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My Son's Best Friend


I have heard, or probably read that men do it. With some men, we can pretty much tell they are doing it when they look at you. I had not, though, heard or read much about women doing it and until recently I most certainly had never done it. But as Gavin leaned back against the work surface in my kitchen and as I looked at him, his clothes seemed to vanish and I visualised him naked.

Gavin is one of my nineteen year old son's friends. They were at school together and at the time were going off to uni together. I have known him since he was a kid and have always liked him He is polite and well mannered, always ready to help and has a fine sense of humour, he fits in easily in our household. He has similar sporting interests as my husband Richard, they both play golf and love football and cricket and he gets on well with my daughter in a friendly, but flirty sort of way.

I am in my mid-forties, a time that some might term the change of life period. For me, mentally and emotionally at least that is very true. With one brief aberration when I had an affair I have been faithful to Richard for well over twenty years. Over the past few years that has become more difficult. Richard works horrendous hours and travels a great deal with his job. Although his position as a senior partner in a corporate law firm and money I made from selling my family publishing business provides us with a very comfortable life-style, my world is getting worse and not better as I get older. Peter my son has been at university for over a year now and Sara has gone to college this year. Hence, I am desperately lonely. Richard's work to life balance is out of kilter and he has little time for anything other than his prescious, fucking career. Worse, for on top of that he has lost his sex drive or, maybe is getting it somewhere else for he rarely wants me.

I don't think that is my fault as my figure has hardly changed in the last ten years and most people say I do not look my age. I have little excess weight, no cellulite and few wrinkles. My breasts are an ample C going on for D cup and only sag a little, I have no swell on my tummy or hips and when I play tennis in a skirt, men ogle my shapely legs. I dress smartly and fairly sexily, wear glam underwear, look after my shoulder-length ash blonde hair and have never refused him for I am always up for it. The problem is that 'it' does not come often enough, which in turn means I do not cum enough! And I need to do that. Masturbation helps and occasionally I have 'cybered,' but recently I have begun to realise that they are not enough.


That afternoon when I looked at my son's friend and 'saw' him naked was a watershed for me. After 'seeing' his broad, naked chest, his narrow waist, long, lithe legs, flat stomach and beautifully formed long, thick dick I was perplexed. I had not done anything like that before. Over the next few weeks before they went to university it happened twice more, both times with Gavin. The nights after these episodes as I lie in bed naked, my hands roaming over my breasts and between my legs I shocked myself even more. I found myself visualising being pulled firmly against the body I had 'seen' earlier, holding and stroking that dick and then letting it slide into me as Gavin fucked me.

When the boys came home from college for weekends or holidays Gavin seemed different. He was more chatty to me, he seemed more interested in me and in what I did with my time, he looked at me more and smiled at me more often. It was during the Christmas holiday that as, once more we were in the kitchen, I saw the look in his eyes that I had seen with other men and I realised that he was undressing me. I felt embarrassed. I also felt surprised, shocked and yes, I have to admit, aroused.

I didn't know what to do, I didn't know how to handle the situation and I had no idea what he was after. Surely after knowing me for such a long time as Missus Moor, his friend Peter's mum, he wasn't fancying me was he? Surely he wasn't trying to show an interest? And surely he didn't want to have sex with me, or did he?

He turned away and picked up the newspaper. The three of us had lunch in the kitchen. Twice his knee touched mine under the table. He helped me clear up and brushed himself against me. Later, when I leaned forward to hand him a beer his eyes held mine, slid downwards, peered at the gaping front of my top and then back to hold my gaze. He had a slight smile on his face. I smiled back. As we all watched TV, he and Peter drank their beers as I sipped my wine. He glanced at me a couple of time and, I hoped, did not see me glancing at him.

I saw that look in his eyes again. At the same time I was once more undressing him. It made for what I found to be a strange, but highly charged atmosphere. He and I were mentally having sex whilst my son was in the room.

I didn't see him for the week or so over Christmas, but we were at the same party on New Years Eve. We chatted, but in a group, not just the two of us. It was after midnight as the party in a marquee in the grounds of mutual friend's massive house, was breaking up that he came up to me. I was standing by the bar. Richard was talking to golf buddies and Peter was nowhere to be seen, but then he had been chasing an attractive young woman all evening.

"Like to dance Cat?" He asked as the DJ played a smoochy, Sinatra song.

I was surprised and went to refuse, but he took over and grabbed my hand. That felt nice and I found myself following him onto the small dance floor that was dark and crowded. He held me tight in his arms, he pulled me to him and we swayed on the spot as we chatted about how his studies were going. The first song ended and another slow one came on. I went to leave, but he held onto me. I looked around to see if anyone was looking at us, but they weren't so I stayed there in his arms, pressed against him. We stopped talking and I enjoyed the swaying on the spot type of dance. I felt his hand moving. One slid down my back pausing, as mens' hands often do on my bra strap. Again as many men do he sort of fondled it. His other hand was on my hip. That moved at the same as which he moved himself away from me a little. The lower hand slid round my waist and then slipped downwards a little until his fingers rested on the swell of my bum. I was wearing a tight, thin, black dress and under it a tiny black thong and stockings; I was hoping to 'seduce' my husband later.

The pressure from his fingers was very evident to me. It felt good. I again glanced round, but nobody was looking or interested, or so it seemed. His other hand also slid downwards and rested just beneath my waist. As we moved he turned that so his fingers were pointing downwards. He stayed like that for a few moments, but then slowly eased both hands downwards so that they rested on the cheeks of my bottom. That brought me to my senses and I wriggled my body trying to indicate for him to move them, but by doing that I closed the gap between us. I was pressed against him and realised that he had an erection. He pulled away.

"Sorry Cat" he whispered.

I was slightly drunk as I think he and most of the guests at the party were.

"That's ok" I whispered back relishing the lovely sensation.

Somehow, though, I pulled myself together. My respectable, middle class thinking took over and I pulled away.

"I think maybe we should go to the bar" I said walking away from him, my heart pounding and my mind racing at what had just happened.

Fortunately, at the bar we were soon in a group of others and I wasn't alone with him. Several times, though, before the party broke up around two our gazes locked. I wasn't at all sure whether I was pleased with that or not.

I spent New Years Day with the family. Richard flew off to New York the day after and things got back to normal, well actually back to how they were before Christmas. That meant Peter and Gavin spending a lot of time at my house. His parents were near to divorce and his mum, though a lovely lady was a real lush and often was pissed by six in the evening. Gavin or his father rarely had a dinner cooked for them!

"I'm going back early mum" Peter told me a few days later. "I have a load of stuff I have to catch up with."

In some ways I was relieved for I assumed that Gavin would go with him. The next day, as Peter started to pack Gavin and I were in the kitchen where I was making some tea. I had put some of his clothes with Peter's in the washing machine. I felt him behind me, quite close.

"Will it be ok Cat if I pop round now and then when Pete's gone?"

I turned. He was very close, too close really for he was really invading my space. Our eyes locked for a moment or two. I didn't know what to do. Part of me, almost desperately, wanted to say yes, but at least an equal part knew I had to say no. From the party, when he had held me, become erect and had fondled me, it seemed as though he fancied me, but was that the atmosphere and the drink? In this colder light of sober day, did he want an older woman? Also, did I want him? Yes was the easy answer, yes I desperately wanted him, but was I prepared to take the risk? Can a woman ever really trust a man not to tell? Can she accept that he won't boast that 'I have had her?'

In my case the ramifications of Gavin doing that were so huge that I really didn't think the rewards of having sex with him justified the risks. That said, sex changes things and makes us act completely differently to how we know deep down we should. I took a deep breath before answering.

"I'm not sure that would be a good idea Gavin."

"What you mean after New Years Eve?"


"I said I was sorry."

"Yes you did, I know."

Luckily, or unfortunately I wasn't sure which, we heard Peter coming down the stairs.

"Ok I'm ready, who is gonna take me to the station?"

Gavin and I looked at each other.

"The clothes are still washing, don't you need any of them Peter?"

"No thanks mum, I have all I need and in any case I will be back the week after next it's Brucies party."

"Look shall I take Pete and by the time I get back, my clothes should be finished?"

"Good idea mate, come on" Peter said putting his arm round me and kissing me. "See you soon mum."

I was on tenterhooks waiting for Gavin to return. I knew it would be at least half hour and for some inexplicable reason I took a shower. Naked, with the water pouring over me I saw that my nipples had hardened and I realised that I was aroused. 'God this can't be happening' I said to myself as unconsciously my hands found, cupped and squeezed both my breasts. It felt so good as I realised with horror that I was imagining Gavin's hands doing that. Turning the cold on I calmed down and got hold of myself.

I decided that I would go to the gym as soon as I could get rid of Gavin. I slipped into the new outfit I had bought at Marks a couple of days ago. It was a mid-blue singlet with spaghetti straps and matching pedal pusher, threequarter length pants. Both were very tight and round the waist of the trousers there was a strip of white material. There was also a jacket with three quarter length sleeve that covered the bare skin of my shoulders and hid, to an extent, the emphasis of my full breasts in the tight top. I knew that on a woman of my age the outfit was pushing it a bit, but the gym was my space. No one knew me there and I could behave as I wanted. In my more fanciful moments, usually when I was in bed naked with my hands between my legs, I made myself available to one, or some, of the young personal trainers, but that was still in mind, it hadn't yet, actually to my surprise, become reality. I kept my feet bare. Putting my ash-blonde hair into a pony tail I removed Gavin's clothes from the washing dryer and hung them on the drier ready for ironing later.

I heard Gavin's car in the peashingle driveway, before he rang the bell. I could hardly believe that as I passed the mirror in the hallway that I looked in it and checked my hair. 'What the fuck was I thinking and what the hell was I doing?' I wondered as I reached the door.

"Hi" I said opening the door and standing back so he could get in.

"Hello Cat, Pete's gone."

"Thanks for taking him."

"He's my mate, that's what we do for each other."

I smiled at that. Having read that mates never go for the other's girl friends made me wonder if mums were off limits too. Seeing the look of interest in Gavin's eyes I somewhat doubted it.

"All your washing is ready."

"Thanks Cat it's very kind of you."

"You're welcome Gavin."

"Off to the gym are you?" He asked running his gaze up and down my body and, seemingly at least, focusing on my chest. I realised then that wearing the somewhat revealing and tight gym clothes was probably a mistake and might seem to Gavin as being rather provocative or, worse, inviting.

"Yes" I said softly.

"You enjoy that do you?"

"Yes, of course I wouldn't go otherwise."

"What do you enjoy there?"

"The exercise, the swimming and I love the steam room."

He didn't reply for a moment or two as we stood rather awkwardly still in the hallway looking at each other.

"You must get lots of stares Cat" he said suddenly, again staring at my tits and cleavage.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"It's obvious."

"Is it?"

"Yes Cat very."

"What do you mean?"

"Well you have a fantastic figure and men love that."

I knew that I wasn't handling this very well and I didn't know what to do. I mumbled. "Thank you."

"Cat you must know that I think you have a great figure."

"Gavin stop it, this is silly."

"No it isn't silly Cat, it's just life."

"It isn't life, it's fantasy."

"What is?"

"What you are saying."

"What am I saying?"

"You know" I mumbled feeling confused and embarrassed, but at the same time excited.

I was enjoying flirting with him. It had been so long since I had done anything like this. I felt sort of liberated, free and empowered. I realised that I was doing something just for me. It was a little like going into a chat room and I knew full well where that had led, me cybering with a couple of guys. I nearly giggled when I thought what this might lead to.

"What talking about your figure?"

"Yes" I said turning and walking down the hallway towards the kitchen and asking over my shoulder. "I was about to make a cup of tea, would you like one?"

"As long as I don't keep you from your workout Cat."

He followed me onto the kitchen. Again he leaned back against the same work surface as he had when I first 'saw him naked.' I could hardly pour the boiled water into the cups for my hands seemed to be shaking as once more when I glanced at him I saw nim naked showing his sculpted chest, narrow waist, six pack, athleticly muscled legs and his dangling dick.

"Here you are there's no rush."


"Why good?"

"Well I was hoping to cadge dinner off you."

"What after I come back from the gym?" I rather stupidly asked when I should have simply told him to bugger off.

"Well I didn't know you were going did I?" He asked smiling at me as he fluttered his gaze up and down my body. As he did that I thought to myself 'how many men over the years have done that?' I also thought. 'Why the fuck is it that when he does it I feel as if I have had an electric shock?'

"No that's true, it was an impulse."

"Tell you what Cat, you go to the gym and I 'll cook dinner."

"Don't be daft."

"I like cooking."

For some unfathomable reason I agreed.

I could hardly concentrate on what I was doing during my workout as I was thinking what was waiting for me at home. As I ran on the cross trainer for twenty minutes with the waistcoat cover off and my tits flying around all over the place I determined to get rid of Gavin as soon as possible. As I worked on the rowing machine for another twenty minutes my mind wandered onto what it would be like to have a nineteen year old fuck me. As I did my ten minute wind down stretching I was totally confused and as I drove home in my Rangerover I had a mix of concern, excitement and guilt as I prepared emotionally for 'my date' with Gavin.

"Hi I have made spaghetti carbonara?" Gavin said as he walked out of the kitchen towards me. "Is that ok?"

He was wearing the 'uniform of today's youth' a white tee and blue jeans and looked lovely. My resolve to get rid of him quickly started to fade.

"Here" he said as I wandered into the kitchen and took in the lovely smells of the cooking and the sight of the neatly laid table; he had even put a rose in a thin vase I noted as he handed me a glass of white wine.

"Thanks Gav, this all looks lovely."

"Well thank you Missus M, but then as usual so do you?"

"Now, now" I said sipping my wine and feeling little tingles going through as I thought about the intimacy of the rather romantic nature of the situation.

"It is almost ready" he went on opening the oven door and removed a French loaf that he must have gone and bought.

As with many women I don't like showering in the public locker room of the gym so I usually have one directly I get home.

"No time for a quick shower then?"

"'fraid not" he replied looking at my slightly perspiration stained top through the open waistcoat. "Do it after dinner."

The dinner really was absolutely delightful and I had to metaphorically pinch myself several times to remind myself that this was not a date, or was it? He had left most of the lights off so the room was dim and he sat across the narrow table from me under which our legs were nearly touching. With the low top and the way I leaned forward to eat the pasta I knew he was getting an eyeful of my breasts and cleavage.

We talked about a range of things that revolved mainly around university, Peter and people we knew. I realised that I was enjoying myself and almost giggled when I thought. 'It is a date.'

After finishing the white wine that I knew was from an already opened bottle he had said.

"Hope you don't mind Cat, but I opened a bottle of Chianti, is that ok?"

I noticed that we were already more than half way through that. That was starting to have an effect on me. My head felt a little 'fluffy' and I knew that my inhibitions were fading for I left the waistcoat thingy open and did nothing to 'cover up' as he looked at me. As he served some Stilton cheese that he also must have also gone out and bought I was feeling very comfortable with him and the situation. I was not being provocative or come on to him, but at the same time I was not being withdrawn, distant or stand offish. As we finished the red wine I was thinking to myself, albeit well in the back of my mind and then probably not seriously, 'I will leave it to him and go with the flow on that.' I doubt I really meant that at the time, but it made me feel bold and adventurous to think it.

As we finished the cheese and the esspreso coffee he insisted upon making with me knowing that I wouldn't sleep well with all that caffeine, I said.

"Well I had better get that shower."

"Yes, you do that and I will clear up here" he replied.

"Just leave it Gavin I will do it later."

"No, no I hate waking up to a mess in the morning."

It took a moment or two for that to sink in and then rather foolishly I stammered. "Are you staying the night?" He had often stayed when Peter was there, but never alone?

Smiling at me as we both stood up he replied coolly. "Well I haven't been asked" as he paused before adding. "Yet?"

We looked at each other. It was only for just a moment or two, but during that short time so much went through my head. I was wondering what he was thinking, although the lustful look in his eyes gave me a pretty good idea. I was thinking just how wonderful it could be if I knew there was no risk and I could simply say 'make love to me Gavin.' The overriding consideration, however, that was roaring through my mind I have to admit guiltily was what were the chances of it ever coming out. And if it did what would be the ramifications? Almost certainly a divorce, but then part of me was already going that way. It was the shame I would bring on myself and the terrible guilt I would feel with everyone I knew and particularly, of course with Sara and Peter. I simply couldn't imagine how I would feel and act if Peter said to me. 'You fucked my mate mum."

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