tagIncest/TabooMy Sister, Kelly Ch. 10

My Sister, Kelly Ch. 10


Hesitating until her vision adjusted to the dim light, Jenny stood inside the bar her prey had just entered. As the tableau came into focus, she noted eyes gazing at her - male eyes, hungry eyes. She also hesitated because she worried if her meager acting abilities would be sufficient to the task ahead. Her self-confidence as a woman had been shaken by her disastrous marriage, and now she had to play the vamp, attract a man to the point he'd want to be with her so much Saturday night that he'd completely discount any other plans he had or could make in the interim.

Was that why she'd played those sexy games with Mel? To rehearse and test her ability to excite a man? No, she decided. Since stepping from the aircraft a few hours ago, she'd been subjected to one sexually charged situation after another, all of which had taken her arousal higher and higher until...

With a shake of her head to cast away the mental reenactment of Mel's ejaculate filling her mouth, she swallowed and noticed she could still taste Mel's semen. Would her prey smell come juice around her mouth if she moved close to him? Would Pete recognize the taste of semen if she kissed him? Would a passionate kiss be necessary to seal a date for Saturday night? The thought caused her to shudder with distaste.

She noticed Pete then. He was sitting at the bar, but he'd turned toward her, as did a number of other men in the joint. His expression could only be described as a lecherous leer, and in any other circumstance, she'd dismiss him, even sneer at him as not worthy of her attention. Instead, she strolled sexily and hopefully with confidence to the bar and sat on a stool with a vacant seat between her and her quarry. Glancing quickly around the bar, she searched for Kelly's ex. If he were present, she'd been instructed to leave. She didn't see him.

She crossed her long legs and heard the scrape of nylon sliding against nylon. She'd replaced her hose, but her damp panties were stuffed in her purse. Peripherally, she saw Pete take in her legs, and his leer became even more pronounced, something she didn't believe possible before.

"What'll it be?" the obese bartender asked as he wiped a damp rag over the bar in front of her. Beads of sweat dappled his sloping forehead.

"Martini, very dry. Two olives," Jenny ordered, keeping her voice low and sultry. She gazed at her reflection in the mirror in the back bar, an image broken into many parts by the liquor bottles sitting on glass shelves between her and the mirror. The broken image reflected her mood. She felt disjointed, at the very least, and seriously out of her depth. Why had she agreed to act this part? Would she be capable of pulling it off?

"Put the martini on my tab, Willy," Pete said.

Ah, the fish was nibbling at the bait. When Jenny turned her head, Pete raised his glass of beer and smiled at her. She returned his smile, but tried not to over act, which was easy considering Pete was the antithesis of her type. His mousy hair was receding, and his evil-looking, dark eyes appeared too small, making his face look puffy.

"Thank you," she said without further invitation.

Pete stood and moved to the stool between them. "May I join you?" he asked.

The door to the bar opened and sunlight streamed in. Mel had arrived to protect her if necessary. He sat at her left, three stools away, and Jenny turned her attention back to Pete. He'd taken the seat next to her without her permission, which would have normally incensed her, but under the circumstances, she forced a wide smile.

"Yes, please join me. Thank you for the drink. I'm Gabriel."

"Nice to meet you Gabriel. My name is Peter."

Her martini arrived. She sipped and glanced at Pete over the rim of the glass. His gaze had dropped to her cleavage, exposed by open buttons on her sheer white blouse. Good golly, he's literally drooling, she thought. Maybe I can pull this off.

They chatted, and finally Jenny informed him she was attending a convention and would be in town for the balance of the week.

"The convention has kept me very busy," she remarked as she glanced at her wristwatch. "In fact, I need to leave soon. I'm committed to dinner with others attending the convention."

"Speaking of dinner, Gabriel," Pete said and placed his sweaty hand over hers, "would you have dinner with me tomorrow night, or Saturday, if you're busy tomorrow."

Jenny frowned. "I don't know, Pete. I've enjoyed our conversation, but I hardly know you. Besides, I'm busy both nights." She turned her hand in his and squeezed slightly as she allowed a pleasant expression to replace the frown. "I suppose I could meet with you for an hour or so on Saturday night, but just for a drink, not dinner, and I can't set a specific time."

"I have a cell phone. I carry it with me constantly. I'll meet with you anytime, anywhere. Just call me, and I'll come running."

He raised her hand and kissed her palm, letting his tongue slip through his lips to briefly taste her. Jenny shivered with distaste, but she hoped Pete considered the reaction a passionate response, not the intense revulsion she felt. When it appeared he'd granted her wish, she decided it was time to set the hook in this fish. She'd land him, pull him into the boat on Saturday night. Leaning to him and brushing her lips to his cheek, she whispered, "You're sweet. Plan on a call Saturday evening."

Pete nodded vigorously.

"Well?" she said as she used her thumb to wipe her lipstick off his face.


"I need your cell phone number."

"Oh, yes! Of course you do!" He pulled out a business card, turned it over and jotted down the number with a ballpoint pen.

She took the card, glanced at it and placed it in her purse.

"Call me!" he ordered, brushed his hand across her bare shoulder and then slid it down her arm to her wrist.

"It could be early evening or late at night. Does the time matter?" she asked as she turned toward him and dropped one foot to the floor. Her short skirt slid up even farther on her leg, and she watched his eyes dart down and take in the view.

"Late or early, it doesn't matter," Pete said. "Just call me."

"You like what you see, don't you?" Jenny asked coquettishly.

Pete swallowed and nodded. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met," he gushed.

She stared at him intently. "I like you, Pete. You've been patient, not too pushy, and you're a good-looking man. I'll call you. Guaranteed. I want to get to know you better." She reached and brushed her hand across his face, an obvious caress. "Much better."

Standing she leaned to his ear and whispered. "I like the fact that you like what you see. Saturday, I'll show you more, if you know what I mean." She heard him gasp. "Don't ruin everything now. Stay here and let me leave by myself." She straightened up. "Thanks for the drink, Pete, and I'll see you Saturday night." She offered him what she considered her most dazzling smile. "Bye."

She turned and walked away, feeling Pete's small, evil eyes on her as she moved. Outside, she noticed the sun was setting, offering the beginning of what would probably be a marvelous sunset, but the pleasant view didn't alter her mood. She shuddered and walked quickly around the corner to Mel's car. It was locked, but Mel arrived moments later and let her in the passenger seat.

"Good job!" he exclaimed when he settled behind the wheel. "You had him panting, Jenny."

"Thanks. Take me to your house, Mel. I need a shower." She squirmed. "Touching that sleaze, letting him touch me, made me feel dirty."


"Give, Mel. You didn't tell us everything," Harriett said. "When you and Jenny arrived you looked like a little boy who'd just broken a brand new toy."

With a mischievous grin, Janice quipped, "You wear your emotions on your sleeve, Dad. Have you been a bad boy?"

Mel glanced from his wife to his youngest daughter and sighed.

Upon his and Jenny's arrival, Jenny had immediately announced her need for a shower, leaving him to describe the stakeout to his wife and youngest daughter. He had not told them everything, only those elements related to John's plan, certainly not about the fun and games he'd played with Jenny in his car.

Mel grimaced and decided yet again it would be impossible for any man to have an affair and get away with it.

To hell with them, he thought. He'd tell them what happened at a time of his choosing, and now wasn't the time.

"Later," he announced and pushed himself to his feet. "I'll call John and let him know Jenny's efforts were successful."

He watched his wife and daughter trade inquiring glances. Harriett shrugged as he left the room.

Mel was hanging up the telephone after talking with his son when Harriett entered his home office. She rested one hip on the edge of his desk with one leg dangling and the other touching the floor.

"It's later," she said.

He grinned. "Jenny asked me what you'd say if I asked for your permission to fuck her."

After closing her gaping jaw, Harriett said, "Are you asking?"

Mel looked up at his wife. Their eyes locked. "Yes."

Harriett licked her lips. "Did you have sex with her?"

Mel swallowed. "We didn't fuck."

"Which implies you did something."



"I don't think you can handle three women, Mel, not at the same time," Harriett finally said with a serious expression and tone of voice.

Regardless, Mel laughed. "Agreed. You didn't answer my question."

He watched as his wife pondered his inquiry, or rather Jenny's.

"Mel, if you want an immediate answer, I'd have to say no, but..." She grimaced. "The past few days have been like riding a roller coaster, exciting to be sure, but laced with peril. The relatively calm, normal but happy life we've been sharing has been turned on its head. I discovered John and Kelly are in love, that Kelly and Janice have been lovers for years, and that all of our children aren't bashful about hopping in bed together. I had sex with Kelly; you had your way with Janice; then I joined the two of you. Now you want to have sex with my goddaughter, and from the way you posed the question, I assume Jenny wants to fuck you, too. I feel...I don't know. I feel like things are moving too fast, quickly escalating out of control. Also, I wonder if Jenny really knows what she wants. She just went through a messy divorce, and I'm not certain she's emotionally strong enough to handle an adulterous relationship with you or any other married man, with or without the permission of the wife involved."

"Fair enough," Mel said. He felt disappointed, but his wife's arguments sounded valid. "I love you, Harriett. I looked guilty earlier because I felt guilty. Jenny and I messed around while we waited for Peter to appear. For what it's worth, I didn't do the seducing, but I certainly didn't make an effort to stop her seduction. If she'd wanted to fuck me, I can't honestly say I would have tried to stop her. Do I want her? You better believe it. But...let me just say that your good opinion of me is more important than a secret sexual fling with Jenny or any other woman."

Harriett smiled and reached to caress his cheek. "I love you, too, Mel. Look, let me talk to Jenny. I said my answer right now would be no, but that doesn't mean my mind can't be changed. Mostly, I'm concerned about Jenny's well being. Tell me what happened between the two of you, including your conversation, not just your sexual shenanigans."


The shower helped, let her feel clean again after her meeting with Pete. While Jenny rubbed the towel briskly over her body, her thoughts drifted back to the sexual games she'd played with Mel in the car. Would Harriett give Mel permission to have sex with her? If permission were granted, would Harriett join them? She knew the idea of Mel's long cock inside her excited her, and a threesome with Mel and Harriett excited her even more.

Obviously Harriett was bisexual, like Kelly. Was bisexuality genetic? Suddenly, an unbidden, imaginary image of Harriett and Jenny's mother intruded. The two of them had been best friends in their youth. Had they messed around with each other, explored their budding sexuality together? Jenny knew such explorations were not uncommon during early adolescence. She'd done a little exploring herself, but she'd only masturbated with her childhood friend. They hadn't touched each other. No, that wasn't true, they'd practiced kissing and did a little petting, but they hadn't touched each other's pussies. If Harriett gave Mel permission and joined them, Harriett would touch her pussy, and probably not just with her hands. Her mouth would become involved, too. Would Harriett expect reciprocity? Jenny's tongue snaked out across her lips. The concept certainly didn't repulse her.

Grinning, she whispered, "You've come a long way, baby."

She thought back to her marriage and recalled how devastated she'd been when she'd discovered her husband had shown some of his buddies the nude pictures he'd taken of her. In retrospect, his cowardly betrayal with the photographs had not bothered her overmuch, not even the fact that other men had viewed her naked body. No, Jenny had not divorced her husband because he'd shared the photographs. She'd divorced him because he cheated, and not just once. Could she have saved her marriage if she'd been willing to share him with other women, like Kelly proposed? No. Her husband's unfaithfulness had been a symptom of their failed marriage, not the underlying cause. Monogamous or not, he had not been capable of real love. His expressions of love for her had been only lip service, and she'd stopped loving him when the photograph incident surfaced.

Well, my mindset is different now, she thought. If I ever marry again, I'll share, but I won't allow cheating, or any sneaking around behind my back. Can love and sex be mutually exclusive? Can sharing sex with others enhance love? Is monogamy truly unnatural? With a sigh, she shrugged. She had so many questions, questions she suspected had no universal answers because the answers depended on the individuals involved.

How will Harriett feel when Mel tells her about our sexy activities in the car? Will she consider my partial seduction of her husband a betrayal of our loving relationship? Jenny hoped not. She hadn't gone all the way with Mel, and she hadn't contemplated taking him into her mouth until right at the end of the incident. Did she go too far before obtaining permission?

She hung up the towel and looked in the mirror. "You flirted with him," she whispered to the image. "You shamelessly flaunted your body; guided the conversation to cause arousal, and then you pulled his hand to your cunt and rubbed yours over his erection. You climaxed on his fingers and then took his semen into your mouth. Yes, you went too far, girl, way too far. You owe your godmother an apology."

As she finished dressing, she made another decision. "No more stick-in-the-mud," she told herself. "I'm going to fuck around, damn it! I haven't fucked around since that brief time with my cousin and his friends in my youth. I have no obligations, none, and it's time to explore my sexuality again."

Her lips curled with a wicked grin, and she exited the guest room.

When she entered the kitchen, Janice looked up at her. "Hi, Jenny. I'm having a glass of iced tea. Would you like some?"

"Sounds good." She settled on a kitchen chair. "Where are Mel and Harriett?"

"In Dad's office." She set a glass on the counter and poured the tea. "Sugar? Lemon?"

"Just lemon, please." Jenny tried to remember some facts about Janice. She believed the young woman was eighteen or nineteen years old, and Kelly had mentioned Janice was taking some courses at a junior college. She's certainly attractive, Jenny thought. Very sexy, just shy of voluptuous. Is she bisexual, too? Jenny decided to pry.

"Since my arrival, I've...how should I to put this? I've been surprised by the level of sexual activity around me."

Janice snickered and blushed. "It has been a busy week."

How much does she know? How deep is her involvement? "Rape, illegal videos and photographs on the Internet, incest, group sex, bisexuality. I'm not being critical, Janice, just expressing surprise. How do you fit into the scheme of things?"

Janice raised a perfect eyebrow.

"Never mind," Jenny added. She knew she'd pushed her queries too far, too fast. "How you fit is none of my business."

Janice's eyes met Jenny's. "Let me just say I've not been involved with rape or the videos and photographs, and let it go at that."

"That means..."

"That means nothing."

"I apologize, Janice. I didn't mean to pry. Please forgive me."

With a wide smile, Janice said, "Oh, you meant to pry, Jenny. Hell, if I were you, I'd pry, too." She sipped her tea and glanced at the clock on the wall and fidgeted. "Thanks for helping us this afternoon, Jenny. From what Dad said, you did an excellent job."

Jenny shuddered. "He's such a sleaze."

"Who's a sleaze?" Harriett asked as she entered the kitchen.

"Peter," Janice replied. She pushed back her chair. "Please excuse me, Jenny. I need to get ready for a date. I'd cancel, but it's a date of long standing involving some hard-to-get tickets."

As Janice left the room, Harriett poured a glass of iced tea for herself and offered to top off Jenny's glass.

It's time for the apology, Jenny thought and said, "I'm sorry, Harriett. I sort of lost it this afternoon."

"Yeah, you did. Frankly, your behavior surprised me, Jenny." She settled in a chair across from her goddaughter.

With a sardonic smile, Jenny added, "I surprised myself. I can assure you, I've never been sexually aggressive before, not like I was this afternoon. I don't know what came over me." A lie, but... No, damn it! I'm not going to lie, she thought. I'm not going to hide how I feel because she might think less of me. "To be truthful, Harriett, I do know what came over me. I've repressed my sexual needs for almost a year, and today I walked into the most sexually charged environment I've ever been in, and I'm not just talking about the videos and John's plan to get even with Kelly's ex-husband's unconscionable misdeeds. Before I unpacked my clothes, I discovered your son and daughter are involved in an incestuous relationship, and within minutes your daughter offers to share your son with me, an offer she claimed evolved from advice you gave her. Kelly also informed me that she enjoys sex with women as well as men, and she intends to join John and me should we hop in the sack together. To top that shocker, she told me she'd already shared John with another woman. She didn't name the woman, but..."

Jenny took a deep breath, and continued, "Also, I'm ashamed to say I overheard you talking with Mel this afternoon. I didn't mean to eavesdrop. I was merely walking by your room to mine and your door was open a little. You were discussing how Kelly had trimmed your...ah hell, can you see how sexually repressed I am? I'd planned to say pussy, but couldn't. Fuck! Ah, that's better. Darn it! I'm rambling now. Anyway, evidently you've also had sex with Kelly, so I assumed you were the woman she'd shared John with, but..."

"Bad assumption, Jenny," Harriett said interrupting her goddaughter's diatribe. "I've never had sex with my son."

"Sorry. Anyway, sex seems to the subject, either overtly or just under the surface, on everyone's mind, and frankly, Harriett, I...damn it, sitting alone with Mel this afternoon - he's quite a hunk, you know - I needed some long overdue relief. I was in serious need, Harriett. That's no excuse, I know, but that's what came over me. Will you forgive me?"

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