tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Sister's Friend Is Visiting

My Sister's Friend Is Visiting


The day had finally arrived. It had been on my mind so much lately that it was borderline obsessive. 20 years old and still living at home is nothing to be proud of. At least I have a job, spend a little, save a little.

There is truly nothing interesting about me at all. I have had one serious relationship, but it fell through. My days just consist of me working or hanging out with friends.

My older sister Karen is 21 but she is out of state at college. We get along, but we haven't kept in touch all that much. She comes home every other month or so. She went to school with a girl named Maura, who I've always had a thing for.

Sadly she moved away after high school, and since I was too shy to ever try anything with her, she was just another opportunity that I let get away. I had the hots for her, but I was also really into her personality.

She was laid back, had dry humor, and had this side about her I really couldn't place. It just seemed like she would be the kind of girl that had a lot of love in her heart.

But don't get me wrong, she had a hot little body. I thought about sex a lot, and watched porn a lot. It's probably the thing that keeps me occupied the most.

Thoughts of Maura used to creep into my mind a lot when I masturbated. I didn't think about her much anymore since she left town.

My stomach immediately dropped when my mother told me that Maura was coming to town to visit old friends. She had asked if she could stay at our house. My mother was super accommodating to all of Karen and my friends, and most of them really liked my mom.

This wasn't the first time we've let a guest stay. I became excited very quickly for the chance to see her again, and to have her stay in my own house. Not that I was really gonna try anything, but definitely some nice eye candy.

And now the day was here. She entered the front dragging her roller luggage behind her. She was just as pretty as I remember her. She had dark shoulder length hair that she usually kept in a messy pony tail bun type thing. Her skin was rather pale and she was very slender.

As a result she didn't have the usual shapely figure that guys like in a girl but something about the way she carried herself drove me crazy.

She was usually very calm never displaying a huge amount of emotion, but always spoke to me with a friendly manner. I did my best to try and be funny around her and joke about the few common interests we had.

Upon entering she greeted me with a simple hello. She wore a stripped tank top and khaki shorts that really showed off her long legs. Needless to say, since I had already built up this day in my mind, my cock was already hardening and I let out an inaudible grunt as she moved out of the front hall into the living room.

She would be staying in my sister's room since she was away at school. I was already expecting to not see her much because I knew the real reason she had come was to visit old friends, so I decided to make the most of all the time I could.

My mom told me to carry her luggage to Karen's room. I secretly was joyous inside. She thanked me as she made the familiar trip into the house. She had been over countless times and new where everything was. I really took this as my only chance so I remained in the doorway and made small talk with her about everything she's done since high school.

She was kind and laughed a few times. I did my best to try and be funny around her and joke about the few common interests we had.

Eventually I ran out of things to talk about and I could tell things were shifting to awkward so I excused myself and retreated to my own room.

Now in privacy I jacked off to the thoughts of Maura and her silky body. I just wanted to hold her and make really tender to love to her. It didn't take long for me to finish as I came all over my stomach.

I laid there and eventually fell asleep.

Now with my head cleared I re-thought about the situation and how pathetic I was. Nothing was going to happen, she would be gone all the time, and she was only staying here out of convenience. I was suddenly unimpressed with all the psyching myself out I was doing. I decided to forget about her and retreat to my normal habits of video games and porn.


When I awoke the next day Maura was already gone. I ate and then prepared for work. Throughout the day I occasionally thought of Maura but not so much that I was disappointed in myself. There were girls at work that I would semi-flirt with, or rather just make jokes with. I was good at making them laugh, but never had the nerve to take it to a more sexual level. This earned me the title of being cute or nice by many girls.

After work I met up with some friends. We got some food and I went back to my friend Corey's house and we just sat around watching B-rated horror movies and making fun of them the whole time.

I eventually made my way home. I greeted my Mom; Dad was still away on business. As I went to my room I saw Karen's room with the door shut, Maura must have been home because the light was on. I tried to approach quietly and listen, but couldn't hear anything. I decided to call it a night.


The next day was very similar to the last. Maura was gone, but so was my Mom, the house was empty. This wasn't uncommon since I was older now we all had separate schedules and usually only really met for meals. Passing Karen's door I peaked in, nothing had really been moved around but I did see Maura's luggage case.

I couldn't pass up this opportunity since the house was empty. The luggage was closed but unzipped. I opened it. It contained mostly clothes which is what I was after. The whole case itself had the smell of perfume and already it was having an effect on me.

I found some bras which were small, but I still played with them a little and smelled them, I did the same with her underwear. I wasn't a panty fetish guy, but I had tried jacking off with panties before, the thought of using these to get off had my cock at attention.

I really wanted to come in them, the thought of Maura sliding these up her legs and pressing against her warm pussy with my cum all over them was making me dizzy. I knew I couldn't get away with it. If it dried it would be too easy to spot. Instead I decided to use them to jack off with.

They were so soft. I lay on my sister's bed and inhaled the panties again. I was ready to go; I put them around my cock and started pumping furiously. It felt weird being on my sister's bed but I think it heightened the experience as I was in a room I shouldn't have been in, doing something I shouldn't have been doing.

I pictured Maura on the bed with me, I was spooning her slamming my dick into her tight wet pussy. Her arm reaching behind her was on my waist and was guiding me in and out. Her head was turned back to face mine, her brow was furrowed and she was moaning loudly.

I reached around her body and grabbed at her tits squeezing both together in one hand and using the extra leverage to pull her against me and pound harder into her. She was thrusting uncontrollably as I reached forward and grabbed her face and pulled it to mine. Our mouths instantly opened and our slippery tongues met and danced together.

She continued her muffled groans into my mouth as I was still slamming into her. Finally her hand gripped the back of my head as she turned her face away and pulled on me hard. I pushed my face into her neck sucking it hard as she orgasmed violently.

This proved the breaking point of my fantasy as at that moment I pictured pushing my cock in as far as it would go and leaving it there while it erupted inside of her, shooting loads and loads of hot wet cum into her tight little pussy.

The fantasy quickly faded as I drifted back to reality. Her panties had really done the trick, and I examined them closely to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary. I replaced them where I found them with criminal like precision and retreated back out of my sister's room and downstairs.


Nothing happened after that for a while. I didn't have a chance to get back into her things again, because the only times she was out, I was out, and she was always home, when I was home.

There were only a few days left of her trip and I was getting desperate. I told myself to just forget about her as this behavior wasn't all that healthy. I should have been spending my time trying to get a real girl instead of living in my own fantasy world.

However, I hadn't touched myself in three days since I used Maura's panties and this break in my normal daily routine of masturbating had upset the balance, I was horny as hell.

That night after work I returned home. As I entered I could tell by the feel of the house that everyone was probably asleep, although I did hear the TV on in the Living room. As I crept in I expected to see my mom watching, the volume was very low.

When I entered the living room I froze. Maura was sound asleep on the couch. She must have just decided to crash down here. She was covered by a thin sheet and had a spare pillow; I knew my mom would have gotten these out if she wanted to stay down here. Her body was completely covered and the only thing sticking out was her head.

I stood silently for a long time. My face was warm; blood had rushed to my head. She looked so innocent, her breathing was heavy, and I could tell she was deep asleep.

With a last push of my willpower, or maybe my cowardice, I went upstairs to my room and stripped down to my boxers. After lying on my bed for only a few minutes I already had my cock out and I was tugging away.

I don't know what possessed me, but I decided to be a little brave and left my room and slipped quietly back downstairs. I peeked around the corner of the living room. She had not moved. That hot feeling in my face came back. I pulled my dick out through the hole in my boxers and began touching myself as I watched her sleep.

After a moment, I approached the side of the couch where she lay. I was quieter than a cat and was controlling my breathing, which was taking all of my strength. I quickly began thinking up with alibis so if she woke up I would just say that I was on my way to bed and checking on her.

The adrenaline was hitting me so hard that I was actually beginning to shake. I reached out and grabbed the sheet that hung over the couch. I lifted it, being careful to stop if any part of it was stuck under her, but it wasn't. I laid it down on the other side of her as I examined her figure. I let out another of my silent moans.

She was lifeless except for her small chest rising and falling. She was wearing a kind of robe, I had never seen a shirt like this, it was silky and covered her top half, but it wasn't long like a robe, it came only down to her waist, where she had a pair of gray shorts on.

I was not in control of my body. I was stroking forcefully. The room felt awkward as there was no sound except the barely audible TV. This was the point of no return. I would not be able to cover up what I was about to do, but I could literally not help myself.

If she started to wake I would not be able to get out of the room before she saw me, the doorway was too far. I was staring at her belly wear a single ribbon was holding the two halves of her shirt together.

I reasoned in my head.

I would try to lightly wake her. I had to be sure she was out. I slipped my cock back in my shorts and covered it with the elastic.

I whispered her name "Maura?"


I called out her name "Maura?"


I ever so gently put a hand on her shoulder "Maura?"


Finally I gave her a small shake "Maura!"

She hadn't moved. She hadn't changed her breathing. Part of me was so disappointed she didn't wake because I would have been saved from doing something unforgivable. And the other part of me was screaming with joy as my lusty desires were brought back into focus.

I knew I couldn't touch her shorts. They were so tight that she would have felt any manipulating. But her top was silky and light. This was risky but possible. I decided.

I leaned down and grabbed the seam of the shirt to prevent the pulling action to be felt.

I pulled the ribbon and undid it, laying it aside.

Nothing had changed except there was nothing holding her shirt in place but gravity.

Using my pointer fingers and thumbs I pinched the left half of the robe near the top and bottom. I lifted up with the speed of a drowsy snail. I pulled it over to the left side and her skin came into view. Her pale stomach and small perky tit were now exposed to my starving eyes. I gently put down the shirt and delicately repeated my actions with the right side.

Her whole chest and stomach were exposed to me now. I simply grabbed my cock and gave it a hard squeeze where it still stood in my boxers. Her body was flawless. Her fair skin, moving just noticeably in sync with her breath, her tits looked smaller as she was lying on her back. Her tiny nipples were a dark pink and matched her figure perfectly.

I was going insane. I thought I was going to throw up. I literally had to back away several steps and turn my head to let out my breath which I had been holding since I first undid her robe. After the dizziness faded a bit I looked back, she still hadn't moved.

Seeing her at a distance made my cock tighten and my mouth go dry. Her own mouth had the smallest opening as she continued her heavy breathing.

Possessed by pure lust, I walked back to her and knelt down beside her. I pulled my cock out and began playing with it as I put my face very close to her body. I smelled her skin and the scent of her lotion was pouring off of her. It was heavenly, and I gently grazed my lips across her side, keeping my eyes on here the whole time to see if she would wake. She didn't. But her skin was electric as my lips contacted it, sending a jolt straight to my cock.

I knew I was close. I wanted to finish while kissing her nipple. I looked up at her face again staring at her partly opened mouth. I then realized that this would be the perfect time to steal a kiss. I brought my face close to hers again with a very slow pace.

My attention was turned to the TV as I heard the tiny click and saw it turn-off as a result of the sleep timer. I was still close to her face when I decided to turn it back on for background noise when something caught my attention. A new smell had reached my senses that I hadn't detected before. Alcohol.

I looked at the coffee table and saw a large glass with water. Everything made sense now. She had been out drinking. She was passed out, and this immediately made my cock lurch again so much that it was painful.

My dick seemed to know before I did what I wanted to do. I stood up, shakily, and much faster now, knowing she was drunk I could get away with much more. I again caught my breath which I had been restricting while I was close to her.

I leaned down putting my hand above her on the sofa arm. I gave her the lightest peck on the lips. Even though I barely kissed her, her softness and alcohol breath almost pushed me over the edge. I stopped myself just in time. Without warning I leaned back up and put my leg on her other side in the fold of the couch. Again I reached up to the sofa arm. At this point I was kind of straddling over her, not touching her, but my body was directly over hers. My dick was directly over her shorts.

I began jerking uncontrollably, telling my body with my brain that this was the time. This was the time I would do it. I was going to come on this girl, while she slept. My cock was harder than it had ever been in my life. I was at eye level with her sleeping face.

The arousal from this forbidden act was enslaving me, I swung my hand wildly. I felt it approach as I was looking into her sleeping face. Just then, my eyes were forced shut by the sheer force of my bodily spasms. Part of me tried to stay still but mostly I was just thrusting into the air as long ribbons of cum started streaking their way up my sister's friend's body.

From her belly button all the way up to her neck. One after another and the wave of ecstasy I was feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before. Finally I finished, breathing heavily to myself. My eyes were still shut tight as I tried to regain my composure, when I felt movement.

I felt a hand grip my knee firmly.

I thought I was going to throw up my whole stomach.

I opened my eyes to see Maura staring at me. Her own eyes were red and watery. She must have just awoken. She was making no expression at all. Her mouth was closed, and her hand was still on my knee.

She stared into my eyes and I stared into hers, neither of us had moved except for my penis, the combination of just cumming and getting caught had shrank it down to an embarrassing size.

Still we looked at each other. Still she did nothing. I was getting more nervous by the second. Finally after what seemed like an eternity. I felt the thumb of her hand slide itself back and forth on my knee.

Her expression hadn't changed, but she was caressing me gently. Finally I broke the contact of her eyes and looked at her lips. They parted ever so slightly. I looked back into her eyes. I decided to go for broke, I put my head down and kissed her, and she kissed me back.

It was a long deep passionate kiss. There was no movement but we felt each other's breath through our noses as we kept the kiss going for many seconds.

After we parted we again looked at each other. This time she looked down at the mess I had made on her which was now becoming wet and runny. She blinked slowly one time and removed her hand from my knee and ran it across her front, playing with the watery cum on her body. She looked back up at me with what I thought was the faintest smile.

What luck I was having, she wasn't mad and it looked like she was getting turned on. I thanked every god that I never prayed to. Finally she grabbed the sheet and wiped her chest getting most of it off. The rest she spread across herself which now coated her in a shiny tint.

I was still leaning over her. And my leg and core were super tired. I used my hand still above her head to push myself up; I was now standing with one leg still in the crutch of the couch. She immediately shimmied to the outer half of the couch and pulled my wrist down towards her.

My body followed as I was now lying on my side next to her. I put my left arm under her head, she was still lying on her back and now my arm was under her like a pillow. I felt all of her softness down the whole front of me as I snuggled close to her.

She pulled her knees to her chest and removed her gray shorts, now all the as left was a pair of tight pink panties. She looked over at me. We still hadn't spoken and she wasn't giving me much expression, she was so hard to read.

At this point however, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face to hers as we kissed again. It was more playful as we opened our mouths to let one another send our tongues in and out. The remaining scent of alcohol further excited me as my cock began coming back to life.

I couldn't believe what was happening. But I didn't want to think about why. I desperately wanted to get her off, to thank her for letting me cum on her and for being so accepting of it. I didn't yet understand her reasons, but things were happening too fast to put together coherent thoughts.

My hand instinctively moved down her stomach to her crotch where I cupped the whole of her pussy over her panties. She let out deep breath into my mouth. I then rubbed it gently as we continued. She was becoming more responsive and I didn't pause for a moment.

I slid my hand under the front of her panties and rubbed over her bare mound. She stopped kissing me and was now looking up towards the ceiling with her eyes closed breathing heavily. I was in a near perfect position. All in one movement I slid my arm that was under her further to grab her left breast as I moved my face in closer to her neck and began running my tongue over it. She let out low soft "Ohhhhhh" it was the first noise I had heard since the TV had shut off and it excited my mind and my dick a great deal.

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