tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Son's New Favorite Neighbor

My Son's New Favorite Neighbor


I had a party recently for a few of my girlfriends in the neighborhood. The five of us get together like this every so often and it had become my turn to host. All the usual suspects were there: Sally, Regina, Jeanne, Eve and of course me. These get-togethers weren't in any manner formal but we did discourage jeans and jogging clothes. I wore a nice outfit, crisp and starched. The other girls dressed pretty much along the same lines but Regina was a stand-out that night.

Normally very fashionably dressed, she wore a common looking skirt, low heals, a loose fitting top and very unusual for her...no jewelry or makeup whatever. She also wore no bra. That wasn't particularly noticeable but when she moved or shifted around, there was a great lot of bobbing and bouncing evident in her sweater.

My son Dean came home from college that night during the party for a weekend visit. The girls had all known him for years and vice versa. Everybody was glad to see him, me especially and he kindly joined us for drinks. I was the only single mom in the group and it was enormous for me to have him there. The more cocktails we had, the funnier everything got and soon we were all laughing and telling stories about the old days when our kids were 'kids'. It was a great night and great fun.

By 11:30 they'd all left but Regina. She and I were the scotch drinkers of the group and we'd each had one or two beyond our usual limit but soon she too began to talk about heading for home. Hearing that, Dean got up, bid good night to both of us and asked that he be excused to go upstairs, turn in and maybe play a couple of video games. I said, "Sure honey, welcome home and get some sleep."

He was sending me code with that remark and I recognized it immediately. I knew he had no video games here and when he got my "sure honey" answer, he knew it was 'game on' and he beamed. Regina couldn't have recognized that for what it really was but she was soon to have quite a surprise. Dean and I had played this game twice before.

I loved him and I knew he was wild for this, turned on and hot for it beyond measure so of course I was excited to oblige him. Truth be told, I kind of got off on it myself. I knew he needed about a 10 minute head start upstairs to get ready so I had to stall Regina a little. When I guessed it was about time I said, "Regina honey, before you go I'd like you to have something. Come on upstairs with me. There's a shawl I'd simply love for you to have as a gift from me, just one friend to another. Will you at least take a look?"

"Well OK I guess, sure", she said and off we went, Regina following me up the stairs.

About half way up she said, "Di, can I ask you something?"

I turned around and saw that she'd stopped about four steps behind me, looking squarely up and into my eyes...really looking at me hard and maybe a little winsomely. She had something on her mind I could tell. I knew she wasn't drunk but couldn't pick up on whatever it was. I said, "Of course honey, you can ask me anything. What is it?"

"Do you think I looked ok tonight?" she asked, and I thought I detected a small catch in her voice when she spoke.

"God Regina, you're the best looking one in the whole group and always were", I said, smiling and trying to put a light-handed tilt on my answer.

"Well thanks that but that's not what I was trying to ask. What I mean is do you think I look good?"

She was measuring me with her eyes as surely as a seamstress measures before she cuts. She was noticeably serious and I didn't know where she was going with this. I didn't think, I just threw caution to the wind and answered her straight out. "I don't know if you really want my frank and honest answer but guessing you do, here it is. To me you are gorgeous and beyond hot and if I were your husband I'd never let you out of the bedroom".

There had been no reserve in that answer. I knew my voice had conveyed feeling and I flushed red with such a suddenness and intensity that I was made to think of the blinking red lights at a rail road crossing. I'd put myself nearly out of breath and what's more, I felt oddly cornered. We just looked at each other for the longest moment. I was the first to speak.

"Why do you ask me that Regina?"

"No special reason. I guess I just care what you think of me. C'mon let's get on upstairs and have a look at that shawl". And with that she moved up to the step below me, gave me a quick pat on the rump and waited for me to lead on. So I did.

We ascended the rest of the stairs and she followed me down the hall to the closet which is immediately adjacent to Dean's room. It is so close that as I passed his room and stopped at the closet, Regina was compelled to stop behind me and virtually right in front of his door.

We were chattering away as I was pretending to root through the closet for the shawl. She was listening to me and watching my search progress but inevitably I knew her eyes would wander to Dean's partly open door.

It was my job to have gotten her to this spot in the hall. His part was to have his pants off, to be positioned in his bathroom such that she had plain sight of him but so that it wasn't obviously intentional, be pleasuring himself and waiting for my signal. This, I think, is his greatest passion. I'm not sure if I told you, but I love to get fucked in the ass by Dean more than anything and this exhibitionism is it for him. He loves it.

I was talking loud enough for him to hear us so he could start getting cranked up. When I knew she was really looking intently at him, watching him stroke his pole, I gave the signal, "Oh, here it is".

He knew that meant her stare was locked in. It was "go" time.

He turned in profile to her, arched his back, threw back his head, thrust out his great throbbing cock and with a final few strokes, exploded like a cannon, launching thick white wads of his sweet cum high into the air, landing on the tiled walls and floor.

Regina gasped as of course I knew she would, as they all did, and I said, "Regina honey, what's the matter? Are you alright?"

I expected her head to snap around toward me, eyes wide and groping for composure. But instead it seemed as if my words had softly lifted her out of her reverie because she quietly said, "Yes honey, I'm fine", and turned her head slowly back toward me and smiled. She was plainly flustered and was trying to hide it. She hadn't screamed out, hadn't reacted in any overt way and that told me something - she liked what she saw and that made me hot.

Dean purely loved 'getting caught' jerking off. It was wildly erotic for him and having blown his load and appearing to be gathering his wits, he'd turned his head to Regina and pretended shocked surprise before demurely backing out of view. He didn't really care if she was shocked or not, he just got off on it. I did care. This woman liked it. That made me deliciously excited because I knew that fine young collegiate cock she was admiring was soon going to be rammed 5 miles up my very deserving ass. When I'd assisted him with these 'exhibitions' in the past, Dean had shown his appreciation with an exceptional energy, affection and vitality.

Well, I had the shawl in my hand by that time and moved a foot or two back up the hall so that she was positioned between me and Dean's door. "Really Regina, what's the matter honey. Your face is red and you look a little flushed. Are you alright, really?" As she struggled to answer me, I looked past her into Dean's room and pretended a sudden flash of awareness. "Oh my gosh, you saw Dean in there didn't you? Was he naked?"

She shrugged and said, "I don't want to say Diana, this is embarrassing".

"Well he shouldn't have left his door ajar like that and he probably got just what he deserved. We need to teach him a lesson".

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"You just follow my lead honey", I replied and just as she began to protest, I put up my hand in a "stop" gesture and called to my son.

"Dean, you better come out here right now. You've got some explaining to do to Ms. Cleary and me".

"I can't right now Mom, I'm not dressed", came the answer.

"Well put a towel around yourself and come out here right now young man", I commanded.

"Hi Mom, Ms. Cleary, what's going on?" he said as he pulled his door open the rest of the way and joined us in the hall. He was wearing only a white terrycloth towel wrapped around his waist. Just as we'd done before, it was one of our older towels, worn thin over the years.

"Let me get right to the point Dean. Ms Cleary and I were looking for something here in the closet and the next thing I know, you're standing in there doing your 'man-business' in full view."

He pretended embarrassment, said he thought sure he'd closed the door and just kind of hemmed and hawed and stammered, his head down and twisting his toe into the hall rug. "Sorry, Mom. Sorry, Ms. Cleary". In response I tried to come up with a couple of comments that I thought might fit in context but would at the same time help him become aroused again so we could further the game.

"Look Dean, you know Ms. Cleary's son Brad is your age and I'm sure she's probably caught him handling himself before, so I guess this isn't the end of the world but for crying out loud Dean, when you play with yourself like that, you should be careful to do it in private."

"Yeah, I know Mom. I get the point and I said I'm sorry".

"Apparently you do get the point", I said, casting my eyes down at the towel. He was almost fully erect and the towel poked out nearly 5 inches in front of him. It seemed exaggerated and beyond natural somehow but there it was. I had made a rather dramatic point of casting my eyes down there so Regina would follow my gaze but I didn't have to. She was full out staring at the tented fabric.

"Dean, really, this is going from crazy to bizarre. First you're in there masturbating in plain sight while we've got company in the in house and now you're standing right here between us with a big erection. Aren't you embarrassed?" I asked.

Turning the conversation so specifically to his erection, as plainly obvious as it was, had the intended effect of ushering Dean to greater arousal. "Well of course I am Mom but you called me out here to begin with and thanks for the compliment, by the way", he replied.

"Compliment?", I inquired.

"Yeah, you called it a 'big' erection' and I have to take that as a compliment".

"Oh Dean, now you're just being a show-off. Well young man, I'm going to call you at your own game" and with that I pulled back the flap of his towel, exposing the full measure of his swollen tool.

This is actually the most sensitive part of the whole scheme. It's obviously outrageous to deliberately expose your grown son's cock, engorged or otherwise, to a neighbor. For us to get away with it, it's important that I appear to be caught up in the moment and that Dean strikes that 'just right' balance between embarrassment and the preening stud, eager to show off his stuff. This is precisely the point, as we well knew from experience, where Regina would bolt if she was going to.

We'd only done this twice before, once with my sister and once with another neighbor. On both occasions they'd fled at this point, my sister in particular as if she were on fire. I held my breath.

Regina stayed and she stared.

Dean and I both took that to represent her tacit acquiescence. So far, so good but as erotic as it was, it was simultaneously scary because this is the first time we'd gotten this far. We were both unpracticed and I'm afraid, unrehearsed in going on from here. We were in fact tumbling headlong into uncharted waters and I have to tell you, I was breathless with excitement.

"Mom, I've always known that you liked to show us kids off but this is a little out there. Sorry Ms. Cleary", he said.

"I think you better call me Gina. Ms. Cleary seems a little nuts under the circumstances".

We all laughed at that, each pleased that she'd broken the awkwardness of the moment and Dean said, "Yeah, I guess I know what you mean".

I let that comment hang there for a second or two. I was happy that she'd cracked the ice but I didn't want to pause too long...didn't want to break the flow of things. Ok, I thought to myself, here goes nothing.

"Dean didn't you and Brad make the varsity team when you were both sophomores?" He said they had and asked Gina if she remembered the time they'd each scored their first varsity goal in the same game. She did, of course, and so the conversation progressed.

As we talked on, Dean began to touch himself every couple of minutes as if he were adjusting things. When this didn't set off any alarms, he began to slowly stroke himself while the three of us stood there, talking about the old days. Crazy!

As unimaginably bizarre as this scene really was then, I struggle even now to get my head around the idea of 'how-could-this-happen?' I lived it, I was there and yet it seems so far beyond comprehension that Dean could be standing there stroking his dong while conversing with us as though that was completely normal. Regina and I in turn are pretending not to take any special notice, again as though it was normal. To borrow a word from her, it really was just nuts and yet there we were. Suddenly Dean gives me the 'look'.

Totally improvising I said, "Look Dean, you're getting your penis all red and chaffed. If you really must do that now, go get some baby powder. There's some under your sink." Off he goes, returning in just a few seconds, his towel flap still open and his dick bobbing and bouncing before him as he approaches. I took the baby powder from him and said, "Here Gina, hold out your hand. We need to apply a little of this and I feel weird doing it myself, I'm his mother."

She held out her hands, I shook an ample amount of powder into them and told Dean to take the towel off, spread it out on the floor and stand on it. We certainly don't want the baby powder to get all over the hall rug. "Ok Gina, go ahead and spread that out on the length of his penis." She applied the whole of what I'd given her in no more than a few seconds and as she did, she turned her head sideways to look at me, a peculiar smile twinkling at the corners of her eyes and in a very small whisper mouthed the words, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

"I know this is a little weird Ms. Cleary, I mean Gina", he said, "... but I have to tell you that felt pretty sexy. Would you mind working the powder into me a little more?" She took his meaning and began to use both hands to slowly shuttle the length of him, from the base of his cock to the tip and back again. To and fro, top to bottom, back and forth.

I waited for her heat to begin to show. It didn't take that long and soon she closed her eyes and began to hum softly. She leaned in to rest her forehead on his chest and wrapped one arm around his waist, then lowered her hand to stroke across his bare ass.

I moved behind her and placed my hands on her waist. No reaction!!! I reached up under her sweater and my hands softly, slowly explored her abdomen. Still, no reaction! I began to raise my hands to her chest, to touch and caress her there and finally I get a momentary reaction, a stiffening as if in protest, but it abated as quickly as it appeared. I had her tits in my hands.

They were enormous, far beyond my expectations or my imagining. I could barely take half of their mass in my hands. Dean slipped his hand under her chin and lifted her face to accept a kiss. It is wet, I can hear it, and she responds fully. I return my hands to her middle, to begin to lift her sweater up. She doesn't object and she continues to stroke him. I lift the sweater up past her chest to her neck and reach for an elbow to pull her arm back through the sleeve. She cooperates. Second sleeve and then off over her head. She returns immediately to my son's mouth.

Still behind her, I reach around to take her breasts in my hands again. I tweak her nipples. I kiss her on the neck gently, sweetly, softly, slowly. I want more. I bend close to her ear, a fraction from touching her, my breath teasing at her. "Gina", I whispered, "I ache for you. I want to touch you down there. I'm nearly out of my mind for you right now but I have to back off. This can't be a threesome, he's my son. This is between you and Dean for now. I'm bowing out. Please can we pick up on this soon, you and me? Can I have some desert before I leave, will you turn towards me?" She did, her eyes still closed and her head now lolled back against his chest.

I hefted her breasts in my hands again and took her nipple in my mouth. I sucked greedily but I didn't linger. It wasn't my show. I sucked with unabated lust at her other tit, rolling my tongue across her stiffened nipple, depositing my spit on her sweet gorgeous globe. It was sloppy and noisy. I pressed my lips to hers and she took me fully. I hadn't slurped my own spit from another woman's breasts in 26 years, not since I was 19 years old sharing a dorm room with a girl named Jillie in nursing school. Apparently it's not one of those skills you lose over time.

"Good bye my sweet girl, it's my time to go". I turned in my tracks and headed down the hall to the stairs. When I'd gotten halfway down, I turned and looked back. Regina was still facing away from him, her hands out now outstretched, leaning against the wall outside his room, her glorious, ample tits swaying in suspension under his assault. He had already gotten her skirt up around her waist.

I wanted desperately to stay and watch but I felt I couldn't. I had set her up for Dean and I knew I'd be well rewarded but damn, I wanted her for myself. I hadn't seen that coming at all. A raging need was slamming around in my ribcage. The scotch was dumping buckets of lust filled fuel on my fire. I went on down stairs, poured a double, took off my panties and came back up to the middle step. "Fuck it!"

I watched.

Dean had her skirt off by that time and was lowering her thong. She stepped out of it, still facing away from him and he tossed it onto her shoulder. She turned to look at it and turned back. She was stunning. I saw her fully nude in profile and the sight of her was beyond rapturous for me. I was close enough to see the tan marks left by her sandals.

He was pressing his dick into her butt crack and at the same time seeming to massage her back and shoulders, leaning in to proffer the faintest little feather kisses on her neck just below her ear. It was the single hottest thing I'd ever seen in my entire life. I sat there, unashamedly fingering myself and without hesitation kept staring. I was close enough that I could hear her – still humming. Not a song or any tune I recognized, just humming sweet notes without any apparent order or discipline.

He moved his hands down to her breasts and with his toe, kicked lightly at her instep, indicating his wish that she spread her legs. She obeyed as if on instinct, as if they'd danced this dance a thousand times. He began to press his erection more fully into her backside, her cheeks slightly puffing out with each of his thrusts.

That made me a little mad because it looked as if here were going to take her in the caboose and I was the only girl in this house that was going to get fucked in the ass by him. To my earnest relief, he began soon to reposition in his hips, simultaneously and I must say masterfully lifting her ass and rotating her pelvis, allowing him to find her cunt. It took no time at all. He was in her within a minute and thus they began to set their rhythm. It wasn't convulsive at first, no slapping of flesh against flesh, just a gentle but purposeful blending of passion, lust and abandon...each into the other.

She must have been lubricating furiously because with each down-stroke, I could see her juices glistening on his massive cock, bathing it with a glorious film that picked up and reflected the ambient glow of the hall light.

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