My Sexy Sisters


"Ooh, you're doing great, bro," cooed Whitney. "Now flick my nip." I passed the pad of my thumb over her nipple, flicking it back and forth. I was amazed how springy and rubbery it felt. I brought my fingers together and gently tweaked it. "Ooh, harder!" Whitney moaned. I squeezed harder, and watched as her eyes widened in delight. I brought up my other hand and likewise ministered to her other breast and nipple. Soon I had her moaning and panting with pleasure. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my mouth to hers. We made out again, furiously. She pressed her groin to my thigh, rubbing her pussy against my leg, her need growing.

I could have kept that up forever. Well, at least until my cock exploded from the pressure, that is. But we didn't get that far. After a while, Britney wanted her turn. She tapped Whitney on the shoulder.

"Step aside, Sis," she said. "My turn." She wrapped her arms around my waist, and the process was repeated. Soon I was squeezing her luscious boobs, pinching her hard brown nipples, and sucking her beautiful face and tongue. She buried her long blue fingernails into the flesh of my buttocks as we ground our groins together. Eventually, Britney pulled back.

"Whoa, I think we need a break!" she said, fanning her face with her hands. "I'm getting really hot, and that cock of yours is about to drill a whole through my tummy!" She looked at Whitney. "I think he needs to be drained again, Sis."

Whitney looked at me. "Back on the bed, Grasshopper, on your back," she said. "It's time for your first pure hand job. These are a specialty of mine." She positioned me near the edge of the bed, with my legs hanging off the edge. She knelt on the floor between them. "Some guys think that a hand job is inferior to a blow job," she said. "Or to a combo blowjob/handjob. Those guys have never experienced one of my hand jobs." She took a bottle of lube from the night stand and poured a generous puddle of the thick, viscous liquid into her palm. She rubbed her hands together, and blew on them.

"I think you are going to enjoy this," she said. I had no doubt she was right! Even though I'd already blown two loads since entering the room, all of the kissing and hugging and fondling and crotch grinding had served to generate another backload of sperm in my balls. Whitney cupped my nut sack from below in her left hand, and gently rolled my gonads back and forth. Involuntarily, my back arched slightly.

"You like that, don't you?" she asked rhetorically, as my scrotum slipped and slid in her slick, oily palm. Meanwhile, her right hand slowly and erotically wrapped itself around the straining, bright red shaft of my cock. She squeezed with just the right amount of pressure; not too much, and not too little. She squeezed and at the same time slowly jacked up and down the length, from the root buried in my pubic hair, up to just below the glowing purple head. She jacked up and down, up and down, all the while jiggling my balls with the skill of a juggler.

"I love your cock, Andy," she said. "I love the way it feels in my hand; the warmth, the firmness, the tightness of the skin. What a great cock!" Each time she said "cock," I felt myself get a little harder, a little longer. That was her plan, of course. She knew the power of the voice. Then she lifted her hand higher on my cock, and grasped the swollen purple head as if it were a doorknob. She twisted and spun on the doorknob, stimulating the ultra-sensitive rim of my cock head with her lubed-up palm. This made me arch my back even further. As soon as my buttocks left the bed, she slid her left hand back further, to behind where my scrotum joined my body, just below my butt hole. She poked the tip of her middle finger, just to the first knuckle, into my virginal, puckered anus, and crooked it slightly forward. I thought I would explode! The combination of her slick, twisting, doorknob motion on my cock head, and her probing, beckoning finger in my ass, kicked me over the edge. I screamed out with pleasure, and launched a thick rope of sperm several feet in the air!

Whitney watched the white tower climb, and fall back onto my stomach. She greedily lapped it up. She looked pleased with herself. "I told you they were my specialty," she said smugly. I believed her.

"Is he ready for his next lesson, Sis?" asked Britney.

Whitney fondled my now only semi-erect cock. "Yes, I think he's drained enough that his brain will have some blood in it," she said jokingly. "What should we teach him next?"

"What every boy needs to know," said Britney. "How to eat pussy!" She looked at me. "Andy, when we are done teaching you how to eat pussy, you will be a master. And then, you will never have to go wanting for sex again."

Whitney nodded in solemn agreement. "First, we'll show you how it's done, and then you'll try your hand. Or, your tongue, I mean!"

Whitney took my place on the bed, on her back, with her legs dangling. Britney knelt between them. She placed her hands on Whitney's knees, and pressed them gently apart. I stood behind her, watching intently.

"Observe, youngster," Britney lectured. "You always start slow and sensuous; that's how women like it." She bent her head down, not to Whitney's moist, beckoning pussy, but to her creamy white thighs. Brit slowly licked Whitney's left knee, swirling her tongue in tiny circles around the knee cap before beginning the journey up the long, sleek, smooth skin of her thigh. She flicked her tongue back and forth in tiny, dancing moves. Whitney moaned softly, and tiny bumps sprang out on her skin. Brit continued her journey northward, slowly approaching Whitney's pussy, which by this time has parted slightly and begun to glisten with a moist dew. Slowly, she approached the promised land. But, when she had come to within inches of the moist, luscious, velvety lips of Whitney's snatch, she abruptly moved her head back down to Whitney's other knee, and began the journey all over again. Whitney, rather than complain, moaned even louder. Britney continued to flick and swirl her tongue, and to slowly climb the length of the creamy white thigh.

Whitney's pussy was open and glistening, the folds of her lips unfurled, and her pink nub of a clit poking out of its lair. Britney traversed each of her thighs several times, making sure that Whitney was completely worked up. Finally, agonizingly, she stopped, and hovered her mouth above our sister's wide open love tunnel. She blew a soft stream of air gently onto the open pair of lips, causing Whitney to wriggle and squirm with delight.

Britney looked at me over her shoulder, her eyes silently telling me to "watch this!" I stared intently. Brit's tongue slowly approached the very bottom of Whitney's crack, and, flicking rapidly and tenderly back and forth, began to apply stimulation to that lower end of her pussy. Whitney groaned. Continuing her sideways flicking, Britney gradually moved her tongue higher and higher up Whitney's lips, her sideways motion increasing as she neared the wider, middle portion of the moist, distended pussy. I could smell the heady musky fragrance of the love juices wafting up to my nostrils. Slowly, lovingly, Brit's tongue approached the top of Whitney's pussy, getting ever closer to the sensitive clit, which was pointing straight up, wanting its due. But she didn't reach it.

When she was close to the clit, she suddenly dropped back down to the bottom again, and once again began the slow, tortuous climb toward the top. Like the famous itsy bitsy spider that keeps getting washed down the drain spout, she kept approaching the top, and then starting over from the bottom. Whitney, of course, was going crazy.

"Do me, Sis, do me!" Whitney was screaming. She'd had enough of the teasing. "Lick it, oh baby, lick it!" Britney finally gave in, and lightly flicked her tongue across Whitney's clit. Whitney screamed in ecstasy! I hoped that the neighbors were gone for the weekend, too. Brit flicked across the clit again and again, over and over. Whitney screamed and thrashed, flinging her head back and forth on the sheets. Finally, she clamped her thighs on Britney's head, and let out a long, loud wail of pure pleasure. Her fingers, with her manicured pink nails, clutched the sheets, nearly tearing them from the bed.

Britney waited for Whitney to relax, and then extricated her head from our sister's grasping thighs. She looked at me. "Any questions, youngster?" she joked.

I pushed my jaw back up to my face. I had never seen anything like this before, not even on the internet. "That, that... that was incredible! Do you really think I can learn to do that?"

"Well, I certainly hope so! I don't want to go all summer only getting it from Sis here. I want TWO lovers as good as I am to be licking my hot throbbing pussy," she said. "Are you ready to give it a shot?"

Whitney sat up on the bed, breathing hard. "Go for it, little bro. You do Sis, and I'll coach you from the sidelines in case you need any pointers."

Brit took Whitney's place on the bed, her pert butt near the edge, and her long, slender legs hanging off. I knelt between them. I admired the smooth, creamy skin, the finely toned muscles of her calves, and her beautiful, dainty feet with the bright blue toenails. I could have died happy just kneeling there, stroking her marvelous legs and staring at her gorgeous pussy.

Whitney urged me on and broke me out of my reverie. "Go ahead, Grasshopper," she said. "It isn't going to lick itself! Sis is waiting."

I didn't want to imitate Brit's every move, so instead, after gently prying her legs apart, I planted dainty little kisses up and down both of her thighs. Up and down, from her knees up to just below her pussy, I smooched tiny little lip smacks on her creamy white flesh. She seemed to enjoy it. After several minutes of that, I couldn't wait any more. I just had to get my first taste of pussy.

How I had dreamed of pussy all of my teen years. Dreamed of how it would smell, how it would feel, how it would taste. How it would suck in my cock and engulf it. And now, here I was, mere inches from the beautiful, moist, pungent pussy of my beloved sister. It was all I could do to keep from attacking it with my teeth like a big juicy tomato! But instead, I approached it slowly and gently. I pursed my lips, and daintily kissed the lower end of her glistening wet vertical smile. I applied gentle suction on her sexy wet pussy lips, kissing them like a dainty mouth. The smacking sound brought a smile to her face, as well as a shudder of pleasure. I hopped my mouth up her lips in small, tiny jumps, smooching and smacking all the way up. When I got near to the top, I went back down to the bottom, imitating the itsy bitsy spider technique that I had observed earlier. Britney cooed and moaned with pleasure. I could see her clit, stiff and pink, poking out from the top of her perfectly formed pussy, but I studiously avoided it for awhile.

I was just thinking that it was time to smack a kiss on that little stiff pink nub, when Whitney whispered in my ear. "Give her a finger in the snatch!" she hissed. I turned my right hand palm up, and extended my middle finger. I slowly slid it into the sopping wet pussy before me. I was in! For the first time in my life, part of my body was inside a woman's pussy! I felt triumphant. Britney jerked with surprise, but didn't complain. I pushed my finger further in, until my knuckles were pressed up against her lips. An instinct told me to twist it, so I did. Brit's moaning and groaning became louder. Whitney leaned her mouth up to me again, her hot breath in my ear. "Give her two fingers," she said. I pulled my hand out temporarily, extended two fingers, and then shoved them back in. Brit moaned louder than ever! I pushed in and out, in and out, and continued to twist. Britney was going nuts. I finally leaned down and began lapping at her clit. The light flicking thing that I had observed earlier seemed far too gentle to go along with my urgent finger fucking, so instead I lapped and slashed at her clit with my tongue, over and over, like a dog at a bowl of water. My fingers inside her hole never let up their twisting and poking.

The thrashing of her body and the moans from her throat told me that I was doing something right. I continued the sawing and twisting with my fingers, and the lapping on her clit with my tongue, and gradually increased the speed and intensity of both. Brit's reactions likewise sped up, her moans climbing to a wail, her twitching elevating into full body seizures! I could feel her building up to a climax, and it didn't take long. A few more stokes, a few more licks, and she was screaming, her love fluids pouring out of her pussy and onto my tongue and face. Her thighs clamped around my head, nearly suffocating me. Eventually Britney relaxed and I was able to pull my head back out. I rocked back on my heels and looked at her.

Whitney leapt forward and threw her arms around my neck. "You did it, little bro, you did it!" she was yelling. "Some guys go their entire lives without learning to eat pussy. But you did it right, first time out of the box. No wonder we love you." And she gave me a big kiss on the lips. I put my arms around her, and we smooched and hugged while waiting for Britney to come back to life. I think Whitney enjoyed tasting Britney's sauces on my mouth as much as she enjoyed the kissing.

Finally Britney struggled up to a sitting position, her cascading blonde hair tousled around her beautiful face. Her bright blue eyes flashed. "Not bad, Grasshopper; not bad at all," she said. "I think you've got it!" We all laughed.

At this point, the hour was getting pretty late. We suddenly realized that we hadn't had any dinner, and were all starving. Britney got up and ordered a pizza, extra large, with the works. While waiting for it to arrive, we all lay on the bed, with me in the middle, and cuddled and smooched and fondled each other. Our hands roamed freely over each others' bodies, touching and stroking and probing. We had no inhibitions at all; we were as intimate as any three people can be. I love my sexy sisters.

The doorbell rang, and Whitney remembered to throw a robe on as she went to get the pizza. We ate it sitting in bed, naked, talking and laughing and planning out the rest of our sex lessons for the weekend. If anyone dripped food on themselves, there were always two volunteers to lick it off. More than once, I deliberately dripped food onto my cock. My beautiful, naked, loving sisters always licked it clean together.

When the pizza was gone, we lay back on the bed together. I was still in the middle, my arms outstretched, my sexy naked sisters on their sides, facing me. They stroked their soft, beautiful hands up and down my chest, playing with my nipples, and down to my crotch, playing with my cock. I was still rock hard, and enjoyed watching Brit's bright blue nails and Whitney's pink nails wrapped around my stiff red shaft, slowly and casually jacking it with light, tender touches.

We were completely out of energy, and knew that we would have to go to sleep for the night. But tomorrow we would continue the lessons. As I was drifting off to sleep, a thought struck me. I shouted out, "Hey, I haven't even fucked either of you yet!"

"Don't worry, baby brother," said Whitney. "It's only Friday night. We have all weekend to break you in." They each bit playfully onto one of my nipples, and I pulled them close to me with my arms around their necks. Then we fell into a deep sleep.


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