My Sister's Best Friends


"Thanks," said Molly, accepting the napkin and swiping the trail from her milky skin, dipping it into her cleavage to soak up the remainder. Holy fuck, were these girls trying to torture me?

I looked up to see Jenn regarding me silently, a slight smile playing around her mouth, and an eyebrow raised just ever so slightly. Or was I imagining that?

I tucked into my strawberry shortcake. It was delicious, flaky, buttery biscuits carrying tart and sweet strawberries to my mouth, glazed with sugar, and swaddled with whipping cream.

My folks finished up quickly and cleared their places. My dad checked his phone, and then playfully smacked my mom on the ass.

"Taxi's here. Hurry up, let's blow this pop stand." My mom squealed, and then they exited through the garage.

The four of us looked around at each other. My sister's face was flushed, and I could tell she was breathing shallowly.

I snuck a very quick look down; Molly's bare, pink foot was pressed firmly into my sister's crotch. They were moving almost imperceptibly against each other, in a slow circular motion.

I looked over at Jenn, who was absorbed in her phone.

"Ok," I said, "I guess I'll see you guys later."

"Yup," said Jenn, looking up. "What are you getting up to?"

"Dunno," I said, "Probably get in some gaming."

"Nerd," she said.

"Where are you guys going?" I asked.

"Here and there, "said Jenn. "I'm designated driver for these two fools."

"Well that sucks," I said. "Not going to catch a buzz?"

"I brought my vaporizer," she said, "I'll be fine."

"True," I said. "Well, see you guys later."

"You'll be up?" Jenn asked. Molly looked up expectantly.

"Depends on the hour," I said carefully. "What time do you think you'll be home?"

"It's only 6 now, we were going to go for a run, then go out," said my sister. "We'll probably be home around one or two."

That means I'll have hours by myself, I thought. Thank God. I felt like I might come in my pants if I didn't get some relief soon.

We cleared the table and did the dishes together. Jenn was washing dishes and I was drying them and putting them away. Was it my imagination or was she crowding me? Couldn't be deliberate. As I reached up to put some plates on a higher shelf, I felt her behind me, putting away a few cups. Her firm tits pressed against my back, bumping me up against the counter. My cock was rigid again, pressing up against my belt.

"Whoops," Jenn said. "My bad." She seemed to regain her balance by shoving her breasts even harder into my back. Her hand grazed my abs as she moved away. A wave of pleasure raced up my chest and down into my groin. Fuck me, this was getting ridiculous. Clearly my imagination was running away with me.

My hands shook and I dropped a plate. Shit, I thought, watching in slow motion as it fell. Jenn caught it before it even reached the counter.

"Watch out, Ben," she said, pushing past me to reach up to put it away. I looked down the back of her track suit, the top and bottom separating as she stretched upwards to put away the plate. A pink thong peeked out from the top of her pants. Panties, my hormonally addled brain said. Those are touching her pussy, snugly, and her butthole.

I could feel my higher brain shutting down. I shook my head to clear it.

Then she backed up into me, bending over slightly. My pounding, rigid cock fit right between her perfectly rounded ass cheeks through my jeans. I could have sworn she wriggled and pushed back into me, then giggled, and regained her composure. She stumbled back against me a bit.

My sister and Molly were chattering about something school related, but in their body language I could see some real affection. They rarely went a few seconds without touching each other, on the arm, the shoulder, the small of the back.

Jenn joined them to help putting away the silverware. As she moved past her sister, I saw her hand brush her sister's. The touch lingered, and it looked like their pinkies intertwined for just a second. Holy shit, am I deluded or what? I thought to myself. Am I really standing here like a moron, imagining my sister and her twin best friends are fooling around with each other? I have to be making this up in my head.

But I'd seen Molly's bare foot rubbing my sister's crotch through her skimpy shorts, hadn't I? I could swear that I had. And what was Jenn doing? Surely she wasn't coming on to me. Surely she was just toying with me. Not that I minded.

"Ok, we're going for a run, Ben," my sister said. "Want to join us?"

Jesus no, I thought. I've got to relieve some pressure.

Out loud I said, "No thanks, I'm just gonna chill here."

"Ok then," she said, and the three of them went upstairs. I watched them part, wistfully. As they climbed the stairs, I got a quick glimpse up my sister's shorts. It looked like the crotch of her panties was stuffed slightly into her hole, but I couldn't really tell. My heart began to pound again. Both Molly's ass and Jenn's moved rhythmically up the stairs. I swallowed hard and followed them up a minute later.

My sister's door was closed most of the way as I passed, and the bathroom door to the hallway was shut. I went to my room and shut the door. The bathroom door to my room was still cracked. I paused. Was anybody in there?

Sure enough. Molly was on the toilet, jeans bunched up around her knees. I thought I saw a pair of dark blue or black panties, but couldn't really tell. I tried to peek between her legs, but she was leaned over, reading something on her phone. I heard her piss taper off, then the toilet paper roll spin and a length get torn off. I closed my eyes as she wiped herself, thinking about the soft toilet paper and her strong, but delicate looking fingers swiping the lips of her vagina, soaking up stray droplets of pee. I swayed, then got a hold of myself and moved to my computer desk. I heard the toilet flush, Jenn calling out "Ok, all yours."

I launched a browser and opened the email I'd sent to myself with my sister's porn history from the other day. First the stories. Lesbian Sisters. Lesbian First Time.

Then...I Sucked My Brother's Cock. I could feel the blood rushing through me, pumping into my cock, pounding through my head. This has to be an accidental click, I thought. Has to be.

Jenn came in and pissed hard, taking very little time seated on the toilet, the sound of her stream hitting the water almost musical as it gurgled and drove bubbles beneath the surface of the water. I heard her wipe briskly and heard her pull up her stretchy track pants.

"Come on, hurry guys," she called out, "I'm ready to run!"

My sister entered the bathroom. I froze, and then quickly minimized the browser. I heard her moving around in the bathroom. I could hear the sound of her brushing her teeth, then drawing water to swish her mouth. I could even hear the sound of the wicker hamper's lid opening.

What the hell was she doing in the hamper? Does she know her panties are missing? Fuck. I could hear her rummaging around, and then I heard her pull down her shorts and piss. It tinkled slowly to start, and then strengthened. She let a little fart go midway through, then finished. Toilet paper, wipe, flush.

I sat perfectly still, listening. It sounded like she was changing. The bathroom door swung open and she stepped in, dressed in neon pink runners' shorts, Nikes with short socks, and a white tank top. She clearly had a tight sports bra underneath, and she was wearing a pink headband. Pink pink pink, my idiot brain said, just like her little pussy.

Shut up, idiot, I said to my disobedient brain. You're not helping.

"Going for a run," I said.

"No, genius, we're going scuba diving."

"Smartass," I said feebly. She regarded me with suspicion, narrowing her green eyes.

"You're up to something," she said, moving closer.

"I guess so," I replied. I was leaned back in my computer chair, reclining slightly. My sister sat slightly on the edge of my desk and crossed her arms under her breasts. Her right leg brushed past mine, raising goosebumps up the inside of my thigh, sending jolts of electric pleasure to join the hum of excitement vibrating in my crotch.

She leaned closer, her shirt opening slightly. I could see directly down her shirt, but her sports bra didn't give me much of a show. Blink. I looked up her knee, her thigh, and in that brief instant before I met her eyes, I saw the luscious curve of her mound.

"What's on your agenda tonight?" she said, with a slightly mocking tone. Her face was inches from mine, her sparkling green eyes laughing.

"Nothing much," I said, "I'll probably play some video games and dick around on the internet. All my friends are away for the summer."

I looked down, and to my horror, her underwear were poking out of my pocket. Shit. I tried to look casually away, and as I did, I saw the browser.

I Sucked My Brother's Cock, the story said.

I thought my heart might jump out of my chest. Fuck fuck fuck fuck, I thought. What the hell are you going to say when she calls you out, I asked myself. I couldn't think of anything.

Her knee pushed on the inside of mine, spreading my legs slightly as she got even closer.

"Video games, huh?" she said. "Not porn and pot?"

"Um," I said, "No." Suave, motherfucker, I told myself. That was convincing.

"Ok well, we're going running. Back in an hour or so." And with that, she hopped down from the edge of my desk and skipped back into her room.

"Let's go!" she said to Molly and Jenn.

I heard them descend the stairs and the front door close and lock. Only then did I let the breath I was holding go.

A wave of relief washed over me, followed by an even more intense wave of anticipation. I fished in my pillowcase for the other two pairs of panties I'd taken from the hamper, and then moved back to my desk.

I stopped. They'd be gone for an hour, why not check out my sister's room a little more thoroughly. I hummed a little tune as I stashed the panties in my desk drawer and slipped into my sister's room. Molly's duffel bag sat next to Jenn's on my sister's bed. There was a sleeping bag unrolled on the floor.

I moved quickly, unzipping Molly's bag and rifling through it. A few changes of clothes, bras....and three pairs of silky panties. I heard myself growl as I brought them to my nose. Motherfucker, my idiot brain responded, clean as a whistle. I don't know what I was expecting, they just got here. I put them back. As I did, my hand brushed something solid. I reached in and grabbed a small case, maybe 12 inches on a side. It was made out of what felt like red rubber, with steel hinges....and a lock. It was slightly heavy, and something was moving around inside. Makeup, my idiot brain said.

The other duffel would be similarly pointless. I looked around the room. Books, empty boxes, her dresser, everything anticlimactic.

And then my gaze landed on her computer again. And her webcam. A flash of inspiration burst inside my head. Her webcam.

I sat quickly at her desk and opened her webcam application. Pretty rudimentary. I opened a private browser and downloaded better webcam software and installed it. Quickly I configured it to broadcast peer to peer. It was already pretty much aimed at my sister's bed. I tilted her monitor slightly for a better angle, then went back to my desk and installed the same software on my machine.

As the software booted, I fished the two pair of panties I'd stolen from the hamper and inspected them. One pair was dark blue, one of those "everyday" pair of panties, no frills, no thong. Just a fairly thick pair of cotton panties. Thick...and absorbent. The crotch was stiff and yellowish white, the crust fading out as it reached the back of the lining. I raised it to my nose absently as her webcam came online on my desktop. I'd lined it up perfectly; I could see her bed and the sleeping bag, both perfectly within frame. As I tested the software's tilt and zoom functions, I sniffed carefully at the crotch of my sister's underwear.

This pair had a much more pungent smell, salty, sweet, and sweaty. I closed my eyes, breathing slowly, savoring hours of her scent, and a kaleidoscope of images whirling through my head, the wet scent of her sex slithering into me, randy and bold. I let my nose savor the strong odor, and then brought the back of the panties to my nose. I could see a slight shine where it must have gotten wedged between her ass and her seat and closed my eyes as I drew the scent of her butthole into my nose, the crusty discharge stiffening the rest of the lining, intoxicating and almost overwhelming, every arousal and exertion of the day asserting itself.

My heart pounded a thousand times harder. I brought the other pair up. It was much flimsier than the previous pair. This one, I thought, won't have retained enough scent. This pair is too flimsy.

I sniffed deeply. There was a strong smell of pee, but behind it....a musk heavily laden with pheromones that stirred urgency in my groin. I moaned out loud, startling myself. My God, why didn't I figure this out years ago? I thought.

I glanced up at the browser and clicked one of the tube links. It buffered very quickly and soon there was a nubile girl on screen fingering herself through her jeans, then fondling her breasts, tweaking a nipple through her shirt, then unsnapping her jeans and shoving her hand between her legs. She lay her head back on a couch as she frigged her pussy underneath her jeans and panties. A loud moan escaped her lips. She shucked her pants quickly and exposed her shaven pussy to the camera.

My sister likes pussy, a voice in my head stated, excited. The girl on screen fingerfucked herself, her hips rocking up to meet each thrust. The soundtrack perfectly captured the squelching sounds as two fingers, then three, and then four were slipped in and out, in and out.

Her other hand reached under her ass, middle and ring fingers spreading her butthole open, then rimming it. I gaped in disbelief at the screen. This was pretty fucking dirty, bordering on stuff that I might download. She inserted her middle finger into her butthole, digging and wiggling, working and stretching. A second finger joined the first and she began to fuck herself. Slowly, sensually at first as I drew sweet breath through the lining of my sister's panties. The scent of her vagina and butthole was intoxicating to the point where I felt like I was going to black out. I'd never been this excited in my life.

The girl on screen grunted as she came hard on her two middle fingers, her hips rocking to push her sphincter harder down. She worked her orgasm, grinding it down on her fingers, her hips moving ever more slowly until her cum subsided.

As her orgasm peaked, her pussy squirted. Not hard at first, just a trickle, running down her vulva, darkening the couch. I could see her sphincter spasm, and a harder jet spurted. She gasped; her eyes clenched shut, coming hard again with each squirt. One, two, three, four, five. Come sprayed everywhere, drops hitting the camera, rolling down the lens.

I came so hard I saw stars, cum soaking the rag I pulled from my desk just in time. Tunnel vision was coming for me. I gathered the three pairs of panties and stowed them in the back of my desk drawer with my cum rag and locked the drawer just in time. Sleep took me quickly. As I faded, I saw the girl on screen sucking the come from her fingers.

I woke to the sound of my sister and the twins returning. They were panting and laughing, generally making a ruckus. I sat up quickly and managed to minimize my browser before my sister came in.

She was glowing with the endorphin rush of a good run, her face flushed and sweat glistening on her chest.

"Good run?"

"Great one. Gonna rinse off real quick, then we're going to a party."

"Ok, have fun be safe," I recited, "Call me if you need me."

I heard the shower turn on and the curtain sweep back. The pitch of the shower changed as Kim stepped in. My mind flashed back watching her finger herself to orgasm in the mirror.

I opened my webcam software and inserted an ear bud.

The camera was amazingly high resolution. My sister's room was well lit; she'd asked for track lighting and had a variety of lamps going. I carefully pulled the camera back and Molly came into frame. She was wearing an extremely tight spandex top and yoga shorts. I could see her vulva clearly outlined through the yoga shorts, her pussy divided by straining cloth. My cock was still aching after my earlier orgasm, but I felt my loins stir.

Molly had switched my sister's stereo on, I could hear Justin Timberlake and Timbaland over the webcam, but I couldn't make out what they were saying.

I heard the shower crank off and shortly my sister came into frame. She wasn't wearing a towel, and her body was glorious. The camera was high enough resolution to make out drops of water running down her breasts and onto her belly. My eyes widened.

Jenn moved past the camera into the bathroom for her shower. I heard the door close through the wall.

At the sound, Molly stepped quickly into my sister's embrace, stripping her sweaty top off as she moved. Their lips met, mouths opening wide into each other. I tapped the zoom on the camera and pushed in on their beautiful faces. Their eyes were closed, and I could see their tongues working at each other.

My sister's hand moved up Molly's porcelain back and to her pale, pink tipped breast. Molly's back arched as my sister squeezed her nipple. Her hand slid back down to Molly's round ass as she bent to take Molly's nipple in her mouth. On my screen, Molly jerked as my sister sucked her nipple hard.

My sister's hand was crammed down the back of Molly's running shorts and was rummaging around insistently. Molly's hips thrust back into my sister's seeking hand. That has to be her ass, I thought to myself wonderingly. She's still sweaty from the run, too.

Molly bent over as her hips took control. She was pressed up against the mattress, my sister working her steadily from behind.

The music must have stopped, because I heard Molly say, "Oh yeah, Kimmie, fuck my butthole, finger me, fuck my ass!" her gorgeous face was contorted in feverish anticipation.

I was floored. I'd never heard anyone talk that dirty before, much less my sister's best friend almost in the next room. My sister growled some unintelligible reply, bit Molly's shoulder before she began to kiss her neck wetly. I saw Molly wriggle even harder onto my sister's fingers, her hips bucking and yearning. I saw the orgasm slowly insinuate itself outward from her butthole into her shaking hips.


Her guttural cries grew more frequent, and then she tapered off, panting. My sister looked very pleased. Molly collapsed forward on the bed.

I heard Jenn crank the shower off and climb out of the shower. As she re entered my sister's room, I watched my sister bring the hand that she'd had stuffing Molly's asshole with to her nose and take a long whiff.

I was stunned. I couldn't believe I was really witnessing something this dirty, and this hot.

Molly took her turn in the shower. My sister and Jenn seemed a little shy around each other. I rubbed my hand up and down my crotch as Jenn toweled off thoroughly, her tits jiggling as she dried her hair with the towel.

My sister was dressing and applying makeup at the edge of my screen. Jenn put on a plaid skirt, white thigh highs, and a button down short sleeved shirt. She tied a tie loosely around her neck. Jesus Christ, but she was scorching hot. My sister looked over appreciatively. I saw her take a secretive whiff of her middle finger again.

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