tagIncest/TabooMy Sexy Sisters

My Sexy Sisters


If anyone had told me, a week ago, that I would soon be fucking the living shit out of my two beautiful, large breasted, voluptuous, blonde twin sisters, I would have told them that they were crazy.

And I would have been wrong.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

Nearly a year ago, fresh after my eighteenth birthday, I headed out for my freshman year of college. I was a virgin at the time, but I was young, dumb, and full of cum, and had no doubt that I would be a sexual dynamo in no time at all. Suffice it to say, I was mistaken. I spent nine months studying, working hard, and striking out with all of the women on campus. To my horror, I found out that I was a dork!

Then, as the spring semester ended, I found myself headed back home for the summer, my tail between my legs. Or should I say, my dick, long and hard and unused, between my legs! I was still a virgin. I returned home to stay in my childhood bedroom and try to earn a pitiful amount of cash at a local fast food chain for the summer. Oh boy.

The only bright spot was my two identical twin sisters, Britney and Whitney. They were also home for the summer. They were a year older than I was, having just finished their sophomore year at a different college. Britney and Whitney were total knockouts; tall, blonde, and stacked; with beautiful faces, legs to die for, and asses that made men cry. They took after our mother, who is also a knockout, and barely looks old enough to have college aged kids. They really were identical, too; most people had trouble telling them apart. They had developed the habit of wearing opposing colors of nail polish to distinguish themselves; usually Britney wore a darker color, and Whitney wore a lighter shade. Of course, I could tell them apart even without the color-keyed nails, but I had known them all my life.

Also for all my life, I had lusted after them. But, of course, I never thought of actually interacting with them in a sexual way, since they were my freaking sisters, after all! I didn't even dare to fantasize about them, or think about them when I jerked off during long, lonely nights. I tried not to think of their swelling bosoms, their swaying hips, their full, pouty sensuous lips, or the glorious pussies that must lie between their long, luscious legs. No, not at all, not even when I yanked my crank in the shower, or beat my meat beneath the sheet on a hot summer night. I forced myself not to think about their beautiful, eager faces; their long, slender, color-keyed fingers; their pert, taut, snapper asses; their smoldering eyes, or their creamy, white thighs. I loved them, but in a respectful, brotherly sort of way. Of course, all that was soon to change.

After returning home for the summer, and feeling completely sorry for myself, and a total loser, for having failed to shed my virginity during two entire semesters on campus, I sat glumly at the dinner table with my parents and my beautiful, lusty, stacked, blonde twin sisters. Everyone was chatting and twittering happily, except for myself. My sisters didn't fail to notice my depressed state of mind. After dinner, they cornered me.

"What is your problem, Andy?" asked Britney. "You look like someone pissed in your cornflakes!"

"Well, Brit," I started to say, but I really didn't want to discuss it with her. It was mighty embarrassing, as you can imagine.

"Yes?" she insisted. Britney could be very diligent when she wanted to know something.

"Oh, skip it," I told her. But she was having none of it.

"C'mon, Sis," she said to Whitney, "Let's squeeze it out of him!" And with that, they both grabbed me, and dragged me into my room. They threw me down on my bed, and held me down. "Are you going to tell us? Or are we going to have to tickle it out of you?" Whitney said.

Whitney and Britney were both resolute. They would clearly tickle me to death if I didn't spill it. So I decided it was time to fess up.

"Well, Sis," I said to both of them, "I was sure that I'd come back from my freshman year at college as a sexual dynamo, having bagged dozens of chicks." They both raised their eyebrows and looked at each other, amused. "But the fact is, I didn't get zip. Nada. I'm still a complete virgin!" I waited for their hails of derisive laughter.

But, to my surprise, they didn't laugh, didn't deride me, didn't make fun of me at all. "Oh, Andy, that's so sad!" wailed Britney. She looked at Whitney. "What are we going to do about that, Sis?"

"Well, there's only one thing that we can do about it, Sis," said Whitney. "We'll just have to break the lad in ourselves." They looked at each other, then looked back at me, and then broke out into peals of laughter. I didn't know if they were joking or not.

"Absolutely, Sis," said Britney. Then she looked back at me again. "Mom and Dad are going away for the weekend to visit Uncle Randy and Aunt Sandy. We'll have the house alone for the three of us. We'll break you in good, youngster." Then they hugged each other and laughed some more, and left the room hand in hand. I didn't know if I should be excited, or scared. But mostly, I was scared, just in case. Well, that and massively turned on. My virginal cock was straining at the very thought of being "broken in" by my two beautiful sexy sisters!

That was Tuesday. The rest of the week, they kept giving me knowing smiles, smug winks, and sidelong glances. They would look at me and break into peals of laughter. I found myself avoiding them. I was getting scared shitless! My cock, though, just got more and more turned on by the possibilities.

Growing up, I had always worshipped my older sisters. A year older than I was, they had always been popular, confident, and at ease. They were always in the cool crowd at school. And not surprisingly so; they were gorgeous! As they grew up, they only became more beautiful each year. By the time they went away to college, they had huge, sensual breasts, slim graceful waists, and full, carnal hips. They had long shapely legs, cascading blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and faces like Greek goddesses. They had all the boyfriends they could ever want. And I was their gangly, nerdy, also-ran younger brother. And now, they were acting as if they were going to jump my bones. If they were even serious in the first place, that was!

Friday finally arrived. After work, Mom and Dad left for the weekend to visit Uncle Randy and Aunt Sandy out of town. They left us some money for food, and their itinerary. And a final admonition to "be good and play nice" with each other. That last part worried me! No sooner had the door slammed behind them than Britney and Whitney turned to me, with flashing blue eyes.

"Okay, little brother, it is time for your education," said Britney. She was sizing me up like a butcher examining a side of beef. "Take your clothes off."

"Yeah, you're real funny, Brit," I told her. "Ha ha ha..."

But she was having none of it. "Andy, I'm not kidding. Sis and I have discussed it." She exchanged knowing glances with Whitney, who nodded vigorously. "We are your older sisters, and we love you. It is our duty to break you in, sexually. By the time you go back to school in the fall, you will be the sexual dynamo that you always wanted to be. You will be a stud. You will be a love-making machine. You will be an expert. We guarantee it."

I looked at my two gorgeous sisters, from face to beautiful face. I saw their heaving bosoms, their clenching fists, their resolute mouths. They meant business. Also, I found out later, they were missing their boyfriends from college, and the endless hours of savage sex that they had grown accustomed to on campus. They needed this as much as I did. They grabbed me by the arms and dragged me into our parent's bedroom, my heels dragging on the carpet. This was the only room in the house with a double bed. They threw me onto the mattress.

"Let's strip him, Sis," said Britney.

"Of course," said Whitney. Together, they ripped off my t-shirt, my sneakers, my jeans, my white tube socks, and my Dilbert boxers. Soon I was lying naked on the lavender sheets of our parent's double bed. Britney and Whitney looked at each other, then at my naked young body, and then back at each other. They giggled. I thought they were giggling at my virginal body, but they weren't.

"Look at the size of that cock, Sis!" said Whitney. They both gaped at my tool, which was standing at attention and bobbing slightly with my pulse.

"Our little bro has certainly grown up!" said Britney. They both giggled some more, but also continued to stare in awe at my cock.

They approached each other, and began taking off each other's clothes. Clearly they had done this before. Britney grabbed Whitney's top by the waist band and lifted it off over her head. Whitney unbuttoned Britney's shirt, button by button, and threw it aside. Then they embraced, and reached behind each other's backs to undo the clasps of their bras. Before I knew it, my beautiful, buxom, stacked blonde twin sisters were standing before me, stripped to the waist, their pendulous boobs bobbing in front of my naked body in our parent's bedroom. It was surreal. I felt my cock waving in the air like a conductor's baton.

They embraced, and then, to both my horror and amazement, they kissed! They pressed their swollen, sensual lips together, and their tongues darted out, dancing and playing together like sword fighters in a pirate movie, jousting and thrusting and parrying. I watched in fascination, my naked, tumescent cock growing even larger by the second. I think they had momentarily forgotten that I was even there. Finally, they broke their kiss, and began undoing each other's belts, and letting their jeans fall to the floor. Then they each dropped their tiny panties to their feet and kicked them aside. They stood before me, at the foot of the bed, fabulous in their beautiful, naked, glory.

"Well, Sis," said Whitney, "Where should we start with our student?"

"Well, let's see what he knows already," Britney said. "You said you are a virgin, right Andy?" I nodded. "Have you ever had a blow job?" I shook my head, no. "How about a hand job?" Again, I shook my head, no. "Have you ever made out with a girl?" Sadly, I again shook my head once again, no.

"Oh, dear. It looks like we have to start from all the way at the beginning," Whitney said to Britney. "But I don't have a problem with that. Do you, Sis?"

"Of course not, Sis!" said Britney. "Let's start by teaching him how to kiss."

They stood before me on the floor, beautiful and confident in their smooth, cool, white unblemished skin, and wrapped their arms around each others' waists. Whitney began the lecture.

"Okay, Grasshopper, observe closely. First, you tilt your head slightly to one side, so your noses don't interfere. Then you lean in, your mouth toward hers. But gentle, see? Don't rush it; don't push it. Unless she likes it that way, of course!" They both giggled. Whitney and Britney each tilted their heads slightly to the side, and they slowly, daintily, sensually brought their luscious mouths together. Like two bright red strawberries, their mouths met, and squirmed together. Their lips held court for several minutes, and then their tongues came out to play. They flicked their tongues together for awhile, and then their tongues began to explore: they licked each others' lips, licked each others' chins, licked each others' ears. Whitney buried her mouth in Britney's neck and nibbled on her throat. All the while their breasts were mashed together and their hands were on each others' asses. God, it was hot!

After awhile, they broke apart. "Okay, Grasshopper, your turn," said Britney. "Come over here and show me what you've learned." I got up and went to embrace my beautiful, blonde, sexy, naked sister. But as soon as I got within hugging distance of her, my cock, engorged and bobbing, came between us!

"Oh my, that will never do!" said Britney. "I don't think we can even get close enough to kiss with that monster between us. What do you think, Sis?"

"I think we'll have to deflate it before the lesson can proceed," said Whitney. "I'll take care of it." With that, she grabbed me by the shoulders and tossed me onto the bed on my back. She crawled up between my outstretched legs. "I wanted to save this for a later lesson, youngster," she said, "but clearly we need to release some pressure now or you'll never be able to concentrate." With that, she lowered her beautiful, soft, wet, sensuous mouth onto my bobbing, turgid cock. She inhaled it into her mouth, slurping and sucking. The sensation was incredible as my virginal cock encountered its first ever mouth! It was hot and wet and smooth and tight all at the same time. I felt my cock head reach the back of her throat. Then I felt her tongue, still inside her mouth, swirling all over my sensitive cock flesh. She sucked and slurped, applied alternating pressure and suction, and drooled her saliva all over my straining member.

I don't think it lasted more than twenty seconds. Her warm, sucking, hoovering mouth was the most intensely pleasurable experience of my entire young life, and I couldn't take it for long. My butt cheeks clenched, and I blew my inaugural load into the soft, moist, talented, cum-gobbling mouth of my beautiful, horny older sister. Spurt after spurt, saved up over the seven hours since my last jerk-off, spurted into that talented mouth. Whitney swallowed it all down; she seemed to know exactly how to swallow it as fast as I could spew it. A few tiny dribbles leaked out at the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin, but not much.

Whitney stood up, and Britney saw the slight dribbles. "Oh, mine!" she said, and ran up to Whitney, licking up the wayward cum with her long, moist, pink tongue. "Mmmm, yummy!" she said. "I haven't had virgin cum in ages!"

"Here, I've got a little left in my mouth, too," said Whitney. She hadn't swallowed it all, after all. They share everything. They again locked lips, and I could see them pushing a ball of my spooge back and forth between their luscious mouths with their wet, wiggling, pink tongues, like little grade school erasers. Needless to say, my cock didn't even think about getting soft. But at least it wasn't twitching and bobbing quite so insistently any more.

"Okay, back to the smooching lesson," said Britney. "Come over here and put your arms around me."

I walked up to her, and put my arms around her waist. She took my right hand and pulled it back farther around her, and planted it firmly on her taut, naked ass. She took my left hand and draped it around her neck. "Now, kiss me like you mean it!" she commanded.

I leaned in and jammed my mouth onto hers, and stuck my tongue into her mouth. What a dork I was.

"No, no, no!" Britney said, laughing. "It isn't an attack! It's a dance, a duet, a caress! Try again."

I tried again. I brought my mouth close to hers, but did not touch. I brushed my lips lightly against hers. She parted her lips, and brought out her tongue. We lightly flicked our tongues together, for a mere fraction of a second. Then again. And again. Then our lips again. I thought I was getting the hang of it! Before long, we were making out like champions. I was making out with my beautiful, sexy, pulchritudinous, naked, blonde sister! I knew I had conquered the skill when Britney relaxed her body against me, pulled me close, and changed her body language from that of a teacher to that of a committed participant. We sucked each others' faces for long minutes, while she cooed in pleasure and my cock returned to full tumescence.

"Okay, okay, my turn!" interjected Whitney. She wanted some smooching, too. She pulled Britney away by the shoulder, and took her place in my arms. I slowly, gently approached her delicate red rosebud of a mouth in the same manner, and soon we were sucking face and grinding our bodies together like there was no tomorrow. I felt her hands on my ass, and my cock pressed up against her tummy, pointing up at her chin. Our saliva ran down our faces and our jaws worked overtime. Finally, she pulled back.

"Wow," said Britney, watching from a seat on the double bed. "I think he has mastered Lesson Number One!" We all laughed.

I looked down at my cock. It was again sticking out like a diving board. "There's that obstacle again," said Whitney. "I think we'd better drain it again, or it will interfere with Lesson Number Two. Your turn, Sis!"

Britney pushed me back onto the bed, my cock again pointing toward the ceiling. "He might as well get a new experience out of this," she mused. "Okay, youngster, this will be your first combination handjob/blowjob." She wrapped her soft, dainty, dark blue nailed fingers around the shaft of my straining cock. She sucked the head of my cock into her beautiful, full lipped mouth. She began jacking my shaft with her hands, swirling her luscious lips around my cock head, and probing her talented tongue into my pee slit. It wasn't long before I was shooting another load of semen into her throat. It wasn't quite as big of a load as the first one, but it was still massive. Britney caught it all in her mouth, and swallowed all but the last few gulps. Those she saved to share.

Britney stood up. "Here's your share, Sis," she said. Whitney came over, and they again embraced, and snowballed the slimy wad of cum back and forth between their sexy mouths. Some of it dripped down to their boobs, which was not a problem. They took turns lapping up the wayward strands of cum off of each other's boobs with their clever pink tongues. Eventually it was all swallowed down. I felt like I was having sex and watching a porno movie all at the same time!

Whitney declared the next lesson. "Have you ever fondled a woman's breasts, Grasshopper?" she asked. I shook my head. "Well, it's high time you learn," she said, and beckoned Britney over to her. "First, let us demonstrate." They leaned in close, pressing their hips together, but keeping their chests several inches apart. Whitney continued to lecture.

"First, you gently cup her breast from below," she said, hefting Britney's beautiful boob in her palm, lifting it gently. Then she began to lightly massage it with her long, pink-nailed fingers and her cool soft palm. Britney cooed. "Press and swirl, but gently. Then, lightly flick your thumb over her nipple. If it is getting hard, you're doing it right." Her thumb flicked the swollen brown tissue of the nipple, as large as a thimble, protruding from Britney's breast. Brit moaned and squirmed. Whitney continued.

"Then, you use your other hand on the other breast, but always listening to her feedback; you never know how a woman likes it, rough or gentle, until you gage her reaction." She obviously already knew Britney's preferences, because she soon had Brit squirming in delight. Then Britney put her hands on Whitney's breasts, and I watched in awe as four beautiful hands massaged four beautiful breasts and tweaked and flicked four magnificently engorged nipples. When they brought their mouths together for further making out, I thought I would lose it. My cock was again at full sail!

Finally they broke apart. "Okay, Grasshopper, your turn," said Britney. "Come over here and fondle your big sister's boobs." She turned toward me.

"No way!" interjected Whitney. "You got to kiss him first. I want to do this one first." She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me close. My cock almost got in the way, but we managed to get it between us without too much trouble. She put her arms around my waist. "My boobs are lonely, Andy," she said. "Fondle them for me, please?"

I reached up my hand, and gently hefted her large, teardrop shaped breast, just as I had observed them doing. It felt warm, but heavy, like a large water balloon, but infinitely soft and full of life. As the tender breast flesh first touched my hand, I felt a thrill that is difficult to describe; a feeling of power, but at the same time, a humbling, awestruck feeling. I knew that I would want to touch boobs again and again for the rest of my life. I gently rubbed and massaged her soft flesh.

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