tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMy Stay in Hollywood Ch. 1

My Stay in Hollywood Ch. 1


I just rented a hotel in CA, where I was to meet with a friend later. The last 5 minutes were REALLY odd. Before I got into my room, I could have sworn I saw Alicia Silverstone. My eyes are going goofy, I thought. Just as I was getting comfy on the bed for a nap, the heard a knock at the door. FUCK!!! I got up and peeked in the peephole. NO, that isn't Alicia. "Who is it?"

"UM, Alicia." Must be a joke, but I politely opened the door. "Can I come in, I don't do this for everyone?"

"UM, sure." She stepped inside and I closed the door.

"SO, as I said, I don't do this for everyone, but I sense your harmless. Do you want a autograph, or something?"

"UM, something," I quipped. "Were you put up to this? You're not Alicia Silverstone."

"I hate to break this to you, but I am the one and only."

"OK, how bout both, then." She got out a bag and found a picture. It was a pic of Alicia as Batgirl. She wasn't kidding, this was ACTUALLY happening. She signed it, and gave it to me. Sure enough, she signed it, Alicia.

"Shit, I forgot, what's your name?"

"Brad," I replied. She took the pic back and signed it again. When she returned it, it said "To Brad, Love Alicia.

"I noticed when you first noticed me, their was a shocked look on your face."

"Well, I've seen all your movies," I said, less shocked. "I think your VERY attractive."

"Well, Thank you. Know how about that something, you wanted." She didn't wait for a responds, and pressed her lips to mine. I was a bit shocked, but I wasn't gonna stop this, NO WAY!!! My hands traveled down her back, and rested on her slightly big ass. That's the best thing I loved about her, her ass wasn't HUGE, but it certainly was not small. I gave it a squeeze, and Alicia moaned in response. At last our kiss stopped. She immediately flung off her top revealing her bra-less top. She had really small tits, but the rest of her body was FANTASTIC.

My hands knew that was what they wanted. I cupped both her tits and squeezed them, which got a moan from Alicia. "YES, you are making me so wet. Feel how I long for you." I rubbed my ring and middle finger against her sex, and she was soaked. UM, fuck me now." I gently pressed my fingers inside of her lovely shaved pussy. She responded by furiously humping my fingers, which encouraged me to pump her harder. "GOOD, you are WONDERFUL. Harder." She kept this up for another 5 minutes. "YES....IM GONNA CUM! You ready?"

All I could do was look in her eyes as I continued my exploration. "HERE I CUM!" AHH! I pulled out of her drenched pussy and gave her a taste of her juicebox. When I was cleaned off, Alicia went for my still throbbing hardness. MAN, I'm gettin' a blowjob from Alicia Silverstone.

"OH, yeah, that's it, naughty girl." I put my hands on her head and helped her to engorged my member. Man, I tried to hold on to this moment for a long time. I couldn't last more than about 5 minutes before I felt a blast about to hit.

"I'm CUMMING! I thought this was going to alarm her,(for some odd reason,)but amazingly she increased her thrusts. She made eye contact with me as I unloaded a massive amount of my slimy cum down her throat. To my delight, that wasn't enough for the vixen. She laid on the bad and opened herself wide. While she waited for me to catch my breath, she fondled her tits. When I was at full attention again, I positioned my head at her moist opening. I waited their for a few minutes, and got a nasty thought. I pulled my cock away from Alicia's box.

"HEY!" shouted Alicia, but her anger quickly turned to lust as I put my lips over her organ. "ARG, YEAH, fuck that pussy." I furiously gobbled her wet box until she came in my waiting mouth. "Know, fuck me." I only needed to hear that once. I was too exited by this moment, and I put my whole cock inside at once. Noticing that she was a bit shaken by my size,(6 inches,) I noticed my error and gently pulled 5 inches out.(She later would tell me she's only had tiny 4 inch peckers.)

"OH, fuck me, just like that. AHH, you feel so good. 1 inch more, 2 inches, until I had all my cock in. "HARDER," she pleaded. I was a bit perplexed since she wasn't used to my length, but she kept repeating that statement until I complied. I couldn't take a whole lot more of this ecstasy.

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