My Sister Works at The Dinger


I slyly reached for the hem of my shorts and tried to pull them down a little. Unfortunately, the position I was sitting in and the fabric of the couch made it impossible to do so. Allysin noticed this and looked me in the eye, "Are you ok, Mikey?" I couldn't speak. I looked at her tits. Her nipples were trying to cut their way out of her top. I could see the outline of her tits so clearly. Her nipples were rock hard and pointing so hard against the thin fabric of her top. I was going nuts. They were right there in front of me, within easy reach.

Allysin stopped rubbing my chest and let her hand fall to my leg just below the hem of my shorts. She started to play with the hair on my leg. She was looking down like she was watching what she was doing, but I know she was looking right at the tent in my shorts. I glanced down and saw it was painfully obvious. My hardon was just about to poke out the bottom of my shorts.

With Allysin looking down while slowly tossing her head from side to side, playing with the hair on my leg, her head stayed down but her eyes looked up at me and she said, "Mikey? Do you like me?"

"Ye.. uh...aaaahhhh." I could only manage a grunt. I was all tensed up, anticipating the inevitable.... The head of my cock was now poking out from the opening of my shorts and Allysin knew it.

She giggled and asked me, "Is everything alright, Mikey? Is there anything I can to make you more comfortable?". I felt her hand inch closer to my raging hardon but never touched it. It was so close I could almost feel it against my cockhead.

Then she said, "I really like you, Mikey.... I think we could have some fun together." That did it.

My cock jumped another inch and a half from the opening of my shorts and pumped out a big ropey stream of cum. It laid out a line of cum on my leg, across Allysin's hand, and a glob on the carpet below.

I mumbled with the little breath I had, "Oh Allysin, I-s..sorry. I didn-m..mean to do tha"

Allysin gasped with a squeek and looked down to see my big, hard cock jerking up and down, halfway out my shorts, shooting stream after stream of cum on my leg, on the couch, on the carpet, and on her pretty little hand. She quickly reached out and put her pretty hand under my pumping cock, wrapped her pretty little fingers around it and squeezed.

Just then, my sister walked out and saw what was happening. She stopped to stand at the back of the couch and looked at Allysin's hand around my cock as it was spurting cum all over the place.

My eyes were glued to Allysin's tits. I was shaking and moaning, "Oh fuck, Allysin... that f..feels good." Allysin looked back up at me, then at my sister, and they both giggled.

Allysin continued to pump the cum out of my cock until it was finished. I hadn't been there ten minutes but I had already spewed cum all over the place. They must've thought I was a real loser.

I heard Debbie say behind me, "So, Mikey.. I see you've met my roommate." Both girls giggled.

"Debbie told me how you like to cum," said Allysin. "Now I see what she was talking about. You're so horny, Mikey. It's fun to watch you cum like that.... if I would've known you came like that the night you were at the Dinger, we would've had some fun." They both giggled again.

I was still trying to calm down from my orgasm while these two girls were talking and giggling like it was ladies day at the country club.

Debbie asked if we wanted to get high. Allysin said yes and I just grunted an affirmation. My sister headed into the kitchen to grab herself a beer. Meanwhile, Allysin did her best to clean up the cum I had splattered all over the place. My cock had shrunk back into my shorts and I took a big gulp of beer. I stuffed my shrinking penis over to the left side of my shorts since there was a little cum on the right side.

Debbie came back and sat down on the other side of the couch and lit up a joint. We all sat on the couch smoking that joint, my sister on my left and Allysin on my right. At one point, my sister put the joint inside her mouth with the buring side in her mouth and closed her lips around it. She motioned for me to come closer so I put my face real close to hers and smoke came billowing out of the end of that joint. I took a huge hit and coughed. She did the same for Allysin, but she took only a little bit and was alright.

When my face was right in front of Debbies, I could smell her perfume and I thought about the other day and how that perfume affected me. I felt the stirrings of another boner coming on.

We finished the joint and Allysin put some music on. She sat back down and said to my sister, "You should see Mikey's tongue."

"Oh, really?... what about it?"

"It's kinky. It's so big, and long, you shoud see it."

"Let me see it, Mikey"

I stuck out my tongue for both girls to see and Allysin said, "Come on Mikey, I know it's longer than that."

I really stuck it out good and the girls gasped and giggled. My sister said, "I bet that would feel good in certain places."

"Oh, it does." Said Allysin. They giggled.

Allysin got back up in that little sitting position on her knees, facing me, and Debbie rolled onto her right hip and threw her leg over my left leg. Here I was with no shirt on wearing those thin shorts with no underwear and these two foxy older girls giving me all this attention. I was really feeling my penis starting to grow again. The weight of my sister's leg pulled my leg over, and in the process made my shorts ride up a bit. I knew it wouldn't be long before my penis got hard enough to poke out the bottom of my shorts again. They were driving me nuts.

I looked at Allysin and she was looking at me. Up to now, I hadn't kissed her lips. I wanted to so badly it hurt. I also secretly wanted to kiss my sisters lips too but I was afraid to try.

Allysin put her hand on my chest and leaned forward, "Stick out your tongue again, Mikey... I wanna see it up close." I stuck it out as far as I could make it go and looked right at her. I could see it sticking out from my face and looked down to see the tip pointing near her face. I looked back up at her to see she had her mouth open slightly and was moving closer to mine. I left my tongue there while Allysin stuck out her tongue almost touching mine.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Allysin's tongue was at least as long and pointy as mine. She moved it closer and our tongues touched for the first time. I could feel my penis getting really hard.

Just then I realized I was paying so much attention to Allysin, I didn't see Debbie and what she was doing. She had been rocking her left leg back and forth causing my leg to move with it. That rocking was causing my shorts to ride up even further on that side. My sister's head was resting on my shoulder and I could see she was looking down at my leg. She knew exactly what she was doing. I looked down and saw that my hard penis was sticking out about two or three inches from the hem of my shorts.

Debbie saw that I had noticed this and looked up at me through the tops of her eyes, "Oh, Mikey, your incorrigible." I didn't know what that meant, but it sounded naughty. She began slowly running her fingernails up and down my shaft through the material of my shorts, not touching the three inches sticking out from my shorts. I was trembling with nerves. I could not believe what was happening.

Allysin grabbed my chin, moving my face back towards hers, and stuck out her sexy tongue. Her face got close and I could feel her soft tongue come in contact with my lips. I let Allysin run her tongue over my lips while my sister's fingers were doing a soft dance on my fully erect penis. As I felt my sister gently pull back the hem of my shorts, Allysin drove her tongue past my lips and into my mouth. My tongue met hers and we explored each other's mouth.

My sister had now fully exposed the entire length of my hard penis. She put her hand around it and was giving it a gentle massage. "God, Mikey, your cock is so pretty. Look how big it is."

As we were kissing, Allysin's fingers brushed over my nipples making them hard and pointy. Her hand moved down to my stomach and was softly caressing it when she pulled her face away, "Debbie, look at Mikey's washboard stomach...It's so sexy!" Debbie didn't look up, "I know... I know."

I looked at Allysin. She looked at me like I have never seen a girl look at me before. I was so turned on, I felt my sisters hand clench my rock hard penis. Allysin's hand was lightly rubbing my tight belly near the top of my shorts, and she was moving in for another slow kiss with her sexy tongue sticking out....

"Oh, gahw... here a comes... I'm gonna cum...oh, gahw..." My butt started rocking in the seat. Allysin gasped and squeaked right in my face when she heard this. I felt my cock lurch and jerk in my sister's hand. She was cooing, "Oooohhh, Mikey, there it goes... let it out Mikey...Oh, look at it.... Look at that cum."

Allysin's mouth was on mine with her tongue dancing inside my mouth and on my lips, while she was making these soft, whimpering moans that were sending me somewhere I had never been before. I had reached up and found Allysin's tits through her loose shirt. I moved my hand under her shirt and started mashing and pinching her perfect tits.

I was cumming like I had never cum before. The feeling of two girls doing two separate things to me was beyond anything I had ever imagined. I had dreamed about it plenty of times, but never imagined that it would be so fucking erotic.

I could feel my cum spurting hard out of my pumping penis. My sister was holding it straight up, watching as my cum flew out in long, ropey strands that landed on my legs, my stomach, her hand, Allysin's hand, everywhere!

I was grunting and moaning into Allysin's mouth while she was still making those little whiny moans. She removed her mouth from mine and looked at the cum pumping out of my cock. She reached out and put her hand on an available part of the shaft and held on with my sister as cum was spurting out from the head of my cock. She looked back up at me with her mouth open and her eyes sparkling. She cracked a smile with her mouth still open and said, "Mikey! do you do that?"

My eyes were at half mast and my butt was still rocking in my seat as my cock started to slow down. As the last spurts of cum were trying to jump from the end of my cock, the girls looked at each other and started giggling. Cum had dripped down onto their hands and they were stroking my penis with the lube of my cum. This was too much. I through my head back and grunted. The girls giggled but kept stroking me.

Just then Allysin jumped down on the floor in front of me with her hand still around my penis and brought the head of my penis to her lips. Her tongue poked out and she licked around the head, cleaning up the cum that was all over my cock. My sister still held onto my penis as Allysin opened her mouth and plunged it deep inside.

My sister looked up at me and gave my penis a good squeeze, "Jeezus, Mikey... you're still so hard." When she did that, it caused the skin of my penis to tighten while it was inside Allysin's mouth. Allysin felt this and so did I.... She moaned with delight as I grunted with animal pleasure.

My cock was hard and Allysin's lovely mouth was so soft and nice. I was in heaven watching her bob up and down on the head and first few inches of my super-erect penis. Debbie slipped off the couch and got down beside Allysin. Both of their hands still on my hard cock. The girls looked at each other and smiled. Debbie's mouth got close to Allysin's as they both looked up at me. My sister stuck out her tongue and ran it up and down the underside of my shaft while Allysin was still bobbing up and down.

Allysin finally pulled up and off my penis with a pop! My sister then moved in to take my cock in her mouth. That brief moment of cool air on my penis made my sister's mouth feel so warm and soft. I moaned as she took it down her velvety throat, "Oh, fuhg... that-s-so good. Oh Debbie... gaw yer mouth feel-s-so fuhging soft."

Allysin was up on her feet and taking her top off. I looked at her, and she at me, with a big smile as she began to peal off her little fuck-me shorts. I sat there with my penis in my sister's mouth while one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen was standing naked before me.

She got up on the couch and threw her right leg over me and started to squat down. She put her tits in my face and I licked and sucked her erect nipples as she did that little moan I loved to hear. I put my hands on her ass and was rubbing all over. I soon let my fingers find her totally wet pussy and asshole. I easily put a finger in her pussy as she pulled her tits away from my face to look at me with that look. I was rubbing her wet pussy so good... I figured out what was gonna happen next.

Suddenly I could feel my sister rubbing the head of my cock against my fingers. I moved them away just as I realized Allysin wanted me to fuck her. With my sister's hand around the shaft of my penis, she was rubbing the large swollen head along Allysin's hot, wet vulva. My hands were on Allysin's tight, round ass cheeks, and it felt so good.

Allysin and I were looking at each other as she began to sink down on my cock. She closed her eyes and let her head slowly fall back as she impaled herself on my rock hard penis. It felt so hot, and soft. Her pussy was totally wrapped around my erect penis as she sank completely down on it. Debbie had moved her hand away and had come to sit on her knees at my side.

Allysin started a slow and deliberate up and down movement on my penis. The feeling of Allysin's pussy pulling and swallowing my big, hard penis was almost too much. I had cum just minutes ago, but now I could feel it build up inside me as we rocked to a rhythm that was slow and erotic.

My sister, sitting right beside me, had removed her top and stretched up to put her arms around my neck and offer her tits to my open mouth. I used my tongue to lick her pretty nipples. Allysin put her right arm on my sister's shoulders and watched as I was licking and sucking her nipples. Debbie pulled away and put her face close to mine, "Let's see that monster tongue, Mikey." I leaned my head back slightly and stuck out my tongue. My sister cooed, cocked her head sideways and wrapped her lips around my long, protruding tongue. She kept sucking on it then stuck out her tongue and began licking it all over. Our tongues were in a sensuous battle until she jammed her tongue down my throat and locked into a long sexy kiss. That was the first time my sister and I had kissed.

She pulled away again and our tongues were lashing at each other. Allysin joined in and the three of us were licking and kissing in a three way. I was starting to hump my hips up to meet Allysin when she began moaning loudly. She pulled away from our three way kiss, "Oh Mikey! You're gonna make me cum. Oh fuck.... keep pumping me.... oooohhh mmmmyyy god, Mikey... your cock feels so good.... you're making me're making me cum."

Debbie pulled away from our kiss and went to kiss Allysin. She grabbed her tits and started rubbing them. I was watching this and really started bucking up into Allysin. "Oh! Mikey! Ooooohhhh, yes!... yes!....Oooohhhh Mikey... you're making me cum so hard!"

I had hit the point of no return and could feel my cock start to cum. With Allysin loudly telling how she felt and my sister kissing and licking Allysin on her mouth and her tits, I exploded into Allysin while she bounced hard on my erect pole. I kept cumming while Allysin was going nuts. I grabbed her butt and pounded my hard cock into her tight little pussy. It felt so good, when we both were cumming down from our hard orgasms, I slowed to a soft, easy stroke up into Allysin's sloppy pussy. She suddenly jumped off and got down in front of me to plunge my cum covered cock in her mouth.

My sister grabbed my face, looked into my eyes and said, "It's my turn now, Mikey." Allysin was sucking my penis and keeping it from going limp. I was still hard but so sensitive from the orgasm I just finished having. Allysin slowed down but grabbed a hold of the base of my penis keeping me really hard. Debbie got on her knees facing the back of the couch and stuck her butt at me. Allysin stood up and said, "Come on, Mikey get up here and put that monster in your sister's pussy.... ooops!"

"ALLYSIN!" said my sister.

"What?.... you told her," I said.

"Whatever... don't worry about it. I don't care if you fuck your sister." Allysin had a strong grip on my cock. She was ready to shove that thing in my sister's pussy. She took her other hand and rubbed my sister's pussy, sticking a finger up her hole. I could tell she was wet and ready. Allysin could tell too, "God Debbie, your pussy feels so good, honey.... it's wet and ready for your brothers huge cock."

My penis was harder than ever. The grip Allysin had on my penis started to hurt it was so hard. She didn't need to hold it so tight after what she just said. I was harder than anytime I can remember. My penis was sticking straight out in front of my just inches from my sisters wet pussy. Allysin, looked up at me with a wicked smile and guided the plump head of my giant pole to rest against my sister's pussy. Allysin rubbed it softly up and down Debbie's vulva. I pushed forward a little and it started to slip in. Debbie was trembling and arching her back to get more in, "Mikey, p-please push it further.... keep pushing your cock into my pussy." My sister was telling me to stick my penis into her vagina!

Allysin was still holding on to the base of my cock, only a little easier than before. She rubbed it all over the opening of my sister's pussy, then pointed it straight at her opening. After what Debbie said, I wanted to take my time getting it in there. It was exciting to hear her say these things to me. I pushed my cock forward a little, again only putting the head partly in.

"Oh, Mikey... please push it in." I had both my hands on my sister's butt just in time to catch her from slamming back onto my hard penis. "God, Mikey... what are you doing?... I want your cock in me so bad..... please push it in a little further." I took control and kept my hands firmly on her butt while I slowly poked just the head of my cock in and out of her pussy. This had a good affect on me as well. I was teasing the both of us by only allowing the head to slip past her labia, and I loved the feeling. I could feel that she was so wet and juiced up, I would easily slide all the way in if I just pulled her ass onto my cock in one motion.

Allysin was starting to love it too, "Jeesuz, Mikey... the size of your cock right there waiting to into your sister's pussy is so hot.... it's so sexy." She reached out and again took hold of my erect penis and was helping me tease my sister's pussy. Once I heard what she just said and saw her grab my penis, I was starting to shake.

I kept a slow short stroke into the wet opening of my sister's pussy while Allysin held on in fascination and anticipation. Allysin was slightly tugging on my hard penis trying to move it up and down while I slowly moved it in and out. She looked up at me with wide eyes and open mouth. I couldn't take anymore. I wanted to slam home, deep into my sister. I started to make a move to pull my sister's butt against my hips and start slamming my large penis into her pussy, when Allysin said, "Wait, Mikey... wait a minute, put it in just a little more." I was ready to cum, and I wanted to cum inside my sister. I wanted to put the whole thing in, right now. All the while my sister was begging me to push my fat cock into her wet hole. I jerked my sister's butt back just as Allysin's hand squeezed the base of my huge penis. I groaned, "Ooooohhhh fffffuuuuckkkk, I thing I can hode it anymore."

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