tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMy Sisters Knickers Ch. 01

My Sisters Knickers Ch. 01


This story is pure fiction.

My journey to wearing women's underwear began innocently enough when I was 18 or 19. I was living with my older sister, at the time it happened. It happened one morning, I walked down the hallway, when I came across my sister's door slightly ajar, so I couldn't resist by peeping into her room.

I saw my sister standing with her back to me, naked at her dresser. My heart was pounding and I knew I should leave as I might get caught but I stood transfixed at the sight of this beautiful naked woman. As she bent down to reach into one of her drawers, my dick began to grow hard. She pulled out a pair of light black nylon panties and bent over to step into them.

Time seemed to slow down as she pulled them up her long legs, over her round butt and up to her waist. She ran her fingers around the leg bands to fit them in place and my dick was now completely erect. She reached into another drawer and pulled out a lacy white bra, slipped her arms through the straps, adjusted her breasts into the cups and deftly hooked it behind her back. As I looked in I noticed how feminine she looked in them, then my cock began to stir.

I stood trembling and, as she turned, I caught a fleeting side glimpse of her slim figure, bouncing breasts and all, dressed in her lingerie as she stepped out of sight. I hurried back into my room, closed the door and in an instant pulled my pants down and masturbated, picturing in my mind my sister dressed in her panties and bra. Within a minute I came strongly. It took a few minutes to calm down and get my breathing back to normal. I cleaned myself up, pulled up my pants and went back down the hall. Her door was now closed and I heard the backdoor slam and guessed she had left for school. Reluctantly I did the same but it was hard to concentrate in my classes as I relived in my mind my morning voyeuristic orgasm.

In the week that followed I hoped the incident would repeat but, to my disappointment, it did not. However, when I would masturbate (which I did daily) I envisioned my sister slipping into her panties and bra and I would experience intense creamy orgasms. Soon the focus of my fantasy would be the panties and bra. One afternoon I came home from work early and had the house to myself. I intended to have a lengthy undisturbed jack-off session and ran to my room, kicked off my shoes, lowered my pants and underwear and slowly began fondling my half-hard cock.

My fantasy came to mind and I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to take a closer look at the objects of my lust. I stood stripped completely and stepped into the hall naked. My heart pumping and my half-hard dick swaying, I quickly walked to my sister's room. The door was ajar and I slowly pushed it open and stepped inside. The atmosphere was excitingly feminine as I strode over to the dresser where my sister had stood the other morning.

My hands shook as I pulled the drawers open and finally found her lingerie. I resisted the urge to touch my cock as I rummaged through the many pairs of panties ... white cotton, black full lace, some various coloured nylon ones with the days of the week embroidered on them. But the outstanding feature was that they all felt so soft and filmy. How lucky girls were to wear such lovely underwear, I thought. My cock throbbed fully erect and I became more excited when at last I found the light black panties I had seen her put on. I picked them out of the drawer and held them out in front of me. They were so sheer I could nearly see through them.

They felt so soft in my hands as I felt the silkiness of the fabric with my fingers. I closed my eyes and pictured my sister holding the panties and then bending over to step into them and without a second thought I did the same. First one foot then the other into the leg openings and I slowly drew them up my legs. The feeling was electric and my knees nearly gave way as the panties slid up my calves, my thighs and finally over my ass, balls and cock. The waistband snapped into place and I ran my fingers around the leg bands to fit them into place as I saw my sister do. The panties caressed me perfectly and I turned and saw myself in her mirror. I finally reached down and touched my cock through the flimsy fabric. I looked down and could see the outline of my cock through the sheer, black nylon.

Whenever I stroked my dick before it felt great, but touching it through the soft nylon intensified the feeling a hundred times. While I rubbed my cock with one hand I ran the palm my other hand over my sides and butt and the feeling was magnificent. When my finger ran down the cleft between my ass cheeks and pressed slightly against my anus I came like I had never done before. Warm cum filled the front of the panties as I continued to stroke and milk my cock. With my hand soaked in semen I squeezed the last few drops from my dick and I began to feel it grow soft. I looked at myself again in her mirror and suddenly felt shocked by what I had just done.

Then I heard the backdoor slam I rushed back to my room and slammed my door quickly, still wearing the cum-soaked panties. I stripped them off and tossed them into a corner of my closet. Then I suddenly realized I had forgotten to close my sister's lingerie drawer. I hurriedly put my clothes back on and ran back into her room and pushed it shut. I stepped back into the hall just as my sister came up the stairs and I went into the bathroom. I washed my hands and splashed my face with cold water in an effort to calm down. I swore I would never do anything like that again. But somehow I knew differently.

A couple of days passed and I knew I had to do something about the pilfered panties. I dug them off of my closet floor, partially stiff and stained with my dried cum. Even though they were a bit funky it aroused me to hold them again in my hands. Breaking my resolve to not pursue this panty passion I undid my belt, unzipped my pants and reached down into them and pulled out my now-erect cock. I closed my eyes as I wrapped the panties around my hard-on and once again relished the silkiness the panties as I stroked my dick with them.

Sliding my hand downward I cupped my tightening balls and rubbed my scrotum with the soft nylon. I felt my orgasm welling up in my cock as I stroked the full length of it from the base to its sensitive crown. I placed my other hand against the wall to steady myself and rubbed faster until I came, once again filling the soft panties with my warm cum. It felt so great! After three healthy spurts my ejaculation slowed to a trickle and I wiped the tip clean. I held the warm, wet panties in my hand and I knew I was hooked on this sensation. Little did I know just how far I would go with this?

I tried to resist the urge to return to my sister's underwear drawer for fresh panties to play in but one day when I had the house to myself for a few hours I simply had to. Knowing I'd be alone I stripped naked and entered her room. I glanced at my reflection in her full-length mirror and saw my face flush and smiling, my cock rising to the occasion in anticipation. As I slid the drawer open my breath caught at the sight of so many lovely silky items. I reached in and just ran my hands through the soft array of pastel-coloured lingerie.

Closing my eyes I grabbed two hands-full and pulled them out. Placing them on her bed I opened my eyes to see what I had selected. There were a few pairs of panties, a bra and a full slip. Panties first, I decided. I picked a pair in pink nylon and held them out in front of me. They were so soft and sheer. I bent over and slipped them over my feet and slowly pulled them up my legs. Ahhh, the smooth fabric felt joyous against my bare legs and then up and over my stiff penis and the thrill of them hugging my waist and ass was simply wonderful. I stopped a second to calm a bit down and then picked up the brassiere. I looked at the small, white tag ... Maiden form, 36 B.

I examined the hooks and figured out how they worked. I slipped my arms through the shoulder straps as I had seen my sister do and after only a couple of tries had the hooks attached. I loved the way the bra felt as I adjusted it to feel more comfortable around my chest. As I looked down at my hard cock tenting the front of the pink panties I gently touched my nipples through the fabric of the bra cups. I closed my eyes and a wonderful shiver went through my body as my nipples stiffened. After a minute I turned and looked at the full slip lying on the bed.

Why not, I thought. I picked it up and held it by the shoulder straps. It was sheer white nylon with lace at the front and around the hem. I gathered it up and slipped it over my head placing my arms inside the straps and let it gently fall down around my body. I was in heaven! Having my entire body encased in all that lace and nylon, my cock pulsing inside the panties and the bra hugging my chest made every nerve come alive. I took a few steps toward the mirror and the feeling of the silky slip moving against the panties and brassiere was exquisite. I slowly ran my hands across my chest and felt the bra and my nipples through the layers of nylon.

As I slowly moved them down my stomach and over my hips I felt the slip slide against the panties with a slipperiness that sent more sensations through my body. My cock throbbed as I moved my hands across my butt and I squeezed the round globes. My fingers found their way to the crack of my ass and moved probingly up and down into its depth. I was getting so close to cumming, but I tried to concentrate on the feeling of the lingerie caressing my body and my hands feeling me up.

My reasoning crossed the threshold of worrying about making a mess in my sister's undies and I slowly moved both hands forward towards my stiff cock. The feeling of two layers of silky nylon against my hands and my fingers slowly stroking myself sent a huge shudder through me and in seconds I felt the warm semen spurt forth, flowing over my penis, soaking the inside of the panties and forming a huge, sticky wet stain on the front of the slip. I continued rubbing myself until my cock began to soften and the last of my creamy load was spent.

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