tagBDSMMy Student Ch. 03

My Student Ch. 03


[Editor's note: Still not much sex in this chapter, but we're getting deeper into the domination. I suggest you read the first hot chapter in this series before starting this, or it may not make much sense.]

Friday couldn't come soon enough. My every waking hour was consumed by thoughts of her, my Mistress. Even in sleep my dreams were flooded with images of her. Images of me kneeling at her feet, worshiping her from between her thighs, my mouth watering at the remembrance of her kiss.

That I would go away with her on Friday was something that I never even thought to question. It was a need, a desire, a wish and prayer I would see fulfilled. I was a wreck at school, lost in thoughts of her sitting in my classroom. I was a wreck at home, absolutely on edge near my wife, certain she would see through me.

And I was horny! I had never been so hot and bothered in all my life! As a married man, it was not unusual for me to go a week without sex, but with thoughts of my Mistress filling my head I found myself constantly at least half-hard. Frequently, especially standing in class with my hands clasped behind my back, I found myself fully hard, and in an uncomfortable position of trying to conceal it.

Often in the shower, early in the morning before I was fully awake, I would stroke myself, my balls boiling for a release. But, inevitably, I would come to full consciousness and stop myself before going too far, against her orders. I would willingly live with the disappointment of those early-morning jack-off sessions, counting down the hours until I would be alone with her again.

I had classes Friday, so we had agreed to meet in the late afternoon. I was early, anxiously waiting for her arrival. When she got into my car I could barely contain myself. With few words she directed me onto the freeway before tuning the radio and sitting back in her seat. She seemed calm and content, so I didn't feel the need to fill the silence with conversation, though I couldn't help stealing frequent glances in her direction.

She hadn't felt the need to fill me in on where we were going, but her attire indicated to me she was ready to go out on the town. She was wearing a black cotton dress that came several inches above her knee, sexy without being slutty. She had some amazing black leather heeled boots with a thin gold chain hanging daintily from each ankle, a matching chain circling her waist, and another around her neck, teasing me from between her cleavage.

She wore minimal makeup and left her long auburn hair hanging past her shoulders in soft, inviting curls. And her perfume! Oh my God, I think I could be addicted to the way she smelled. It was a soft, sweet, musky scent that invaded my senses without being over-whelming. Whatever it was, it was driving me wild!

As we left the city, she seemed to relax even further. She took my hand in hers, just holding it in her lap. She noticed my sideways looks at her and gave me a smile. She continued directing me, and in less than an hour we had arrived at the next large town. She steered me through town expertly, having obviously spent time here, until we reached a nice, out-of-the-way restaurant.

It was still only early evening, so we were able to enjoy a nice, quiet meal, talking and flirting like kids on a date. Between the flirting we discussed science, of course, as well as politics and literature. She had a very bright mind which attracted me as much as her personality and body. I found myself wondering for the thousandth time who this young woman was and where had she come from?

When we finished our leisurely meal she again directed me through town, until we reached a quiet neighborhood. We parked in the driveway of a small, non-descript, two-story house and brought our bags to the door. She let herself in with a key, turning lights on as she went through the house.

"Is this your house?" I couldn't help but ask, knowing that was unlikely.

"No," was her short reply as she walked into the kitchen. She opened a cupboard and took out a glass, filling it with water from the tap. She did not elaborate, but was clearly comfortable in the house. I looked around, hoping to find a clue, but couldn't even determine if the house belonged to a man or a woman.

She watched me as I looked around, leaning against the counter. The flirty atmosphere was gone, replaced by her calculating gaze. She seemed to appraise me for a moment before speaking, "Take off your shirt." It wasn't said with any force, but it also wasn't a request.

I unbuttoned my shirt, a little startled at her direction. She took another drink of water, watching me. I slipped the shirt from my shoulders, trying to determine where I should place it, and settled on the back of a kitchen chair. I stood before her, unsure if I should be doing something else, as she continued to gaze steadily into my eyes.

She eventually broke the eye contact to look down at my now bare chest, and I had never in my life felt as naked. Her eyes raked across my exposed skin, desire radiating between us. It felt as though her gaze penetrated, seeing everything I had to bare. My nipples hardened to her, my skin constricting from exposure, before returning to our eye-contact with a slight smile on her face.

Just looking at her, seeing the lust evident in her eyes, was more than enough to excite me and make me hard. I'm not sure how long we stood like that, it could have been seconds, but it may have been an hour. The tension mounted between us, neither moving closer to the other, yet growing ever more intimate in the silence. Though separated by a distance of several feet, I am certain I could feel our mingled body heat growing warmer in the space between.

Her smile grew, and I knew she was pleased with my silent, motionless submission as I fought my body to remain still and exposed. She set her now empty glass down on the counter and approached me. She glanced down at my bare chest again before taking my hand and leading me back to the front room. She had me pick up her bag and bring it with us as she led me upstairs.

We went down the hall into the last room. The room was an interesting cross between a functional bedroom and adult toy store. There were wood floors throughout the house, and this room had an interesting assortment of toys laid out on a side table, as well as a double bed against the far wall.

She brought me to the center of the room where she kissed me deeply. Each time we kissed felt like the first time, and I never wanted it to end. But invariably it did, and I was always disappointed. She stepped back from me, that teasing smile on her face.

She took something from the table and returned to me with a cloth strip. As she stepped behind me I thought she was going to tie my wrists, but she instead surprised me by placing it over my eyes and tying it firmly behind my head. Next I felt her hands at my fly, opening my pants and lowering them along with my briefs. I stood there passively, wanting to cover my mostly erect cock, but knowing she would not approve. I felt even more awkward by having my pants pooled around my ankles.

I could hear her drag a chair away from the wall and felt it press against the back of my legs. Her hands on my shoulders pushed me down onto the seat. There was more rummaging on the table behind me, and I was not surprised when she came back with a pair of handcuffs. She pulled my hands behind my back before securing them with the cuffs. She kissed me, one of her deep, slow, lingering kisses. After our lip contact was broken, her tongue remained, teasing and dueling with my own. I was panting by the time she pulled away.

She walked away, and I could again hear more rummaging. She returned to me, though, without additional restraints. I could feel her breath on my skin as she whispered into my ear. "Sorry, love, I need to run out to the car. I'll be right back."

I listened as she walked away; I could hear the front door open, and after a long moment it closed again. She was gone for several minutes, and I began to grow nervous. All of my insecurities surfaced as I thought of how badly things could go awry from this point. I thought I might go crazy, my wait seemed endless. Then, to my immense relief, I heard the door again, and knew she hadn't abandoned me.

As I sat, naked and bound, blindfolded and waiting in anticipation, I felt rather than heard her draw near. I felt her warmth next to my body, could smell her deliciously sweet and musky scent, and then – suddenly - I could taste her as well. Her lips pressed against mine in what started as a slow, sensual kiss before quickly building in intensity. Her lips were so soft, but they were nothing compared to the contrast of her tongue. Her warm, moist tongue was so soft and skillful, but also held three amazing tongue rings to tease and torture me.

Before I had had my fill, she broke the kiss and pulled away, though I could still feel her nearby. The next sensation I felt was enough to make me gasp as her mouth encircled my cock head and sucked gently. She licked, kissed and caressed my glans for an incredible few minutes, before breaking off. I longed for her to take me into her throat, but dared not voice my request.

She kissed me again, but it was much more intense this time, as our mouths attempted to devour each other. Her tongue thrust against mine, her hand wrapped around my head, forcing my mouth against hers. Her breath was hot on my cheek, as mine was no doubt against hers. This kiss lasted longer than the first, but again she broke it off before I would have liked.

This time she went down on my cock in a much different fashion. She was done with the licking and kissing. This time she swiftly swallowed my cock down to the base, stroking up and down, sucking me deeply before pulling almost all of the way off. The way she was switching between my mouth and my cock, between gentle teasing and intense sucking, was driving me mad. I moaned out loud, unable to control myself even if I had wanted to.

She startled me then, enough that my whole body gave a jerk. My cock was still experiencing the great sucking pleasure, when suddenly and simultaneously her mouth was again on mine. I know it was her I was kissing, I could tell by the tongue rings. Who then was on my cock??

I tried to protest, but with her mouth on mine it came out merely as muffled grunts. The mouth on my cock went to work with even more vigor, pumping faster, driving me closer. I knew I would not last long, and so quickly gave up my struggles, deciding to just go with it. My Mistress' hands were on my nipples now, squeezing rhythmically.

I could hear other moans in the room and wondered what was possibly going on around me. She broke our kiss, causing me to groan out. I could hear her chuckle near my ear as she bit my lobe gently. The mouth on my cock continued pumping my shaft, now adding a hand to squeeze my balls as well.

Her lips were on my ear as she spoke to me. "I want you to come, pussy boy. Can you do that for me?"

"Oooh, yes Mistress!" was my protracted reply.

"Good boy," she breathed into my ear before once again capturing my mouth with hers while the other mouth continued to work my cock. I found myself thinking back to the first time I saw her in action, making me even hotter in the present. She broke the kiss off to whisper in my ear again, "Now, pussy boy! Come for me now!"

What could I possibly do but comply with her demands? As soon as I heard the word 'now' I felt the flood gates releasing, and I began to gush a copious amount of white hot come. I groaned out loud, to the delight of my Mistress who chuckled in my ear. I still had no idea whose mouth was on my spewing cock, but at that moment I couldn't care less.

Eventually I calmed and the sucking mouth removed itself from my softening member. I remained hand cuffed to the chair, but I felt the other two step away from me. I heard movement in the room, but I dared not say anything. I was panting, trying to recover, but strained my ears to listen as well. After a few minutes my Mistress returned to me and removed the hand cuffs.

She moved around in front of me, straddling my lap. She gave me another kiss, soft and gentle again. She removed my blindfold as she pulled away and stood up. "Take a shower, boy, you smell like sex. Put on the clothes on the bed and meet me downstairs. You have five minutes." With that she turned and walked away.

I pulled my pants up from the floor, still recovering from my experience, and made my way to the bathroom. She had wanted me to hurry, so I took a mostly cold shower, and returned to the bedroom/ playroom as quickly as I could.

The outfit she left me was really nothing exceptional. Black jeans that fit me well without being too loose or tight, no underwear, a black cotton tee shirt, white socks and black boots. These were all things I was comfortable wearing, despite them not being my clothes.

The only article that was new to me was a hood of sorts, or you might call it a mask. It fit tightly over my head like a cap, but came down over my face to my nose. I could see through the eye holes just fine, but that intoxicating smell of leather was almost overwhelming, and I felt my cock begin to stir, despite the cold shower.

Knowing my time would be nearly up, I forced myself not to dawdle and left the room. When I came downstairs I could hear her in the kitchen, giggling. I stopped short, seeing her leaning against the counter, a man pressed against the length of her body, his mouth moving against the side of her neck.

She didn't see me immediately, but soon enough. I'm certain I still had the startled, mouth-hanging-open expression on my face, because my mind had literally frozen. I simply couldn't process what I was seeing and what the implications would be.

Upstairs, with the blindfold, I had been so focused on the physical sensations of it all, the physical pleasure, that I really didn't give much thought to what was actually going on. I ignored the fact that another mouth probably meant another person. And another person could just as easily mean a man as a woman. As much as I enjoyed it, I definitely didn't give any consideration to who might be attached to that other mouth.

Her eyes met mine over the shoulder of the man, but she just smiled evilly at me, pulling his head further into her neck with a hand in his hair. "Did you enjoy yourself, pussy boy?"

I wagged my jaw a bit, trying to find my voice, "Yes," I eventually croaked out before clearing my throat and trying again. "Yes, Mistress, thank you."

"Oh, don't thank me, I'm not the one who swallowed your load." With that she released the man who was pressed against her and turned him toward me. I realized quickly that we were dressed to match, including identical masks. He made eye contact with me as she continued, "You can thank my pet for that, pussy boy."

By the way she looked at me expectantly I knew she wanted me to say something. I looked between the two of them for a moment, a million thoughts running through my head: jealousy, disgust, denial, curiosity, more jealousy. I'm not sure what she sensed from behind my mask, but she shoved him forward, until he was standing just in front of me.

I cleared my throat, trying to calm my nerves. "Th-Thank you," I stammered out. He held his hand out to me, which I shook, looking again back to my Mistress.

"Oh relax," she said, rolling her eyes at me. "You are much more his type than I am. But my pet and I go way back, and he does know how to please his Mistress." Unsurprisingly, these words did nothing to comfort me. He was still standing directly in front of me, my hand in his, and he gave me a slight sneer.

I pulled my hand away, turning back to my Mistress, but had no notion of what to say. She solved that by stepping closer and placing a hand on each of our shoulders, pushing down slightly. "Kneel," she ordered.

The other guy, her pet, scrambled into what was obviously a well practiced pose. I, however, simply knelt, looking up at her. "Hands laced behind your head, boy, and spread your knees." I did as she asked, somewhat awkwardly, but accomplished it none the less. "Very good," she beamed at me, and I couldn't help but smile at her praise, almost forgetting the situation.

She turned to the counter and came back with a strip of leather in her hand. This she placed around the other guys' neck and I could hear a CLICK as she locked the collar in place. She picked another up from the counter and held it before me. "Do you know what this is, pussy boy?"

"A collar, Mistress."

"And do you know what it means?"

I swallowed hard. Yes, I knew what it meant. "Ownership, Mistress."

She smiled again, "And are you ready to wear my collar, pussy boy?"

My mind was still racing, but now thoughts of my wife were intruding. Even so, my body tingled at the mere possibility of what being owned by my Mistress might mean. "Yes, Mistress." I hadn't finished thinking yet, where did that come from? "Please."

She came forward and put the thick leather collar around my neck. I felt her slide the lock though the closure and shuddered as I felt and heard the CLICK.

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