tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMy Sisters Knickers Ch. 02

My Sisters Knickers Ch. 02


It took a few moments to gain my composure as I felt my warm semen pool into the gusset of my panties around my tight balls. I straightened up and walked slowly to my room and felt a thin stream of cum slide down from under the elastic of the panties slowly down my inner thigh. I pulled the slip up over my head as I sat heavily onto my bed. As I did the wet spot slid against my face leaving a moist, sticky spot on my cheek. I tossed the slip on the floor and reached behind me to undo the bra. It took a couple of tries and as the hooks came free I slid the straps over my shoulders and tossed the bra down onto the slip. After a minute my heart rate became normal. With both thumbs hooked in the elastic waistband of the panties I pulled it away and looked inside.

My softening cock and balls were coated in cum and the inside of the panties was slick with it. I let the waistband snap back and felt my genitals through the dampness. I rubbed my cock through the slippery nylon and felt it begin to stiffen again. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moist lubrication the cum-slick nylon panties provided. Quickly reaching down and finding the slip I brought it to my face and wiped away the semen from my cheek. Jacking myself off with one hand I buried my face into the soft slip and breathed in the sweet perfume from my sister and noted a slightly tangy scent from my cum. I continued to stroke myself, hearing the sloshing sound of the cum in my panties. I rubbed the slip down my neck and over my chest, then back up over my face.

I became lost in the combination of senses; touch, smell, the rising orgasm in my loins. I laid back onto the bed and covered myself from crotch to face with the slip, moving both hands up and down my body, pinching my nipples through the silk, then down to grab my penis and stroke quickly, repeating this again and again.

The pain as I twisted my nipples seemed to intensify the sexual feelings and soon I just held my hard cock through the slip and panties, enjoying the multi layers of nylon and rubbing in quick, short strokes as my body shuddered in another intense orgasm. My thick, creamy load refilled the panties as I squeezed my cock to drain it. I let it soften in my hand and I felt the cum flow over my hip and I saw some escape from under the leg band. I was completely spent and curled up on the bed, cupping my cock and balls with one hand and pulling the slip over me with the other. I closed my eyes ...

I awoke with a start, feeling disoriented. Feeling the slip cover me I remembered my recent lingerie activities and savored its silky caress. Had I slept long? I opened my eyes, looked up and noticed my bedroom door was closed. I didn't remember closing it. I stood quickly and pulled the panties down, which was hindered by the fact they felt glued to my cock and balls by the drying semen. As I pulled them down my legs they left sticky streaks along my thighs.

Stepping out of the panties I turned and gathered them together with the slip. I reached down to pick up the bra and ... it was gone. I knew I had left it on the floor and now it wasn't there. Oh, jeez ... I was 99% sure I had been caught curled up asleep wearing my sister's cum soaked underwear. But by whom? My sister? Either prospect set my heart racing as I tossed the lingerie into the closet and scrambled to get my regular clothes back on. Pulling my T-shirt over my head I heard a soft knock on my door. Making sure my pants were buttoned and my zipper was up I said, "Yes?"

"May I come in?" It was my sister's voice.

"Uh ... sure" I stammered. The door swung slowly open and she entered. I tried to read the look on her face. Did she know? She grinned and asked, "Did you have a nice nap?"

I must have blushed a deep red as I stood shuffling my feet. Completely tongue-tied, all I wanted to do was find a deep hole and disappear into it.

She closed the door behind her and stepped towards me. "I am going to do my laundry and I wonder if you have any delicate clothing that might need special attention."

I sat heavily onto my bed and buried my face into my hands. Unfortunately they still had traces of cum on the palms so I quickly put them on my knees and tried to not look obvious as I wiped them off.

I looked up at her, embarrassed beyond belief and nearly in tears and said, "Sis, I ... I don't know what to say, I just ... err ...

She came over and sat down next to me slipping her arm around my shoulders and gave me a little hug. In spite of my confused state I still noticed her soft breast pressing against me.

"When I came home" she began "and walked into my room I sensed there was something different. I saw my drawer opened and knew I hadn't left it that way. Then I noticed two pairs of my panties on the bed and I knew someone had been going through my drawers ... no pun intended. I suspected it might be you and that you have done this before."

I nodded and kept my eyes averted from her.

"Somehow I could tell. I quietly peeked into your room and saw you asleep wearing my panties with my slip pulled up over you. At first I was really angry ... messing around with my underwear that way ... what were you thinking? Then I noticed that, well, shall we say, you REALLY enjoyed my underwear by the mess you made in them. And well, believe it or not, I'm not a stranger to sex ... please don't tell Mom ... I've been with guys. One of them had a certain fascination with my underwear and wanted to keep my panties after we, well, fooled around. I didn't let him, of course, but it made me wonder why he wanted them. I think maybe I understand it a little more. I saw my brassiere on the floor and picked it up. By the way it was tangled I'm guessing you were wearing it, too. I'm not mad at you, but I'd like to know more about why you want to dress up in woman's' underwear."

I began to have a feeling of relief. Here was my sister admitting to me that she has had some sort of sex, and wanting it to be kept secret. And then she tells me that one of her boyfriends wanted her panties ... probably as a trophy ... and that she might understand why I like them, too. As we sat together on the bed I confessed everything to her ... about seeing her that morning putting on her panties and how I was turned on by the sight of her. She blushed a little when I told her that. And then later how I took a pair of panties and beat off in them. (She seemed to know what that term meant.) I told her the only other time was today and I apologized again.

And I promise never, ever to do it again."

She turned and looked me in the eye. "We'll see about that." And then she winked at me. Now it was my turn to blush. "Go get the panties and slip and I'll show you how to wash them. They looked like they really needed it."

I did as I was told. We went to the bathroom and she showed me where the detergent she used for her lingerie was kept, ran warm water in the sink and explained how to wash them and hang them up to dry.

"I don't think I want these back," she said when we were finished. "You can have them, little brother." I couldn't believe my ears. Not only did my sister seem to understand but she was giving me my own lingerie. "Come to my room now and let's talk a little more about your new-found fun."

I followed her into the hall and noticed her walk was a little sexier, her hips swayed nicely under her skirt and I had a hard time not having erotic thoughts while watching her round ass. And then I noticed what appeared to be panty lines. That made me wonder what kind of panties she was wearing. As we entered her room I was again taken in by the faint feminine air as I breathed deeply. It was only then that I noticed she was unbuttoning her blouse. She let it hang open and turned to look at me. My eyes were drawn immediately to her slender tummy and the white bra just above. My mouth must have hung open and as I looked at her she reached for the zipper at the side of her skirt. Her voice brought me back to Earth as she said, "I figured since you have already seen me in my underwear, and have BEEN in my underwear, that this would be no big deal to see me again like this. You did say you thought I was attractive."

"Jeez, Sis, I think you're the prettiest girl in the world," I blurted out. As I felt my face turn red she pulled the zipper down and let the skirt drop to the floor. She wore a white half-slip beneath it and as she bent forward to slide it down her legs I stared down her bra at her lovely cleavage. She straightened up and tossed the skirt and slip onto her bed. She shrugged off her blouse and threw it on her bed. At that moment I wasn't kidding about her being the prettiest girl I had ever seen. She was standing before me in a white brassiere, pale black full-cut nylon panties, a matching garter belt and sheer nylon stockings.

I sat down on the chair in front of her vanity because I thought my legs would buckle. "I thought I'd slip into something a little more comfortable" she said as she sat on her bed. I watched, fascinated, as she undid the hooks of the garter holding her stockings. They became the focus of my attention as she slid the wispy hose off of one leg. She slowly uncrossed and recrossed her long legs and I swore she was deliberately putting on a show just for me. If so, I was certainly enjoying it and I felt a stirring in my crotch. As she worked on the other stocking she asked, "Would you like to try these on sometime? I have other pairs. Here, you can have these."

She stood and walked over to me with the nylons in her hand. I felt my cock growing hard as she came very close to me and I took them from her. She turned around and reached behind her to unhook the garter belt. I quickly reached down to adjust myself as I made a mental note about how she did that. "You'll need this, too." She turned and dangled the belt in front of me. As I took it from her she smiled and noticed my hands were shaking a little. I stared at her lovely panty-clad ass as she turned and went to her dresser. My breath caught as she bent over and pulled out a drawer. She removed a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and tossed them on the bed. I stood and she approached me holding open her arms. As I stood up I placed the garter belt and stockings on the chair and accepted the hug she offered. And then my arms were filled with a warm young girl. She nuzzled my neck and pressed her half naked body against me.

"Now we both have secrets to share," she whispered. "I have sex with boys and you have sex with my underwear. I'll keep your secret if you keep mine ... please". And she pressed her hips tightly to mine and kissed my cheek. I was so hard and I knew she could feel it. I ran my hands across her back, felt her bra and the top of her panties. She held me closer and I ran my hand over the round globes of her ass and pressed her closer to me. The fact she was my sister was now irrelevant. And then we heard the back door slam. Our mother had just come home. We quickly drew apart but my sister held me by my shoulders and looked into my eyes. "Let's get together again soon, okay?" I nodded. She didn't have to ask twice.

She leaned forward and gave me a warm kiss on my lips. I picked up the stockings and garter, turned to leave and looked over my shoulder. She had already slipped the T-shirt on and was sitting on her bed pulling the shorts up her long legs as she waved for me to leave. I smiled and she winked as I stepped into the hall. I went to the bathroom and gathered the half-damp lingerie and took it all to my room. Putting all the lingerie in my closet I tried to imagine what all that had transpired meant. Then I thought to myself, heck ... let's just see what happens next.

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