tagInterracial LoveMy Sexy Carpenter Ch. 01

My Sexy Carpenter Ch. 01


Hi, me again Jennifer Mathews, I had been having an affair with the carpenter that came to build my husbands new office/den, he had made a terrific job of it, and not only had our garage been converted, but he had converted me into a wanton housewife, Im not proud of what I have done, not only to me, but to my marriage as well, at the moment my husband is still blissfully unawares of my philandering.

Emile has finished the contract, so had little excuse to visit with me any more, although I still craved his domination of my life, he still did call me up if he was in the area, and told me would call at such and such a time for a good fuck.

I hated what he said to me, but I felt I really didn't have any option but to accept it, because I wanted him so badly, no one had ever seduced, or fucked me the way he had.

His powerful swarthy tight body, his fantastic prick, his whole demeanour was more than I could deny, it was his way, or no way, so it was his, I was his, of that there was no doubt!

So this particular day I was feeling particularly horny, I had called his office/home to ask where he was as I needed to discuss further work, I assume it was his wife who answered from how she spoke of him, she told me he was here at home and would I like to call around as he wanted to talk to me, I didn't know that I was about to walk into a lions and lionesses den.

I hurried round to his house, which was in a bit of a run down area of town, so I wasn't too enamoured about being there, my fears were to be proved very well grounded, but by then it would be too late, I was in!

I climbed two flights of stairs, there was no lift, I hesitantly knocked on the door, a moment later it was answered by a young girl of about 18 or 19, beautiful, in a sack like dress, long silky black air down and past her slim shoulders

'She's here.' She called out, a door down the passage opened and another woman came to see me, this must be his wife I thought, definitely the same swarthy look of Emile,

'Hi,' she said, 'I'm Anita, welcome, Emile has told me all about you, come on in.'

'He has told you all about me?' I was disturbed now.

'Yes, He's waiting for you in the lounge;' I could see the house was clean and well decorated so I felt a little better.

I entered her home, she closed the door behind me and I heard the lock click closed.

She came up behind me, put her arm around my waist, hugged me to her and said how glad she was I was here; we are going to have such fun she breathed into my ear.

I suddenly thought, I had made a mistake coming here now.

So I said. 'I've just remembered I have a previous appointment, I will have to leave;' I apologised and turned to go.

'Not so fast Jennifer.' Anita said, 'Emile wants you in there, now move!'

I was pushed through the door, where Emile sat in a chair, with the young girl now in his lap.

He smiled at me, 'Ah Jennifer, so glad you could make it, come here my little dove,' Anita guided me towards him, took my coat from my shoulders, and pushed me down onto Emile's lap too.

I tried to resist, and that's when my first lesson was given, I was slapped hard across the face by the young girl in Emile's lap, 'get sat down,' she demanded.

Stunned? I'll say I was, I sat down as ordered, the girl told me her name was Lola, and I would do as told or the consequences would not be nice, I was to find out anyway, but I did as told.

She reached for the buttons on my blouse and started undoing them, I grabbed her wrist to stop her, I got another slap across my face.

Emile laughed. 'Do as she says Jennifer or you really will regret it; she doesn't like being disobeyed by her slut, neither does Anita.'

'Her slut!' I yelled, 'how dare you treat me like this, let me go at once, I am leaving!'

Another slap landed on the other side of my face, from Anita this time, Emile said. 'Are you never going to learn?'

'Please' I wailed 'Im sorry, what have I done, please don't hurt me, let me go and I will never come back or say anything about this.'

They all laughed at that. 'Its too late already.' said the girl; 'you are mine now, unless he fancies fucking you, and you belong to Anita too, understand?' She yelled in my face.

'What do you mean yours?' I asked

'You will do what I tell you to do, and come here when I order you to do so, now get through that door there, and wait for me ok?'

I wasn't fast enough it seemed, I got another slap.

I shot off through he door and stood there trembling for the girl that was going to be my mistress, although I didn't know it just yet!

Lola came in, walked around me, felt my tits, her glare told me not to protest, I didn't.

She was touching me at will now, squeezing my nipples, which I found arousing much to my disgust, fumbled my pussy through my skirt, rubbed my arse expertly.

She knew what she was doing and how to do it, I couldn't help but quietly respond, she was working me up, and we both knew it!

I asked her if Emile was in charge around here, she said yes he was, I then asked if he was coming into the bedroom, not just yet, she told me, 'I have been told to train you up.'

'What?' I replied incredulous now.

'You heard me bitch,' she said, another slap, my face was stinging now.

'Please,' I said 'don't hit me again; I'll do as you say.'

'Yes you will' Lola growled.

'Get your clothes off now!'

I hesitated again, Lola raised her hand, I had my clothes were off in a flash.

She is tall, willowy and beautiful, the sack type dress made her look juvenile, sexy, and seductive all at once, her dark eyes were filled with fire, and her sensuous lips, wavered as she spoke, her voice was lyrical when she spoke softly.

Get on the bed, and on your back, she ordered me, I climbed on immediately, good girl she smiled at me, and her smile lit the room.

Then I found out what I was there for, Lola climbed over me, facing down my body and then plonked her pussy right down over my nose and mouth, my upper arms at my elbows were locked under her ankles, I had no way of getting away from under her.

My nipples were squeezed so deliciously, my pussy got tickled too, I was submitting to this beautiful girl into my first ever lesbian love.

Her pussy was heating up over my face, I could feel it, suck and lick she ordered me, and my tits received a sudden slapping, harder! Was her command.

I yelped in pain, but went at her pussy and arsehole with all my might; I didn't want beating every time I annoyed her that's for sure.

She came on my face, I had never even smelled another woman's cum, let alone tasted it, but I never had a choice, her cum filled my nose and mouth, I had to drink and swallow it or drown!

As I lay there wondering what was about to befall me, I started to find out, she now leaned forward and sank her mouth over and into my pussy, never have I felt such a sensuous thing, my pussy seemed to expand to her mouth as she licked and sucked at me, I had no defences against this wonderful onslaught, I couldn't stop myself from cumming, it was explosive, even Emile hadn't made me come this way, it was completely and utterly different to him.

I just couldn't move now, I was stricken with the intensity of my orgasm; she turned around and said to me in that sweet voice of hers as she kissed me softly, 'did you like that little dove?'

'Little dove?' I murmured.

'Yes,' was her reply. 'You will be owned by Emile for as long as he wants you, but you will belong to me and Anita, you wont see Emile again unless he decides he wants a fuck from you, but don't worry I will make sure he does, just enough to keep you on the edge.'

'What is going happen to me?' I whimpered.

'Don't worry little dove,' she said, 'you will lead a normal life, well as normal a life as you can, but you will learn to obey me at all times okay?'

'What do you mean?' I questioned.

'I'll show you,' she said.

And with that I was thrown over on to my front she was on top of me in a flash, and I started to receive a walloping of astronomical proportions on my arse, I cried, screamed, and yelped, I begged her to stop, after an eternity she did, my ass was on fire, ablaze with pain.

Then came a massive surprise, she leaned forward and started licking, caressing and kissing my arse; it was lovely, she pushed her hands under me and felt for my pussy.

I was so grateful, for her kindness, forgetting that it was her that had caused me the pain in the first place.

Anita appeared then, got undressed, I tried to recoil away from her, don't worry little dove she said to me, Im here for Lola, she and Lola then proceeded to give me a lesson in woman to woman love making, I was absolutely amazed, I had never witnessed such intensity between 2 women, they orgasmed all over me and the bed, and not realising it, I was fiddling with my own pussy too, I orgasmed myself, it knocked me over as I was watching them on my knees.

I was kept there for the rest of the day being "taught" how to behave, and do as I was told, when, where, and how.

I must confess the things they did to me were fantastic, I had never experienced such intense lovemaking, I fully submitted to them, but mostly to Lola, she had me calling her "Mistress" without me thinking about it.

I was sent home with a butt plug lodged in my arse, one that had an inverted ring at the end of it, that my little puckered hole naturally clamped itself to, and warned that if I removed it before presenting myself again at 10:00am the following morning, my punishment would be more severe than I could imagine.

I was in fear now; I knew I wouldn't remove it, even though walking properly was a problem.

I was also warned not to play with myself, and not to orgasm, or else!

I left, got in my car and tried to adjust myself to the plug, I had to because I didn't want my husband to become suspicious of any thing.

I drove home with some difficulty, and to my surprise the plug turned me on, I was in full arousal by the time I got there.

I desperately wanted to play with my clit and make myself cum, how would they know if I did I thought to myself, so I went upstairs and brought myself off like a runaway train.

When I came down from it, I was mortified by what I had done; I just knew they would find out, I was in tears at the thought.

But I settled back into my life, however briefly, and prepared my husbands dinner.

The following morning, my husband went off to work and I readied myself, Hair down, tight top, short skirt, lacy under wear, stockings, suspenders, heels, the lot!

Ready for my day at the hands of my glorious Mistress, which stunned me because that was my thought of her, my Mistress?

I arrived at 10:00 as instructed; I dared not to be late.

I was met by Anita, which disappointed me, I was very wary of her, and would have preferred Lola to greet me.

The butt plug was still lodged tightly into my arse, she checked it, and asked me menacingly had I cum?

'No I haven't,' I whispered fearing a reprisal.

So I asked. 'Where is Lola?'

'Why do you want to know slut!'Anita said. 'Im here, you're here, you do what you are told, and that's that!' And with that I got slapped again.

I was pulled into the bedroom, where there was a young man; it turned out to be Emile's son Andre, and I was to find out, his virgin son!

'Now' Anita said, 'you are to be especially nice to Andre.' She winked, and indicated with her hand, a wanking motion, stuck her tongue into her cheek and mocked a sucking motion; thrust her hips back and forth.

'If you are not, then woe will betide you.'

Then she left the room! What was I to do?

I just wanted to escape, I had arrived thinking my day would be spent at the hands of Lola, and some time with Anita, but now I was faced with a virgin boy!

I pondered for a while trying to weigh up my options, but it seemed I didn't have any!

His saving grace for me was, he wasn't too bad looking, he was dressed well, he didn't smell, hair loosely hanging over his coal black eyes, he was tallish, awkward, naturally, and had an obviously boyish charm, he was shy, I could tell that, but I could also see that there was determination to him too.

I tried talking to him, to see what his thoughts were; I wasn't quite prepared for his response.

Which was, that his dad had told him that I was a very special lady, and I would teach him all there is to know about making love to, and fucking a woman, so let's get on with it shall we? He said!

This was new territory for me; I had never taken the lead with a man, let alone a boy!

I sat on the bed, I didn't know where or how to start, but that was taken out of my hands by Andre.

He sat beside me, put his arm around my shoulder and started to kiss me, I had little option but to respond in kind, otherwise I would have got a severe punishing, I knew that.

I gently took control, turned him sideways, and pushed him down onto the bed; we spent quite some time kissing, which I enjoyed because I was in control for a change.

He began to grope me, but I gently stopped him, and guided his hands over my body, I was getting worked up because I was getting him worked up in a way I love, I knew I was being used, which excited me in itself, but having this strapping young man to myself was exciting me more than I cared to admit now.

I slid my hand down onto his cock, he twitched and moaned into my mouth, I knew he would come in an instant if I squeezed it too hard, which he did, he twisted into an almost upright position, before slowly laying back down on the bed, Oh wow, he said that was fantastic, yes it was I murmured.

I hadn't even seen his cock yet!

I'm going into the bathroom I told him, you get undressed, clean your self up, get into bed and wait for me okay?

Yes he said obediently, I returned a few minutes later, and there he was laid on his side, up on one elbow and looking right at me with a steely gleam in his eyes.

I shuddered involuntarily, I hated to admit it, but I was feeling so bloody horny now.

I turned my back and undressed.

I left my bra, stockings and suspenders on along with my panties; I wanted him to remove them for me.

I pulled the bed covers off, and got onto the bed with him, I pushed him onto his back, I couldn't deny my arousal any longer, I kissed him fiercely, passionately, I wanted him now, I grabbed hat his cock, it was still bloody hard!

I helped him undress me; he was a little unsure how to do it to say the least.

I almost lifted myself over him so I could fuck his brains out, but that wasn't what my body wanted, my body wanted him to fuck my brains out!

I lay on my back, pulled him over me, wrapped my legs around him, took his gorgeous cock in my hand and guided it into my dripping pussy.

It went in like a hot knife through butter!

I came almost immediately, although I don't think he knew that, he was too busy fucking my arse up and down on the bed, Wow, did I get a pummelling, he didn't know what he was doing, but oh my was he doing it right, I was loving this, a virgin cock driving me sexually insane, fabulous!

He came after a short while and moaned into my neck, he told me he loved me, which made me smile, oh the youth of it, the passion.

I kept my legs around him, held him, kissed him, and loved him, he had made me cum in a way I hadn't before, Lola, Anita, and Emile had all made me cum in different ways, and now so had Andre.

And much to my utter delight, he hadn't finished with me yet!

When he had regained his second wind, off he went again, my pussy was like a pound of liver, hot, wet, and full of blood gorging through its veins.

Some how I ended up on top of him, and gave, or tried to give, as good as I got, which was a tremendous shagging, his stamina was unending.

I eventually got him to slow down, and I gave his cock a long and slow sucking, I licked at his balls, raised his legs over his head, and kissed and sucked at that little area that men love between their balls and their arse, while softly wanking his now sore cock, he came one more time, out of how many? I didn't know the answer to that!

Four hours had passed, then Lola came in with Anita, Oh no I thought I can't go any more now, I was completely shattered.

I needed rest, I looked at them pleadingly, they ignored me, and asked Andre how it had gone, was he happy with me etc?

He praised me to the hilt, it was the best day of his life he told them, he said I was a fantastic woman, and then he told them that they had to leave me alone in the future, I was his now he said.

I was very happy with his defence of me, but saying I was his, that wasn't on my agenda!

That will depend on Daddy Lola said.

Daddy! I gasped; Emile was her father, Anita was her mother! And also the mother father of Andre!

I fell backwards onto the bed in shock, Andre grabbed hold of me and said don't you worry Jennifer, I'll take care of things, he put his shorts on, went and stood in front of them, and told them in no uncertain terms that his dad would do as he asked.

We'll see about that they said in unison, they both glared at me, which filled me with dread, I was scared shitless now, I had had a wonderful day, and now it was going to be ruined by them both.

I heard a muffled roar from some where, they came back, and told Andre to go see his father, as soon as he left they were on me, a hand was clamped over my mouth, a hand went to my sore pussy, 2 fingers disappeared up my arse, and mouths clamped over my nipples.

I was helpless immediately; they were working me into a frenzy with the ease of their surety that I couldn't resist them, no matter how I tried.

We fell into a pile on the bed, I was just in the act of cumming when Andre returned, he flew into a rage, hauled them of me, slapped Lola, grabbed his mother, and ordered them to leave me alone or he would hammer them, fists raised.

I was so grateful I could have cried, I was going to be free of their clutches, I hoped.

Emile, his father had granted his request that I would belong to him from now on, I wasn't very happy about it, but I knew I would have more control of things if it was just Andre I had to deal with.

But what Andre told me was mind boggling to me, the deal he had struck with his father to save me was, that he would move in to my home with me as a lodger!

I was now utterly stunned, I can't do that I told him, I have a husband at home, his answer was its either that or he would turn me back over to Lola and Anita!

No contest was it?

I asked for time to think, I had to work out a compromise, but there wasn't one to be worked out.

The only option was to take in Andre!

So when I went home, I spoke to my husband and asked did he remember Emil's son, who had worked part time with his dad on our garage extension.

'Yes,' was his reply, 'nice boy, why?'

'Well he called round today, and he was in a real bad state with his self, I asked him what was wrong, and he told me he had had a big fight with his dad, and that he had thrown him out of the house and not to come back.'

'What's that got to do with us?' he said.

'Well,' I told him, 'he asked me if he could stay with us here for a few days, as he didn't know anyone else to ask, and would only be here a short while, he almost begged me.' I posed! (Liar!)

'Come and live here, you couldn't manage a young man like him, he would eat us out of house and home,' my husband said.

I was over the moon, he was saying yes without realising it!

'He'll pay his way, I have asked him,' I lied again.

'Okay,' my husband responded, 'but he's totally your responsibility,' he said.

Job done I thought to myself happily, Im going to have a young man living in my house and fucking me at will, things were turning out very nicely, I called Andre, and he came over that night, he thanked my husband profusely, promising all sorts of silly things.

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