tagIncest/TabooMy Sister Janet

My Sister Janet


This is just a quick little stand alone story about a brother and his helpful sister. If you don't like Incest stories, just skip this without commenting. If you don't like stories with larger than average cocks, you might want to skip it also. (Hell, how do you suppose they get an average anyways?) All acts are consensual and are among adults.

"Jesus god...YESSSSSSSSSSSS! FUCK ME GARY...FUCK ME HARDER...OH GOD I'M NEARLY THERE!" Sue gasped for air briefly before tightening her legs around my ass as her body shook mightily beneath me while she climaxed for the umpteenth time over the last two days. "OH FUCKING HELL, JUST LIKE THAT! OH GOD I'M CUMMING AGAIN, GARY! GIVE IT TO ME...FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM! OH GOD IT'S SO GOOD...GOD YES...I CAN FEEL YOU SHOOTING INTO ME! OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" Then she silenced herself by shoving her tongue down my throat as we kissed frantically while our mutual orgasms finally faded into a glorious memory.

We lay there for several minutes with my 6'2" 195 pound body crushing her beneath me. I didn't want to, but her arms and legs had such a tight lock on me that I couldn't move other than some very shallow breaths. Finally she groaned and softly said, "My god that was my best orgasm of the weekend......which is saying something! Holy shit, Gary! Um, could you lift up or something, you're starting to get heavy on me?"

As she released her tight grip on me I rolled us over onto my back. "How's this, Hon?"

"Thanks, it's much better!" We both took deep breaths then she laid her head on my chest and snuggled into me while my over worked cock started to shrink inside of her. Finally she said, "I love feeling you as you soften in me, but I sure hate it when you finally slip out! My pussy feels so empty now. Happy but empty." She kissed me gently then we both looked at the clock on the wall. I felt sad and she said, "Damn, I have to go home and then head for Boston for two weeks! God I'm going to miss you so much!"

"Same here, Sue. I expect you to be right back here the Saturday you get back in town! We will have a lot of catching up to do," I said as she got off of me and began getting dressed. We made plans for our love fest on her return, including some of her favorite 'home' sex videos that we had made. I'm pretty good in the sack but I do get tired so the videos help keep the fires stoked while my balls and dick recuperate!

I laughed inside as Sue did her usual, she put her clothes on her lower body and then her socks and shoes before finally putting on her pullover top. She is extremely proud of her 36DD tits and their nearly always perky inch long nipples. They were always the first things out in the open and the last things she covered up. Personally I prefer smaller tits of 34B or C range, but it's a package deal, the boobs come with the girl. My mind had all ready accepted the inevitable sag as gravity took over. She was 'the one' I was certain and I could deal with her huge rack of natural tits.

We sadly kissed passionately before she somehow pulled herself away from me and hurried home to go off to answer her employer's call from the home office. We had been an item for nearly a year now, really hot and heavy for the past eight months or so. Both of us had leases on our apartments that we couldn't get out of, especially since I didn't like the area she lived in and she didn't like mine. Several times we checked out other areas to move to and had narrowed it down to three areas that we both liked. Soon we would move in together and then later get married.

Time dragged as I missed her dearly, her company as much as the sex. The fucking incredible non stop sex! My male friends all wanted to take me out drinking and hook me up with a surrogate fuck mate just to keep the edge off...I thanked them and declined their offers. Seven times I called my older sister to see if we could hook up and catch up on each other's lives.

Me...I'm 24 years old, started my own business at 17 and make nearly $400,000 a year net after taxes. I could probably make more but I have everything I need so I just sock away the money in CDs and stocks. As I have never flaunted how much I make, or even act as if I'm doing quite well, I don't think anybody knows how rich I am except for my accountant.

And then there is my sister Janet. She is 26, and the last time I saw her I guessed her to be about 115 pounds spread very nicely over a 5' 3" body. She certainly used to have curves in all the right places. We would talk on the phone several times each month but just never seemed to actually see each other. I think the last time we had a face to face was when things really started heating up between Sue and me. Damn, that means it's been way too long to not see the only living relative I have on earth! Shit! Here I am with no girl friend – damn, Sue is so much more than that but yet not my fiancé – and now is when Janet pulls a disappearing act.

Sue was really burning the midnight oil during her two weeks in Boston so we only managed brief phone calls about every other night. It was the Friday before she was to return and again she was in a meeting, so I called my sister once more. After the answering machine gave its speal I told it "Hey Sis, just trying to get a hold of you...again! Sue will be back tomorrow and we have plans so when you get this we will work around that. Love ya!"


Damn did my apartment look good! My king-sized bed even had Sue's favorite silk sheets on them and I had several scented candles burning with her favorite fragrance. I had her favorite bottle of wine chilled just right along with the DVD player ready with our best home made sex videos. Shit, I even advanced it to her absolute MOST FAVORITE scene where she gave me a blow job taking my ten inch cock all the way down as I fucked her mouth while she lay on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. It turned her on because it was the only time she could take all of me down her throat; she had loosened up after two bottles of wine that night.

The phone rang about 4 PM; I was expecting her to arrive around 5. After saying my hello I heard a crying Sue say between her sobs, "I'm so sorry, Gary. Don't talk. Just read my e-mail. Bye." Then the phone went dead, so I called her cell, but it was disconnected. I tried her apartment and that phone had also been changed to some unknown number. What the fuck is this shit?

So I fired up my computer and went to check my e-mail. There I read her message, 'Gary, this is so difficult, but we are finished. I care for you a lot, and the sex was great, but I can't see me married to a guy who drives a beat up pickup and wears blue jeans all the time! I met a nice guy in Boston who is ambitious, drives a nice Corvette and makes over $150,000 a year! My transfer to Boston has been approved and I am now in the process of getting everything settled here. Trust me; this is for the best for both of us! Good bye.'

I had to read it five times before I could believe what the screen showed me. She was a god damned gold-digger who had never once asked me how much money I had. Thank god for that! Still, I was shocked to put it mildly. Numb would be another good description for me.

After walking around my apartment for several minutes aimlessly I decided to get looped on her fucking bottle of wine. I was half way through it when the phone rang again. I picked up the receiver and dropped it back onto its cradle, then took another big swig of wine. Damned thing rang again so I grabbed it and angrily said, "WHAT?!"

"Hey Gary, I didn't mean to bother you before your date with Sue but I'm back in town now so we can hook up when ever you are free." My sister sure picked a fine time to call!

"Fuck!" I said and hung up then took a huge swig of wine. The damned phone rang again and this time I answered it more civilly after taking a deep breath or two, "Hello."

"Gary, it's Janet. What's wrong? Can I do anything to help?"

"Everything is wrong, including I don't have enough damn wine to really get drunk on!" I said as most words came out correctly, I think. Janet never was one to let me off the hook and she slowly pulled the whole shitty story out of me, including the method of being dumped.

"Oh my god that is so wrong! I'm coming right over and I'll be your 'date' for tonight!" she told me firmly.

"Um, no way sis, I can't allow you to do that! No way can you be my date! I'll be fine. Trust me, we can get together tomorrow when I am thinking more clearly. Please just stay home."

Four times she said she was on her way and four times I told her to stay home. Then we hung up and I poured another glass of wine.

Not quite an hour later I answered the knock on my door and saw my sister grinning hopefully at me

as she held up two big bottles of my favorite wine. "Well my hunky date, can I come in?" she asked me. I had been staring at the vision before me as my sister stood there in a short blue jeans mini skirt that came to no lower than mid thigh. She had three inch heals that made her bare legs look like they should be insured by Lloyd's of London. Her top was a simple yet slightly sexy pull-over that showed bare shoulders and a fair amount of cleavage. God did she look beautiful! I let her in as I cussed myself for thinking bad thoughts about her. Damn why did she have to look so fucking beautiful tonight?

After shutting the door I said, "Janet, I told you not to come over tonight. I'm fine, realllllry I yam." Shoot, I know some of the words didn't come out like I wanted them to.

"Bullshit, you had a date tonight and just because Sue turned into a shit doesn't mean you can't still have the date! I love you and want you to be happy! So just tell me what you and Sue were going to do tonight and then we will go do it! All of it, don't hold anything back from me, Gary. What were your plans for the evening?"


"No way did you have 'nothing' planned for tonight! I told you we are going to do your date just as you planned it! Now come on, out with it! Tell your big sister what the two of us are going to be doing tonight!"

Well even though the wine had been doing a good job on my brain there was no way I wanted to tell my sister that my plans for Sue and I over the next 36 hours were to suck and fuck ourselves silly, with some time for recuperation while watching our DVD. Especially since Sue always sucked me off for over 30 minutes to start things going.

For twenty minutes we went back and forth with her demanding to know what Sue and I were going to do that night while I steadfastly refused to tell her. Finally I thought I had convinced her as she said, "Well, let's just open one of these bottles of wine and sit down and talk then."

That seemed harmless enough to me so that is just what we did. Janet was pouring me another glass of wine when she softly said, "Gary, I can't believe you won't tell me what you were going to do on your date tonight. I can be a pretty good date, and I do love you more than she ever did!"

"Please just drop thish sis, I can't ashk you to do that."

"But, I've ALWAYS been there to help you when you were down! And YOU'VE always been there for me, too. So tonight is no different!" Janet took my hands in hers and pleaded, "Please Gary, tell me what you two were going to do tonight. Gary, what is the first thing you had planned for you and Sue to do tonight on your date?"

Well I guess I had had more than enough wine by then as my mind was not exactly thinking straight as I blurted out, "Sue was going to blow me for over half an hour and then we were going to fuck the shit out of each other!"

"Oh god..."

"Oh DAMN, I didn't mean to shay it! Oh god sis, I'm so shorry...I can't believe I actually told you that!"

I looked at her and she looked at me and I swear we both had to look like two over cooked lobsters. Finally we both stammered out apologies to the other and then fell into a laughing hug, a very chaste one. "Well, at least you seem sure of yourself, even if you sound full of shit, dear brother," Janet finally said.

"I have no comment; I think I've shaid mush more than enough all ready!"

So we changed the subject and found a pay-per-view movie to watch as we sat together on the couch. After the last half of her first bottle wine had disappeared Janet was cuddled up beside me like when we were kids. Out of the blue Janet said, "Sue must not be very good at it if it takes her 30 minutes to get you off."

"Huh? What?" I said as I had been watching the movie with my wine dulled brain.

"Never mind!"

It was late but finally my brain caught up with her comment and I said without looking, "No she was really good at it."

"Well, I've been told I'm pretty good at it too and no guy has ever lasted that long for me before. Oops." She said very softly.

"Oops, what?"

"I didn't mean to say that out loud! Sorry, didn't mean to freak you out."

"Trust me sis, today is the day for surprises. Beshides, you are a very attractive woman and I had no doubt that you have had your share of intimate moments with some guys along the way. Hell, I'd be surprised if you hadn't!" I told her while still looking at the TV.

Janet straightened up a bit and draped an arm around me onto my opposite shoulder as she said, "I just don't want to make things worse for you...my god Gary, your shoulder is so tense! You need a good rub from your sister!"

"I'm fine, really," I said finally looking towards her.

She smiled back at me then said, "Bullshit, I gave you enough back and shoulder rubs in high school to know that you are really tense." Her shoes slid easily from her feet then she said, "Lean forward a little."

I thought she was going to rub my shoulders so I complied then gasped, "Christ, what are you doing!"

"Dummy, I'm getting comfy just like in school." she said as she stood on the cushion then swung a leg over to the other side of me before sliding down between the back rest and my back. Her mini skirt rode up as her legs spread to allow her to straddle my back, putting her pussy right against my ass.

I turned to look at her as I started saying "Janet, what the hell are..." then my eyes fell onto her bare leg up nearly to her hip and I groaned as my head snapped forward once more. She ignored me and started in massaging my shoulders and upper arms with vigor. Soon my head dropped forward and my eyes closed as I enjoyed the relaxing feeling that overwhelmed me. I don't know when, but my hands were rubbing her bare legs where they looped out in front of me as Janet kept right on massaging my super tight muscles. Sue also had often massaged me just this way and before long I saw her in my mind's eye behind me working her fingers on my muscles.

"God this feels great, hon, don't stop." I said softly, very softly. For some reason, probably to get more comfortable, Janet bent her legs at the knees and wrapped them around my front. She hooked her feet together and then her feet settled down onto my crotch, where my cock reacted by suddenly rising to the occasion that it had hoped for. My eyes were still closed as I turned my shoulders, dragging my right hand up the inside of my sister's thigh, and I pivoted my face around to hers. My hand was probably three inches from the promised land and my lips were less than an inch from hers when I said, "Oh god that feels so good Sue."

"Um...Gary..." Janet said as our hot breath mingled.

My eyes shot open and I realized I was no more than a half an inch from kissing my sister and nearly that close to rubbing her pussy with my fingers! "OH SHIT SIS!" I shouted as I bolted off the couch, easily breaking the loose hold her ankles had on each other. Hoping things had happened too fast for her to notice my erection I ran to the bathroom off my bedroom and locked the door as I gasped and cursed myself. Soon I realized there was no way I could go back out there without taking care of my trouser snake. Up till then I had always been proud that once it was up it wouldn't go down until at least one load had been released.

Trouble was, all the while I was trying to quietly jerk off my sister kept trying to get me to open the door. Finally in desperation I said, "Give me a break will you? I'm taking a shit in here and it's going to take a while." Finally she eventually mumbled that she would be in the living room waiting for me. My balls erupted in less than four minutes but no way was my cock going to co-operate so I had to keep right on, the second load taking well over ten minutes to rocket out of my steel shaft. Then I cleaned my cock of the lubricating hand lotion and washed my hands before returning to my sister.

What I didn't know was that Janet had lost interest in the movie. She grabbed the all in one remote and started playing the DVD that I had forgotten was set for Sue's return. "Oh my god!" Janet softly said in shock at seeing the porno jump to life on the screen. Then she gasped, "OH MY GOD, GARY THAT'S YOU! That's you and Sue!" The vision before her showed me thrusting my cock hard against Sue's face, my balls smacking her in the nose over and over again as I gave her short two inch strokes with my mouth fucking cock. Then she watched as I pulled all the way out until my tip was just barely inside Sue's lips making Janet croak out, "Oh god, it's huge!" Then she said, "It's huge and beautiful!"

The man on the screen leaned in and once more his cock slid fully down Sue's throat while Janet stared open mouthed, totally speechless. But she never looked away...not once...not even a little bit. On no, she watched with rapt attention, her mouth open as if she were sucking the monstrous member on screen.

"Thirty minutes!" she suddenly said. Her fingers reversed the action until where it had started and she checked the time counter. Then she fast forwarded it to the end and checked the time. "Jesus, that's...that's um, 48 minutes!" Quickly she reversed again about five minutes and watched as Sue stepped up her efforts as I continued fucking her mouth and throat. It was obvious that my first four salvos shot straight down Sue's throat before I pulled back and pumped more into her mouth. After each of the first three blasts into her mouth Sue swallowed my stuff down but kept the last three ropes in her mouth as she gently brought me back to earth once my climax was over.

"Oh my god," Janet groaned once more as she watched Sue slowly roll onto her stomach before allowing me to slip from her lips. Then she looked into the camera and opened her mouth showing it was filled to overflowing with cum. Her mouth closed then reopened to show it was now empty. Sue then took me back into her mouth and slowly sucked me down to the root again before Janet switched off the DVD player. "Holy shit, I've never seen anything like that before." She muttered before realizing her hand was stroking her pussy through her totally soaked panties. "Shit!" she gasped just before I opened the bathroom door and walked through my bedroom to where she sat on the couch.

Before I could say anything to her she leapt from the couch and was past me saying, "My turn!" I gave her a shrug and poured some more wine as she walked into my bedroom where the only light was coming from the twenty-four lit candles. Janet paused in shock then took another step as her hand trailed along my bed sheets where she stopped again. Looking down she moaned, "My god, I think she is insane!" Then she resumed walking as her hand slid along the silky feel of the sheets then turned into the bathroom.

She locked the door and looked into the mirror before saying, "My god girl, get a grip on yourself! He's your brother! Your brother is off limits! He knows it, that's why he didn't want to say what he and Sue were going to do! It doesn't matter that he has the best looking cock you've ever seen in action! Just get a grip and don't sit next to him again." She gripped the sink rim tightly and looked down before taking several deep breaths with her eyes closed.

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