tagIncest/TabooMy Sister-In-Law and Me

My Sister-In-Law and Me


My wife and I have been married for over 25 years now, not saying it's always been easy, but we have survived it! She has three younger sisters and has always felt like she was the second mother to them. Over the years we've all been close, but nine years ago the second from the youngest and I got really "close"! It could have been the end of a marriage if things hadn't gotten controlled.

She was in the middle of her second marriage, both of which I found out had been physically and mentally abusive. I stopped by her house one day during the week to check on her and she told me several things about what had been going on in her life. I was walking to the door and turned to give her a good- bye hug when she turned her face to me and kissed me deeply-open mouthed and lots of tongue! I was surprised, but had honestly always been attracted to her and returned the kiss. We groped each other for a few minutes, but I managed to leave before things progressed any further.

She was 32 at the time, still firm and shaped like a teenager, she seemed to always have a nice dark sun tan and always acted younger than her years. Let me describe her in a little more detail. She is 5'2", brown eyes, sun streaked hair, about 105 pounds. She was wearing a 34B bra and size 4 panties at the time, all packaged very nicely! I should know about the sizes, I'm part of the reason that Victoria's Secret has done so well!

She started to visit me at my office almost everyday, I'm the only person in the office and soon things got more intense! We started to make out like kids in an car, both holding back because of our family relationship, but both knowing what was eventually going to happen! We were having trouble

When the moment came that we decided to meet at a motel, we both knew that the line was about to be crossed! I got there first, rented the room and had drinks ready when she arrived. We drank and talked, while we lay beside each other on the bed, the TV was on a music channel, and soon we were kissing again and rubbing all over each other! When I took her shirt off and saw the lacy blue bra and those sweet tan boobs I knew there would be no stopping tonight!

I popped the front catch on the bra (I love those things!) and I heard her moan, not saying anything, more like she was waiting for the what would happen next! They were so firm, with dark tan lines from her bikini top. The hard pink nipples sat proudly on top, begging to be sucked! I leaned in and kissed the left one and give it a long gentle suck. "It's been so long since anyone did that!", she moaned.

My answer was, "He's a damn fool, Baby!" I promise they were both wet and swollen when I stopped. I slowly kissed my way down her belly to the button on her jeans. I looked her in the eye as I unbuttoned and then unzipped the tight jeans. She lifted her ass off the bed as I slowly peeled them down, then dropping back down and raising her legs to let me get the jeans off and that much closer to my ultimate goal. I could see the wet spot on the lace panties I knew that she wanted this a badly as I did! I leaned in a kissed the lace covered little mound and could taste her thru the panties.

I stood up and shed my clothes quickly, and moved between her legs. I pulled the panties down her sexy thighs—there were those sexy tan lines again! It seemed that all of her sexy parts were on display against the dark tan that covered the rest of her well toned little body! I saw her staring at my hard cock, she had rubbed it thru my clothes, but had never seen it. I'm usually about seven and a half inches and thicker than most, but tonight it felt like ten inches and as thick as a Coke can! I think I was the hardest as I've ever been!

I leaned down and kissed the top of her little pussy and slowly let my tongue slide down to her wet little box! She was writhing back and forth, it didn't take long for her to have her first orgasm that night!

After she had calmed down I rolled over beside her and she moved close and hugged me as we kissed. She could taste herself on my lips. She said, "That was fantastic, now it's your turn!"

She moved down my chest, slowly kissing and lightly biting me. When she took my cock in her small hand I thought I was going to explode! She jacked it as she kissed and licked the swollen red head. When she took it in her mouth I could hardly breathe, my sexy sister-in law was sucking my cock! I managed to hold back for a few minutes, but when she stopped and looked me in the eye and said, "I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel. Let it go!" I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

She took me back into her hot, wet mouth and slowly sank all the way down to the base. She kept moving slowly up and down, just like a slow, deep gentle fuck. I could hardly believe that after all these years that my sexy little sister-in-law that I had fantasized about so many times was about suck me off!

When I started to shoot my load, she went as deep as she could and just held there-letting my balls unload fully. I could feel her throat working as she swallowed every drop! When she slowly sucked her way back to the top I was still as hard as steel and covered only in her saliva!

She was still stroking it with her hand when she said, "You're so much bigger than Chad or Jason, I want to be on top. I'm still pretty tight, you know both of my kids were caesarean birth."

She straddled me and rubbed my hard cock back and forth in her wet little slit and when it hit the opening she slowly eased it inside. She stopped after she had about 3 inches and I couldn't believe how tight and warm her clenching little box felt. I watched her start to slowly rock back and forth and slowly ease down onto my length. I reached up and took a tit in each hand and massaged them, gently pinching the hard nipples. It took about 5 minutes for her to settle all the way down onto my cock and when she had it all she leaned down and kissed me.

When she sat back up she started a slow rocking motion, I couldn't imagine anything feeling that hot and tight as she slowly rocked herself thru 2 orgasms, never pulling up off me at all, just clenching and rocking that sweet pussy on my hard cock!

Now she started to hump up and down—that's what I needed! I had a hand on each hip, helping her up and down my swollen cock. She's so wet and tight it doesn't take me long to fill her with my second load of the night. After she feels the last pulse of my cock she leans forward and lays on my chest, the cum slowly running out and dripping down my balls to the sheet. We were both breathing slowly and deeply as she lay there, my cock buried deep inside her tight little body.

The thoughts were racing through my mind about what had transpired between us, knowing things would never be the same again. We both love each other, but in how many different ways?

I have some more stories like this one. If comments are good I'll submit them.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/19/17

A SIL is great

I was going to a trade school when I was 38. It was in a town 360 miles from home.
I was staying with my wife's parents that lived about 35 minutes from the school.
One night I went out drinking withmore...

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by Anonymous09/11/17


Great story. I would love to do my SIL

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