tagBDSMMy Submissive Tells Her Story Ch. 01-03

My Submissive Tells Her Story Ch. 01-03


Chapter 1

It is 7:00 am. I am lying in my bed. I am wearing a coca cola T-shirt and nothing else. Occasionally my fingers move down, between my legs and casually play with the folds of my lips, stroking the insides and circling around my clitoris. I stop abruptly and continue to type.

I am thinking of you, as always. I am imagining your body sleeping next to mine, hearing your gentle breathing. I look over into your sleeping face and I am filled with all the emotions of the purest love! I can't hold back and I leave the laptop on the floor and move next to your body. Spooning is what it's called. I call it heaven! My hand moves to your cock, with its morning erection, I am instantly wet. My hips begin to slowly press against your back. You begin to awaken and you turn your body towards mine. Your arms encircle me. I smell your sweet scent. My pelvis is moving in a slow rhythm against you. Suddenly you jump up and roll on top of me pinning me to the bed! Your legs push mine apart and your head drops between my legs! You begin to devour my clitoris. I explode in an amazingly quick orgasm!

You rise and say "Dear, not so fast!"

There is so much more to come! You slide open the nightstand drawer and remove a rope! Now I know what you are thinking! And I also know we will both be late for work today!!!

Chapter 2

You hold the rope over my head and say, "We have talk first. Lexi, you know I love you and there is nothing I wouldn't do for you, but lately you have not given me what I need. Things are going to change today. I will show you what I expect from you and at the end of the day you can decide if you are going to stop ignoring me and start treating me with the respect and admiration that your Master deserves."

I look up at him with wide eyes. I don't know how serious he is but he is not smiling.

"You are going to do everything I tell you to do" The first time you protest, I will stop and we will be done. Completely done, for I will know that you are not willing to be the one I need you to be. As your Master, my needs ALWAYS come first. No excuses anymore, Lexi!"

I do not speak. I am stunned by his words and know now just how serious he is. The strength in his voice has excited me but also has my head swirling. Done Completely?!?! NO! He can't be serious? We have been through so much!! But serious is exactly what he is and now Master takes control of Lexi.

Master begins. "Sit up and remove your T-shirt."

Silently I obey. Master takes the rope and makes a simple loop and places it around my neck.

"Get out of the bed and follow me."

I step up and he says "NO, on your hands and knees."

Oh no! I think. He is really serious!! I get on the floor. I start to think of all the things we talked about. All the fantasies we exchanged, but never acted out. I believe I am about to get more that I ever imagined! He leads me to the kitchen and takes the phone and hands it to me.

"Call your work and tell them you won't be in today. Then call my work and tell them the same about me. We will need the entire day for what I have planned." I begin to stand up and he pushes me down.

"No Lexi, stay on the floor. You always wanted to be humiliated. Now we will see how much you can take."

I dial the phone and my voice catches in my throat. I don't have to pretend to sound weak and trembling because by now I am shaking on the floor. Each call is made and I am very believable. Master is pleased and as a treat Master pets my head.

"Like the good dog you are Lexi! Now come bitch, this way".

He leads me to the bathroom.

"Get in the tub, dog! Lie back, and open your mouth. Keep your eyes open because I want you to see what I am going to do to you now".

He reaches for his soft cock and aims it at my face. OH NO! I shrink back!!

"OPEN YOUR MOUTH BITCH!" He yells at me!

I obey. I open my mouth wide and look up at him. Suddenly, with such force, he sprays his urine into my mouth! It comes out fast and hot! It fills my mouth and spills over and runs into my eyes and into my hair, down and over my breasts and finally over my pussy! My eyes and mouth burn, but I keep them open as best as I can.


I look up at him in terror! Oh, Master, No!! I have never done this! Please! I look pleading in his eyes.

"Remember what I said earlier, Lexi? The moment you protest,we will be done"!!

I swallow hard and feel the hot acidic fluid go down my throat! My stomach spasms then settles. I open my mouth to show him that it is gone. He is pleased. He tells me to spread my pussy lips and finishes his morning pee right over my clit. Once again I explode in an amazing orgasm!

I realize that this is going to be a very interesting day.

Chapter 3

I am lying, naked in a tub. I am drenched with my Master's urine. And my clit is still throbbing from the body shaking orgasm I just experienced! What has happened to me? What have I become? I always knew I had submissive tendencies but I have never even thought of going this far. (OK, if the truth be told, in the deepest, darkest corners of my imagination, I may have thought about it a time or two!) But still the "in-control part of me keeps surfacing and almost as if I am out of my body looking down, I see how humiliated I look. And I love it!! I push away the common sense part of me and let go of my inner self. I am ready for more!

Master looks down at me smiling. I am embarrassed and excited. He just smiles for a moment and then says.

"Get up, take a shower and meet me back in the bedroom."

And as he turns and leaves he says with a snicker

"Oh and don't forget to brush your teeth!"

I am alone and now I have time to think. Part of me is nervous, part of me is afraid; part of me is so extremely excited. I have known Him for two years. It has not been an easy road for us; there were complications along the way. But we withstood all the turmoil and finally we are together as we always looked forward to. But He's right. I haven't been very attentive lately. Work and kids and all of life's excuses have been a constant distraction. And it was He I have been putting last, until today. I know he needed to do something drastic to get my attention and being the incredibly clever man that he is, I could only imagine what more I was in store for!

I didn't want to keep him waiting so I showered quickly and washed my hair. After I brushed my teeth and swirled mouth wash in my mouth for several seconds I was refreshed and anxious for more play! He didn't leave me a robe so I dried off and walked to the bedroom naked. I had a feeling I would be naked for most of the day!

When I entered the bedroom, he was lying in bed with his laptop on his stomach. He was typing and his web cam was on! I stood for a minute not sure how to proceed. I wanted to snuggle up next to him and make sweet love to this amazingly, sexy man. But I knew that was not what today was for.

Finally he spoke. "Lexi, while you were too busy with work and school and kids and shopping, I have spent some time getting to know someone on line. Before you get angry and overreact you need to listen to what I am about to tell you. She knows all about you. I have told her about the unique and lasting love you and I share. She is a new submissive, just realizing her needs and desires, much like you were two years ago, Lexi. She has asked me to help her learn more about the lifestyle, but I told her I wouldn't do anything without your knowledge. I think it's time she met you. I have set up the web cam so she can watch us together. So she can see how wonderful and erotic this can be! Now come here, Lexi and show her your body".

He placed the computer on top of the dresser and waited. I was stunned! Although we had often talked about adding a third female to our play, this caught me completely off guard. I was not annoyed or angry. I was more intrigued as to what was this woman like? What qualities did she posses that my Master would choose her for this special privilege? I couldn't wait to find out. But for now she was only a blank computer screen with yahoo messenger flashing. I stepped in front of the camera. Master spoke.

"Very good girl, Lexi."

"Now lay down on the bed. Let our show begin

and oh by the way, I told her if she liked what she saw, that she could come over and join us!" ... to be continued

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