My Sister, My Lover


I kissed her passionately and pinched her clitoris hard, bringing her to an intense orgasm. Just as she went wild with pleasure, I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them to me roughly, suddenly plunging my full cock into her as deeply as it would go. Suzy screamed out and then fainted in the intensity of the moment. I continued to plunge my throbbing cock in and out of her incredibly tight pussy, relishing the greatness of finally being one with my true love. Suzy shortly woke up in pain, but was also overwhelmed with the pleasure of a good hard fuck and started to work her pelvis in synch with my thrusts. I increased the frequency and intensity as we fucked each other with enthusiasm. We were both lost in the pleasure of our union. Then I filled her with my love juices as we both came mightily. After this we embraced each other tightly and simply relished the greatness of the moment. We were naked and uncovered on Suzy's bed, entangled together.

Basking in the glow of our wonderful love, I suddenly became aware of another person in the room, "Mom, what are you doing here?"

Susan swung her head in surprise, "Mom? Oh my god."

"Don't worry kids. I have been here for two hours and what I have seen is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. You two are very lucky to love each other so much. I just wish your father was here..."

We motioned to her with our arms, "Come here mom." Then we dragged her down with us on the bed, entangling her in our superlative love and happiness. She just merged together with us and beamed in happiness, "You kids are wonderful. I love you both so much and can see that you will have a wonderful future together. It makes me jealous that I am left out."

We didn't know what to say, but mom did, after some time, "Nathan, I have had a hard time since your father passed away and really need you to do something for me. I need you to have sex with me. Watching you two hot lovers has turned me on so much. I really need that. Can you do that for me, son?"

I couldn't believe she said that, "Mom!" I cried out, "I can't have sex with my mother."

Her retort was quick, "Well, there are a lot of things that people can say about your present relationship, so I don't think that adding 'mother-fucker," will make much difference."

Again I was totally blown away that she would say such a thing, "Mom! I don't believe you said that." But we all laughed pretty hard, except for myself. I was too uptight. Then mom said, "I am serious. I have needs, just like everyone. After seeing you too sharing so much love, I want some too. I really need some relief. Please Nathan, help me."

I wasn't sure what to do. I was caught in an impossible situation. Susan came to my relief and made it so simple. She just said, "Go ahead Nathan. You love mom, she loves you and she needs it. Just do it. It's ok. It's just sex. I think it will be wonderful for you both and make us all closer. It's ok. I want you to."

I still didn't feel right about it, but started to get excited with the idea. My mother is very good looking and not very old. And lets face it, almost every guy thinks at some time or other of fucking his mother. I certainly did, but never thought seriously that I actually would do it. Now it looked like I was going to share a second amazing sexual experience with another someone whom I loved dearly. "It's ok Nathan, go for it now. I think its great and am really turned on by this. Go ahead," Suzy stated.

Then mom started kissing me lightly on the side of my neck as her fingers twirled the hair on my chest. Suzy kissed mom on the lips and then started to unbutton mom's nightgown down the back. Soon She pulled it off mom, who was now as nude as we were. I was amazed how totally hot my mom looked, as I gazed at her naked body. She hadn't a bit of fat on her, her breasts were perky and full, her stomach flat, her ass cheeks were muscular and full and her long unending legs were also perfect. She had kept her mound trimmed and neat and it looked to be the second most inviting place on earth at this time.

I was stunned by mom's natural beauty and couldn't move. But she took control and her kissing progressed to my hot lips as she kissed me tenderly yet passionately. It was such a light kiss, but so very passionate that my head spun with the intensity of the moment. I was in love again with my mom, or perhaps it was just my lust, on top of my love for her. In any case I was overcome with emotion as I melted from mom's gentle kisses.

Mother really took over as she fondled my body and soon engulfed my raging cock in her mouth. I could not believe that this was happening with my very own mother, but loved it none-the-less. Soon she requested me, "Nathan, please touch me down there. I need to get ready for you."

I surrendered to the unlimited pleasure and wonder personified in my mother and kissed my way down her body. I licked and sucked her swollen breasts, the same wonderful breasts which had nursed me as a baby, as she moaned in pleasure. Susan massaged and fondled mom's body, helping to arouse mom more and more. I licked down to mom's belly and soon approached her pussy mound, the same pussy from where I had appeared almost twenty years prior.

I put everything I knew into pleasuring my incredible mom, as I licked her blazing hot cunt and pinched her clitoris, trying to bring her to an orgasm. I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy and fucked her with it. When I licked her with my full wide tongue from her puckered butt to her clitoris and back, over and over again, this brought her over the top and she shuddered with a great orgasm. Her pussy leaked lots of juice as she came again and again. I tried to lick it all up, relishing this wonderful intimacy with this breathtaking woman whom I loved deeply. She is an amazing woman and I was so thankful to have the privilege of having sex with her. Yet, I was still stunned by my mother's powerful erotic presence.

She quietly asked with a gentle urgency, "Nathan, please do it now. I need you now. Please."

Nothing further was needed beyond the act itself. As I gently pushed my throbbing and painfully hard cock into her love channel, I experienced the most joyful pleasure from our union. I pushed my tender cock deeply and fully into her, and we both moaned our satisfaction and bucked in unison. I plunged repeatedly in and out of my mother and realized that this had to be one of the most incredible and unique experiences one could ever experience. I was sure that I would love my mother much more as a result of our union and knew we would surely make wonderful love again. I wasn't fucking my mother, we were making love and we both loved it immeasurably. It was truly a wonderful experience. Please don't condemn us for this act, an act that for us was a most natural and pleasurable experience and will surely happen again.

In fact, Suzy always encouraged me to fuck our mom. After this, they both came regularly to my bed and neither was jealous of the other. As for myself, I loved everything about our lives together and within a month had them both pregnant. We decided to move to another state where no one knew us as intimate family members and restarted our life on a different note.

I kept my mother and sister pregnant in the summer and barefoot in the winter and none of us was ever disappointed or lonely again.

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