender arsehole.

He began to move, slowly at first but quickly increasing his pace. "Yes George, yessss! Fuck my arse! Fuck it hard!" I demanded as he stroked in and out.

As George fucked my arse relentlessly, I fingered my pussy and clit. One of the things I love about being well and truly buggered is feeling a guy's balls slap against my enflamed pussy lips as he thrusts, adding to the sensations as I finger my clit.

With my weight supported by the sofa, George reached round to play with my tits. "Squeeze them, George," I sighed as his strong fingers closed around my nipples.

Fingering my clit with increasing urgency as George abused my nipples and fucked my arse, I quickly found myself on the brink of a tremendous climax. "Ohhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" I moaned, unable to exercise any control over my vocal chords as the first tremors shook me. My clit throbbed against my fingers, my pussy and womb pulsed rhythmically.

With every thrust of George's cock, I gave louder voice to my pleasure. What I lacked in eloquence and coherence, I made up for in volume. My poor arse hurt from the battering it was taking from George's cock but I didn't want him to stop.

My orgasm slowly subsided but George's pounding of my back passage continued unrelentingly. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" I cried with every delicious thrust.

George was breathing hard as he buggered me with all his strength. "Oh... Oh fuck, Julie!" he groaned from between clenched teeth. He stabbed his cock into me again and again. "I can't... I... I can't hold on," he gasped as the end approached.

"Yessss, George," I purred, "Cum for me. Cum in me."

George gripped my hips, pulling me towards him. "Fuck! Oh fuck!" he groaned as, with one final violent heave, his cock erupted, sending thick jets of sperm deep into my bowels.

After that, we showered again then snuggled up with more wine to watch one of the films (well, sort of). As we watched, we kept on kissing and caressing. I can't remember the last time I felt so good. It was while this was going on that George asked me if I wanted to stay over. I quickly phoned home but my mum still wasn't in so I left her a message to say I was staying with my friend, Caroline (Katie was away that weekend so I couldn't use her as an alibi). Then I called Caroline and got her to cover for me in the unlikely event it would be necessary (it's great having such GOOD friends).

We went to bed after the film finished. By this time it was nearly 1am and we were both knackered. That's not to say the fun stopped then. Somehow George managed (with a little help from my fingers and mouth) to coax another erection out of his overworked cock and we had one more session.

This time it was every bit as slow and tender as the previous times had been raw and hard. Making love, not fucking. It was no less enjoyable and was the perfect end to the perfect afternoon and evening and I was so glad that, for once, I wasn't going to have to rush off home afterwards.

Poor George didn't manage to cum this time, but I did; just once but it was a deep and intensely powerful orgasm that almost made my cry. I felt warm all over and I think my body was still trembling when I fell asleep, cuddled up in George's arms.

Sunday started very pleasantly. I awoke feeling rested, warm and aroused, my pussy was hot and wet and George's head was buried between my thighs. God, that's some way to wake up!!

Lazily, I reached down to stroke his hair, just to let him know I was awake. George broke off briefly from what he was doing to flash me a smile. "Good morning," he said with a mischievous grin.

"Mmmm, yes it is," I agreed, "A very good morning indeed. Now, do you think you could please get back to doing what you were doing before I interrupted you?"

He didn't need to be asked twice.

Needless to say, it didn't take me long to cum. I think it was my orgasm's impending arrival that had actually woken me. I sighed as I came; my back arched and I pulled George's head more tightly against me and he just kept on licking. Early morning orgasms are just SO good.

Just as he had done the evening before, he occasionally reached up to spread my juices over my tits and nipples, turning me on even more.

A second, smaller orgasm was quickly followed by a third that just seemed to go on forever until it left me drained (and I'd only been awake for about half an hour).

Eventually George's tongue had had enough and he sidled up beside me and took me in his arms. We kissed and I could taste myself on him.

Our kisses were tender at first but the passion quickly mounted, Somewhere, in the middle of all that, I got him rolled on to his back and I began to kiss and stroke his chest, working my way downwards until I reached his cock.

I spent a few minutes licking it and stroking it before I took it into my mouth and was rewarded with a pleasured gasp from George. I didn't spend too long down there. Judging by how much I'd taken out of him last night, I figured that he'd probably only have one load in him and I had other plans for that.

I began to kiss my way back up his stomach and chest until I reached his mouth. As we kissed, my tongue probing his mouth, I ground my pussy against his hard cock, rubbing my clit against him until the friction almost made me cum again. Then, without any hesitation, I reached back between my legs and guided him into me as I pushed back to impale myself on his cock.

If George was a little bit startled by my sense of urgency, any protest he might have been going to make was cut off as I kissed him and began to work my pussy up and down his length.

With a dreamily contented smile on my face, I rode him with increasing intensity as I got more and more aroused. George propped himself up and began to lick and suck my tits. "Mmmmmm, yes. Make them wet all over," I murmured as he rubbed his saliva into my skin.

We weren't hurried but nor did we take things particularly slowly. I just rode him at a pace that allowed us both to enjoy every sensation fully.

Eventually we rolled over and George began to fuck me in earnest, pounding my pussy and filling me with his cock; sweat dripping from his face on to my tits as we drove each other onwards. "Yessss! That's it! Keep fucking me like that!" I urged, raking my fingernails down his back as he drove his cock deep and hard into my pussy.

Finally, I came again, shaking and moaning as I surrendered myself to the sensations. My womb pulsed with powerful contractions. My cunt gripped his cock tightly and that brought him to boiling point.

"Shit Julie, I'm getting close," he moaned, warning me of his impending eruption.

I just smiled and gripped his arse, pulling him into me. "Cum, George," I purred, "I want to feel your cum inside me."

Suddenly, his body went stiff and his cock erupted inside me. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh Julie! Oh ohhhhhhhhh!" he groaned. His cum felt hot inside me and I loved the feeling as jet after jet flooded my cunt. As his climax subsided, I held him close, not letting him withdraw, just savouring the sensations, feeling his heart pound as his cock throbbed and pulsed inside me.

Eventually, I let him pull out and I slid down the bed to clean him up with my mouth.

I showered while he rustled up some breakfast. I left shortly after that, his cum still oozing from my pussy. I would have loved to have stayed longer but his girlfriend, Gillian, was due home around lunchtime so we both reluctantly agreed that it was probably for the best if I made myself scarce.

After lunch, I met up with Sam and her boyfriend Gavin and the three of us had a great afternoon.

As always, Sam and I got things started by putting on a show for Gavin. He sat, entranced, as Sam and I began kissing and slowly peeling off each others' clothes.

Sam has a great body with fantastic curves and perfect tits that were just made for kissing, licking and sucking. Strangely enough, as soon as I had them available, I wasted no time in doing just that.

In almost no time at all, Sam and I were all over each other. As we writhed on the floor, kissing, licking and caressing while Gavin made 'helpful' suggestions from where he sat watching on the sofa.

My lips travelled down her neck until they found the swelling of her breasts. Eagerly, I took her nipple into my mouth and gently sucked. Sam gave a soft sigh then began gently nibbling on my neck as my lips and tongue continued to explore her tits. As I did, my fingers played with the soft curls of her mound. Occasionally my finger slid between her lips, lightly teasing her clit, feeling the wet warmth of Sam's pussy.

We kissed again, this time with more urgency. My tongue explored her mouth as Sam ran her fingernails down my back; digging them into the soft flesh of my bum.

I started down again. I coated Sam's breasts with a fine film of saliva then used the ends of my long hair to tease her nipples. Sam sighed and squirmed below me. "Ohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmm," she purred contentedly as I continued my journey south.

I spread Sam's legs and ran my tongue up the insides of her thighs. Over and over again, never quite making contact with her pussy, slowly driving her wild with my teasing. Gavin urged me on, saying things like, "Go on, eat her pussy," and, "Give her a good tongue-lashing."

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